Erre con erre cigarro

 photo IMG_0033_zpsc51dubnt.jpg
good evening!
here are some photos from (mostly) Art Los Angeles Contemporary that was last week

 photo IMG_9466_zpsdnxeoraa.jpg
get ready!

 photo IMG_9123_zpsbr5kzrzi.jpg
oh and one sec there are a few NYC DC things happeneing first

 photo IMG_9128_zpsvoip6jww.jpg
Bert lost

 photo IMG_9134_zpsii83zcci.jpg

 photo IMG_9133_zpsrd8y8a7a.jpg
one of the weirder works we have shown here
title wall of the KATSU show

 photo IMG_9138_zpsowflbe6p.jpg

 photo IMG_9146_zpsfhohidip.jpg
in DC with my mom and bert

 photo IMG_9208_zpslupibdce.jpg
renewing my dumb ol drivers license so i can drive around LA

 photo IMG_9156_zpsytbrlxlw.jpg
Errol and I went to explore Baltimore and before going to the aquarium, ate some sea creatures

 photo IMG_9159_zps1oudhc57.jpg

 photo IMG_9160_zpspcntcy8p.jpg
this little guy hides in toxic sea urchins

 photo IMG_9161_zpsfnxdqxic.jpg

 photo IMG_9162_zpsroqegviy.jpg
this is the best fish
i forget what it is called
it changes color
and boy is it ugly!!!

 photo IMG_9165_zpsxptpnkxm.jpg

 photo IMG_9170_zps7trojqb8.jpg

 photo IMG_9172_zpsfxfc8fw9.jpg

 photo IMG_9206_zpsh9em5yzz.jpg
now its my dad’s turn to play with Bert

 photo IMG_9213_zpshokitbjg.jpg
thats about it for DC!

 photo IMG_9220_zpsfblxelx1.jpg
now errol holds bert
pretty much ive forgotten how to take phtoos that dont include chocolate pomeranians

 photo IMG_9221_zpsixa0yucb.jpg
this was on my desk when I came back!

 photo IMG_9222_zps5i6xkjez.jpg
jaimie warren!

 photo IMG_9436_zpsylby4fac.jpg
jaimie get out of here with your craziness what are you doing

 photo IMG_9264_zpstfyrcl7k.jpg
and back to bert
sorry guys
the cuteness is like this tractor beam to my camera

 photo IMG_9285_zpsr9smifsk.jpg
we made home made meatbals! it was amazing

 photo IMG_9306_zpshsmbbvpx.jpg
bert full of meatballs

 photo IMG_9347_zpsdpmwhfxj.jpg
then it started snowing so we ran outside at 3am!

 photo IMG_9354_zpscfxrr3az.jpg

 photo IMG_9364_zpsbdkapp2u.jpg
snow on bert nose!

 photo IMG_9425_zpsefawlrzm.jpg

 photo IMG_9376_zpsoy79l3mr.jpg
snow on a lot of bert

 photo IMG_9424_zps7norhmlz.jpg
snow on errol

ill spare you the photos of us smooching

 photo IMG_9398_zpsqyeio0jw.jpg
mostly i took photos of snowy trees

 photo IMG_9433_zpsos8iffus.jpg

 photo IMG_9417_zpsdjukhqvt.jpg

 photo IMG_9407_zpsa7ke3tzd.jpg

 photo IMG_9409_zpswzz9frv8.jpg

 photo IMG_9413_zpsdckqqwqh.jpg

 photo IMG_9439_zpsl73obevb.jpg
Rose Eken made some amazing new works for Jesper’s ART HERNING booth and i was jealous 🙁

 photo IMG_9441_zpseei6twys.jpg
Errol and I took my brother and his fiancee to see book of mormon!
i have been to a million plays operas ballets but i have never been to a broadway musical
neither had errol
it was

 photo IMG_9442_zpskh8nbn7p.jpg
i mean i guess it was great but musicals are horrible maybe???

