trap house Bert

got a Bert with me and three young Berties that stay with me

 photo IMG_8311_zps857e57d5.jpg
deinstalling cave today getting ready for Jan show KATSU

 photo IMG_8308_zps8b4db66a.jpg
new media conceptual art baby

 photo IMG_8307_zps5d8af205.jpg
Bert says wha?

 photo IMG_8296_zpsc228ba62.jpg
last night had fun tiny dinner party got to make beef Bourgignon and braised red cabbage this was the before photo

 photo IMG_8297_zps59a10c44.jpg

 photo IMG_8299_zps0944a754.jpg
ack~! that is goign to make a pretty loud noise

 photo IMG_8287_zps02d83254.jpg
took some photos of the Takeshi Murata video from Early Man before we turned off the projector, made me so happy

 photo IMG_8286_zps875a28dd.jpg
i love group shows and i love bringing people and art together!

 photo IMG_8285_zpsb03e09a1.jpg

 photo IMG_8283_zps8242d407.jpg

 photo IMG_8277_zps0a230376.jpg

 photo IMG_8272_zps73d06251.jpg

 photo IMG_8263_zpsc38f0930.jpg

 photo IMG_8257_zps89c29bdd.jpg

 photo IMG_8254_zpsd7f34ccc.jpg
i think this is 2004….

 photo IMG_8224_zps41256758.jpg

 photo IMG_8219_zps06bbeca0.jpg
got some…semi recent photos to spice up what woudl otherwise be me still cleaning out my iphoto from March 2014 onward

 photo IMG_7922_zpsf8524a2f.jpg
over christmas Bert got to pee on the White House christmas tree

 photo IMG_8046_zps1aca5cdd.jpg
pee in the Potomac river

 photo IMG_8005_zpsfb8044e7.jpg
pee on the trail

 photo IMG_8034_zpsf35bfb30.jpg
pee on me and errol

 photo IMG_7764_zpsbc604e83.jpg
he got some stickers of himself made

 photo IMG_7766_zps031c4f65.jpg
he got to flick some new fills

 photo IMG_7717_zps5b05c684.jpg
to do fun studio visit with KATSU our next show

 photo IMG_7697_zps3ee13fe2.jpg
he is a happy boy

 photo IMG_7645_zpsd4377b17.jpg
lots of old photos getting rid of now one sec

 photo IMG_7644_zpsdc4b7035.jpg
Grey Area pool toys by artists debut in Miami

 photo IMG_7648_zps11ff167a.jpg
matthew and his amazing collapsing video sculpture

 photo IMG_7686_zps5796fe4c.jpg
Bert, apparently, “aint shit”

 photo IMG_7673_zps7660c1a7.jpg
cool tattoo
(why does she look so bummed??)

 photo cave4_zpsed3150b2.jpg
you guys already saw the cave install right?

 photo IMG_7671_zpsb0408fa6.jpg
my cool jail love note (i love it!!!!)

 photo IMG_7683_zpsacfdb5a5.jpg
eddie martinez sleeper and devils food cake sandwitch thingie

 photo IMG_5477_zps109ceaf0.jpg
haloween dog freaks

 photo IMG_5450_zpsa4463a8e.jpg

 photo IMG_5442_zpsc427c157.jpg
oh shit this is a while ago

 photo IMG_5437_zpsfbbe6589.jpg
went upstate to pick some pumps and apples!

 photo IMG_5439_zpsb91f926c.jpg
picking apples is very easy and we were very good at it

 photo IMG_5438_zps6d110031.jpg
you flew by so fucki fast

 photo IMG_5016_zps689ea6cf.jpg
Bathroom Tagger Men LOL sorry had to say it

 photo IMG_5018_zps49b6eccd.jpg
dont be bummed

 photo IMG_4402_zps74bb7284.jpg
really all i have are cute photos of bert FYI

 photo IMG_5019_zps410f851b.jpg
if that is what you are in the market for then that is what I am going to sell you!

