La Hoot

I like to tell the puppy that it is made out of puppies

 photo IMG_2573_zpsed08dbfb.jpg
i like to tell it it is made from other puppy’s puppies

 photo IMG_2574_zps06beb1ce.jpg
i sing a song to it telling it that is is made from puppy skins

 photo IMG_2575_zps96f01027.jpg
am i disturbed?

 photo IMG_2577_zps0a13ce42.jpg
dogs unfortunately are mirrors and amplifiers of our bad behaviour

 photo IMG_2578_zpsa79a8315.jpg
the dog will grow up disfunctional and only other people will be able to see why as only other people can see my faults

 photo IMG_2579_zpse733b063.jpg
i am completely oblivious to my own faults

 photo IMG_2580_zpse52a97c3.jpg
however i AM aware that that is one of my faults

 photo IMG_2582_zps620cd009.jpg
so how bad could i really be?

 photo IMG_2583_zps8119a694.jpg
so many people stop me and want to pet the puppy and ask me a million questions

 photo IMG_2584_zpsd77aadf9.jpg
what kind of puppy
a pomeranian maybe mixed

 photo IMG_2585_zpsd0ff8c17.jpg
how old is that puppy
he is six months old

 photo IMG_2586_zps25bedde1.jpg
what gender is the puppy after i already heard you say HE and i am looking right at his peen
this is a male puppy

 photo IMG_2587_zps2bf615e2.jpg
will the puppy get larger
i assume the puppy will indeed get larger

 photo IMG_2588_zps2db5bbd6.jpg
where did you get the puppy
a shelter in oklahoma

 photo IMG_2589_zps63dcd312.jpg
omg can you believe somethign that cute was in a shelter
yes i believe it because i am the beneficiary of it

 photo IMG_2590_zpsf867451d.jpg
you must get this all the time
yes i do

 photo IMG_2593_zpsd87c28bd.jpg
he looks like a bear!
he looks like a koala!
he looks like a little fox!
oh that is so interesting

 photo IMG_2594_zpsa2ba3e46.jpg
im just kidding i really like how happy the puppy makes strangers

 photo IMG_2595_zpse3e383ea.jpg
but i am going to start wearing a sign around my neck that just says
this is a six month old male pomeranian puppy who will probably grow bigger and is from a shelter in oklahoma and looks like a bear and yes you may take a photo

 photo IMG_2596_zpsb7827659.jpg
i really liked this show BTW

 photo IMG_2597_zpse823d932.jpg
dont want to spend all the photos grumbling about puppy pestering

 photo IMG_2599_zpsfa8283f8.jpg
and i really wnat to go home and watch this Harry Potter movie before Joe gets home and catches me

 photo IMG_2600_zps052622b6.jpg

 photo IMG_2601_zps9afb7048.jpg
so beautyfull

 photo IMG_2602_zpsc99933e7.jpg

 photo IMG_2603_zps5f7f11e2.jpg

 photo IMG_2605_zpsaf10d319.jpg
the dog was sleepy so Jesper and I went to Marie’s Crisis and listened to LL bean guys sing show tunes

 photo IMG_2606_zpseb36b974.jpg
the bar is just a piano and everyone singing songs from musicals
i know all the words to the score from “Little Shop of Horrors” so I sang along to the Evil Dentist song

 photo IMG_2607_zps69f3e860.jpg
“everyone is staring at me that is because i am king of the dog park”

 photo IMG_2608_zps4e8f4f38.jpg
“all the dogs are staring at me because they are jealous of my abs”

 photo IMG_2611_zps2aadb808.jpg
i get to hang out in dog parks now

 photo IMG_2615_zps052401dc.jpg
look a three-humper

 photo IMG_2616_zps1ebba213.jpg
oh man so fun dog parks!

