Belshazzar’s feast

 photo IMG_1746_zpsed0d14d0.jpg
you dont have to be an old turkish dude or whatever

 photo IMG_3435_zps10029f02.jpg
to read the writing on the wall

 photo IMG_3436_zpsb5f07e76.jpg
this post will be too long but whatever just give it a sec to load

 photo IMG_3438_zps6b3f2157.jpg
i have done a shit load of … shit since i was back from Brussel/Cologne

 photo IMG_3439_zps171403ab.jpg
and it has piled up like … shit

 photo IMG_3440_zps71ebe7eb.jpg
sorry my vocabulary is stunted after a long day at computer

 photo IMG_3441_zps0143600c.jpg
i don’t say “at work” because that suggests i get to move around and look at trees and spring

 photo IMG_3444_zps588e6064.jpg
i say “at the computer” because my goddam life is ruled by this goddam screen

 photo IMG_3448_zps859f8159.jpg
who wants a Donkey Taco?

 photo IMG_3450_zps71534637.jpg
pickin out paintings

 photo IMG_3454_zps3b98292a.jpg
yellow themed visit overall it seems!

 photo IMG_3455_zps79ce1c47.jpg
the cheese stands alone

 photo IMG_3458_zps33abbe21.jpg

 photo IMG_3470_zpsda5e1cab.jpg
haha looks like joe made a picture of me

 photo IMG_3472_zpsd3ad5567.jpg

 photo IMG_3491_zpse1a32510.jpg
got to visit may
nothing like a pregnancy to make you feel optimistic and put your life in perspective, no?
i mean that

 photo IMG_3492_zps2bf1f851.jpg
pregnancy and spring might be an overused metaphor

 photo IMG_3496_zpsd0fedb69.jpg
esp as for most young ladies as you spend your entire life avoiding it, since teenagedom when your school tells you that if you even touch a penis you will get pregnant

 photo IMG_3497_zpsedbf7f0d.jpg
and then at some point you … feel differently

 photo IMG_3498_zpsf55b00f2.jpg
go figure!

 photo IMG_3500_zps1fbe40a2.jpg
thank goodness it turns out it is WAY harder to get pregnant than you were taught as a teen

 photo IMG_3504_zps8f7e06f2.jpg
sorry i am sure i should be writing some other captions that should be building to some higher purpose but today

 photo IMG_3505_zpsf521f00b.jpg
today is more about the writing on the wall

 photo IMG_3506_zps15101cd1.jpg
i am feeling this

 photo IMG_3507_zps132818be.jpg
i am not feeling this

 photo IMG_3508_zps93e23a63.jpg
it’s nice to be surrounded by much younger friends than you sometimes because they think even dating is like way too big a committment

 photo IMG_3509_zps959c0c8f.jpg
oh, i do not want to be in this, the soup, i can’t help but allow that anxiety to creep into this

 photo IMG_3510_zps90c1c25f.jpg
lets explore the metaphor of pregnancy from the other angle instead then

 photo IMG_3513_zpsb7dcce85.jpg
which is the only angle i am familiar with

 photo IMG_3514_zps659062db.jpg
JA and DINK along the metro north

 photo IMG_3515_zpsb7c30c59.jpg
adek approved haha

 photo IMG_3516_zpsb8bcb50d.jpg

 photo IMG_3517_zps82b6964d.jpg
aw i missed a really good MSKINGS sean did cuz darn train goin too fast

 photo IMG_3521_zpsa0d9de93.jpg

 photo IMG_3522_zps65683507.jpg

 photo IMG_3527_zpsae5fc2fc.jpg

 photo IMG_3531_zps142e7afe.jpg
ah this almost caught somethig cool

 photo IMG_3532_zpsad8c4a25.jpg

 photo IMG_3534_zps60e7ec6f.jpg
yay we are at YALE!

