A rendering intent

These intents should be created by the profile maker so that pleasing images occur with the perceptual intent while eye-catching business graphics occur with the saturation intent.

 photo IMG_2659_zpsba741c3d.jpg
This is the last photo I will have of me wearing winter shit I hope!

 photo IMG_2660_zps817ac1e6.jpg
It is spring and I am letting my saturation levels go crazy
By the end of this post we will have achieved full saturation

 photo IMG_2661_zps5720d96b.jpg
Starting out at Peter Halley studio I don’t need any relative colorimetric

 photo IMG_2662_zpse2790d50.jpg
Colorful prisons, let’s keep that in mind as a theme as well

 photo IMG_2663_zpsa40367b1.jpg
this one is amazing

 photo IMG_2664_zpse900c184.jpg
should be up on Opening Ceremony blog soon!

 photo IMG_2665_zps53cac1cc.jpg
this blue was on fire

 photo IMG_2666_zps195316f6.jpg

 photo IMG_2667_zpse3872db7.jpg

 photo IMG_2668_zpsdb0d0fd7.jpg
we had such an interesting talk
Peter’s work and his themes are so vital right now and he has made very similar work for thirty years, with variation of course, but really committed guy, and work stays so fresh

 photo IMG_2669_zps019c453e.jpg
Consumer aesthetics
Prison architecture
Impediments to the greatness and potential of man

 photo IMG_2670_zpsacaa4782.jpg
here is another impediment

 photo IMG_2672_zpsf9c93467.jpg
I read this as SLEEP NO MORE but haha that is my projection of Macbeth on everything
and my stress-induced insomnia talking

 photo IMG_2673_zps6b9e7a94.jpg
Kenny Scharf afterparty for his Kasmin show

 photo IMG_2674_zpsd4dcbaa6.jpg
sugary places to “stick it”

 photo IMG_2676_zps9c58e541.jpg
someone parked their pup outside

 photo IMG_2677_zps0fdc389e.jpg
the blue ribbon afterparty for Kuo at Marlboro

 photo IMG_2682_zps7ee16268.jpg
sorry guys!
i made it to the Halley interview and then only had time for the two afterparties and not even the openings!

 photo IMG_2687_zps38dcbe8d.jpg
here is where one of our sold artworks ended up!
more on that soon

 photo IMG_2694_zpsd175144d.jpg
got six pages of photos to get through!

 photo IMG_2699_zps09424e79.jpg
made really awesome chicken kale casserole

 photo IMG_2701_zps915fcac9.jpg
got a new Lola painting for Bruxelles

 photo IMG_2705_zpsaff29e7f.jpg
took some Kadar details for sellin

 photo IMG_2710_zps48baf980.jpg
last person to get neon pumps but i am not sad about that!

 photo IMG_2715_zpsb113e99c.jpg
hey hey!
joe and I went to takahatchi and i got the SACER seat!
it is a sign of good luck

 photo IMG_2718_zps1a4a5196.jpg
descending down down to DC for my weekend

 photo IMG_2719_zps10d7b7bf.jpg
deer old parents

 photo IMG_2722_zps9a11e9b0.jpg
oh man there are fucking deer everywhere

 photo IMG_2728_zpsfe378269.jpg
it gets kinda scary actually!

 photo IMG_2732_zps71e04cfa.jpg
spring in bethesda is pretty nice
i bet i could scroll through the past years of my blog and there is always a post of going home and looking at flowers

 photo IMG_2733_zpse608baba.jpg
and weeds

 photo IMG_2730_zpsff52efdb.jpg
the dog is wondering what i am doing

 photo IMG_2738_zpsfa15bd88.jpg

 photo IMG_2740_zps675f2326.jpg

 photo IMG_2741_zps0c666f81.jpg
i dont know what im doing

 photo IMG_2742_zps00c15144.jpg
looking for what tree will win best in show

 photo IMG_2743_zpseb2baf94.jpg
so i had to go to the Tidal Basin

 photo IMG_2745_zps2d9575ee.jpg
i feel bad cuz i keep UGH taking ambien to fall asleep and then waking up to bizarre social media posts i dont remember making

 photo IMG_2746_zpsc36578eb.jpg
some Ambien people like eat tubs of mayo or like drive cars and dont remember
i participate in the internet and dont remember

 photo IMG_2747_zps7993866c.jpg
taking photos of the people taking photos helped me feel less touristy
and like i had friends

 photo IMG_2750_zps7e24656e.jpg
i guess it makes waking up every day an adventure

 photo IMG_2751_zps97b4e890.jpg
but not an adventure i want!

 photo IMG_2753_zps71d9519e.jpg
what ya squeezin over there?

