photo IMG_2196_zps253720dc.jpg
been watching a lot of Sopranos DVDs with Joe and learning all kinds of fun new words

 photo IMG_2197_zps5ac476bd.jpg
Schmalenberger brought a performance to the last day of library

 photo IMG_2198_edited-1_zps8fe71618.jpg
i wish i had shot video because it was hilarious

 photo IMG_2199_zpsfe762507.jpg
i can imagine how from a photo you might not be as wowed as I was but that my friends is the nature of performance art
usually looks like crap!

 photo IMG_5496_zpsef8ee69f.jpg

 photo IMG_5554_zpsad848121.jpg
I got a new doo from Roxy

 photo IMG_5553_zps8cdce8a0.jpg
god it takes forevvvver

 photo IMG_5573_zpseed5775f.jpg
i look like this now!
almost back to normal
just a bit of pigeon thrown in

 photo IMG_2201_zps2b9c0680.jpg
a quiet night for me

 photo IMG_5634_zps78820ceb.jpg
yes yes quiet

 photo IMG_5639_zps9adc23e6.jpg
I like those “turn the table of drinks over and dance on the bar” kind of nights better but ho hum

 photo IMG_5640_zps3aad106f.jpg
sorry I took a lot of photos of my new David Shrigley book Knight brought over for the reading room

 photo IMG_5638_zps53b7c22b.jpg

 photo IMG_5641_zps8f1464f8.jpg

 photo IMG_5643_zpsa808fde2.jpg
ate some schnitzel with may and julian and nellie

 photo IMG_5664_zps481c7f3f.jpg
julian took this

 photo IMG_5661_zps294bc81e.jpg
julian painted this!
remember from teh baby shower?

 photo IMG_5670_zps3358a8c6.jpg
well i guess i didnt learn TOO many words from the funny TV program

 photo IMG_5672_zps825b0098.jpg
i like the word goomah
not the content just the sound

 photo IMG_2203_zpsb646d602.jpg
i like calling a thousand dollars “large”
im going to tell people the prices on Kadar works by saying ten large or fifteen large and see how that goes

 photo IMG_5681_zps75fbd46d.jpg
packing up fun show is sad

 photo IMG_5684_zpsb9e05a97.jpg
good thing i have a wee adventure up my seleve!

 photo IMG_2206_zpsfd65bdf9.jpg

 photo IMG_2218_zps354372da.jpg
we are all just parasites

 photo IMG_5691_zpsb22eb390.jpg
who play with toys

 photo IMG_5690_zps684e0217.jpg
had a cookie monster bloody mary cuz i was nervous

 photo IMG_2221_zps8ae03375.jpg
some of america looks like this!

 photo IMG_5693_zps6b18ed7a.jpg
and this

 photo IMG_2222_zpsa05609b8.jpg
and this

 photo IMG_2223_zpscd1bf9a6.jpg
i am in Tulsa Oklahoma!

 photo IMG_5699_zps2398f47d.jpg
this made me have that Modern Lovers song “goverment center” in my head almost the entire trip

 photo IMG_5698_zps7b9975b8.jpg

 photo IMG_5703_zps7a4724e7.jpg

 photo IMG_5710_zpsc16de25c.jpg

 photo IMG_5716_zps2563f964.jpg

 photo IMG_5718_zps0a81d223.jpg
lonely wandering

 photo IMG_5721_zps4a67cb1f.jpg
this guy was cool i talked to him for a while

 photo IMG_5720_zps09e87962.jpg
oh had the best food, i forgot i grew up on dad’s southern cooking and that is really the only food i really really like

 photo IMG_5724_zps203d29bc.jpg
i think ill pass on the gravy tho. this is just too much

 photo IMG_5727_zps46a6d254.jpg
ooh and then!

 photo IMG_5731_zps5f865a58.jpg
fun friend from the internet met me and took me to fun drag queen bar

 photo IMG_5738_zps2f2e870d.jpg
not a drag queen
but a good karaoke singer!

 photo IMG_5742_zps30626fb6.jpg
i want to try this pie

 photo IMG_5743_zpsa1911d13.jpg
instead i will sit at a diner and be intermittently stared at by the locals

 photo IMG_5767_zps5c45120c.jpg
oh shit
Operation Dog Fetch was a success

 photo IMG_2234_zps16dc49eb.jpg
i picked this guy up at a shelter in Sallisaw, i found him on petfinder the adoption site, i love him so much!!!