 photo IMG_3535_zps414f2888.jpg

 photo IMG_3536_zpsda759e41.jpg

 photo IMG_3537_zpse0a754d6.jpg

 photo IMG_3538_zpsd4e19636.jpg
looks like the photo department is still down with their old alum d benjamin sherry

 photo IMG_3541_zps46f8b62d.jpg
painting dept had some cool stuff

 photo IMG_3542_zps1e23e350.jpg
you see i am sharing this and not even charging you, rival art dealers

 photo IMG_3543_zps26325bf2.jpg
i can afford to give this shit away free

 photo IMG_3544_zpscd79aefd.jpg
haha i mean the 30bux i spent on train ticket i guess

 photo IMG_3545_zps0d2ca228.jpg

 photo IMG_3546_zps87870d3d.jpg

 photo IMG_3548_zpsf20b5034.jpg

 photo IMG_3550_zps37cfa292.jpg

 photo IMG_3552_zpsdb562b9c.jpg

 photo IMG_3553_zps576cd120.jpg

 photo IMG_3554_zps87fe423b.jpg

 photo IMG_3555_zps48c51d69.jpg

 photo IMG_3558_zps623e79e5.jpg
super sandy

 photo IMG_3560_zps9339daf9.jpg

 photo IMG_3561_zps8f9c05ce.jpg
also known as jenna

 photo IMG_3566_zpsbb3f9176.jpg

 photo IMG_3567_zps169a14b7.jpg
man who doesn’t love an airbrush

 photo IMG_3568_zps01188221.jpg

 photo IMG_3569_zps6faad9b4.jpg

 photo IMG_3570_zpse474f6a0.jpg
austin loves airbrush

 photo IMG_3572_zps18e43edc.jpg

 photo IMG_3575_zps42c135b4.jpg

 photo IMG_3578_zps7a4d6bfd.jpg

 photo IMG_3579_zps65a05672.jpg

 photo IMG_3581_zps8af0c776.jpg

 photo IMG_3583_zps4b61b69c.jpg

 photo IMG_3584_zps6674e977.jpg

 photo IMG_3585_zpsde226671.jpg

 photo IMG_3588_zps47678b13.jpg

 photo IMG_3589_zps31021f77.jpg

 photo IMG_3590_zps5b6a3d45.jpg

 photo IMG_3592_zpsd103e2f1.jpg

 photo IMG_3594_zps1ff666ff.jpg

 photo IMG_3595_zpsba425c8d.jpg

 photo IMG_3597_zpsc768f72a.jpg

 photo IMG_3599_zpsd30fa5e5.jpg

 photo IMG_3600_zps1a62f195.jpg

 photo IMG_3602_zps9285e881.jpg

 photo IMG_3604_zps96589ec4.jpg

 photo IMG_3607_zps2da05b01.jpg

 photo IMG_3608_zps80ab6676.jpg

 photo IMG_3610_zps0c2474f7.jpg

 photo IMG_3609_zps6d022668.jpg
undergrads are not alowed to finish

 photo IMG_3612_zpsa00c858c.jpg

 photo IMG_3611_zpsf240ffac.jpg

 photo IMG_3613_zps26b90345.jpg
and there you go

 photo IMG_3614_zpscaf7cfe9.jpg
that was the overview

 photo IMG_3615_zps4462d306.jpg
of young talent

 photo IMG_3616_zps7d0ae9b1.jpg
or somethin

 photo IMG_3617_zpse73499ab.jpg
man i was lookin forward to this but it was closed

 photo IMG_3619_zpsf5d857bb.jpg
i want to go back to my meditations about “writing on the wall” and “reproduction”

 photo IMG_3620_zps7f70a01e.jpg
i was so sure i was getting somewhere

 photo IMG_3622_zps80c86007.jpg
so since i got back from europe there has been a feeling….inside me

 photo IMG_3623_zps730c675b.jpg
and i am not into it

 photo IMG_3624_zps66868fd7.jpg
and i dont know exactly what is up

 photo IMG_3625_zps307d4f25.jpg
but i do not want those feelings inside of me to … grow

 photo IMG_3626_zpsc46ce6f0.jpg
haha from super gourmet tapas place to fried pickles

 photo IMG_3627_zps78798356.jpg
because i am content just the way i am without any growing desired
i have reached my full height i hope
and would only choose to diminish my width

 photo IMG_3629_zpsc641ccd8.jpg
i guess i am down with the feeling part, but not so much down with the growing part

 photo IMG_3630_zpsf9c482b7.jpg
and so i need to flood my feelings with… other feelings so that the previous feeling gets lost and passes, right out of me, and is gone

 photo IMG_3631_zpsc5e99aa9.jpg
does that make sense?
god i hate when people say that all the time
“does that make sense?”