 photo IMG_2617_zpsbd423132.jpg
this guy named his pom puppy MACCHIATO

 photo IMG_2618_zps43679640.jpg
everyone in the dog park kept saying “oh have you met Macchiato” and then the guy showed up with the thing and they played puppy sniffing games

 photo IMG_2621_zpsc66f049c.jpg
then Jaimie Warren and I had a wee artist meeting at a burger place

 photo IMG_2624_zps25e9cc6e.jpg
i couldn’t resist ordering the dog a kids menu burger extra rare

 photo IMG_2620_zpsbed80bda.jpg
what a greedy piggy

 photo IMG_2625_zps66d2a992.jpg
the doggie was really shy in the dog park until yesterday when he finalyl decided to participate! i was so proud of him

 photo IMG_2626_zps8bd4c47c.jpg
what else

 photo IMG_2627_zps35157d7f.jpg
shit there are so many fucking photos still
no more of hte puppy tho! i promise!

 photo IMG_2630_zpsb60c3bcc.jpg
kembra and siobbahn

 photo IMG_2631_zps9c4b873b.jpg
goin up to teh RX art benefit at Lever House

 photo IMG_2632_zps1073e979.jpg
KAWS Célèbre

 photo IMG_2634_zpsa2f9edf7.jpg
Glori in her cute blue outfit
and Scharfman the honoree of the evening

 photo IMG_2635_zpsb0fdcd0d.jpg

 photo IMG_2636_zpsefe5097e.jpg

 photo IMG_2638_zps4170a1b9.jpg

 photo IMG_2640_zps1e823638.jpg

 photo IMG_2639_zps13170182.jpg

 photo IMG_2641_zps74a96337.jpg

 photo IMG_2642_zps89978651.jpg
dave sherry what else i cant see
Kadar and Kasper had good works there too

 photo IMG_2637_zps6d0a852d.jpg
this was my favourite piece
by Leo Fitzpatrick

 photo IMG_2645_zpsd9cbb144.jpg
what else
i think we have ONE MORE day of openings to do

 photo IMG_2646_zps56d1c36d.jpg
last night!

 photo IMG_2647_zpse67eb84c.jpg
paola pivi at the new Perrotin Uptown NYC space

 photo IMG_2648_zps50ebdece.jpg
cant believe i didnt get this in focus

 photo IMG_2649_zps3c6124ce.jpg

 photo IMG_2651_zpsbcc45818.jpg
there was a weird sculpture downstairs that pooted out money!

 photo IMG_2650_zps25dcae96.jpg
if you see my instagram you can see where Puppini caught a dollar bill in his mouth so cute!

 photo IMG_2652_zps1de27038.jpg

 photo IMG_2653_zps2f44b100.jpg

 photo IMG_2654_zps790e3580.jpg

 photo IMG_2655_zps1e2bc66d.jpg

 photo IMG_2656_zps13be89d0.jpg

 photo IMG_2657_zpsd4c05737.jpg
russian tea room
so pretty

 photo IMG_2658_zpsfb8abbf7.jpg
moo moo moo

 photo IMG_2659_zps7e92c46e.jpg
the other floor had art carnival!
i saw jeffrey there he looked happy
he was watching people win Murakami stuffed animals outta the claw machine

 photo IMG_2660_zps5db8a941.jpg

 photo IMG_2661_zps8701ac49.jpg
i didnt get a ping pong ball through the hole but Kaws still have me a wee Kaws doll that was nice
everyone is in such a good mood in September it is contagious!


 photo IMG_2346_zps21a2a499.jpg
u u u u u u u u u u

 photo IMG_2352_zps286e6b2f.jpg
waited too long to post a blog and now have too much stuff sorry if this takes forever to load

 photo IMG_2354_zps17b78e07.jpg
film buff

 photo IMG_2356_zps9d97d389.jpg
fruit? flowers? i cant believe this is a thing

 photo IMG_2347_zpsee16329d.jpg
today has been rough but in about eight minutes im going to go home and watch a Harry Potter movie (unless joe is home and makes fun of me then i will have to watch a ‘film’)

 photo IMG_2437_zpsa51634ba.jpg
and forget all about art and art related issues for a night!

