spittle fields

 photo IMG_0064_zpsdac4108c.jpg
apparently some things happened before paris i missed

 photo IMG_0079_zpsefeada2f.jpg
i need to find a good way to talk shit without talking shit

 photo IMG_0091_zps3219ba37.jpg
im feeling pushed around and taken advantage of and need to assert myself

 photo IMG_0102_zpse463f722.jpg
but am sure that the right place to do that is not on the internet

 photo IMG_0143_zps5c8fbbc6.jpg
inert – net

 photo IMG_0148_zps343aebdc.jpg
inner net

 photo IMG_0166_zpsfce087bc.jpg
jordan came out to studio visit and shot nice photo for book of Lola

 photo IMG_0193_zps914f454c.jpg
i was psyched that someone made this little drawing of me and Bert on the inert net

 photo IMG_0202_zps93519e93.jpg
the reason i picked Bertie off page 8 of the petfinder.com search results i finalyl realized
is because he looks like my childhood teddy bear Potsy
that is what i think at least

 photo IMG_0207_zpsa4b695aa.jpg
have you guys gotten to see images of the Valerie Blass show we had

 photo IMG_0208_zps5e6b2176.jpg
pretty need puppeteering photo painting thingie

 photo IMG_0209_zps7dfa6bb2.jpg

 photo IMG_0220_zps586b0f32.jpg
taylor n misaki setting up boob bench

 photo IMG_0222_zps4e0ade28.jpg
huey helping anders

 photo IMG_0250_zpsf353d608.jpg

 photo IMG_0253_zps78d2cec1.jpg
chris johanson and misaki

 photo IMG_0255_zps590eae8b.jpg
banksy tattoo

 photo IMG_0270_zps028af072.jpg
Fab’s baby Julian and Bert the brown streak haha

 photo IMG_0325_zps76047fa4.jpg

 photo IMG_0354_zps1bb5f3ed.jpg

 photo IMG_0355_zps66f4bad0.jpg
Bert got to see central park

 photo IMG_0369_zps8616d24f.jpg
i got to see myself in magainze Harpers

 photo IMG_0370_zps57aefcd3.jpg
gotten a lot of milage outta those Dior Holton photos phew!

 photo IMG_0322_zps66669e38.jpg
i think this is coming up int eh photos soon so im just gonna stick it here

 photo IMG_0851_zps4b76325c.jpg
yes you get to come on this trip Bert McGurt!

 photo IMG_0852_zpse29dde55.jpg

 photo IMG_0857_zpse254f8ce.jpg
passed out at Lucien

 photo IMG_0860_zps295c7b6d.jpg
with Jesper and some dude

 photo IMG_0863_zps8e555ebf.jpg

 photo IMG_0864_zps6e190e64.jpg
so this is me heading to Toronto
I have never seen anything like this before and it created strong feelings of foreboding

 photo IMG_0867_zps0e455fdc.jpg
it made me feel pretty stylish with my Shrigley passport cover and custom hat i think too

 photo IMG_0870_zpsad7a8109.jpg
we are installing Jim Joe at Copper Cole space!

 photo IMG_0871_zps13a2d939.jpg
these are oil stick on raw canvas

 photo IMG_0872_zpsa0c339f5.jpg
they are like hieroglyphs or something little pictographs that make little poem

 photo IMG_0873_zps17cfdcf3.jpg
this one is the funniest. why does it have a bubblebutt

 photo IMG_0874_zps8aee4a9e.jpg
days of our lives

 photo IMG_0875_zpsacf9980c.jpg
i was psyched on this show

 photo IMG_0881_zps5fcd1287.jpg
toronto was funny

 photo IMG_0882_zpsa667653b.jpg
i domnt know why i took a picture of this

 photo IMG_0884_zps940b7a02.jpg
hmhmm i am inscrutable

 photo IMG_0887_zps93c11504.jpg
i took this photo because Bertie is the cutest dog in the whole world my sweet little Bert!!

 photo IMG_0895_zpsf613dcc8.jpg
it was rainy and cold and i bought Bert his first jacket

 photo IMG_0896_zps4961e958.jpg
seeing art everywhere
it’s a real inconvenience haha

 photo IMG_0897_zps4554c0d4.jpg
they had some fun local writers

 photo IMG_0898_zps8e682744.jpg
and wasnt too much of a buff

 photo IMG_0899_zpsca7a063c.jpg
this was the title piece

 photo IMG_0904_zpsb111bf2c.jpg
this was the wipe my oil stick here to sharpen piece

 photo IMG_0909_zpse272ebd4.jpg

 photo IMG_0912_zps18ae8da7.jpg

 photo IMG_0915_zps32dee449.jpg
i hope peopel liked the show! Bertie sure did

 photo IMG_0916_zpsc8b6ea10.jpg
had a lot of vegan food but even that was ok

 photo IMG_0918_zps8d60643f.jpg
Art Toronto the fair was there and it was really weird

 photo IMG_0919_zps01f980ef.jpg
i thought these paintings were pretty sweet

 photo IMG_0920_zps476f5772.jpg
AND remembered to shoot the wall label thank sgoodness

 photo IMG_0921_zps4d480f22.jpg
this didnt quite work

 photo IMG_0922_zps894a0784.jpg

 photo IMG_0923_zps2eaa5806.jpg

 photo IMG_0924_zpsa20f13d2.jpg
ok this will murray was really cool

 photo IMG_0925_zpscba83eba.jpg
Megan from Paris said if you strayed too far from the main area your eyes woudl start to bleed

 photo IMG_0927_zpsb70a80f4.jpg
and boy was she right!!!