 photo IMG_4384_zps79d219e0.jpg
this is back during Future Feminism

 photo IMG_4401_zps554ffa6b.jpg

 photo IMG_4379_zps85b168b9.jpg
Marina Abramovic hugging a lucky event attendee (not me! i am much taller duh)

 photo IMG_4331_zpsa1df89e3.jpg

 photo IMG_4330_zps2a150d05.jpg
lol Danish people spell funny

 photo IMG_4322_zps7a676644.jpg
this! back available on our shop website FYI

 photo IMG_4422_zps9ec754df.jpg
more adorable Bertitude

 photo IMG_4299_zpsbf402304.jpg
Beatitude Bertitude

 photo IMG_4303_zpsee8e742c.jpg
aw bert is scared this is him at teh Vet

 photo IMG_4300_zpsd8c52a1e.jpg
bert at the deli

 photo IMG_4302_zps97b987a0.jpg
sunny bert boy morning juice press

 photo IMG_7684_zpsa1c67237.jpg
green and brown bertitude

 photo IMG_1264_zps1bcc738b.jpg
bushwick bert

 photo IMG_1266_zps52eef5a6.jpg
studio visit bert

 photo IMG_1234_zps63c1844e.jpg

 photo IMG_1153_zps6aaa66cf.jpg
basement Bert

 photo IMG_1152_zps03bcfdc3.jpg
will hate to renovate down here and cover these amazing murals by Jesse

 photo IMG_1150_zps52d09898.jpg
oh me and bert in print!

 photo IMG_1146_zpse75284b7.jpg

 photo IMG_1144_zps873d2b75.jpg

 photo IMG_1134_zps74022186.jpg
this looks like a field trip photo

 photo IMG_1114_zps36be35a7.jpg

 photo IMG_1111_zps94d3e380.jpg

 photo IMG_1101_zps8bafbea8.jpg
trap house Bert got a Bert with me

 photo IMG_1090_zpsaba36330.jpg
sorry that song is annoyingly catchy

 photo IMG_1135_zps016bc096.jpg
Evan Robarts and Margot installing a commission

 photo IMG_1070_zpseef106fa.jpg
i cant show you the amazing collection inside except a few wee wee details

 photo IMG_1063_zps1fc882e0.jpg
the Robert Lazzarini gun~! this you have to see in person to believe

 photo IMG_1049_zps50384c8e.jpg
bert and evan

 photo IMG_1014_zpse92b7fcb.jpg

 photo IMG_1012_zps13565ddd.jpg
free salad

 photo IMG_1002_zpsc83abf08.jpg

 photo IMG_1159_zps11154d03.jpg
ooh another yahnker

 photo IMG_1015_zps95faec24.jpg
are you peeing?

 photo IMG_1016_zpsf9be8fe5.jpg
are you peeing?

 photo IMG_4197_zpsa605d889.jpg
so many fun photos i want to post

 photo IMG_5474_zpsbd370c57.jpg
gotta cut it off somewhere!
there will be world enough and time to be free with our photos in 2015

Account Ability

I can’t quite get the hang of this I think i’ve lost the urge to word splurge
Writing things a bit embarrassing or weird or over-sharing (which is crucial to posting)
no longer comes naturally

I gotta remember what it feels like to have “nuthin to lose” and “to give no fucks”

 photo roseemailimage_zpsaa50dc19.jpg
until then, let’s look at some artworks only as they will not tempt me to compromise myself

 photo roseimage2_zps4839e89d.jpg
we have had so many great shows here since March, and have so many great shows for 2015~!!

 photo roseagain_zps0ccf7d69.jpg
right now we are looking at painted ceramic sculptures by Danish artist Rose Eken

 photo roselast_zps0e3c65b4.jpg
she was our October solo show in Gallery 3 space

 photo IMG_5195_zps75c0ba8d.jpg

 photo IMG_5193_zpseba28747.jpg
they are all pretty much to scale, maybe a fraction smaller than real life as the clay shrinks

 photo IMG_5192_zps81a8ff12.jpg

 photo IMG_5189_zps8c58ebd2.jpg
her show here seemed like everything you might dig up in a fossil dig of CBGBs

 photo IMG_5188_zpsbec7fb7d.jpg
maybe not champagne tho!

 photo IMG_5187_zpsf37b131b.jpg

 photo IMG_5183_zps3ef6faf1.jpg
this is such a lovely piece

 photo IMG_5182_zpsadf2faed.jpg

 photo IMG_5177_zpsbda96a6b.jpg

 photo IMG_5175_zps38c27be3.jpg
they are so fun to touch; im sorry that the public didnt get to handle them all, one of the priviledges fuck i cant spell privileges oh there i got it of running a gallery

 photo IMG_5174_zps02759bdc.jpg

 photo IMG_5173_zps2e0693aa.jpg

 photo IMG_5067_zps48420d55.jpg
ooh think how good this feels to hold!!!!