 photo IMG_2436_zps3d7ce571.jpg
unfortunately due to the nature of smart phones and international time zones I bet I have some art or some art related issues that intrude upon my consciousness tonight

 photo IMG_2447_zps16ef0a21.jpg
hopefully no one in Europe gets up early and emails me

 photo IMG_2449_zpsd72703a5.jpg
so this is walking through the show Eric Cahan curated at what was Charles Bank and now is

 photo IMG_2448_zps6fb29491.jpg

 photo IMG_2450_zps51b36c9a.jpg

 photo IMG_2451_zps4193ee8b.jpg

 photo IMG_2452_zps0aaef085.jpg
i dont understand why one woudl want to make a Tauba esque spray painting but then make it actually 3D

 photo IMG_2455_zps638fcfcf.jpg
i guess i do understand why people make foam vaginas but i wish i did not

 photo IMG_2454_zps1f9a8a2b.jpg
super weird

 photo IMG_2456_zpsa96c7f07.jpg
kadar’s girlfriend steph but i dont know her last name

 photo IMG_2458_zps68bd078c.jpg

 photo IMG_2457_zps7dabfeff.jpg

 photo IMG_2461_zpsf56afaca.jpg
trophy case

 photo IMG_2462_zps45ff625c.jpg
travel confessional

 photo IMG_2463_zpscbdd074a.jpg
too tall to confess!

 photo IMG_2460_zps13c5a88a.jpg
franz westy thing was kinda neat

 photo IMG_2453_zps3ffabbcc.jpg
mexican alien bracelet thing was very confusing

 photo IMG_2464_zpscf77a5b6.jpg
the dog would like to confess that he drinks his own pee

 photo IMG_2466_zpsb2a1cb3b.jpg
this is odd!

 photo IMG_2467_zps9926e977.jpg
double cone-holio

 photo IMG_2468_zpsa30ae648.jpg
its insane that NYC just sticks cones in the holes

 photo IMG_2469_zps9a04ec3f.jpg
ooh another opening

 photo IMG_2470_zpsbcc8c747.jpg
this one at Horton Gallery

 photo IMG_2471_zps4cbcb114.jpg
i like this

 photo IMG_2472_zps19d6157d.jpg

 photo IMG_2474_zpsd727b9b5.jpg
i like the color

 photo IMG_2475_zpsc84b3c26.jpg
this one is ok

 photo IMG_2476_zpse49df09a.jpg
i shoulda read the press release
the show looked like how i remember the venice biennale

 photo IMG_2478_zps122347da.jpg
memory makes everythign funny

 photo IMG_2479_zpse65d1240.jpg
eye spy lewy

 photo IMG_2480_zps6c3f1446.jpg

 photo IMG_2481_zps50c6a367.jpg
another opening!
marlborough opened a broome street space

 photo IMG_2482_zpsc84608d0.jpg
about pizza!

 photo IMG_2483_zps1a4ac85e.jpg
nate pizza

 photo IMG_2484_zps9586a401.jpg
kuo pizza

 photo IMG_2485_zps893f0621.jpg

 photo IMG_2486_zps9dd0f9b2.jpg
the best eddie ever

 photo IMG_2489_zps9de6422c.jpg
very happy to have this in my office
look at the phone cord!

 photo IMG_2496_zps3a67f88e.jpg
and another opening!
i am doing really good
about going to look at other peepo art not just mine

 photo IMG_2495_zps6c509e99.jpg
ashley bickerton at lehman maupin

 photo IMG_2494_zps2a5f1e61.jpg
cool sides

 photo IMG_2497_zps7487fc46.jpg

 photo IMG_2498_zps711e1c72.jpg

 photo IMG_2500_zpscc5f01d8.jpg

 photo IMG_2501_zps8882b5d8.jpg

 photo IMG_2502_zpsc7da3dde.jpg

 photo IMG_2503_zps8ea5f015.jpg
i liked the show pretty out there stuff

 photo IMG_2505_zps55609a4e.jpg

 photo IMG_2506_zpsbbf7448e.jpg
i went to go visit 38 ludlow where i used to live

 photo IMG_2507_zpsbb5f9709.jpg
kitchen still crankin out those mystery pies!