 photo IMG_9444_zpscbnooumr.jpg
it was about full of shit mormon missionaries going to rural Uganda to convert the irreverently suffering locals
it wasnt the same sense of humour as south park tho
it was like really dumbed down i thought

 photo IMG_9445_zpsvfr9jgfo.jpg
i dunno
i was really psycehd to be in that neighborhood tho so I could finally try Ippudo!

 photo IMG_9447_zpsogve2l5d.jpg
my brother kept ordering extra noodles
you can see him eyeing michelle’s noodles

 photo IMG_9449_zps9o3wu9dq.jpg
bert worried that he didnt get to come to LA with us

 photo IMG_9465_zpsoxyjjmac.jpg
we spent a lot of time picking out the best Rose works!

 photo IMG_9508_zpsogqqmhgk.jpg
because this disco ball was in the middle of the pedestal in her show it didnt get enough play
but somehow this didnt make it into our crate!!!!

 photo IMG_9462_zpss34q219b.jpg
makes me wanna shoot someone

 photo IMG_9510_zpsllkun3v4.jpg
we brought tons of cool stuff
this KATSU back from teh framer

 photo IMG_9511_zpsfzyixxeu.jpg
so many pretty colors in teh fronescape

 photo IMG_9495_zps02msoj3t.jpg
we ate some takahatchi with english joe

 photo IMG_9496_zpsjzgifd58.jpg

 photo IMG_9546_zps3ylcdm6p.jpg
i checked out some Anders Oinonen new works

 photo IMG_9544_zpsfcn4fgsn.jpg

 photo IMG_9545_zpsbxprzdud.jpg

 photo IMG_9550_zpsc4nsqeup.jpg

 photo IMG_9547_zpszdzdjkcb.jpg

 photo IMG_9549_zpspcchdtf6.jpg

 photo IMG_9548_zpsuskpaqhk.jpg

 photo IMG_9575_zpsrc10hk8p.jpg
are you peeing?

 photo IMG_9576_zps63potr52.jpg
we were the last flight outta JFK as the blizzard descended!

 photo IMG_9579_zpsvvhrmlei.jpg
pretty rough job this guy has

 photo IMG_9580_zpsbdu1evr0.jpg

 photo IMG_9583_zpsrzk9y2rq.jpg
<3  photo IMG_9643_zpsa3djwbzr.jpg
first stop after LAX

 photo IMG_9592_zpshyoc6naz.jpg
met errol’s twin for drinks!

 photo IMG_9653_zpsxw3cqvkg.jpg
look at bert leaping in teh background

 photo IMG_9671_zpsbq89efz9.jpg

 photo IMG_9679_zps0opc50ly.jpg
now for a hundred photos of bert chasing a balll

 photo IMG_9680_zpswzdoupc3.jpg

 photo IMG_9683_zpsl6if4lru.jpg

 photo IMG_9689_zpsvsfkypy0.jpg

 photo IMG_9691_zpsg9suvabl.jpg

 photo IMG_9695_zpshrojyglz.jpg

 photo IMG_9700_zpstqkmsurs.jpg

 photo IMG_9704_zpsjrtb2toy.jpg
he’s so proud of himself when he gest the ball!

 photo IMG_9765_zpskfrjtsos.jpg

 photo IMG_9721_zps9iczy9ek.jpg

 photo IMG_9724_zpsri92z265.jpg

 photo IMG_9727_zpsshv81dve.jpg

 photo IMG_9737_zpsdevz8bkh.jpg
his twin made him “blonde brownies” which is what people in seattle called “blondies” for some reason?
but no apparently they are different both twins insisst

 photo IMG_9740_zpssxvajmej.jpg
this is bert’s “sure they are” smile

 photo IMG_9744_zpspw72zdtn.jpg
then we went gallery hopping!