 photo IMG_0929_zpscc69686a.jpg
bad art is the scariest thign for Haloween
I shoudl have been bad art for Halloween

 photo IMG_0931_zps10642120.jpg

 photo IMG_0932_zps223a2b2b.jpg

 photo IMG_0943_zpsad91c65e.jpg
bert had to pretend to be turtlenecks while we were at breakfast

 photo IMG_0946_zpsee891025.jpg
then after he got to play with anders and suzy’s doggie

 photo IMG_0947_zps9216f85c.jpg
sullen hippie

 photo IMG_0948_zpse66dc41f.jpg
they had in there house a lot of cool art

 photo IMG_0949_zps8b5dffe7.jpg
look at this up close

 photo IMG_0950_zps81ed1e82.jpg
insane right??

 photo IMG_0957_zpsc3c12f88.jpg

 photo IMG_0959_zps852e34c0.jpg

 photo IMG_0960_zps5b01e7cb.jpg

 photo IMG_0962_zpsb17e57e7.jpg
they look sweet as monochrome

 photo IMG_0965_zpsdfcfcb26.jpg

 photo IMG_0970_zpse518f70a.jpg
Suzy’s work was aweseome

 photo IMG_0971_zps08259f74.jpg

 photo IMG_0972_zpsa8ad5d68.jpg

 photo IMG_0974_zps70b97832.jpg
so weird!!
“photography in teh third dimension”
one of our upcoming shows actually

 photo IMG_0975_zps85db32b7.jpg
favourite photo of whole trip

 photo IMG_0978_zps88f17bbf.jpg

 photo IMG_0988_zpsc9a2bcbe.jpg

 photo IMG_0995_zps0a677207.jpg
now i think i am home looking at the giant cock faucet in Eric Goode’s office

 photo IMG_0997_zps414f2543.jpg
some film with Heather Graham

 photo IMG_0999_zps26add989.jpg
some Pomeranian with some Pomeranian book

 photo IMG_1002_zpsa0dd0c48.jpg
i gotta go home and sleep so gonna rush thru this

 photo IMG_1004_zpse934e477.jpg

 photo IMG_1014_zpsa6eb3d7b.jpg
warhol impersonator try outs

 photo IMG_1021_zpsa403aa5f.jpg
kembra Hole o ween party

 photo IMG_1030_zpsada77698.jpg
bertie turned evil when i invented a crustless pumpkin pie cupcake

 photo IMG_1032_zpsbb2d0f58.jpg
a costume

 photo IMG_1041_zpse551adcb.jpg
Bertie and Lily denmark’s dogge

 photo IMG_1047_zpsd843fc54.jpg
look at me!

 photo IMG_1050_zps9b65fac1.jpg
loook to the right!

 photo IMG_1055_zps580459ed.jpg

 photo IMG_1066_zpsec6ce86c.jpg
artforum announced our next show

 photo IMG_1069_zps05b79861.jpg
stephen dorff tried out to be Warhol and I asked him to sign my e-cigarette

 photo IMG_1071_zps893a255b.jpg
went to some openings in our neighborhood

 photo IMG_1073_zps7beacd1c.jpg
but dont remember anythign about anything

 photo IMG_1074_zpsf9e4f17c.jpg
an Abelow made this

 photo IMG_1075_zps9e8e31d1.jpg
i can tell by the signature sax

 photo IMG_1076_zpsad56dce2.jpg

 photo IMG_1080_zps363d5430.jpg
Eric and his wife’s new Papillon pupperino

 photo IMG_1084_zps1399fa14.jpg
at Michael Williams opening!

 photo IMG_1088_zps8cb0fd9c.jpg

 photo IMG_1086_zpsd54153be.jpg
bert loved it

 photo IMG_1077_zps9a33a0d7.jpg
what is not to love?

 photo IMG_1078_zpsa2213bfc.jpg
there were complaints about what was painted and what was digital

 photo IMG_1087_zps8c2ef74a.jpg
but it will be another few years before people stop doin that and it is ok

 photo IMG_1089_zpsb0170230.jpg

 photo IMG_1090_zpsf113633a.jpg
is this a cory arcangel spoof?

 photo IMG_1091_zpsa7afb9bb.jpg

 photo IMG_1092_zps82309d10.jpg

 photo IMG_1093_zps76f71e98.jpg
just aesthetically so offensive

 photo IMG_1096_zps4e5da7c5.jpg
ok that is all for me for now you can see AREA next time!

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