trap house Bert

got a Bert with me and three young Berties that stay with me

 photo IMG_8311_zps857e57d5.jpg
deinstalling cave today getting ready for Jan show KATSU

 photo IMG_8308_zps8b4db66a.jpg
new media conceptual art baby

 photo IMG_8307_zps5d8af205.jpg
Bert says wha?

 photo IMG_8296_zpsc228ba62.jpg
last night had fun tiny dinner party got to make beef Bourgignon and braised red cabbage this was the before photo

 photo IMG_8297_zps59a10c44.jpg

 photo IMG_8299_zps0944a754.jpg
ack~! that is goign to make a pretty loud noise

 photo IMG_8287_zps02d83254.jpg
took some photos of the Takeshi Murata video from Early Man before we turned off the projector, made me so happy

 photo IMG_8286_zps875a28dd.jpg
i love group shows and i love bringing people and art together!

 photo IMG_8285_zpsb03e09a1.jpg

 photo IMG_8283_zps8242d407.jpg

 photo IMG_8277_zps0a230376.jpg

 photo IMG_8272_zps73d06251.jpg

 photo IMG_8263_zpsc38f0930.jpg

 photo IMG_8257_zps89c29bdd.jpg

 photo IMG_8254_zpsd7f34ccc.jpg
i think this is 2004….

 photo IMG_8224_zps41256758.jpg

 photo IMG_8219_zps06bbeca0.jpg
got some…semi recent photos to spice up what woudl otherwise be me still cleaning out my iphoto from March 2014 onward

 photo IMG_7922_zpsf8524a2f.jpg
over christmas Bert got to pee on the White House christmas tree

 photo IMG_8046_zps1aca5cdd.jpg
pee in the Potomac river

 photo IMG_8005_zpsfb8044e7.jpg
pee on the trail

 photo IMG_8034_zpsf35bfb30.jpg
pee on me and errol

 photo IMG_7764_zpsbc604e83.jpg
he got some stickers of himself made

 photo IMG_7766_zps031c4f65.jpg
he got to flick some new fills

 photo IMG_7717_zps5b05c684.jpg
to do fun studio visit with KATSU our next show

 photo IMG_7697_zps3ee13fe2.jpg
he is a happy boy

 photo IMG_7645_zpsd4377b17.jpg
lots of old photos getting rid of now one sec

 photo IMG_7644_zpsdc4b7035.jpg
Grey Area pool toys by artists debut in Miami

 photo IMG_7648_zps11ff167a.jpg
matthew and his amazing collapsing video sculpture

 photo IMG_7686_zps5796fe4c.jpg
Bert, apparently, “aint shit”

 photo IMG_7673_zps7660c1a7.jpg
cool tattoo
(why does she look so bummed??)

 photo cave4_zpsed3150b2.jpg
you guys already saw the cave install right?

 photo IMG_7671_zpsb0408fa6.jpg
my cool jail love note (i love it!!!!)

 photo IMG_7683_zpsacfdb5a5.jpg
eddie martinez sleeper and devils food cake sandwitch thingie

 photo IMG_5477_zps109ceaf0.jpg
haloween dog freaks

 photo IMG_5450_zpsa4463a8e.jpg

 photo IMG_5442_zpsc427c157.jpg
oh shit this is a while ago

 photo IMG_5437_zpsfbbe6589.jpg
went upstate to pick some pumps and apples!

 photo IMG_5439_zpsb91f926c.jpg
picking apples is very easy and we were very good at it

 photo IMG_5438_zps6d110031.jpg
you flew by so fucki fast

 photo IMG_5016_zps689ea6cf.jpg
Bathroom Tagger Men LOL sorry had to say it

 photo IMG_5018_zps49b6eccd.jpg
dont be bummed

 photo IMG_4402_zps74bb7284.jpg
really all i have are cute photos of bert FYI

 photo IMG_5019_zps410f851b.jpg
if that is what you are in the market for then that is what I am going to sell you!

 photo IMG_4384_zps79d219e0.jpg
this is back during Future Feminism

 photo IMG_4401_zps554ffa6b.jpg

 photo IMG_4379_zps85b168b9.jpg
Marina Abramovic hugging a lucky event attendee (not me! i am much taller duh)

 photo IMG_4331_zpsa1df89e3.jpg

 photo IMG_4330_zps2a150d05.jpg
lol Danish people spell funny

 photo IMG_4322_zps7a676644.jpg
this! back available on our shop website FYI

 photo IMG_4422_zps9ec754df.jpg
more adorable Bertitude

 photo IMG_4299_zpsbf402304.jpg
Beatitude Bertitude

 photo IMG_4303_zpsee8e742c.jpg
aw bert is scared this is him at teh Vet

 photo IMG_4300_zpsd8c52a1e.jpg
bert at the deli

 photo IMG_4302_zps97b987a0.jpg
sunny bert boy morning juice press

 photo IMG_7684_zpsa1c67237.jpg
green and brown bertitude

 photo IMG_1264_zps1bcc738b.jpg
bushwick bert

 photo IMG_1266_zps52eef5a6.jpg
studio visit bert

 photo IMG_1234_zps63c1844e.jpg

 photo IMG_1153_zps6aaa66cf.jpg
basement Bert

 photo IMG_1152_zps03bcfdc3.jpg
will hate to renovate down here and cover these amazing murals by Jesse

 photo IMG_1150_zps52d09898.jpg
oh me and bert in print!

 photo IMG_1146_zpse75284b7.jpg

 photo IMG_1144_zps873d2b75.jpg

 photo IMG_1134_zps74022186.jpg
this looks like a field trip photo

 photo IMG_1114_zps36be35a7.jpg

 photo IMG_1111_zps94d3e380.jpg

 photo IMG_1101_zps8bafbea8.jpg
trap house Bert got a Bert with me

 photo IMG_1090_zpsaba36330.jpg
sorry that song is annoyingly catchy

 photo IMG_1135_zps016bc096.jpg
Evan Robarts and Margot installing a commission

 photo IMG_1070_zpseef106fa.jpg
i cant show you the amazing collection inside except a few wee wee details

 photo IMG_1063_zps1fc882e0.jpg
the Robert Lazzarini gun~! this you have to see in person to believe

 photo IMG_1049_zps50384c8e.jpg
bert and evan

 photo IMG_1014_zpse92b7fcb.jpg

 photo IMG_1012_zps13565ddd.jpg
free salad

 photo IMG_1002_zpsc83abf08.jpg

 photo IMG_1159_zps11154d03.jpg
ooh another yahnker

 photo IMG_1015_zps95faec24.jpg
are you peeing?

 photo IMG_1016_zpsf9be8fe5.jpg
are you peeing?

 photo IMG_4197_zpsa605d889.jpg
so many fun photos i want to post

 photo IMG_5474_zpsbd370c57.jpg
gotta cut it off somewhere!
there will be world enough and time to be free with our photos in 2015

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