 photo IMG_9747_zpsssybxknx.jpg
bert got tired

 photo IMG_9748_zpslryl9vjw.jpg

 photo IMG_9749_zps0skvsmwz.jpg

 photo IMG_9751_zpswip4066b.jpg
this is hmmm this is Alma at Blum and Poe

 photo IMG_9752_zpsoze9iphn.jpg
this is something i was interested in

 photo IMG_9754_zpswowc6rop.jpg
this is bjorn copeland china art objects

 photo IMG_9755_zps8jb3hmnf.jpg
i sent this to joe to say ha ha you are in a blizzard

 photo IMG_9772_zpsgxmahhl6.jpg
then we went to see Rosson and Willie Nelson!

 photo IMG_9774_zpsgolgwcot.jpg
Willie of course being her Shitzooo

 photo IMG_9775_zpsifhtqnk3.jpg
this battle willie one
he humped the shit out of bet and wore him down

 photo IMG_9786_zps77etdqa2.jpg
two amazing new smaller square paintings

 photo IMG_9787_zpsvi9jqxd8.jpg
you know how much i care about square painting

 photo IMG_9791_zpswyez0b7l.jpg
rosson looking really cure

 photo IMG_9794_zpswtwqrkqs.jpg
cool detail of her experimenting with transfer techniques!

 photo IMG_9801_zpsbi7ulv97.jpg
bert was such a good boy while we were installing

 photo IMG_9804_zpsrijztctl.jpg
bert and brigid errol’s twin at home depot buying carpet

 photo IMG_9811_zpsbd5xjkyo.jpg
bert thinks everything is fun!

 photo IMG_9814_zpswtgax77a.jpg
peres projects mark flood

 photo IMG_9815_zps8ctmg1jg.jpg

 photo IMG_9816_zpssivv7xnf.jpg
alicia mccarthy!

 photo IMG_9822_zpsfdjt3lgk.jpg
errol and katherine bernhardt!
errol makes the best sharpie drawings FYI
ill show you some soon

 photo IMG_9834_zpsurswd8jr.jpg
omg adn then got to go to the best sushi with Jeff Vespa and Vanessa Prager!

 photo IMG_9836_zpswlsebaeb.jpg
Nishi-Ya i think in a strip mal in glendale

 photo IMG_9838_zpsrkqevqnc.jpg

 photo IMG_9839_zpsgmt54nis.jpg
i cant even look at the rest of the 15course dinner photos i am so hungry and i know i wont get this again 🙁

 photo IMG_9851_zpsbqgi8qui.jpg
went to Vanessa’s studio

 photo IMG_9859_zpsubqkhoro.jpg

 photo IMG_9861_zpszpvoabnn.jpg

 photo IMG_9874_zpskbezyiqk.jpg

 photo IMG_9884_zpsbrwqxwwn.jpg
her show at Richard Heller galelry coming up sooN!

 photo IMG_9885_zpsirbuiuho.jpg
almost done laying out these bad boys

 photo IMG_9886_zpsdtlde4pf.jpg
eric yanker installed his works on paper and his balls!

 photo IMG_9889_zpstjezufan.jpg
matthew stone’s new works on linen were perfectly stretched

 photo IMG_9891_zps7ebnnk2m.jpg

 photo IMG_9893_zpsxmjowbun.jpg

 photo IMG_9901_zpswdcvah4s.jpg
UGH i want one of these paintings so bad

 photo IMG_9941_zpsj9vr9ctv.jpg

 photo IMG_9910_zps4qutg6pt.jpg
bert and errol love each other, it makes me so happy