 photo IMG_5063_zps69459237.jpg
and the caps!

 photo IMG_5057_zpsc8845df3.jpg

 photo IMG_5054_zps83df0ec2.jpg

 photo IMG_5051_zps78d8570e.jpg

 photo IMG_5049_zps381f237c.jpg

 photo IMG_5042_zps84171c90.jpg
oh these feel so good too and solid and yeahbaby

 photo IMG_5039_zpsed5543f9.jpg
they look good in groups 🙂

 photo IMG_5034_zps149f41ff.jpg
big boi

 photo IMG_5033_zps1e4815b3.jpg
there are some fun euro and danske thingies mixed in too

 photo IMG_5032_zpsefce7173.jpg

 photo IMG_5030_zps4c267c33.jpg
this is a great piece

 photo IMG_5028_zps5cdf00d1.jpg
this is too!
so early 2000s

 photo IMG_5027_zps30216019.jpg

 photo IMG_5026_zps2f5aa43d.jpg

 photo IMG_5025_zpsd80cb476.jpg
a kicked in monitor

 photo IMG_5023_zpse25de6c0.jpg
music section

 photo IMG_5022_zps6ae5738f.jpg
the tapes are randomly some of hte best works too

 photo IMG_5021_zpseb7be49d.jpg

 photo IMG_5020_zps5a219368.jpg

 photo bassstrap_zpsbd4496ed.jpg

 photo IMG_4685_zpscea118df.jpg

 photo IMG_4676_zps67fc55b7.jpg

 photo IMG_4675_zps83aa874f.jpg

 photo IMG_4674_zps07cecbe7.jpg

 photo IMG_4671_zps4475f4a4.jpg

 photo IMG_4670_zpsa53f9f13.jpg

 photo IMG_4669_zps63182d76.jpg

 photo IMG_4668_zps20b0b1ce.jpg
but yeah kinda euro too

 photo IMG_4666_zpse5553bda.jpg

 photo IMG_4917_zpsb0a3304c.jpg
this is the install

 photo IMG_4924_zpsf58547d7.jpg

 photo IMG_4920_zpsff6b2429.jpg

 photo IMG_4922_zps91329715.jpg
i think we counted and i think this show had

 photo IMG_4923_zps6b5eb2ab.jpg
498 works!

 photo IMG_4652_zpsa1e2fc12.jpg
last few fabourites

 photo IMG_4644_zpsd8192d20.jpg

 photo IMG_4640_zps0b9d12b7.jpg

 photo IMG_0500_zps89bc6733.jpg
even just hte lone ciggis are awesome

 photo IMG_0469_zps671fbfa6.jpg

 photo IMG_0448_zps2cb81277.jpg

 photo IMG_0437_zpsace6f251.jpg

 photo IMG_0432_zps28e1ff52.jpg

 photo IMG_4581_zps67ed0d64.jpg
maybe the crushed cans are my favourites….

 photo IMG_0335_zpsa2b3a1e8.jpg
the title of the show: REMAIN IN LIGHT

 photo 2009_Selected_Reading_Nausea_zps7154b2f8.jpg
now lets look at some other fun stuff!

 photo 2009_berry_astonished_zps0e45bd79.jpg
found an old desktop folder of Eric Yahnker drawings and sculpture

 photo 2009_AR_004_zps391a352a.jpg

 photo 2010_Tits_o_Clock_zps3a2c9ac7.jpg

 photo 2011_ADirtyPair_zpseae7e31a.jpg

 photo 2012_TheSellOut_79x72_zpsb16fc785.jpg
read the titles!

