the passive voice

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hey guys

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it’s bert. as in “Bertie Bert the Pom”
kathy is too shy to write anything herself

 photo IMG_8343_zps2984wztg.jpg
it’s going to take her a sec to re-find her “voice”

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but these Miami 2016 photos aren’t going to post themselves

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13 years of miami!

 photo IMG_8359_zpscxxokjzi.jpg
this is my third year personally

 photo IMG_8368_zps6faxfh00.jpg
we are at Untitled with a Matthew Stone solo booth

 photo IMG_8370_zpsr3gutors.jpg
this is ray’s second miami with the gallery

 photo IMG_8384_zpsiq4wv96q.jpg
highlight of my booth day is getting to meet a fellow doggie
too much time around humans makes Bert a bummed pom

 photo IMG_8403_zpsrqxikrjp.jpg
they took me to a party and put me on an ice rink?

 photo IMG_8407_zpsejnht2ci.jpg
ray was psyched

 photo IMG_8414_zps8qcpvzly.jpg
walking through an alley checking out last year’s errol tags that linger. was nice

 photo IMG_8424_zpsak3slpwo.jpg
here’s a booth design idea that kathy is just itching to steal
seriously, keep this in mind and call her on her shit she is def going to steal this idea in 2017

 photo IMG_8427_zpsddacvto3.jpg
the paintings weren’t worth the presentation tho, at least kathy didn’t think so
she thought they looked too “on trend”

 photo IMG_8429_zpsiszlvsmj.jpg
trudy benson detail
maybe two years ago THIS would have been too on trend? but trends shift. so maybe calling something on trend isn’t as much as an insult as it sounds like

 photo IMG_8434_zpsd9lpvuxj.jpg
i mean kathy never wants to insult anything, there is too much good stuff you can say good things about than to just shit on people
but whatever, she is a bit rusty
this matthew detail seeing into the paint figures, so sick

 photo IMG_8439_zpsd3p0wien.jpg
i can only pose with the bottoms of paintings

 photo IMG_8440_zpsgvmjctpk.jpg
this Robert Lazzarini extruded bouquet is very post analog sculpting
i bet kathy does that as a show in 2017 too btw

 photo IMG_8443_zpsbmkvnbkf.jpg
kathy thought this was like THE BEST me pooping photo but the internet didn’t think so
“poopin in the wind” still the top chocolate pom poop photo accd to instagram
check me out there if you want to watch me poop more
Bertie Bert the Pom

 photo IMG_8456_zpsrjrulqlp.jpg
i love kathy even tho she is a pile of crap

 photo IMG_8471_zpsunhm4sw1.jpg
she shares her Tublr brunch cobb salad chicken with me at the standard

 photo IMG_8476_zpsxbiqjvrv.jpg
while i cool off in the mud slop area

 photo IMG_8490_zpstgeritr4.jpg
at the Pussy Riot talk that night a whole pool area full of Art Basel revelers listened to almost an hour of awesome academic talk
just that was a feat
i think people assume an art basel audience just wants to swill champagne and not give a fuck
but that is just how the media reports it
this art basel audience was inspired and engaged and informed!
fuck those art basel party you cant get into articles and who to network with articles and inside influencer picks best outfits articles
that shit is fucking wack

 photo IMG_8495_zpsu12d7k0p.jpg
but i digress
every block or so i have to stop and cool my balls
arctic doggies don’t fit well in miami beach

 photo IMG_8497_zpsxqw9kxcu.jpg
May fits in well she is beach-ready!

 photo IMG_8499_zpsebjgpjd3.jpg
we walked around Basel main fair together and i got just mobbed with people petting me
NOT my dream come true

 photo IMG_8502_zpspe8fyynf.jpg
margaret kilgallen

 photo IMG_8504_zpswla3srsg.jpg

 photo IMG_8503_zps1wadoudg.jpg

 photo IMG_8505_zpsxhba0qbt.jpg
everyone has a derp friend that looks like this dubuffet

 photo IMG_8507_zpsyrasvvjk.jpg
kathy wanted this toilet paper rug because of all the HOLEs

 photo IMG_8509_zpsgees3ynm.jpg
not feeling this eddie martinez at all
but thats ok!
great artist
doesnt mean you have to love every painting

 photo IMG_8510_zpsnzxsirle.jpg
actually kathy probably loves every single chris joahnson tho

 photo IMG_8512_zpsigr52rpb.jpg
like this one! altman siegel

 photo IMG_8525_zpsnnowghw6.jpg
i say BLEH to too much art

 photo IMG_8519_zpsaklimckj.jpg
i look nice in may’s arms tho
i am one XL chocolate pomeranian, no?