 photo IMG_9917_zps2hp5re8a.jpg
bert was ebarrassed by the boob dogs tho

 photo IMG_9928_zpsf8tzkkiv.jpg

 photo IMG_9932_zpsrczh6kg5.jpg

 photo IMG_9937_zpswkbk309u.jpg

 photo IMG_9973_zpszosnqbjo.jpg

 photo IMG_9953_zpsffgxexx0.jpg

 photo IMG_9993_zpsm7wapicn.jpg
cool art nerd shirt

 photo IMG_9962_zpsftc05kzo.jpg

 photo IMG_0039_zpsgbe4hhi4.jpg
neil raitt oil painting

 photo IMG_9974_zpsvigwykpw.jpg
hamburger eyes at art book fair

 photo IMG_9980_zps2dgyfdmk.jpg
Kour Pour opening at DEPART foundation project space

 photo IMG_9978_zps4xpycapf.jpg

 photo IMG_9979_zpscpfkhmma.jpg

 photo IMG_0010_zps6jwkbgbw.jpg
party at Paolos!

 photo IMG_0011_zpsdpfegkny.jpg
you might remember that Ryan McGinley from NEW YORK MINUTE rome, paolo’s foundation put that show on that i curated back in 2009 at macro future

 photo IMG_0014_zpsdafajuys.jpg
are you peeing

 photo IMG_0015_zpstxdc7ybc.jpg
went out a wee bit

 photo IMG_0016_zpsbpawggbr.jpg
looked at stuff
i guess some girl in LA writes KATHY <3 <3 <3 haha  photo IMG_0046_zpslhdrylew.jpg
and then flew home i think
it either went way to fast or i am missing some photos from teh upload :/

 photo IMG_0052_zps1dxu3top.jpg
said bye to krysta from the plane
that arrow is EXACTLY where she is, Barker Hangar at Santa Monica airport booth E4

 photo IMG_0062_zpsx5ve5mvj.jpg
bert says “i need to poop”

 photo IMG_0064_zpsgwrvedxp.jpg
home sweet home!

here are some spanish tongue twisters for you in preparacíon for our opening tomrorow:

Pedro Pablo Pérez Pinto Prieto,
Pinta puertas por poco precio,
Para poder pasar por Perú
Por el Partido Popular.

Pedro Pablo Perez Pinto Prieto
Paints doors for little money
So he can cross over to Peru,
For the Popular Party.

or the titular:
Erre con erre cigarro;
Erre con erre barril.
Rapido corren los carros,
Cargados de azucar al ferrocarril.

“R with R” cigar
“R with R” barrel
Quickly run the cars,
Loaded with sugar on the railroad.

or the very sensible:
Como poco coco como, poco coco compro.
Since I don’t eat many coconuts, I don’t buy many coconuts.

yoke’s on you

i asked my boyfriend if while he was aways at this places if i could visit, if they had like a conjugal trailer or something
to which he asked whether i knew the etymology of the word conjugal
to which google replied, with some kinda cool new thing where etymologies pop up as a tree naturally
CON together JUGUM a yoke
coming under a yoke together!
sounds super fun

 photo IMG_0699_zps69ed2b76.jpg
i made a new resolution
that as soon as i can get 2014 photos cleared off my iphoto and the good ones saved uploaded and posted here
that i will retire from this

 photo IMG_0714_zps36b544e4.jpg
instagram is hard it is too tempting
you post about one photo a day, usually hte best photo you take all day, and then you get instant grafitication of all this liking and commenting

 photo IMG_0739_zps68a79b5e.jpg
its such a strong reward system!
i crave all the liking who could help it?
especially with bert i mean what dog owner doesnt love 200 people in an hour telling you your beloved little pup is cute?

 photo IMG_3794_zps1571ab23.jpg

 photo IMG_1984_zpsa55fe2c6.jpg
who knows how old some of this crap is

 photo IMG_3984_zps40dc9e1f.jpg

 photo IMG_3988_zpsc8c8d750.jpg
i remember this studio visit!