 photo IMG_2241_zps405cf664.jpg
im so nervous tho it is so stressful i have this weird lump in my stomach now at all times

 photo IMG_2244_zps76bb7c4e.jpg
i dunno maybe i just need to adjust
i keep worrying im going to hurt it or kill it accidentally

 photo IMG_2254_zps2d88bafc.jpg
irrational i know but still, he tries to eat staples and all kinds of terribel stuff!

 photo IMG_2255_zps29a8c5e8.jpg
he was a really good boy when we went ot go see katherine bernhardt tho

 photo IMG_2257_zps84cc0c3d.jpg

 photo IMG_2259_zpsab93c217.jpg
good boy!

 photo IMG_2264_zps0fefeb65.jpg
i dont want to spoil surprise so u just get one more

 photo IMG_2267_zps15794100.jpg

 photo IMG_2268_zps711c2bf1.jpg
i gotta go home and put the dog to sleep
what a weird thing to type
never thought i would type that

 photo IMG_2269_zps759ff62f.jpg

 photo IMG_2273_zps474beb33.jpg
yesterday kadar stretchin the new works

 photo IMG_2278_zps494fdf7b.jpg
a lot of fun thigns happening here

 photo IMG_2282_zpsc7525b7a.jpg
definitely gotta come see these in person on wednesday

 photo IMG_2290_zpsf593a77a.jpg
oh its going to be great

 photo IMG_2297_zpsaa88e0a8.jpg
holey moley

 photo IMG_2330_zps584e0386.jpg
some hounds

 photo IMG_2336_zpscfab48d3.jpg
some baloons

 photo IMG_5679_zps51a73ed1.jpg
a spaghetti

 photo IMG_5674_zpsdfe26229.jpg
a Gelitin that reminded me of that Moreno

 photo IMG_5581_zps3c364ca2.jpg
and a hole
come to our Hole on wednesday!!!

Monkey ‘n’ Parrot Time

Finally found a website that satisfies my need for slang

 photo Image6_zps95987629.jpg
It’s raining dung head-first

 photo Image3_zps81135fc8.jpg
It’s raining cobbler boys

 photo Image2_zps105a5cc6.jpg
Dog poo is falling

 photo Image1_zps93b96972.jpg
It’s raining like a pissing cow

 photo Image4_zpsd53416e2.jpg
It’s raining pilot whales

 photo Image5_zps518605f3.jpg
It’s raining puppies

 photo Image8_zpsf300073e.jpg
It’s raining troll women

 photo Image11_zpsfa1fad18.jpg
It’s raining frogs

 photo Image10_zps0f6a1a58.jpg
It’s raining pocket knives

 photo Image9_zps5945c40d.jpg
The rain kills the mice

 photo Image13_zps569bc4d9.jpg
It’s raining old women with clubs

Those were all different countries’ translations for “raining cats and dogs”

 photo Image15_zpse01909ee.jpg
Dressed up like a sore finger!
apparently that means dressed up nice

 photo Image14_zps3cd71d03.jpg
All mouth and no trousers
(all talk no action)

 photo Image17_zps686226ba.jpg
Eating dried apples
that one means to be pregnant
look at this painting he just left one boob totally hanging out, how is that ok?

 photo Image18_zps24649c20.jpg
Couldn’t sell a statue to a pigeon

isnt it weird to think that the ocean used to have stuff in it?

 photo Image7_zps9bf216b8.jpg
Make it moo
(put some milk in my coffee)

 photo Image16_zpsf9b5a49b.jpg
A Chicago pineapple
(a grenade)

 photo Image20_zps84b5ebae.jpg
The clean potato
(on the straight and narrow path)

 photo Image12_zps25034c65.jpg
Tulip sauce
(making out! yay i love this one)

 photo Image19_zpsd05414d2.jpg
Sugar report
(a letter or note from your sweetheart)

 photo Image21_zps454e3180.jpg
Two-dog night
(not a bad threesome, just means cold as in you have to sleep between two dogs, which i guess WOULD be a pretty bad threesome)

 photo Image23_zpsa0da186d.jpg
Mutton dressed as lamb
(an old lady all tarted up)

 photo Image26_zps3088a985.jpg
All his geese are swans
(an exaggerator)