 photo IMG_8536 2_zpsfffgqgww.jpg
kathy hurt her rotator cuff playing tennis and has had a real shit time walking me this past week

 photo IMG_8537 2_zpsnwl7fylo.jpg

 photo IMG_8538 2_zpse7bskhg3.jpg

 photo IMG_8539 2_zpsg2lg3xcc.jpg

 photo IMG_8541 2_zpsx2abuwd9.jpg
kathy showed a work just like this in september

 photo IMG_8540 2_zpsyyjffvpk.jpg
so interesting! how the old and the young converse

 photo IMG_8550_zpssrd7zcrw.jpg
was feeling these Joakim Ojanen works

 photo IMG_8551_zpszlfjc8xs.jpg
there should be more dogs in art

 photo IMG_8559_zpshie8gbo8.jpg
joe reihsen (RYE-zen) looking oceanic on the outside wall

 photo IMG_8569_zpszim4pz4r.jpg
taking another heat break

 photo IMG_8570_zpsvixekqri.jpg
i hate tennis because i cant fit the balls in my mouth
kathy and david denino seem to like it

 photo IMG_8590_zpst34ypnjz.jpg
i say meh

but as always

just happy to be included!

 photo IMG_8608_zpsbse4ykww.jpg
it’s a good motto to have for a best buddy

 photo IMG_8609_zpswmif819i.jpg
i love being with kathy i love all the stuff we do, i just love to be around her and not be left alone at home

 photo IMG_8625_zpsmg5tcert.jpg
the only time kathy and i are separated is when she goes to teh gym
but thankfully with this injured rotator cuff she is gonna have to take a few weeks off


 photo IMG_8627 1_zpsnizohtfy.jpg
i love cats. they are so interesting!
except the one that scratched my face last year in miami when kathy and errol took me to the evergades

 photo IMG_8628 1_zps4reqaxrx.jpg
not to shit on nada but it makes kathy sad that this cool peter linde busk painting jsut feel flat there, maybe it was because the fair was practically empty, maybe it was because the previous booths had bored her, maybe it was the way this particular booth looked
but for whatever reason this painting that woudl have been exciting was not

 photo IMG_8631_zpsv7drymgd.jpg
this painting however!
so exciting, and looked great, and everything good and nothhign bad
look at teh doggie!!!!

 photo IMG_8636 1_zpsj63kt3v0.jpg
this one maybe compared to it is a bit dull tho

 photo IMG_8637 1_zpsw635dyep.jpg
love the smear drawings the nice Soy lady showed us

 photo IMG_8638 1_zpsruugsyln.jpg
a bit heteronormative for my taste but there should be room for all sexualities in art of course
including vanilla

 photo IMG_8639 1_zpsntdw8bfn.jpg
gina beavers

 photo IMG_8641_zps83yfbrah.jpg
artist at Halsey McKay

 photo IMG_8642_zpsfmpiw2fm.jpg
dealer at Halsey McKay

 photo IMG_8646_zpsnfgawawl.jpg
sarah braman

 photo IMG_8648_zpsqnalgxlu.jpg
davina semo

 photo IMG_8655_zps9ov6ce5p.jpg
kathy was so psyched to see a new work by her long time buddy Terence Koh!
bees wax and bread and A-ron who kathy needs to start calling Aaron but keeps calling A-ron

 photo IMG_8659_zps9a5amls4.jpg
me cooling off again
it happens a lot

 photo IMG_8681_zpsxdw1oy6y.jpg
you guys should peep the mountain of Pussy Riot press because its awesome

 photo IMG_8686_zpsld555uzl.jpg
me cooling off again
its important to always stay cool
its important to always keep a level head and stay very cool and chill
i’ve been tryign to teach kathy this

 photo IMG_8769_zps3l7nuqxw.jpg
oh fuck now i am on a boat

 photo IMG_8740_zpsc2uwuwrf.jpg
omg and this is happening

 photo IMG_8780_zpsku5q8n4n.jpg
i did not like this at all. the fish scared the crap outta me
and what kinda filter did the trump-humping captain “mark the shark” use on this photo because it looks crazy
is it called “ed hardy”

 photo IMG_8858_zpshqwtbgva.jpg
that’s it! now i’m home and sitting in front of this great Misaki Kawai painting and staring at Kathy while she types this blog pretending to be me

 photo Photo on 12-6-16 at 5.25 PM 4_zpsu0amo2vr.jpg
just give her a sec she’ll figure it out