Hi guys I apologize
Instagram is a real force to be reckoned with

 photo IMG_2347_zps6e64ce4f.jpg
I have to figure out what to do and maybe you can help me

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I just got back from Montreal and then before that Venice Rome Florence Athens Hydra Tuscany Switzerland London
And all the best photos are on my instagram (here i am!)

 photo IMG_2354_zps66a84954.jpg
I also took some photos on my camera as you can see below

 photo IMG_2355_zps4aaad91b.jpg
I need you to tell me whether I should be emailing myself and then uploading and then posting the Instagram photos here on my blog or whether that is stupid

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You tell me and I promise to do what you say

 photo IMG_2361_zpsf5fcee72.jpg
I love blogs and not everyone loves Intagram or can afford or wants to afford an iphone so you tell me and if you want blog we will keep this up

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 photo IMG_2367_zps8e55c475.jpg
Kate Random Love was my Biennale Buddy

 photo IMG_2368_zps656b6e29.jpg
this is us going to the Danish Pavillion party i think
this is pretty much all people do in Venice is take water taxis that cost 100euro and take “glamorous photos” in them

 photo IMG_2372_zpsa58b3879.jpg
walkin through the Giardini

 photo IMG_2373_zps620a5e0d.jpg

 photo IMG_2378_zpsf5abdc09.jpg

 photo IMG_2381_zps9b75d22b.jpg

 photo IMG_2382_zps399d38c1.jpg

 photo IMG_2384_zps6afbdc20.jpg
i just like couldnt decide whether to take camera or phone photos so this is ridiculosu

 photo IMG_2387_zpsa27526e3.jpg
how can i have any commentary on the Biennale when all the main photos are on instagram

 photo IMG_2391_zps73e4a0c6.jpg
Lola and Luigi Ontoni at the Purple Dinner where Lola premiered her new film featuring Luigi and Gavin Brown threw a plate of food and Rirkrit did the dinner and it was at Palazzo FLangini and what else? I thought it was fun

 photo IMG_2392_zpsa28382df.jpg
Her boyfriend Isaac and Kate and I set up all the equiptment and it was realyl fun

 photo IMG_2394_zps9211a828.jpg
random weird hotel room

 photo IMG_2397_zps59d86c96.jpg
ah ok some images of the film itself!

 photo IMG_2401_zps19f589eb.jpg

 photo IMG_2402_zps73fa8e83.jpg

 photo IMG_2403_zpsfe2a3e41.jpg

 photo IMG_2404_zps355a5d8d.jpg

 photo IMG_2407_zps195fcc70.jpg

 photo IMG_2410_zps607996d5.jpg

 photo IMG_2411_zps4b90b9fc.jpg
really beautiful
it was great
screened at the famous Bauer Hotel the whole time too

 photo IMG_2418_zpsc4aa2581.jpg
bye Venice!

 photo IMG_2419_zpscb44ad02.jpg

 photo IMG_2423_zps72978ca9.jpg
hello creepy Rome Hotel

 photo IMG_2425_zps4bb590fb.jpg
Hello athens!

 photo IMG_2426_zpscea68c9b.jpg

 photo IMG_2427_zps3fe51d57.jpg
doing this art trip alone was a little bit sad until i got to tuscany and had a major attitude adjustment

 photo IMG_2429_zps9f4a6813.jpg

 photo IMG_2433_zpsa38c2e96.jpg

 photo IMG_2438_zpscd7358fa.jpg

 photo IMG_2441_zpsec0b15fb.jpg

 photo IMG_2444_zpsa92ed522.jpg

 photo IMG_2446_zps59ddad85.jpg
went to Dakis Joannou’s opening of the Deste Museum show curated by this nice young curator Andreas but not Melas who you will see later

 photo IMG_2447_zps20bcdc33.jpg

 photo IMG_2448_zpsf51c2b79.jpg

 photo IMG_2449_zps1ad783d4.jpg

 photo IMG_2451_zpsb7b13b68.jpg
Jeffrey and Andreas Melas!

 photo IMG_2452_zps41c93355.jpg
Dakis’ house later for the dinner
Andro Wekua installation

 photo IMG_2456_zps59b5f261.jpg
me and Andrea Cashman and feet

 photo IMG_2457_zpsab4bd9b0.jpg
I sold those Tauba to Dakis from New Image Art like 2006?
time flies!

 photo IMG_2458_zpsfa6fbead.jpg

 photo IMG_2459_zps9e4182a6.jpg
i had the best room in the Semiramis one of Dakis’ hotels and I cried all night to be alone and not enjoy such a fancy room

 photo IMG_2460_zps8662f94a.jpg
i gotta get it together
this is Hydra

 photo IMG_2463_zps83fc80aa.jpg
mirabelle marden and friend walking to the Urs opening and dinner

 photo IMG_2464_zpsdb1547fa.jpg

 photo IMG_2465_zpsf219fd5c.jpg
man life is but a dream no?

 photo IMG_2467_zps3652922a.jpg

 photo IMG_2468_zps3ddad4ff.jpg
Dakis and Spiegler

 photo IMG_2472_zpsd2239a02.jpg

sorry I didnt get any photos of the installation!
again, check my instagram and again, sorry to write that!

