Cherchez La Vache!

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i will now lull you to the sleep i so desperately need with art fair photos and no fun jokes

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art fairs numb your brain

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its a well documented fact

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whether its just the overload of so many extreme different stimuli or the architecture or the people or the food

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instead of provoking thought it lulls you to a stupor

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this little guy animatronically banged his head against the wall
which woudl have been funner if we didnt share this wall with this gallery

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davina semo

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did her best to cheer me up

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and crack a smile

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Pat Walsh

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Torben Giehler

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i had wnated this guy in xstraction but literally it just was a matter of being too lazy to try to track him down and i meant to but i got bogged down chasing all the other people

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one brief tits interlude i guess
but dont be excited they are just mine

the most embarrassing part of this photo is that I am reading a John Grisham novel I found in the house

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ugh then back here

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then back here

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went around to “Brussels Gallery Night”

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saw Wendy White show at somethin somethin

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head band

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sorry my camera is beeing all kooky

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this gallery is just window called “Sorry We’re Closed”

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This is cutting boards

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and flash lights?

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this made me smile a bit

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aw! this bruss has fireplace in office!

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obligatory Moules photo

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we had Belgian food one night it was great then back to falafel and frites at the all night pita place

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Fruit and Flower Deli is also Sorry We’re Closed

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no one even wanted to talk to me while i was smoking

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this is one of the two Halle

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we were in “Young Talent”

 photo IMG_3277_zps1cc67fb4.jpg
this guy is young talent!

 photo IMG_3276_zps40d22dd6.jpg
now that is a cool kid

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seeing Wendy White everywher!

 photo IMG_3288_zps76fd5d3c.jpg
this guy was so nice to see in person

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 photo IMG_3291_zps33ceac5c.jpg

 photo IMG_3293_zpsfe0d0136.jpg
a really good one

 photo IMG_3297_zpsf84c0d2f.jpg
and wrap it up we are done

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moved to some weirdy hotel

 photo IMG_3300_zps9eea4613.jpg
this is me having a panic attack of sorts

 photo IMG_3302_zpsd86bccfd.jpg
i just couldnt make up my mind what i was doing i am in a very … insecure and vulnerable situation

 photo IMG_3303_zpsa946598b.jpg
ah fuck it i will just go

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man that dot is ruinin all my photos!!!

 photo IMG_3308_zpsfdcdc11c.jpg

 photo IMG_3310_zpsf013b57d.jpg
i remember thinking ” i feel crazy inside do i look crazy” i guess not

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europe maybe makes me not like graffiti a little

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 photo IMG_3315_zps87971af5.jpg
am i in france? where is this train going

 photo IMG_3317_zpse699c314.jpg
there we go

i guess i will wait to bore you with another huge art fair in another post!

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