 photo Image24_zpsa72ad915.jpg
Acknowledge the corn!
(wait i forgot this one)
(i had to google it: By folk tale, attributed to an instance of a man who stole several horses and the corn to feed them but in court only admitted to stealing the corn. thus: acknowledge defeat and admit to a mistake, cop a plea)

 photo Image25_zps97dfea14.jpg
Dining room chairs
(teeth. i thought that was pretty clever)

 photo Image28_zps9b23b2e8.jpg
The big white telephone
(toilet euphemism)

 photo Image27_zps23c4d4d9.jpg
Have a hairy canary
(freak out)

 photo Image22_zps2c23253d.jpg

 photo Image34_zps310e7433.jpg
Take the number 11 bus
(to walk somewhere, legs look like 11 i guess?)

 photo Image35_zpse03d8cfe.jpg
these are fun these are codes people would write on an envelope to their girlfriend:
BURMA – Be Undressed, Ready My Angel

 photo Image33_zps30c94650.jpg
HOLLAND – Hope Our Love Lasts and Never Dies

 photo Image36_zpsb5754d71.jpg
ITALY – I Trust And Love You

 photo Image37_zps3db22af5.jpg
“alewife” is a really good word in and of itself

 photo Image29_zps9a053122.jpg
LYKAH – Leave Your Knickers At Home

 photo Image39_zps9d5a5f4f.jpg
NORWICH – Knickers Off And Ready When I Come Home

 photo Image38_zps57c80fa7.jpg
POLO – Pants Off, Legs Open
(photo is me driving big truck up to RI and Boston and so grumpy probably not good caption for this, no)

 photo Image33_zps30c94650.jpg
SWANK – Sealed With A Nice Kiss

 photo Image40_zpsbc9d1664.jpg
SWALCAKWS – Sealed With A Lick ‘Cos A Kiss Won’t Stick

 photo Image41_zpse1db9d7f.jpg
that last one was pretty lame

 photo Image43_zpsc657eea8.jpg
so i drove up some crates to Ara to visit him and also

 photo Image42_zpsc703a70e.jpg
jim drain! hypnogoogia reunion!
i think that was the first show i got to curate at deitch 2004 or so

 photo Image45_zps76063883.jpg
they were cranking out the pinwheels as a collector commission
this time enamel on aluminum! wow!

 photo Image47_zps9c9d9986.jpg
this is polenta fries on steamed mussels

 photo Image46_zps6396d51c.jpg
ara collects and restores vintage pinballs

 photo Image48_zps4a8a48ae.jpg

 photo Image49_zpsfc51b86e.jpg
then in Boston had a great time at the ICA!
this is dianna molzan

 photo Image50_zps5c2cc254.jpg
klara liden
they had a sorta mini “xstraction” show up

 photo Image52_zpsfea7349c.jpg
not sure how she fits in
but this makes me think of “Pinkberry”
a chain i am sure is successful because of the subconscious nipple thoughts

 photo Image31_zpsc97df740.jpg

 photo Image30_zps6ba627f5.jpg

 photo Image53_zps594f585a.jpg
they had a great small mary reid kelley show up too

 photo Image51_zpsd5bdbeb1.jpg
the Barry McGee retrospective
the reason for my etre

 photo Image55_zpsfa6d0c41.jpg

 photo Image57_zpsbfc0489f.jpg

 photo Image59_zps59453fd4.jpg
the caption for all of these will be “yay!”

 photo Image58_zpsde4c42dc.jpg

 photo Image56_zpsff646cef.jpg
the guy was like “oh this is so clever i never actually thought about how these guys carry the paint that they need”

 photo Image61_zps0ba8a6eb.jpg

 photo Image62_zpsec2cd303.jpg
i like this new little compositional device

 photo Image60_zps99187180.jpg

 photo Image63_zps64f6723e.jpg
cast off childish things!

 photo Image54_zps7c7379e4.jpg

 photo Image64_zps7fa6a1ce.jpg
will THIS be my tattoo?

 photo Image65_zpsa5c8096b.jpg
dash was so mad about this photo

 photo Image66_zpsdcabe11c.jpg

 photo Image67_zpsf7f645dd.jpg
font genius

 photo Image69_zps6403def4.jpg
ok shit these are outta order
this is a weird lamp i bought for 15 buxx on the drive home

 photo Image72_zps91f40324.jpg

 photo Image71_zps9af69373.jpg
oops haha

 photo Image73_zps265662c9.jpg
bought some old xmen comics i love these!!

