photo IMG_3318_zpsb48463d9.jpg
that is my favourite europe word

 photo IMG_3319_zpsa6932e63.jpg
it makes me think of a very literal and short version of Sartre’s “Huis Clos”

 photo IMG_3320_zps15db8031.jpg

 photo IMG_3322_zpsf3d26737.jpg
the rug lady apparently did not have any rugs free for XSTRACTION oh well

 photo IMG_3323_zps061787c1.jpg

 photo IMG_3324_zps1315adbb.jpg
many works helped me hone my concept by being bad versions of the concept if you know what i mean

 photo IMG_3325_zpsce98e1bc.jpg
for example i had originally wnated David Reed for it but

 photo IMG_3326_zpsbddd15df.jpg

 photo IMG_3327_zpsf3f8e87c.jpg
argh i wish this were in focus

 photo IMG_3328_zpsdc5cbf17.jpg
i wish this were NOT In focus

 photo IMG_3329_zpsbfddc5b5.jpg
ah! i found the V1 booth

 photo IMG_3331_zpsd4860343.jpg
i think Jesper had a lot more fun (and success) than I did

 photo IMG_3332_zps4339ea06.jpg
oh well! picked the wrong fair i guess

 photo IMG_3333_zps49e52607.jpg
how am i supposed to know what to do?
there is no real info sharing, no data to analyze, just swirl of opinion mostly lies when it comes to picking fairs and where would sell best

 photo IMG_3334_zps22c2a4ba.jpg
i cant like crunch numbers and look at which galleries sell work like mine and see their past sales reports from various fairs or something

 photo IMG_3335_zpsd325e6c1.jpg
this guy i had chased a bit too for X

 photo IMG_3336_zps0c2f92ea.jpg
margherita is very pretty but maybe the painting not so much
i dunno, sour grapes maybe?

 photo IMG_3337_zps3c428f92.jpg
some dash collages

 photo IMG_3338_zps10054461.jpg
always throws me for a loop to see something like this at a fair

 photo IMG_3339_zpsb5daff59.jpg

 photo IMG_3340_zps53cfe826.jpg

 photo IMG_3341_zpsedef4f92.jpg

 photo IMG_3342_zps5a84f515.jpg

 photo IMG_3343_zps040905f5.jpg

 photo IMG_3344_zps505904ca.jpg
oh man

 photo IMG_3345_zps0b73604c.jpg
something kinda likable about this

 photo IMG_3346_zps1b9e7751.jpg
omg this is the exact same booth that was across from us at brussels or am i going crazy already?

 photo IMG_3348_zps3596910a.jpg

 photo IMG_3347_zpsa32c434d.jpg
very nice

 photo IMG_3349_zpscfcd23b6.jpg

 photo IMG_3350_zpse87ddd3f.jpg

 photo IMG_3351_zpsf858caf7.jpg

 photo IMG_3352_zps0e3b2da7.jpg

 photo IMG_3353_zps5c44c71e.jpg

 photo IMG_3354_zpsa74e57e3.jpg
you guys want me to post these labels right?

 photo IMG_3355_zpse7be9043.jpg
is it just that now that i have visited him i see him everywhere or is it that they are suddenly everywhere?

 photo IMG_3356_zps438c6f4e.jpg
yay we’re free!
the last hour of a fair is the worst and i got to do it twice in two days hahaha

 photo IMG_3359_zpsb80f4ce2.jpg
gerhard richter is reserved

 photo IMG_3357_zps601b37b5.jpg
gerhard richter with tortillas

 photo IMG_3360_zps70f42415.jpg
bye cologne! i had to leave u on train at 6am

 photo IMG_3361_zpsf916b169.jpg
i got so drunk that night, last night still technically, that i am SO HAPPY that these are here at the Hole and not on the Eurostar or at the bar or worse haha

 photo IMG_3362_zpse0c51d34.jpg
BLEH no sleep makes world blur
i had so much brief fun in Cologne it fixed my Brussle-bruised brain, seriously, which is exactly what i had hoped

 photo IMG_3364_zps8a7fba5d.jpg
this should be a new friedrich vaerslav painting

 photo IMG_3365_zps0832e3d7.jpg
i am mesmerized by it

 photo IMG_3366_zps179f272c.jpg

 photo IMG_3367_zps570790ba.jpg
i did read this book
don’t judge me
i ran out of book while traveling and it was the only option

 photo IMG_3369_zps438b8655.jpg
there was a pack of cute kids on the train to Bruss airport to entertain me

 photo IMG_3372_zps28b0764f.jpg
and i’m home

 photo IMG_3371_zpsfc5c407a.jpg
seems spring is encroaching

 photo IMG_3384_zps500658e7.jpg
seems my high speed grafitti photo skills are deteriorating

 photo IMG_3392_zps6161ca9b.jpg

 photo IMG_3393_zpse520c9f0.jpg
no i am going to stay for a while
till may 4 when i get to go to LA

 photo IMG_3397_zpsa1968729.jpg
stay here w my buddies

 photo IMG_3400_zpscbaa54e2.jpg
well lets do this real fast before we go
LIVE BLOGGING or something

 photo IMG_3401_zps71cfa52d.jpg
we are having the BAM auction opening here 6-9pm right now

 photo IMG_3402_zpsca97a3ec.jpg

 photo IMG_3403_zpsfcf96455.jpg

 photo IMG_3404_zps173b49bf.jpg

 photo IMG_3405_zpsd3982666.jpg

 photo IMG_3406_zps92335d6a.jpg

 photo IMG_3407_zps2350d5d1.jpg

 photo IMG_3408_zpsf20d61c4.jpg

 photo IMG_3409_zps7f8ca914.jpg

 photo IMG_3410_zpsda12b4ba.jpg

 photo IMG_3411_zps1a25f456.jpg

 photo IMG_3412_zps46b4dd6e.jpg

 photo IMG_3413_zpsaa8efa7a.jpg

 photo IMG_3414_zps1e0bccf7.jpg

 photo IMG_3415_zps6e50b74e.jpg

 photo IMG_3416_zps4f90530b.jpg

 photo IMG_3417_zps09d09913.jpg

 photo IMG_3418_zps082d82cd.jpg

 photo IMG_3419_zps986b713f.jpg

 photo IMG_3420_zps9da9d64a.jpg

 photo IMG_3421_zps2bb055b9.jpg

 photo IMG_3422_zpsf6d9c06e.jpg

 photo IMG_3423_zpse6ecb13a.jpg

 photo IMG_3424_zps6e94394f.jpg

 photo IMG_3425_zps8c362942.jpg

 photo IMG_3426_zps41a83a2e.jpg

 photo IMG_3427_zps237872c6.jpg

 photo IMG_3428_zpsb5b26b69.jpg

 photo IMG_3429_zpsce5f89d9.jpg

 photo IMG_3430_zps49160d21.jpg

 photo IMG_3431_zps1bdb6fd6.jpg

 photo IMG_3432_zps9c4e1bdb.jpg

 photo IMG_3433_zpsd2f6f731.jpg

 photo IMG_3434_zps4ef35027.jpg
those are the pieces I would bid on!
you can bid on Paddel 8 or here in person or howev
works are up here to view and bid on for next four days!

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  1. 12-7 through friday i think it is, there are fun ipads here where u can check current bids and bid, will post some more works i missed cuz crowds were blocking me tomorow

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