 photo ARMORY001_zpsbc80b2e7.jpg

 photo 2012_Cross-Sections_zps68bb4c56.jpg

 photo 2013_Ebony_Benghazi003e_zpsc88e8666.jpg

 photo 2014_SticksDrones010_zps76a61cb9.jpg

 photo 2014_SticksDrones018_zps7b32410d.jpg

 photo jeff_mclane_lalouver_zpsf3194728.jpg

 photo ER20_offer_11_zps3b069f61.jpg
now lets look at some very odd works on paper by Evan Robarts

 photo ER22_offer_34_zpsecd55fd9.jpg
colored resin and sticks

 photo Image2_zpsfa1c274e.jpg

 photo Image1_zpsffddc580.jpg

 photo Image3_zps362bb82f.jpg
so amazing I want one of these too

 photo IMG_5250_zpsfcf916f7.jpg
this is kinda a work on paper too, its magic marker on emulsion photo paper with matte medium mounted on panel
pretty sweet

 photo evannew2_zpsec299547.jpg
some other Evan Robarts

 photo evannew1_zps75dadad0.jpg

 photo ERob4_offer_17_zpsc6b33ba0.jpg

 photo ER13_offer_25_zpsa736c9ba.jpg

 photo ER17_offer_29_zps99c8de90.jpg

 photo ER16_offer_28_zpse4393ee0.jpg
these are “line drawings”

 photo ER15_offer_7_zps9861eca0.jpg
making a drawing with a hose and using plexi as armature to hold it up, amazing

 photo ER14_offer_6_zps4a2dae90.jpg
these are mockups for hte final works done in thick mirror class insteada plexi, you can just imagine how amazing they look!

 photo _MG_6545_zps5d294980.jpg

 photo _MG_6557_zps2856700b.jpg
you wont have to imagine for long however as his first solo show here will be March 2015

 photo _MG_6535_zps7b74dd67.jpg

 photo _MG_6527_zps2681a4ac.jpg

 photo _MG_6513_zps2457158d.jpg
new scaffolding works

 photo _MG_6466_zpsa96b8d9e.jpg
im so psyched about htis

 photo ER6_offer_18_zps0d555d30.jpg
i think im… psyched about everything?

 photo ER10_offer_22_zpsde2808df.jpg
when I asked joe to give me like a pared down core of my being analysis of my personality he describerd me as “psyched”

 photo ER9_offer_5_zps20c5f006.jpg
which is LOL because psyched of course requires a substrate on which to be psyched

 photo ER1_offer_12_zps294f5538.jpg
tho I guess here today are three things upon which my personality is activated !

Recovery mode

so it looks like I had some blog already in a folder back from March and just never uploaded it
here are images from a wee slice of life I no longer remember perfectly and can’t conjure
i wonder what i was thinking back then!
well if it was important i woudl have remembered it

 photo IMG_0340_zps7dcce545.jpg
Bert in a turtleneck is pretty unforgettable

 photo IMG_0342_zps133208cc.jpg
i guess i was taking a photo of the MALVO tag?

 photo IMG_0378_zps5b579ad0.jpg
ooh we can check out the Matthew Stone show from last March with Krysta for scale haha

 photo IMG_0379_zpsd6a75f29.jpg
i like using Krysta for scale because she is petite

 photo IMG_0380_zpsab1b8d6c.jpg
i guess i like using Bert for scale too

 photo IMG_0381_zps2fe8740a.jpg
i should do a wee test of my art offerings of which works get purchased more, those with Bert or with Krysta

 photo IMG_0382_zps38439e4e.jpg
i think the ones with Bert just make clients think “hey maybe I shoudl get a chocolate pomeranian instead”

 photo IMG_0383_zpsdec68e2b.jpg
i love this one
i want it 🙁
it is sold

 photo IMG_0384_zps24c76017.jpg
same with this

 photo IMG_0385_zps00844dcb.jpg
whatever i keep missing the boat on buying works i want for posterity

 photo IMG_0386_zps887b5080.jpg
i have been snoozing ergo i have lost

 photo IMG_0387_zps52e40a25.jpg
i can either sit and think about all the works I shoudl have bought over the years (tauba, joe bradley, katherine bernhardt dan colen ryan mcginley barry mcgee etc etc etc)

 photo IMG_0388_zpsc53bfc79.jpg
or I could just start buying shit now

 photo IMG_0389_zpse44dbc76.jpg
like this one!

 photo IMG_0390_zpsd93635b2.jpg
or this one
so edible!!!