 photo Image74_zps8521ef55.jpg
yesterday gettin stared at by a dog in a bag

 photo Image79_zps56c47a44.jpg
man i wished these had turned out better
i got really wasted with jesper just and these guys ran out of the bar, jumped in that thing and sped off

 photo Image80_zpsb270f318.jpg

 photo Image82_zps27b1a52a.jpg
this is why i need to use real camera again

 photo Image81_zps70f7124e.jpg
we were drinkin’ till dawn. man i hate the sunrise. it reminds me of coke till dawn and i dont ever want that ever again not even once!

 photo Image77_zpscd08578f.jpg

 photo Image78_zps0976ad68.jpg
jesse edwards rare old studio shot

 photo Image76_zpsd4a0d4e8.jpg
a new acquisition for collection grayson!
a Jamian Juliano-Villani i hope i spelled that right

 photo Image75_zpscee0d3ca.jpg
one of my favourite books as a child

 photo Image70_zps4537f405.jpg
a new addition to teh library
advanced wickering

 photo IMG_2147_zps0708bce6.jpg
this is why i hate using my camera by the way

 photo imgphoto2_zpse1c84d89.jpg
another jamian

 photo IMG_2148_zps670bf00b.jpg
creepy providence house

 photo Image_zps68b72e1a.jpg
out of love

 photo IMG_2151_zpsf716bc79.jpg
more Barry!

 photo IMG_2149_zps72e63c45.jpg

 photo IMG_2154_zps9d66f10d.jpg

 photo IMG_2152_zps3a986cf7.jpg

 photo IMG_2150_zps4ab39152.jpg

 photo IMG_2153_zps469478ed.jpg

 photo IMG_2155_zps3a01593b.jpg
dont worry i took a million photos of everything

 photo IMG_2156_zps11cd46eb.jpg

 photo IMG_2157_zpsece28e83.jpg
his dad’s drawings

 photo IMG_2160_zps71c1e62a.jpg

 photo IMG_2161_zps7e5f453c.jpg

 photo IMG_2159_zps3547c425.jpg

 photo IMG_2158_zpse9efd3de.jpg
i have had to install one of these before it is such a nightmare

 photo IMG_2165_zps6bf3ec93.jpg

 photo IMG_2166_zps91f5cb1d.jpg

 photo IMG_2162_zps9879b661.jpg

 photo IMG_2163_zps465b9941.jpg

 photo IMG_2168_zps5f05ad36.jpg

 photo IMG_2169_zps109acb6e.jpg

 photo IMG_2171_zps6ffba616.jpg

 photo IMG_2172_zps54bb51a7.jpg

 photo IMG_2174_zpsf1958324.jpg

 photo IMG_2164_zps7ef2eeae.jpg
sorry i took a lot of photos of this it was my favourite maybe

 photo IMG_2170_zps8204d2f8.jpg
or this

 photo IMG_2173_zps5bcab1a7.jpg

 photo IMG_2175_zps8579342c.jpg
this nice guy named Jay who reads my blog met me there and hung out with me so i wasnt alone wasnt that nice??

 photo IMG_2179_zps3805537f.jpg
i take photos of this then go home and try to augment my client lists

 photo IMG_2176_zps7af73bab.jpg

 photo IMG_2178_zps94c42008.jpg
try to find mary reid kelley on youtube and check out her videos i hate videos but hers are good i promise promise

 photo IMG_2187_zps19aeaca6.jpg
well i guess i am back home cuz this looks like kadar

 photo IMG_2190_zpsb4a89aa1.jpg
i gotta write a press release tongiht and its almost the pumpkin hour

 photo IMG_2186_zps71d1ea03.jpg
wish me luck!


 photo IMG_1110_zps48f79e95.jpg
photobucket deleted a big group of photos for content or whatever but they didn’t delete this one
instagram did
dont you feel that this should be looked at? is somethign wrong with me?

 photo aurel_schmidt_banana_dick_zpsafdc0f6d.jpg
i saw this awesome new aurel drawing and hoped it was inspired by my photo above
but maybe it just means we have somethig both wrong with the same part of our brains

 photo SHERRY_bust_zpse954b3ea.jpg
while on the Fireplace site i saw this
i never have seen this Dave Sherry before!

 photo SHERRY_You_And_Your_Frequecopy_zpsf9e13c1d.jpg
or these!

