The outwork is finally in place!
the citizens are safe

 photo IMG_1459_zpsd98978bf.jpg
sorry everyone was running around screaming and on fire last two weeks

 photo IMG_1460_zps72b10e0a.jpg
found a little pile i had overlooked
in my frenzy

 photo IMG_1457_zpse7762b45.jpg
if that is the rite word for it

 photo IMG_1461_zps7e835cb8.jpg
a moment where getting through a single day seems like a catastrophe of pain

 photo IMG_1462_zps1f29ca6c.jpg
i feel that whatever hormone bath my brain was boiling in has finally boiled off and evaporated

 photo IMG_1463_zps07d8f2da.jpg
giving me back to myself

 photo IMG_1466_zpsd012ee0d.jpg
funny thing about not doing drugs is you never get to take a vacation from yourself, you are always there, with all the lights on, everything plugged in, always

 photo IMG_1470_zps11d25eaf.jpg
you feel everything
like coming off anaesthetia while surgery still in progress

 photo IMG_1471_zps25c9d309.jpg
i remember waking up after i had ACL surgery in college it was the worst experience of my life

 photo IMG_1472_zpsd4efa49e.jpg
i was freezing cold and coulnd’t get warm
i came to like mid-panic attack where i couldn’t talk and time was standing still

 photo IMG_1473_zpsa95cfc58.jpg
i thought i was dead, or dying and the time distortion was what happened to you right before you die or something

 photo IMG_1474_zpsc15c3259.jpg
thank goodness my dad was there i remember holding on to his shirt and he kept asking me if i was ok and i couldn’t talk and it felt like an eternity

 photo IMG_1576_zps6b404197.jpg
this provides only temporary relief
to the masses

 photo IMG_1598_zpsb5ef9794.jpg
this provides actual relief!

 photo IMG_1600_zps28783f8f.jpg
haha this too i guess

 photo IMG_2363_zps35188930.jpg
always good to remind self “fuck you i do what i want” sometimes when you get caught up in too many people trying to tell you how to do and be or self trying to do that to self

 photo IMGezfoto_zps222147b7.jpg
do be do be do be do

 photo IMG_2598_zps89cacc90.jpg
oh what a shit photo i am a shit

 photo IMG_2601_zps3a33c25c.jpg
KATSU sprayed the Eyebeam
and their neighbor Paula Cooper
haha Tauba is the only one they want sprayin it up over there!

 photo IMG_2602_zps05ac00e6.jpg
this is a show KATSU was in and a bunch of other hacker nerd types

 photo IMG_2614_zpsd21c43b5.jpg
Saul Lipsizm

 photo IMG_2603_zps89893469.jpg
all the works were only interesting once friend ‘splained em

 photo IMG_2604_zps78c3f10a.jpg
hacked apple store so computers on display secretly recorded shit

 photo IMG_2605_zpsf44a1bf2.jpg
got a nice search warrant for that piece!

 photo IMG_2606_zpsd7c9a7d7.jpg
I think Jesse is trying to “participate” in the show

 photo IMG_2608_zps2b0dca8e.jpg
who would ever wear this what the fuck is this

 photo IMG_2609_zpsa693dbd1.jpg
haha oops sorry !
C is going to punch you if you try to scan his face

 photo IMG_2611_zps4be5ef81.jpg
tough guy

 photo IMG_2613_zpse13e5328.jpg
Got emailed some “fame tokens” after the show
me (and Jesper show) in Time Out and KATSU on these sites


 photo IMG_2615_zpsb28da91a.jpg
then bumped into this pink blob walking home and decided to look him out for a bit

 photo IMG_2616_zps8dc2a8fc.jpg
i love walking around with my pink blob he is so fun and adorable
oh sorry i wont say that that is patronizing i will say cute as a button
no i will say smart hahaha

 photo IMG_2617_zps4ec6aa14.jpg
one flowers is happy but two or more is funeral

 photo IMG_2621_zpsbd12c352.jpg
got some Brussles Art Fair works today

 photo IMG_2625_zps45d06b37.jpg
getting really psyched!

 photo IMG_2630_zps4e97c5b5.jpg
and inventoried some spooky Matthew that I dont think you guys have seen actually

 photo IMG_2634_zps306cb14e.jpg
we are gearing up for a show at Shepard F’s gallery in LA actually May 4–shit!

 photo IMG_2636_zps39e0e636.jpg
April is going to fly by I can feel it already and ugh Brussels I remember Brussels just being pickled in strange beer and no young people anywhere

 photo IMG_2642_zps910354e2.jpg
apparently all the cool kids will be at Cologne Art Fair same time

 photo IMG_2646_zpsdc2aab5d.jpg
what is up Europe?
can’t you like plan your art fairs properly

 photo IMG_2648_zps5cc7728d.jpg
did someone miss a memo?
this work reminded me that Dante Gabriel Rossetti might be interesting to mention in the next Matthew press release

 photo IMG_2656_zpsc0390bc1.jpg
“You hardly know your own mind enough to make both your legs walk one way” i’m almost done with Silas Marner I read faster when my brain is not being boiled

 photo IMGDSC04082-1024x682_zps0908ef6a.jpg
I had to look at a LOT of cuteoverload this time, more than other times, really serious

 photo IMGDSC04120-2_zps38fe07da.jpg
“You’re a deep little puss, you are”

Here are some defensive military structures.
Tomorrow we are going to learn about some anachronistic job titles:

Trou de loup
Cheval de frise
Neck ditch
Peel tower
Punji sticks
Star fort
Wire obstacles
Spider hole
Czech hedgehog
Dragon’s teeth
Flak tower
Hesco bastion

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I am the owner of downtown contemporary art center THE HOLE! I am arts editor at i-D magazine I paint paintings and curate art shows all around

3 thoughts on “Outwork”

  1. ugh, the last two weeks…. i hear you. total mental and emotional hell – and from out of nowhere! just crossed back from the dark side myself yesterday.

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