 photo IMG_3989_zps9f828836.jpg
nathan ritterspusch

 photo IMG_4397_zps98a8a405.jpg
i wonder how many times in the past year i have said the word BERT

 photo IMG_4695_zps8c5727c2.jpg
bear in mind that every day i sing Bert his Bert songs

 photo IMG_4698_zps4969e034.jpg
usually made up tunes where every other word is Bert

 photo IMG_4917_zpsc6407fdc.jpg
occasionally popular tunes where the words have all been changed to Bert

 photo IMG_3140_zps2aec9341.jpg
such as “trap house Bert got a Bert with me and three young Berties that stay with me”

 photo IMG_2070_zps3c6aab85.jpg
trap house trap house trap house trap house

 photo IMG_2750_zpseab4c2bd.jpg

 photo IMG_2825_zpsbb05bfa9.jpg

 photo IMG_2834_zpsbba00b92.jpg

 photo IMG_6034_zpsd4e4407f.jpg
<3  photo IMG_6315_zps0afb093b.jpg
oh yeah baby

 photo IMG_6322_zps2f7bb392.jpg
studio visit before our current show

 photo IMG_6343_zps0d20d6e1.jpg

 photo IMG_6377_zpsb6eaa844.jpg
Bert’s new photo face
remember when Terence did this?

 photo IMG_6384_zps7fd09d1c.jpg
getting pumped

 photo IMG_6385_zpsbf2655e1.jpg

 photo IMG_6386_zps69351e67.jpg
also check

 photo IMG_6387_zps870e05d9.jpg
bert bag bert

 photo IMG_6394_zpsdc0b7403.jpg
ooh i remember this studio visit too

 photo IMG_6393_zps18bffe8f.jpg
picking up this big bad boy for miami

 photo IMG_6432_zpsec3bde15.jpg
trap house bert oh shit get out of my head!

 photo IMG_6410_zps33ee85f6.jpg

 photo IMG_6426_zpsb6edb23a.jpg

 photo IMG_6436_zpse46396cd.jpg
not really

 photo IMG_6439_zps467758a6.jpg
more like schmoozing

 photo IMG_6441_zps6b1d5c02.jpg
if you dont schmooze, you lose

 photo IMG_6442_zps62cb5387.jpg

 photo IMG_6443_zpsbdcfa5a1.jpg

 photo IMG_6445_zpsc22ff496.jpg

 photo IMG_6447_zpsc20ac1a9.jpg
ugh this dress is so lame

 photo IMG_6449_zps3be7f084.jpg
roxy made my hair look cool tho!

 photo IMG_6450_zps1d40ffdb.jpg
thanks fab!
i had fun

 photo IMG_6470_zps6fb4fd38.jpg
been dressing stupid

 photo IMG_6491_zps188c1639.jpg
been dressing up bert stupid too

 photo IMG_6538_zps08c0ac1f.jpg

 photo IMG_6568_zps5d3fc955.jpg

 photo IMG_6576_zps51d8ce5d.jpg

 photo IMG_6611_zps892b7ff3.jpg

 photo IMG_6793_zps193bc356.jpg
this photo makes me think of the word “longshoreman”
a word that in and of itself gives me a girl boner

 photo IMG_6797_zpsed491c95.jpg
Bert is like UGH GROSS

 photo IMG_6824_zpsfe290339.jpg

 photo IMG_6915_zps550f46c8.jpg
installing in miami

 photo IMG_6917_zpsf62318ab.jpg
kastper detailing

 photo IMG_6921_zps5e0c2157.jpg
bert hiding

 photo IMG_6925_zps23e6be6f.jpg
bert chasing

 photo IMG_7177_zps28e790bd.jpg

 photo IMG_6935_zpsac16c316.jpg

 photo IMG_6953_zpse943ee79.jpg

 photo IMG_6981_zps2c5fd34f.jpg

 photo IMG_6987_zpsb64a0962.jpg

 photo IMG_6989_zps92335e81.jpg

 photo IMG_6992_zps0e005758.jpg

 photo IMG_7001_zps1808ef30.jpg
what a brave boy!