 photo IMG_0417_zpsb5833b80.jpg
ooh now it looks like this post is captuing the first DRONE paintings KATSU made
this is literally the first one

 photo IMG_0445_zpse93ef750.jpg
he has improved on this method so much since this March test

 photo IMG_0508_zps68f6b143.jpg

 photo IMG_0669_zps69bc80b0.jpg
this is Graham Wilson in his studio way back when, before he started showing with this LA advisor, lol, what does that even mean, i guess it shows you how silly the words get in “the new artworld”

 photo IMG_0763_zpsb8afba59.jpg
ooh now this is amybe somethign i should buy

 photo IMG_0764_zps9880f538.jpg
ive been looking at holton rower focus works for almost two years now and still have no idea how he made them

 photo IMG_0765_zps3c1728f0.jpg
and stupid holton wont tell me!

 photo IMG_0766_zps3fc88d60.jpg

 photo IMG_0791_zps396380ee.jpg
ooh a wee old Kadar Brock I think this work was from Art Cologne last year

 photo IMG_0831_zpsd110d485.jpg
yup because here we are installing

 photo IMG_0832_zps3e7726a6.jpg
our amazing Ayan Farah

 photo IMG_0834_zps0fa5def0.jpg

 photo IMG_0835_zpsffdf565c.jpg
Jesper and Josephine

 photo IMG_0557_zps6c4b32c7.jpg
hmm thats odd I must have more photos but now we are at Jaimie Warren;s opening her show was…. april??

 photo IMG_0728_zps9e2b4fc9.jpg
ah this is fun here are my studio visit photos with David Pappaceno
Whose VENUSES are now on view in the cave room of Early Man right now!

 photo IMG_0729_zps22fb9d88.jpg
bumping up to the present

 photo IMG_0731_zps4e82fdcd.jpg
feels good

 photo IMG_0732_zps804d4a7f.jpg
hate being stuck in the past

 photo IMG_0733_zpsf3fd1d0d.jpg

 photo IMG_0734_zps23c2edc7.jpg
these are super affordable guys
imagine the look on your loved ones face as they open one of these ladies for Christmas lol

 photo IMG_0736_zps9f4ac3c9.jpg

 photo IMG_0737_zpsf3e0cd5f.jpg

 photo IMG_0795_zpse600ae2c.jpg
oh no its getting random again

 photo IMG_0796_zpsb22d4517.jpg
spring styles i think

 photo IMG_0797_zpse7d82948.jpg

 photo IMG_0798_zpsc1b73321.jpg
this is on the way to

 photo IMG_0807_zps42816947.jpg
graham’s studio
this work was shown in Warp and Woof our weaving show I curated with Toby

 photo IMG_0967_zpsebc17266.jpg
last few

 photo IMG_1065_zps546af3a1.jpg
getting a-holed

 photo IMG_1079_zps1cb04875.jpg
someone looking at a Sam Moyer

 photo IMG_1179_zps91abb7c6.jpg
Bert looking to pounce on Lily

 photo IMG_1284_zps9378913d.jpg
to farm or to pirate?
not a hard decision

 photo IMG_1316_zps001c1155.jpg

 photo IMG_1349_zps0d7b8416.jpg
jaimie in NYMag

 photo IMG_1333_zps3babc189.jpg
this being built!
where errol and i danced through dinner and then set off fireworks this august much to everyones annoyance

 photo IMG_1335_zpsfcee52fb.jpg
love this one

 photo IMG_1339_zps4d7513d4.jpg
love this one tooooo

 photo IMG_1345_zps6fdc13c3.jpg
as we descend now into deep winter

 photo IMG_1359_zps4da460f7.jpg
some fleurs from the past


A hearkening story

 photo -Robarts5_zps94a38c73.jpg
A shrinkage, try one!

 photo 0dlvug5i6Zi3RkB5zaT4dxRb_dznNjIxsRP9ceuo4hs_zps1fae0baf.jpg
Toys are hankering

 photo 1_1_zpsb35501f4.jpg
Any hero streaking?

 photo 7_zpsd5642fe5.jpg
Thanking eyes roar

 photo 6ac6b-2_zpsf753edb5.jpg
A arty gherkins one

 photo artsy2_zps4e593bd3.jpg
Near yoga thinkers

 photo BERTFINALSIDE_zps0c3884ef.jpg
Hyena ear stroking

 photo Image3_zpsfb5a09ce.jpg
Aye, other rankings

 photo 040212-kembra-pfahler-the-hole05_zps1e57f0a2.jpg
Arty, sneaking hero

 photo 5454254900_4ea607a353_z_zpsdf9993a5.jpg
Sneakier orgy than….?

