Not in any Way Shape or Form

 photo IMG_2222_zps3212e51e.jpg
writing essays about abstraction is really tiring

 photo IMG_2223_zps7c47b44a.jpg
i took this same photo two weeks ago on 81st street and now

 photo IMG_2225_zpsd991c251.jpg
well now i guess those little STIGMA STYLE and OVARY are either pollenated or no and either about to burst into a big green belly or no

 photo IMG_2226_zps0773fb5c.jpg
i love the Dana Schutz painting but did she just… paint that painting on a door
did someone else paint it
it is cropped really weird
what is happening

 photo IMG_2228_zpsfe8ff8c0.jpg
i like this little kerfuffle
looks like JA and DINK are buddies huh

 photo IMG_2229_zps9f04e925.jpg

 photo IMG_2230_zpsa3f54f0e.jpg
i like when NYC graffities itself

 photo IMG_2231_zps52bfc635.jpg
I got contact lenses again finally after a month of glasses slipping down my nose
i wish someone woudl just tell me which is cuter and i woudl just do that because i have no personal preference

 photo IMG_2232_zps77130360.jpg
the cardboard is alive!
no its not

 photo IMG_2233_zps95d5f6f7.jpg
checked out a Alec Martin and Cole Mohr show

 photo IMG_2234_zps11fa6981.jpg
I forgot the third guys name i apologize

 photo IMG_2235_zps844dba74.jpg
look familiar huh?

 photo IMG_2236_zps1d52ab93.jpg
haha hope not too familiar

 photo IMG_2237_zpse9d80d52.jpg

 photo IMG_2238_zps6daf563b.jpg
not tryign to out anybody

 photo IMG_2240_zpsdc24c7db.jpg
speaking of which i gotta send in my recs for the Out 100 this year, i asked my two out employees and they didnt have any suggestions. do you?
what gaylord do you wanna see in print?

 photo IMG_2242_zps096c1757.jpg
going to Dartmouth I had more than I wanted of “the man in the mountain” you know that thing?
some rock that looks like a profile in new hampshire

 photo IMG_2258_zps2c1caf91.jpg
I visited the two artists we will be takin to Switzerland next month and there are so many fun surprises to come
we are doing a sparse and conceptual booth this year, not a second hand shop, and im nervous
considering how much you pay per foot for wall in a goddam art fair, my natural impulse is of course to have as much and as expensive art covering as many of those feet as possible at all times

 photo IMG_2262_zps67667dc9.jpg
but as you may remember from Frieze
a curated booth is much appreciated….

 photo IMG_2267_zpsea66ecfe.jpg
I just wanna work on my essay and be left alone but I have been in gallery every day for like months and shoudl probably spend tomorrow in a cafe pulling my hairs out hunched over a laptop no?

 photo IMG_2274_zpsf29ef531.jpg
crumpled in a corner cafe
havent done that in a while!

 photo IMG_2275_zps61b8ff22.jpg
I walked by Maccarone as it is a block from Holton to see the Alex Hubbard show

 photo IMG_2276_zps7c89e08c.jpg
I bumped into one of Nick’s Chicago friends who works there

 photo IMG_2277_zps41714be8.jpg
and then into the big noodle herself

 photo IMG_2278_zpsee84b8db.jpg
I was all pent up with stuff and I might have unbuttoned myself a bit too fully but it was nice

 photo IMG_2279_zps73202322.jpg
she told me lots of interesting things too, we complained about how hard it is to make big picture decisions when the market has gotten so crazy that it has no patterns and structure and erratically evades anticipation

 photo IMG_2280_zps48320a35.jpg
i told her every day i try to sell just one thing, even if a book or a cigarette to a bum, and she said every day she tries to not eat cookies
its a metaphor

 photo IMG_2281_zps1b6d222d.jpg
because both of us agreed that we cant just leave it at “follow your gut”
because we are not froofy idealistic hippies

 photo IMG_2282_zps7a705401.jpg
saw ASAP Rocky playing basketball when going to the F train

 photo IMG_2283_zps80dfe394.jpg
you guys wont like this but boy i am really going to like this
which is fine because you can click the red button but i am stuck with myself forever

 photo IMG_2287_zps58e6c867.jpg
i have been really interested in vintage occupations
like jobs that dont exist anymore
and made you a nice rhyming list of them

 photo IMG_2289_zps65e625da.jpg

 photo IMG_2292_zpsd7a2f827.jpg
what the hell is a Hellier?