 photo IMG_7015_zps4e3e72c7.jpg
whereas this guy on the other hand was afraid of jellyfish

 photo IMG_7030_zps59991d0a.jpg
i see one

 photo IMG_7077_zps7083b627.jpg

 photo IMG_7082_zpsb4a82912.jpg

 photo IMG_7098_zps012473dd.jpg
whatevs you guys have seen these on instagram already

 photo IMG_7099_zps34e97259.jpg
lol maybe not this one!

 photo IMG_7129_zpsead3a831.jpg

 photo IMG_7109_zpsc1597f63.jpg

 photo IMG_7109_zpsc1597f63.jpg

 photo IMG_7131_zps7fe649c4.jpg

 photo IMG_7132_zps8ed07d05.jpg

 photo IMG_7139_zps3c47a06d.jpg

 photo IMG_7141_zps741625a1.jpg
this booth was so fun to make FYI

 photo IMG_7182_zps0cbd12ef.jpg

 photo IMG_7150_zps785b227f.jpg

 photo IMG_7153_zpsa45a5cfd.jpg

 photo IMG_7159_zps105bc24e.jpg
gues who made this awesome painting

 photo IMG_7163_zps6bf7e3be.jpg
are you peeing

 photo IMG_7219_zps313c2b15.jpg

 photo IMG_7202_zps9595456a.jpg

 photo IMG_7211_zps0f4617fc.jpg

 photo IMG_7220_zps1f41604a.jpg

 photo IMG_7222_zps54380c12.jpg
both these Anat Ebgi artists were cool

 photo IMG_7225_zpsd4c64c22.jpg

 photo IMG_7232_zps27aa5233.jpg

 photo IMG_7240_zps933fa8bb.jpg

 photo IMG_7262_zpsa0e42eab.jpg

 photo IMG_7274_zpsafd77468.jpg

 photo IMG_7278_zps406e8ed0.jpg

 photo IMG_7280_zps1eaf44a3.jpg
ugh i wantt his screen in my life
i want matthew to do a show of video sculpture here!!!

 photo IMG_7284_zps187c2eb4.jpg

 photo IMG_7294_zps9057d30f.jpg

 photo IMG_7307_zps82d9c5b6.jpg

 photo IMG_7319_zps8a0b8292.jpg

 photo IMG_7321_zpsb2a083a5.jpg
another large shirt!!! can u believe it

 photo IMG_7356_zpsed3e0b1a.jpg

 photo IMG_7323_zps9e3dbeb3.jpg

 photo IMG_7358_zps9c3002ea.jpg
another another painting!

 photo IMG_7329_zps5e55cb21.jpg

 photo IMG_7325_zps01d2320e.jpg

 photo IMG_7331_zps1844c90a.jpg

 photo IMG_7333_zpsfb4529a5.jpg

 photo IMG_7339_zps4ac9e273.jpg

 photo IMG_7342_zpsb6f8abf3.jpg

 photo IMG_7344_zps6945f047.jpg

 photo IMG_7347_zps823f33e5.jpg

 photo IMG_7348_zps0781582b.jpg

 photo IMG_7349_zpscb10e0fe.jpg

 photo IMG_7351_zps31b21bd2.jpg
its my corner!!

 photo IMG_7353_zps449b0bbc.jpg
aways liked this person

 photo IMG_7361_zps84115e06.jpg
omg this makes me so nauseous right now
let’s end with a Bert smile fest cuz i gotta run adn shoot this artwork

 photo IMG_7362_zps8d2d8304.jpg

 photo IMG_7363_zps114d366c.jpg

 photo IMG_7364_zps370e75ff.jpg

 photo IMG_7629_zpsc05915d4.jpg

 photo IMG_7373_zps362b71bb.jpg

 photo IMG_7375_zpscb017d5e.jpg

 photo IMG_7374_zps77d085af.jpg