 photo austinLeeduck_zpse182bcc3.jpg
Yanking heart’s ore

 photo 1035810_zps8d3b1c31.jpg
Yanking hoe arrest

 photo crushedcocacolazero_zps49cd61c7.jpg
Honking artery sea

 photo CR_zps34e04eed.jpg
Groin, knee, ashtray

 photo DASH-0254_zpsc54dd592.jpg
Sergeant Rhino Yak

 photo Gober_Torso534_zps35c63ee4.jpg
Ignorant shark eye

 photo GB3_zpsa40d836c.jpg

How do you like the jarring randomness of anagrams coupled with the contextless desktop cleaning art parade

 photo 3_zps2e811f54.jpg
we could in theory be more organized

 photo 4_zpse124792e.jpg
for example this is our 2014 NADA booth painters studio of unpainted painterly works

 photo 5_zps8a34e567.jpg

 photo 2_zps5c920b34.jpg
some Gabriel Pionkowski on teh outside wall

 photo IMG_2668_zpsef57b0ce.jpg
here is a show back from this summer

 photo StorageWars_zps43505dcc.jpg
CRATE CITY adapted from our 2013 NADA miami booth to be a joint storage show

 photo IMG_2681_zpse616da5d.jpg
“Storage Wars”

 photo IMG_2674_zps13c807b2.jpg
August 2014 at Eric Firestone in East Hampton

 photo IMG_2683_zps79b51222.jpg
omg it was super fun

 photo IMG_2673_zps53026193.jpg
beautiful Shane Bradford works

 photo IMG_2672_zps061ea3f9.jpg
beautiful Evan Robarts

 photo IMG_2690_zps0a862c62.jpg
beautiful plexi Matthew Stone

 photo IMG_2694_zpseec4828d.jpg
Beautiful Anders and Misaki and Nathan Ritterspusch poodle

 photo IMG_2703_zps4dd17ac2.jpg
jaimie warren classics

 photo IMG_2713_zps98172888.jpg
a cool Eve Falci from the Firestone side of the “wars”

here is what is up right now at the Hole
do you find the jumping around disconcerting?

 photo aurelschmidt_zps991a7157.jpg

 photo barry1_zpsaa1b1095.jpg

 photo austinlee_zpsd5cb5a61.jpg
austin lee

 photo BHQF3_zps0d3c6cf6.jpg
bruce high quality

 photo bjarne1_zps54104e15.jpg

 photo bjarne4_zps4665039d.jpg
some bangin’ bjarnes

 photo cave1_zpsdc70875a.jpg
lol the cave!!!
a beautiful installation by Dennis Hoekstra

 photo cave5_zps9be090cd.jpg
with some Fran paintings

 photo cave3_zpsb07c35b6.jpg
some amazing Pappaceno sculptures

 photo davidshrigley1_zpsb9d57220.jpg

 photo ericyahnker_zps2b8283c5.jpg

 photo DTS3_zps1bc8ee54.jpg

 photo FrancineSpiegal_Trish_zps9f1b03cd.jpg
fran fully lit!

 photo giovanni2_zps96965322.jpg
some very odd self portraits from

 photo giovanni3_zpsfa26a6fc.jpg
giovanni garcia fenech

 photo Giovanni1_zpsd32ed45b.jpg

 photo giovanni4_zps0311e300.jpg

 photo 2006Winning_22x20__zps8d163737.jpg
but seriously I am just cleaning off literally what was on my desktop today so you that is all the structure you have i think
this is an old Scott Reeder painting that I had in my “Early Man” inspiration folder

 photo 923cc47a5661ed8abddba7e02430c4e5_650x_zps452d9a34.jpg
this too tho I dont know how inspirational this is

 photo 548_zps4818554d.jpg

 photo 47751_ca_object_representations_media_6447_small_zpsa80bf3eb.jpg

 photo article03_zps2685ca88.jpg
aw the deitch book party!

 photo butts102_zps9bb2b9f1.jpg
october show

 photo FINALEMAIL_zpsba9d9a5c.jpg
october show

 photo Image8_zps6d981bbc.jpg
october show rando detail group photo!