 photo IMG_2299_zps5319d1c5.jpg
Slabber and Slubber
a Legger and Lagger and even a Puddler!

 photo IMG_2301_zpsf734860d.jpg
Kiddier, Codder, a Beamer a Needler
a buddling Buddler

 photo IMG_2304_zps79bec6b8.jpg
Slubber and Rubbler
Tubber a Gabler a Snobber and what ever’s a Jobber

 photo IMG_2309_zpscda6c7be.jpg
Jiggerman Hoggard and Higgler
Hedger Flogger a Badger Cadger a Verger a Clogger

 photo IMG_2310_zpsda5896b9.jpg
and three strange ones
an Eggler a Mangler and Faggeter

 photo IMG_2316_zps164a5217.jpg
a Tinner a Conner, a Troner and Spooner
the Ashman and Flasher, the Fletcher and Tosher
“the Finisher”

 photo IMG_2320_zps09ccb75b.jpg
what is a Raffman
a Doffer a Duffer or a Whiffler?

 photo IMG_2321_zps3aee88cd.jpg
Gelder, Felder, Beadle, Candler, Chandler
what about a Chandelier?

 photo IMG_2322_zps2ec2e19f.jpg
a Culver keeps pigeons
a Delver a Felder, the Gabeler and the Fowler

 photo IMG_2328_zpsec2d1ac4.jpg
ask not for whom the Knoller knolls
Fuller, Melder, Moulder, Burler, Pelterer, Tabler, and Sutler

 photo IMG_2329_zpsf5287114.jpg
Wetter haha a Trotter, Lattener, Batman, Canter, Caster, Danter, Tinctor and “the Factor”
which i assume relates to Le Facteur in french?

 photo IMG_2330_zps13368019.jpg
a gaunt Gaunter, a Henter, we all know a Vintner, but Laster or Ostler or bumbling Botcher?

 photo IMG_2331_zps9b87e1f0.jpg
Nipper ‘n’ Dipper ‘n’ Dripper ‘n’ Snapper
Simpler and Slapper

 photo IMG_2332_zps0f99b53e.jpg
Tapiter Tipper
Ripper Chippy Cropper Crimper!

 photo 1_zps7b8ad075.jpg
Gummer and Lumper oh I love that
a Sumpter, a Scrimer

 photo 4_zps5c30a2ad.jpg
you dont mind that i am being silly amidst the install shots do you

 photo 5_zpsed30a2cc.jpg
my brain is so exhausted from pondering ABSTRACTION for the essay for the book that I just want to list odd jobs

 photo 3_zps4c5f36fa.jpg
Tinkers and Fakers, Hackers and Jerkers

 photo 7_zps59764930.jpg
that sounds so contemporary

 photo 33_zps79a23b82.jpg
Clicker or Crocker, Keeker or Stoker

 photo 35_zps6773148d.jpg
maybe i will write a list of new jobs that didnt exist back then

 photo 36_zps9277c55f.jpg
in rhyming couplets of course
next time

 photo 37_zps223e178a.jpg
the Crowner the Drowner

 photo 38_zpsf31f2bb5.jpg
the Dowser and Bowdler and Floater

 photo 39_zps2d567c0e.jpg
what is an Eyer and wish there were still Criers
the Cooper and Groover and Clouter

 photo 20_zps2f056305.jpg
Chorister Borreler
Agister Ensign

 photo 24_zps2b366066.jpg
Bartleby was a Scrivener i dont know anyone who was a Salter but i suppose there are those who still salt

 photo 22_zps2a7e44b0.jpg
Ceiler, Brazier, Grazier, Sizer
Tozer and Damster, Gorzeman and Burgess and Dustman

 photo 21_zps988c60b6.jpg
Mercer and Pessoner
Spurrier, Scullion
Quiller and Brailler

 photo 23_zps024dd10e.jpg
and my favourite
“the kisser”
A person who made cuishes and high armour

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  1. Relax people.
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