 photo IMG_2488_zpse559b2c1.jpg
went to the beach with Sue Hancock and Laura Skoler and had fun

 photo IMG_2491_zps9cea285e.jpg

 photo IMG_2505_zpsc6a74081.jpg
a lot of fun actually

 photo IMG_2506_zpsc8b8b3aa.jpg

 photo IMG_2507_zps746738de.jpg
a grasshopper the size of a tampon or bigger even

 photo IMG_2508_zps3044fcda.jpg
this is where I wrote the Xstraction essay finally

 photo IMG_2509_zpsb4589b2d.jpg

 photo IMG_2510_zps783acf86.jpg

 photo IMG_2513_zpsc8e31dcd.jpg

 photo IMG_2514_zps1c7b4895.jpg
sunburning outside an airport or trainstation

 photo IMG_2515_zps1ac1f692.jpg
so i rented a MINI and drove from Florence to Villa Lena in Tuscany

 photo IMG_2520_zps4dbea1fc.jpg

 photo IMG_2521_zpsd6dd6b66.jpgtaking photos while driving 140kmperhr the whole way

 photo IMG_2522_zps6a48f99d.jpg

 photo IMG_2525_zpsb77c4cb1.jpg

 photo IMG_2528_zps8e2f7dc2.jpg
a woodpecker!

 photo IMG_2531_zps3282a922.jpg

 photo IMG_2533_zpsbbd9ec1e.jpg
their residency program where I met two interesting artists!
hugo wilson and maria thurn und taxis I think I got that right

 photo IMG_2535_zps737a2cdf.jpg

 photo IMG_2536_zps98414943.jpg
if you guys ever want to travel to Tuscany you shoudl stay here
10000% recommended

 photo IMG_2539_zps77178e18.jpg
pool number 3

 photo IMG_2541_zpscf50d481.jpg
the little town nearby

 photo IMG_2542_zpsde5a4658.jpg
i went wandering off and saw a deer and then saw a wild pig and ran away right through a rasberry patch and scratches the shit outta myself

 photo IMG_2545_zps79f36d73.jpg
this as you can plainly see is an art fair booth

 photo IMG_2549_zpsff53f997.jpg
we hung Kadar Brock and Holton Rower for our first Baseling

 photo IMG_2550_zps07fc7e5f.jpg

 photo IMG_2551_zps04baa33d.jpg
it looked awesome

 photo IMG_2552_zpsd24767ba.jpg
and everyone loved it
so yeah


 photo IMG_2553_zpse38a60c3.jpg
where am i now
this must be statements and unlimited

 photo IMG_2554_zpsc7797765.jpg

 photo IMG_2555_zps095708bf.jpg
yes because this is Andreas Melas’ first STATEMENTS~

 photo IMG_2556_zps2ac6118e.jpg

 photo IMG_2557_zps389d9410.jpg
Unlimited is liek a carnival of art

 photo IMG_2558_zps42cd9761.jpg

 photo IMG_2559_zps27c3e058.jpg

 photo IMG_2560_zpsb9e85a46.jpg

 photo IMG_2561_zpsede3a300.jpg

 photo IMG_2562_zps3af1f45e.jpg
i saw this and laughed my ass off at “parcours” but then actually did go to it and it was a thing and no one was tumbling around on buildings or anythig so that was good

 photo IMG_2563_zpsa11045c3.jpg
overduin and Kite

 photo IMG_2564_zpse3a6acfe.jpg
NOFX the best crew in Swissy

 photo IMG_2565_zpsa92b46b7.jpg

 photo IMG_2566_zpscc18fa91.jpg
where am i now
main fair?

 photo IMG_2567_zpsabf4ef13.jpg
me and amanda sitting
you have to imagine sitting from 10-7pm every day for six days its just GRUELING

 photo IMG_2569updated_zps9e4246d2.jpg
Jesper wearing his art dealer costume on the terrace at the Trois Rois

 photo IMG_2570_zpse677fdb2.jpg
this was my favourite fountain
i guess that is why i took a picture of it

 photo IMG_2571_zps63310137.jpg
last day just suffering suffering i cant emphasize that aspect enough

 photo IMG_2572_zps9c6cdc6a.jpg
this was my view for seven days

 photo IMG_2573_zpsba8950a7.jpg
ah and this is something gross I saw in london hanging out with Matthew Stone the last euro day

 photo IMG_2577_zps17812ef9.jpg
and that is all she fuckin wrote
dont kill me!
i warned you!
i tried to warn you

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  1. Blog are frozen pictures for days in your camera and it’s pain to load them into the blog,but it’s visually nicer and the slices are served larger!
    Instagram are ‘real time’ stamp size lil’ snaps served fresh daily (like in McDonald’s)…. Can we enjoy ‘Gourmet pictures’ once a week and ‘junk snaps’ everyday ?(or the way around) = ¥€$ !

  2. Please don’t stop this blog.
    It is how you reach the largest most diverse group of people.
    I have an i phone 5 and will gladly follow you there too.
    Blog for reflection instagram for stream of consciousness.
    I like it when you process and we get to see it.

  3. BLOG
    Danish Pavillion party coat, most beautiful.
    last day just suffering suffering i cant emphasize that aspect enough.
    most hilarious! sorry.

    Also, wanted to say you are a great photographer. have been following on Instagram, but love the images on a bigger screen.
    Thank You!

  4. really dont want to install instagram on my phone to see your stuff.
    i follow this blog religiously
    i like the intern idea

  5. Long time blog stalker, first time commenter (?) Please keep the blog, I really like it, way better than Instagram. Maybe is better for you, but maybe the blog is better for most others

  6. you should continue your blog as well as use instagram but dont give away all your photos on instagram. You should create a “pheed” channel. its a great social netwrking app/site that allows you to copyright photos, take up to 4 hours of video, you can upload like a hundred photos for one post. its great with great people and you would fit right in plus everyone on their needs to enjoy your insight and love for art

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