 photo IMG_2703_zpsca811261.jpg
what else is going on

 photo IMG_1922_zps1c6f63aa.jpg
I guess i’m going to just post some photos and then like go out and take some more photos on my real camera and post a real blog

 photo IMG_1929_zpsbe6e7046.jpg
that is “about something”

 photo IMG_1946_zps9fd628e0.jpg
when I get back from my wee trip

 photo imgR3AP214-04-LORES_zpsfb35a854.jpg
i get to go to Providence RI tomorrow and visit Ara Peterson who made this awesome artwork then to Boston then Connecticut I think

 photo IMG_2099_zps3319894b.jpg
because of instagram i strongly believe that jim drain might also be in providence…

 photo IMG_2100_zps8247120c.jpg
so a real 2004 Hypnogoogia reunion!

 photo IMG-20130801-00015_zpsd63697ee.jpg
kadar is readying himself for September 4 solo show

 photo IMG-20130801-00018_zps71ff609b.jpg
i got to walk on some

 photo IMG-20130801-00019_zps405460bb.jpg

 photo photo1_zps4835c8bd.jpg
part of my attempt to make new friends
creepily photographing them without their knowledge is my strategy but not working so well. yet!

 photo photo2_zps08319b59.jpg

 photo photo3_zpsc46863fe.jpg

 photo Photoon7-28-13at1213AM_zps132cf089.jpg
anytime someone opens their photobooth program, a puppy dies

 photo Photoon8-4-13at1200AM2_zps84546cd0.jpg
they have some fun new features tho

 photo photo5_zpsa73f33e8.jpg
googling myself

 photo photo4_zpsedba82a1.jpg
visiting Jesse
who is also preparing a big show for fall with Vito
and also preparing a big saltwater fish tank that is super exciting

 photo Image142_zpsd25b6885.jpg
Lovely Day

 photo Image141_zpsbc596ba8.jpg
oh i forget his name he is sailing somewhere in Maine by now

 photo Image140_zps232da5ba.jpg
delivery guy disappearance

 photo Image139_zps1c64d531.jpg
movin’ on 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

 photo Image138_zpsf5157060.jpg

 photo Image137_zpsaa3794d4.jpg

 photo Image136_zps58a052a6.jpg
got “drunk under the table” or whatever the past tense of that colloquialism is by another danish person, this is becoming a “spree”
in the same way that i wanted to be the only girl on the baseball team, i really think that i can drink like 15 drinks and with guy friends and be fine but it doesnt work, it will never work, i need to come to some peace about this

 photo Image135_zps7bceae4a.jpg

 photo Image134_zps0b21d1d6.jpg

 photo Image133_zps37a5deca.jpg
forgot their name but it is not carol dunham i remember that

 photo Image132_zps4027abca.jpg
i think about sex way too much and it doesn’t help with this sexy art around

 photo Image130_zps3fc71b20.jpg
this does help actually

 photo Image128_zps84362016.jpg

 photo Image131_zpsda17d500.jpg
the art is sleeping

 photo Image129_zps8376b43f.jpg

 photo Image127_zps0bde52ed.jpg
i like to think that my instagramming this van the day before helped it get a new paint job that night!

 photo Image126_zps1aaf4939.jpg
inflated sense of self importance still goin strong i guess!

 photo Image125_zps9bc6038a.jpg
i dunno the iphone camera isnt terrrrrrible

 photo Image124_zpseae86826.jpg
well sometiems it is

 photo Image123_zpsec2ea2f2.jpg
i got stoned and took this picture of myself and then stared at it for hours worrying that i was a robot

 photo Image122_zps896f3dde.jpg

 photo Image121_zps4defbc58.jpg
i have no friends and i have a compulsion for photography so this is what you get

 photo Image120_zps3c667df1.jpg
i made really gourmet potato salad one day for fun
i dont own plates or silverware, you know that right?

 photo Image119_zps0d157868.jpg
i read a book in central park one day for fun

 photo Image118_zps168ffa0c.jpg
i walked home at 4am from work one day for fun

 photo Image117_zps8db1fd98.jpg
does my life seem that fun? cuz its not right now

 photo Installation2_zps17ffdfae.jpg
the summer show tho is super fun and every day there are people camping out here reading books and that is the only thing that keeps me going!