 photo IMG_2508_zps56738d55.jpg
this is new tho
not that new

 photo IMG_2509_zps427f6398.jpg
wow and 18 wooster is now the swiss institute is now a converse marchesa shoe party during fashion week hosted by a-ron

 photo IMG_2510_zpsecee4691.jpg
white ones

 photo IMG_2511_zps214b022b.jpg

 photo IMG_2527_zps185307ae.jpg
sorry i didnt go to any runway shows!
the doggie doesnt have any cool clothes yet

 photo IMG_2530_zps7d6f8353.jpg
guess what this means

 photo IMG_2531_zpsb4f2c8ef.jpg

 photo IMG_2532_zpsa4805f3f.jpg
pretty funny to be in chelsea and at cheim and read

 photo IMG_2533_zps751ca1a8.jpg
i dont really know how to spell or pronounce cheim and read

 photo IMG_2534_zps5d04f98b.jpg
i can pronounce FONG

 photo IMG_2535_zpse8afc647.jpg
i liked this weird thing

 photo IMG_2536_zpsf51537c6.jpg
the other works were kinda safe n saleable

 photo IMG_2537_zps1a63b477.jpg
which is fine cuz it is important to sell art

 photo IMG_2538_zps791a11ef.jpg

 photo IMG_2539_zps4ce47d8e.jpg
it was funyn i said hi to Jules and he bumped this guy and made him spill two full glasses of wine down his shirt

 photo IMG_2540_zpsb92bde14.jpg

 photo IMG_2541_zps1f6c1910.jpg
the press release when it was talking about “acronyms of the graffiti community” was pretty funny you should look it up
they certainly didn’t write what CBT stands for!

 photo IMG_2542_zpsb2590fd5.jpg
maybe favourite

 photo IMG_2543_zps68924cef.jpg
sorry i took a lot of photos

 photo IMG_2544_zpsd6edb588.jpg
i dont mean to make the show seem repetitive
i just took a lot of photos

 photo IMG_2546_zpseb9f5f56.jpg

 photo IMG_2547_zps6f5c0e3f.jpg
ah and then there was a huge rainstorm

 photo IMG_2548_zpscefea0ee.jpg
took shelter with the doggie in the Jon Rafman show in Zach Feuer

 photo IMG_2549_zps6a181706.jpg
i liked this piece

 photo IMG_2552_zpsa02f82bd.jpg
everyone was nice to the wet scared doggie

 photo IMG_2554_zpsfd6f45b9.jpg

 photo IMG_2555_zps90d052ef.jpg

 photo IMG_2558_zps94424c28.jpg
then we went to Martos gallery

 photo IMG_2559_zps9a7751c8.jpg
the dog was so scared from the thunder that he pooped all over the floor

 photo IMG_2560_zps3e896e1f.jpg
a fear-based poop

 photo IMG_2561_zpscfe81d21.jpg

 photo IMG_2562_zpsb7ee8dd5.jpg

 photo IMG_2564_zps6b0994e9.jpg
the doggie liked this

 photo IMG_2565_zpsb80773e6.jpg
maybe he is a sheepdog!
he has strong herding instincts
for a four pound puff

 photo IMG_2566_zps1849ed0c.jpg
oh yummy diner food

 photo IMG_2567_zps37468d7d.jpg
i think joe went outside to smoke just so i would take this photo as he knew i would

 photo IMG_2568_zps6b982a7e.jpg

 photo IMG_2572_zps6658b436.jpg
and then BJarne Melgaarde at Gavin Brown
do we have time for this?
i had wanted to go watch harry potter
hmm let me think one sec