 photo groupshot_zps9d5a602a.jpg
OMG nada collector visit photo lol

 photo CoolDead-565x513_zpsea36f171.jpg
another Scott Reeder from Early Man inpsiration

 photo IMG_0325_zpscd605d1d.jpg
this inspires me on a daily basis

 photo IMG_0535_zps848d781a.jpg
october installing

 photo IMG_0777_zps4d590910.jpg
october installing

 photo IMG_1581_zps81735ac5.jpg
random photo of me sam moyer chris rosa in… berlin?

 photo IMG_4679_zpsb2a07b3b.jpg
october installing

 photo IMG_3973_zps0a024398.jpg
amazing Holton Rower pour

 photo IMG_5251_zps7d9671ef.jpg
old kadar detail

 photo IMG_1455_zps576c91b4.jpg
aw! me and patty pat pat

 photo IMG_5283_zps383acaff.jpg
bertie bert bert

 photo IMG_5332_zps8bb65591.jpg
ooh this is october upstate-ing

 photo IMG_5345_zps93676c82.jpg
pickin apples

 photo IMG_5732_zpsbe4be29a.jpg
trying to get a good photo of a difficult kadar
that neon yellow jsut wont photograph!!

 photo IMG_6068_zpsc7b7478e.jpg
ooh december details

 photo IMG_6056_zpsaccf9778.jpg
so sick

 photo IMG_6057_zps7d6c79c9.jpg

 photo IMG_6115_zpsefed78c3.jpg

 photo IMG_6174_zpsec5d6dd3.jpg
this photo from a year and a half ago is when the Early Man show was born
too bad we didnt get to breakdance as planned with Joe Bradley….

 photo img-thing_zps3ac1a42e.jpg
this i saved on my desktop for bert i think

 photo jose-lerma-and-hector-madera-paper-busts-designboom-05_zpsb9cbdada.jpg
what is this?

 photo JP-Brenner-Joe-Rushe-2_zps5e719bb1.jpg
an old photo of joe!!!

 photo katherinebernhardt_zpsc585d677.jpg
katherine bernhardt for “Early Man” which i think she chose to interpret as “breakfast” :0

 photo Kathy_zps4d80f6aa.jpg
me at my cousin’s wedding

 photo kasper2_950_zps718d1e9b.jpg
this beautiful Kasper chemical burn i hung upside down for an hour and a half before fixing!!!

 photo LOYAL-MatBrinkmanSkullsplat_zps11b35528.jpg
mat brinkman sculpture

 photo LOYAL-MatBrinkmanSamaraGolden-view1_zps8592c3dd.jpg
somehow i missed ever seeing images of this show from loyal long ago but yeah!

 photo LOYAL-MatBrinkmanSkullsnake01_zps5619fc27.jpg
really good
we gotta get Mat over here again soon

 photo matthew_zpsa3e04c94.jpg
the most perfect Matthew

 photo MK1_zps6fe5ea7e.jpg
misaki studio shot!

 photo MLgUOnHK9rBXPExUbtACqSz8EhbLS06g0Tx3iBN9a6A_zpsa71a4295.jpg
the coolest crushed can

 photo moffat_zps1aea532c.jpg
a Moffat Takadiwa recycled keyboard piece from VIGO in london

 photo NI2_zps6d361969.jpg
a nicole einsenmann i really wanted to be in early man 🙁

 photo p16r64adp5nur6oq19rb1hub1473-large_zpsec404470.jpg

 photo p16r63bsmrskn1g563t3efn8lr3_zps972469d7.jpg
finally getting these fabricated and for sale!
misaki bananan bench

 photo o-FUTURE-900_zpsbf2fe5c0.jpg
this was september, more on that….sometiem!