 photo Installation6_zps0ab13a63.jpg

 photo Installation5_zpsc924cb64.jpg

 photo Installation7_zps3ee81e5a.jpg

 photo Installation8_zpsd56d3673.jpg

 photo Installation9_zpsa46fab47.jpg
is it weird to not have close friend relationships but to have this weird public friend relationship with “art audience” in this generalized way?

 photo Installation10_zps613035e8.jpg
because in the same way that i feel like i am friends with no one i also feel that i am friends with everyone!

 photo Installation11_zpsdc44163e.jpg
that sounds better than it feels to be honest

 photo Installation12_zpsb3a6e7a8.jpg
im just being dramatic

 photo Installation13_zps80f82bec.jpg
wow there are a lot of these

 photo Installation14_zps92d5313d.jpg
EVERY ANGLE very thorough

 photo Installation4_zps147aa81d.jpg
the thing is that it is the books on the shelves that are also so amazing

 photo Installation15_zps1c9df296.jpg
they aren’t just filler books, there are shelves and shelves of really interesting and often rare art books

 photo Installation16_zps031dd4df.jpg
and one whole shelf of PG Wodehouse and one whole shelf of Shakespeare criticism

 photo Installation17_zpsc7b93ca4.jpg
oh, so satisfying!

 photo DS5_zps9b56fe65.jpg
shit there’s more random shit in here

 photo DSC00954-1_zps01e6834c.jpg
richard jackson wow the art world really slept on him!

 photo DS2_zpsbdc6f2b6.jpg
i hope one day to own a nice wee Davina Semo

 photo 2h3dhya_zpsfb6f3e0a.jpg
PG Wodehouse liked this illustrator so i looked him up today

 photo 2rn9c9w_zps4b0daff0.jpg
very happy i did

 photo gallery-harland-miller_zpsaee25278.jpg
Edsel did a show with Harland Miller and I looked it up and i am glad i did

 photo Image-31_zpsd1f99862.jpg
a fist to cry on!
that is all i have
not in a gay way

 photo IMG_9281_zps07dc5b0f.jpg
this reminds me that i get to go to Paris for FIAC end of October which makes me feel slightly less despondent

 photo IMG_8456_zps40dfac8f.jpg
my favourite photo of Holton

 photo tumblr_m7u9872sba1rxuczeo1_500_zpsde6b267b.jpg
yes but what about dirty filthy whores? how do they find the right incurable romantic?

 photo IMG_7458_zps534c9f48.jpg

 photo IMG_6315_zps6937ed4c.jpg
i guess that’s all i’ve got
maybe this trip to RI and then to see Barry in Boston ICA and EV at Glass House CT on way home will cheer me up
at the very least it will give me some awesome actual photos on an actual camera, promise


 photo Image5_zps4d25dd96.jpg
i haven’t done shit with my summer but yeah, you can see that for yourself right here right now

 photo Image3_zpsc181daa6.jpg
Porn, dirty stinking, horrible porn right here, right now and you are looking at it. You will go to hell for this. -David Shrigley

 photo Image4_zpsa13cb9ea.jpg
This is what I was doing year ago
Sorry I do that to myself sometimes
And now I am doing it to you!
It was funner when my Myspace blog still existed (WANKERS!!!!) because I could go back and be like “i wonder what i was doing on august 7th in 2007” and pretty much always it was something way awesomer than 2013 lemme tell you that

 photo Image1_zps3abd7203.jpg

 photo Image6_zpsbe1b565b.jpg
you might recognize these from instagram
after booting off i am now HERE

 photo Image9_zpscc24ae64.jpg
i did take a lot of photos from my regular camera but they got deleted somehow

 photo Image7_zps4ff7e062.jpg
and the camera i have right now has the zoom broken so it has caused a lack of alacrity to pull it out

 photo Image2_zps4afcea30.jpg
since it sucks. so the plan is to buy a new camera at staples tomororw that works and build back some enthusiasm for using a camera again

 photo Image8_zps7727b86c.jpg
when i think of my friends who are still shooting film and developing it and blogging it makes me feel liek such weak sauce

 photo Image12_zpsa68d7613.jpg
like the laziest in the world

 photo Image11_zps0ad831c1.jpg
i need to push myself harder, i think i mgiht have even gotten lazy at gallery

 photo Image13_zps951ae859.jpg
there is so much to do here and i think i get used to things and forget that i must always have fire under butt i must always be hungry and always going extra mile

