Caul me maybe

haha I am reading David Copperfield
unfortunately for the second time

 photo IMG_2927_zps8c38b6c2.jpg
and realized how much I miss of the content when plowin through the old paperbacks

 photo IMG_2929_zpsea1ca97c.jpg
as in the first page even talks about how Copperfield was born with a “caul”

 photo IMG_2930_zpsf11087cc.jpg
and I never bothered to google that

 photo IMG_2931_zpsc86191e5.jpg
and it turns out it is this weird superstitious thing where some babies are born with like some membrane over their face and that people would collect and sell them to sailors as a apotropaic trinket for drowning
what the fuck is that about

 photo IMG_2932_zps86a9156c.jpg
and yuck!

 photo IMG_2934_zps461faab5.jpg
and im scared of having babies and this is another thing i can freak out about

 photo IMG_2938_zpsed78d8dd.jpg
i guess back in Caesar’s day they had superstitions about babies born by the eponymous cesarian section

 photo IMG_2943_zpsf60ea792.jpg
and wow how in 500ad or whenever the fuck that was did they operate on pregnant women

 photo IMG_2947_zps1113de38.jpg
pretty sure that was before anesthetic or tylenol or hydrocodone

 photo IMG_2950_zpse6cfb485.jpg
yikes again!!

 photo IMG_2954_zpsf3ee8c99.jpg
kinda gross having these blood ‘n’ eyeball works while discussing this

 photo IMG_2958_zpsb72bb6ae.jpg
these are great new works by Nick Mead
Julian and May were so generous to hang them so that we coudl bring the Yale-ies over to look!

 photo IMG_2959_zps2b0ae5fd.jpg
had a really long day that day, what was it, yesterday?

 photo IMG_2961_zpsc5af8c20.jpg
spent all day talking i felt like
from people coming into gallery to studio visits to the museum visit

 photo IMG_2963_zpsfe71e47e.jpg
i had to export a lot of into fast, and intelligently, to a lot of people if i wanted to motivate and inspire them to do the things i wanted

 photo IMG_2965_zps2b741a49.jpg
May may motivates and inspires me!

 photo IMG_2969_zps1c540715.jpg
sophomore year i think it was i interned at the Kreeger Museum in DC

 photo IMG_2971_zpsc97b0032.jpg
i was a docent and I led tours of their collection

 photo IMG_2972_zps2100187d.jpg
i had torn my ACL (see previous post about anaesthesia) and hobbled around on crutches through the Phillip Johnson building discussing each Monet and Manet they had up

 photo IMG_2975_zps7f9a8b3c.jpg
it taught me about repetition

 photo IMG_2976_zps1ab35c2a.jpg
how each group of little old ladies was new to the place, and each group deserved my best speech yet

 photo IMG_2977_zpsc3e422df.jpg
like any tour guide i got my schtick down and repeated it, trying to say it each time with real enthusiasm and humor and rapt attention

 photo IMG_2978_zpsd345d98d.jpg
then at Deitch I remember hearing Jeffrey do the same thing, saying “This Chris Johanson work is his best piece, it captures his life and his world view with raw vitality, infusing every gesture and shape with his ideosyncratic and chiefly human sensibility” or whatever

 photo IMG_2979_zps34a1ef6f.jpg
and saying that five times a day to the five different clients that came in

 photo IMG-20130411-00916_zps87fd6a1d.jpg
he taught me a lot about giving it your all, like an actor with an extended run, each night, same lines, same passion

 photo IMG_2982_zpsfe3ce1fb.jpg
so the past few days of meetings and studio visits i have really given it my all too

 photo IMG_2983_zpsa0e6194e.jpg
telling each artist about the show
all the different aspects of it and how great each were

 photo IMG_2985_zps4b73548a.jpg
the different artists included, what they will show, how they relate

 photo IMG_2987_zps6b59d821.jpg
why i am doing it and how passionate i am about new tendencies in abstraction

 photo IMG_2989_zpsbbb0bf25.jpg
that’s right folks! our next show here is a sister show to Jesper’s Chicken or Beef that promises to be just as toothsome

 photo IMG_2995_zps98bce0e5.jpg
and looks at new ways of making an abstract painting

 photo IMG_2996_zps0c362715.jpg
like Landon Metz who uses fabric dyes and makes shapes with pressure and gravity and focuses on fabric and shape and density

 photo IMG_2997_zps54795bb7.jpg
jesper had told me but i had forgotten he shared a studio with Ethan Cook whose crazy loom this is

 photo IMG_2998_zpsb6bde58d.jpg
stresses me out just seeing loom and thinking of him laboring over all these hand made fabrics

 photo IMG_2999_zps93958399.jpg
but look how interesting each texture is

 photo IMG_3001_zps41bf4604.jpg
in the middle!

 photo IMG_3004_zps7c74b50a.jpg
jesper had told me he thought they were very handmade and sincere minimal artists and i thought that was him being a dork but when i discussed the works and saw them in person i really did feel the sort of fragility, delicacy, sensitivity of the pieces

 photo IMG_3006_zps4cd85021.jpg
i was hoping it was something he and i could argue about but no, he was right

 photo IMG_3009_zps465cba06.jpg
that is ok! i am ok being in agreement with my peers

 photo IMG_3010_zpsb03c2fe7.jpg
i am not precious about the competition of curation and the idea of finding someone myself, the idea of finding something first, i am ok that jesper found and shared with me something he understood first

 photo IMG-20130411-00914_zpsb7b560f0.jpg
i am not pissy, i am so grateful to have anyone who wants to teach me things and inspires me
i want to learn from others not just give them tours of what i already know

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