 photo IMG_2754_zpsb158b64e.jpg
i dont actually say anything personal on my blog tho it might seem so

 photo IMG_2757_zpsfbded667.jpg
and anyone who participates in social media knows about persona vs personality

 photo IMG_2758_zps4bbae991.jpg
but i had an artist not want to be in a show because i said something snippy about their work on my blog years ago

 photo IMG_2759_zps9219d99e.jpg
and i hope i hope i didnt make others mad at me or think i suck

 photo IMG_2760_zps1007e77d.jpg
it seems such a cop out to be like “that’s not me” but my real life and my real personality are really different, even just in the fundamental way that in real life i am fairly private and fairly quiet and not the exhibitionist that performing your personality for everyone so often would necessarily suggest

 photo IMG_2763_zpsbc36a946.jpg
i think i am just mad/embarassed, madbarrassed, because i occasionally break character or something and then i worry it makes my character seem real when its not

 photo IMG_2764_zpsab42a788.jpg

 photo IMG_2766_zps83fb2f77.jpg
sorry im being vague.
i tweeted a week ago somethign mean about hating something
and in real life i dont even use the word hate, i hate hate!
i dont hate anything
except hate

 photo IMG_2767_zpsccf703fe.jpg
i tried to use the two days to just back up a step and think about some gallery business but i stepped so far back i fell into flowers

 photo IMG_2770_zpsf17cfeec.jpg
dad just sat on bench but he has seen these many years every year of his past 82 years so that is ok

 photo IMG_2772_zps5091101b.jpg
spring is for the young
or something

 photo IMG_2773_zps456662cf.jpg
but not for me

 photo IMG_2775_zps79c2701c.jpg
tree orgy, fecundity, reproduction, FLOURISHING bleh

 photo IMG_2780_zps662089f6.jpg
i feel no fellowship with man or beast

 photo IMG_2781_zpsf18782fc.jpg
i want to enjoy spring by myself
and throw my smartphone into the tidal basin

 photo IMG_2783_zps2fa50d6e.jpg
and then at the same time spring makes me have a crush on everyone walking down the street its just UGH chemical or something

 photo IMG_2788_zpsd8313a35.jpg
oh deer
as kembra would say

 photo IMG_2792_zps44992824.jpg
where is kembra i think she is in hawaii

 photo IMG_2795_zpsc63209ee.jpg
i like this cat best

 photo IMG_2796_zps2e454dc8.jpg
this one sucks
i can’t pet any of them anyway so who cares

 photo IMG_2798_zpsb40a5a8f.jpg
what good is a cat you can’t pet?

 photo IMG_2803_zps665296c5.jpg
i could extrapolate on that last question to bring up many other issues but i will refrain

 photo IMG_2805_zps09cdf2ef.jpg
i have no urge to make my feelings supersaturated
or to share anything resembling a real emotion

 photo IMG_2810_zps4216369e.jpg
in fact i have no urge to feel anything at all
i would prefer a state of non-feeling
i would prefer to pack myself into a sofa

 photo IMG_2812_zps8da177eb.jpg
but since i dont get to do that i will pack myself into gallery

 photo IMG_2815_zpsd926ff64.jpg
there is plenty of room within it for many people even besides me to get lost in it and to lose their personhood and become part of a un-individuated work blob

 photo IMG_2817_zps1c8e9085.jpg
i made un-individuated chicken ratatouille to entertain my parents

 photo IMG_2818_zps458edf84.jpg
and potatoes and goat cheese spinach salad

 photo IMG_2821_zps28c27f8b.jpg
my camera was dying so there is crappy DC graffiti but it kinda crapped out when the graffiti got good

 photo IMG_2828_zps057f84fa.jpg

 photo IMG_2829_zps9e3f83fe.jpg
ooh caught that VIZIE on the reverse!

 photo IMG_2834_zpscfae96f1.jpg
does smell

 photo IMG_2835_zps1c422db2.jpg
i always take a phtoo of this cuz it is when the train is going real slow
highlighting my worthlessness as a high speed graffiti photogrpaher

 photo IMG_2836_zps70fdc1f4.jpg
do you think this guy went to bard? do you think this guy is from laos? do you think that guy BLERRRRg

 photo IMG_2838_zpsba151424.jpg
argh! a little to quick on the click
the nekst one will be better

 photo IMG_2839_zps61ae0f9e.jpg
yuk not that

 photo IMG_2840_zpsbf7bac5b.jpg
my hand looks cool

 photo IMG_2841_zpsc4c81b01.jpg
this one!

 photo IMG_2842_zps8b3d8883.jpg
yay! so flagrant!

 photo IMG_2843_zps11bbd14e.jpg

 photo IMG_2844_zpsc1294250.jpg
ok i am satisfied

 photo IMG_2845_zpsefe44942.jpg
the demo buff
crueler than the paint buff

 photo IMG_2846_zps0c89d758.jpg
indeed i do!

 photo IMG_2848_zpsfa5ec572.jpg
saturated as in lacking a double bond

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  1. i don’t even remember how i found this blog… but i subscribed on my RSS feed a long ago time and i just wanted to say that i always thoroughly enjoy your every post. and this one was especially riveting. thanks for sharing all the fantastic artwork and thought-provoking musings.

  2. I was taking ambien for insomnia a few months ago and it sucks. Even if u sleep, you feel f’d the next day. What worked was quitting drinking/smoking w33d for about six weeks, exercising and getting through a ‘stressful’ residency. Sounds rough but it really mellowed my shit out. 🙂 ps now I can drink again

  3. Oh, also I got a Rx for Trazadone which can be used at low doses as a sleep aid. I just know how much insomnia suks…

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