 photo Image16_zpsede83972.jpg
no room for laurel resting, though i don’t know the etymology of that one

 photo Image15_zpsd2a91cf5.jpg
oh last night!!! some guy taught me this great etymology that i had never heard of
what the fuck was it

 photo Image14_zpsf71e754a.jpg
i’ve gotten into this habit of hanging out with serious drinkers and drinking shots instead of regular drinks and then waking up in my clothes going WHERE AM I

 photo Image17_zps3e30fd52.jpg
it’s not cool. i like to wake up in pyjamas or at least naked

 photo Image19_zpsa5b2ecd0.jpg
ha ha yeah right like ive been on a date in months
ha ha yeah right like i would only sleep with someone i went on a “date” with

sorry i am just being a self-asshole ill stop

 photo Image18_zpse13c2efe.jpg
Jay Z and Sandra Gehring went on a date!
it was cute
there were a lot of people watching

 photo Image10_zps935c2bf1.jpg
oops i have more Jay Z but these are outta order

 photo Image20_zpsef113477.jpg
this is what i have actually been practicing this summer because i realized

 photo Image22_zps40edaf30.jpg
one night in July when i was baking cupcakes out of loneliness

 photo Image23_zps90b1b8e5.jpg
that i have no friends and have to do something about that fast

 photo Image24_zpscca29f21.jpg
i always just left the gallery to be my friend magnet, because i learned really quick when i got hired at deitch that all i had to say in new york was that i worked at deitch and all these people wanted to be my friend all of a sudden

 photo Image21_zps1015a78e.jpg
looks like i had an important meeting somewhere
i only wear necklaces when i have meetings

 photo Image30_zpsc48dfff1.jpg
hmm. i guess posting instagram photos on this kinda lets me tweak the levels and make them a bit better

 photo Image28_zps7e864709.jpg
and lets me post shit like this i think
unless photobucket catches it with their Butt Algorithm

 photo Image27_zpse08362ca.jpg
i put all my friend eggs in one egg basket and that basket is still in the fucking UK for another two weeks

 photo Image25_zps5a4157c3.jpg
need more baskets, more eggs, more people to make omelets for, more metaphors, more everything!

 photo Image31_zps4d27f2ae.jpg
Seymour Butts

 photo Image29_zps25d19087.jpg
Barbeque face

 photo Image32_zpsc7ddf45d.jpg
more graffiti, more hugs

 photo Image26_zps3cce395c.jpg

 photo Image33_zps9b066bb8.jpg

 photo Image36_zps238d33c4.jpg
i turned the dick pasta into some kinda salmon dill salad thign it turned out pretty good actually

 photo Image34_zps2a734fb0.jpg
whatever the boy orders is always better tho

 photo Image40_zps885ecbfb.jpg
one lovely day last month!

 photo Image42_zpsca9bde56.jpg
this thing
denmark’s dog has invaded the gallery and is slaying everyone with that fucking face!@

 photo Image38_zps22478624.jpg
remember when dash spent a whole night tryign to get ry to put his dick on this shelf? we had built the shelf and everythign but he woudlnt do it

 photo Image44_zps5b71e4f9.jpg
there we go!
knew there was some more embarrassing white dancing at the jay Z thingie

 photo Image47_zps83943a3a.jpg
i have a lot of thoughts on this but i just finished this interview about it so i dont wanna talk about it any more righ tnow

 photo Image46_zps7b9562ec.jpg
this place rules

 photo Image48_zps2b090a01.jpg

 photo Image51_zps87535ad6.jpg
one ill advised night i decided to try making “green bean casserole”

 photo Image50_zps0fd9b059.jpg

 photo Image49_zps7399d786.jpg

 photo Image52_zps14d7ddf7.jpg
i bought a bike!
but it is currently in the Funch stables in greenpoint with the rest of its kind until i go pick the stupid thing up

 photo Image53_zps32d12e84.jpg
you can see more of that when I go visit may in montauk soon
i promise to bring real camera
but baby isnt down to be on the internet so you dont get baby

 photo Image56_zps00783ac6.jpg
i wear this hat all the time now

 photo Image54_zps50733f65.jpg
i still huddle in the office during events and hope no one notices me

 photo Image57_zps941757d2.jpg

 photo Image59_zps5ff0e0a9.jpg

 photo Image61_zps47374411.jpg
toilet paper

 photo Image60_zps7f7aaa9f.jpg
munisipal waste

 photo Image58_zpsdbc4c0af.jpg
lost lock and found

 photo Image62_zps81001a90.jpg
driving to DC to pick up my art book collection i had plopped on my parents

 photo Image39_zps107b8248.jpg
summer reading
super meta

 photo Image64_zps464a1e02.jpg
amazing Alex Rodriguez box of paintings from Bogota!