 photo photocopy5_zps0e75d20e.jpg
bert is a pretty princess

 photo RB3_6407_TheHole_Matthew_Stone_Repros_zpscbd0c68e.jpg
a beautiful diptych someone should jump on this fast

 photo re1_zps14db7c6e.jpg
one of the best rose eken sculptures ever

 photo ScottReederPostCats2013_zpsa5e13340.jpg

 photo ScreenShot2014-09-04at22911PM_zpsec073190.jpg

 photo ScreenShot2014-10-30at70108PM_zpsc4bed998.jpg

 photo ScreenShot2014-09-04at22954PM_zps8aa95b39.jpg

 photo ScreenShot2014-11-03at60236PM_zps9a1dea8b.jpg
matt leines illustration for NYtimes

 photo ScreenShot2014-11-07at35245PM_zps8391f36c.jpg

 photo lorahersh1_zps265de5b7.jpg
more rose imaage group

 photo ScreenShot2014-11-11at85720PM_zps00da30be.jpg
oooooh Monster Movie still by Takeshi playing right now in our cave!!!
ten years after debuting at Tedious Limbs at Deitch!

 photo ScreenShot2014-11-15at70512PM_zps3bd661c8.jpg
hot damn
def keeping this on my desktop
to look at when no one is around

 photo shiggg_zpsa70d55bd.jpg
lol lol lol

 photo theorosenblum_zps713be503.jpg
beautiful sculpture by Theo Rosenblum in “Early Man”
in the front window scaring everyone!

 photo tumblr_ljwuhtrofr1qz6f9yo1_500_zps88620862.jpg

 photo tumblr_m11b9gUhq51qzjvruo1_500_zpsd92d5efc.jpg
from the future feminism folder
ann snitow i think

 photo tumblr_n1gr67UyTr1snqwcjo1_1280_zps7ea73a91.jpg
who wore it better?

 photo Untitled-6_zpsddfee24a.jpg
i miss my man

 photo V1_THEARTOFTHEJOKE_13-11_zpsd49f7c9c.jpg
a few more days until he is back

 photo V1_THEARTOFTHEJOKE_13-5_zps7baf0a11.jpg
dying dying dying to see him

 photo Wadden_Almine_Rech_The_Decline_Installation_view_02_76180_zpscdf1992d.jpg
“absinthe makes the heart grow fonder”
or something

 photo week_in_pictures_12_13_13_13_900x450_c_zps9e089570.jpg

 photo wearefools_0_zps1c790648.jpg

 photo MS55_zps5e96149b.jpg
is this fun looking at my desktop or is this like a huge bummer

 photo IMG_7661_zpsd5ecb726.jpg
after “waiting” for “months”

 photo IMG_7651_zps12bb9a1c.jpg
its funny that CC rentals has a strong overlap with the graffiti community and then sends these HUGE “popcorn” tins as thank you presents in December I mean, they are just asking to get all the stores a-holed for the holidays

 photo IMG_7650_zpse03caf7b.jpg
miami grey area misaki and devin and FWY pool party

 photo IMG_7655_zpsa4bd4b22.jpg

 photo IMG_7663_zpsd36ba0cb.jpg
hot n bothered

 photo IMG_7676_zps74844518.jpg
steve! by todd

 photo IMG_7679_zpscf3997ea.jpg
eddie is sleeping while i am making desert

 photo IMG_7660_zps24936875.jpg
bert apparently “ain’t shit”

 photo IMG_7677_zpsdb116393.jpg
bert humping his caterpillar toy

 photo IMG_7688_zps6c33cab9.jpg
bert you are a dirty morning doggie

 photo IMG_7671_zps1ee99918.jpg
rikers art, paid for with butt tobacco
i love this <3 <3 <3  photo IMG_7681_zpsbf619872.jpg
this is supposed to be me
get it? im really messy
and bert shits on the floor if i dont wake up in time

 photo IMG_7682_zps584d138e.jpg
oh man i have to finish this painting at home it is due for a show in two weeks and argh i just cant finish it
not htis one this one is months old and dry

 photo IMG_7717_zps8d944322.jpg
KATSU is our next show, this is an oil painting that is amazing
robot selfie

 photo IMG_7757_zps35ab5f23.jpg
my hair is about to get pinked dont worry my hair game is NOT slipping

 photo IMG_7759_zpsb836ffaf.jpg
HOUND and GOOG continuing to crush the city cool little abbot and costello team

 photo IMG_7764_zps84caac10.jpg
BERT is about to get up all over the bowery with his new stickers methinks

 photo IMG_7648_zps4f555d52.jpg
matthew with his amazing crumpling video sculpture in miami a few days ago

there, was that so jarring was that so upsetting a computer full of old data this is what computer desktops deal with every day come on guys its fine