 photo Image63_zpsd732e0ca.jpg
more TP

 photo Image65_zps9ed8fc47.jpg
some intern action

 photo Image67_zpsda2093da.jpg
some sidwell friend behaviours

 photo Image68_zps1c0fb573.jpg
vizie blocked me on instagram
isnt that sweet of him

 photo Image66_zps1b6d72c1.jpg
sandy kim maggie lee vice photo issue collabo awesome

 photo Image70_zps146b8389.jpg
whenever he or i or whoever was caught up in some kinda too many girlfriends/boyfriends too much fooling around oops situations he would make this face and go “situations galore”

 photo Image69_zpsf0fd4ced.jpg
just words

 photo Image71_zps6952abee.jpg

 photo Image72_zpsf9cb5d03.jpg
THIS well this as you know has been a thing happening in july, a big thing! i have had a rollercoaster of feelings so far and im sure more to come!

 photo Image73_zpsb0870fc4.jpg

 photo Image74_zpsb83b1775.jpg

 photo Image76_zps5159c397.jpg

 photo Image78_zps9322aa84.jpg

 photo Image77_zpse754d931.jpg
these are all from this super photogenic birthday party for asger i went to

 photo Image82_zpsf423e5a7.jpg
super photogenic

 photo Image80_zps508df473.jpg
jeffrey deitch show 1992
its funny that people acted all like he was just a “dirty” art dealer when he has curated more museum shows than most museum curators

 photo Image75_zps63e58ea1.jpg

 photo Image81_zps68f2e16f.jpg
sometimes i take ambien to fall asleep and wake up to some weird shit
if you ever got an email from me that sounded like this photo looks, please delete!

 photo Image85_zps86132b2b.jpg

 photo Image83_zps0cb4761f.jpg
my PG Wodehouse obsession IS getting worse!

 photo Image84_zpsb4c75029.jpg

 photo Image88_zps8dc6bd7b.jpg
argh that DOG!!!!

 photo Image87_zps0196a50a.jpg

 photo Image90_zpsef6a1917.jpg

 photo Image94_zpsba4a0977.jpg
cehcekd out the new KARMA bookshop and glalery around the corner

 photo Image92_zpsd734a2f8.jpg

 photo Image91_zpsedd2a802.jpg

 photo Image89_zps848a977b.jpg
i burned myself with a cigarette trying to drain some gnocchi
i guess peg bundy made smoking while cooking cool but it is NOT!

 photo Image95_zps0558e1f0.jpg
why not indeed

 photo Image96_zps4de71921.jpg

 photo Image97_zps4613a5fd.jpg

 photo Image99_zps903a5dc8.jpg
did a wee lower east side gallery walk with paul bright

 photo Image100_zps6ab4cd55.jpg
ceramics are SO in right now

 photo Image101_zps3be02e0a.jpg

 photo Image98_zpsea55ac7f.jpg
all you artists go out and buy some CLAY trust me i am an art dealer with my finger on the market

 photo Image102_zpsfb036bb6.jpg
home alone 2 gallery

 photo Image105_zpsfc55bba3.jpg

 photo Image103_zpsad886d45.jpg
oops spell check!

 photo Image104_zpse1c6a92f.jpg
S – PO?

 photo Image106_zpsaedb618f.jpg
our intern has a crush

 photo Image112_zpse5158b72.jpg
i tweeted earlier this summer “It’s boner season” but i was wrong

 photo Image107_zps67368fe7.jpg

 photo Image108_zpsa020d76e.jpg
some great sunday studio visits!

 photo Image109_zpsf6843d33.jpg

 photo Image114_zpsb2ec4f6c.jpg

 photo Image111_zps9f653c79.jpg
scott hug

 photo Image110_zps77d58eeb.jpg
ok i guess i DO have a lot of photos to post so i promise to buy a camera tomororw, shoot some photos, and then post the rest of these instagramatical leftovers

 photo Image113_zps90e929fc.jpg
i’m sure like me you are hungry for more