 photo IMG_3633_zpsde397c55.jpg
i have tried to feel very intense feelings since then, and those feelings kept me almost unable to get through the day last week actually

 photo IMG_3634_zps48b70155.jpg
but now i wonder if that worked, if the old feeling is really gone

 photo IMG_3637_zps07366b9f.jpg
life is so long!
and then sometimes
so short

 photo IMG_3640_zps1ce02076.jpg
i promise that is all i will say on the matter

 photo IMG_1734_zpsa45f57d0.jpg
as i dont have any diary or real long term memory capacity, unless i write these things down they do just pass away anyway

 photo IMG_1737_zps19c4672c.jpg
let’s just let them pass away

 photo IMG_1738_zpseb033525.jpg
this morn with peter demos

 photo IMG_1741_zpsc12b6094.jpg
we have a show to do, remember??

 photo IMG_1748_zps36cb8500.jpg
it’s friday and holy shit, we are about to go crazy these next few days!


 photo IMG_3318_zpsb48463d9.jpg
that is my favourite europe word

 photo IMG_3319_zpsa6932e63.jpg
it makes me think of a very literal and short version of Sartre’s “Huis Clos”

 photo IMG_3320_zps15db8031.jpg

 photo IMG_3322_zpsf3d26737.jpg
the rug lady apparently did not have any rugs free for XSTRACTION oh well

 photo IMG_3323_zps061787c1.jpg

 photo IMG_3324_zps1315adbb.jpg
many works helped me hone my concept by being bad versions of the concept if you know what i mean

 photo IMG_3325_zpsce98e1bc.jpg
for example i had originally wnated David Reed for it but

 photo IMG_3326_zpsbddd15df.jpg

 photo IMG_3327_zpsf3f8e87c.jpg
argh i wish this were in focus

 photo IMG_3328_zpsdc5cbf17.jpg
i wish this were NOT In focus

 photo IMG_3329_zpsbfddc5b5.jpg
ah! i found the V1 booth

 photo IMG_3331_zpsd4860343.jpg
i think Jesper had a lot more fun (and success) than I did

 photo IMG_3332_zps4339ea06.jpg
oh well! picked the wrong fair i guess

 photo IMG_3333_zps49e52607.jpg
how am i supposed to know what to do?
there is no real info sharing, no data to analyze, just swirl of opinion mostly lies when it comes to picking fairs and where would sell best

 photo IMG_3334_zps22c2a4ba.jpg
i cant like crunch numbers and look at which galleries sell work like mine and see their past sales reports from various fairs or something

 photo IMG_3335_zpsd325e6c1.jpg
this guy i had chased a bit too for X

 photo IMG_3336_zps0c2f92ea.jpg
margherita is very pretty but maybe the painting not so much
i dunno, sour grapes maybe?

 photo IMG_3337_zps3c428f92.jpg
some dash collages

 photo IMG_3338_zps10054461.jpg
always throws me for a loop to see something like this at a fair

 photo IMG_3339_zpsb5daff59.jpg

 photo IMG_3340_zps53cfe826.jpg

 photo IMG_3341_zpsedef4f92.jpg

 photo IMG_3342_zps5a84f515.jpg

 photo IMG_3343_zps040905f5.jpg

 photo IMG_3344_zps505904ca.jpg
oh man

 photo IMG_3345_zps0b73604c.jpg
something kinda likable about this

 photo IMG_3346_zps1b9e7751.jpg
omg this is the exact same booth that was across from us at brussels or am i going crazy already?

 photo IMG_3348_zps3596910a.jpg

 photo IMG_3347_zpsa32c434d.jpg
very nice

 photo IMG_3349_zpscfcd23b6.jpg

 photo IMG_3350_zpse87ddd3f.jpg

 photo IMG_3351_zpsf858caf7.jpg

 photo IMG_3352_zps0e3b2da7.jpg

 photo IMG_3353_zps5c44c71e.jpg

 photo IMG_3354_zpsa74e57e3.jpg
you guys want me to post these labels right?

 photo IMG_3355_zpse7be9043.jpg
is it just that now that i have visited him i see him everywhere or is it that they are suddenly everywhere?

 photo IMG_3356_zps438c6f4e.jpg
yay we’re free!
the last hour of a fair is the worst and i got to do it twice in two days hahaha

 photo IMG_3359_zpsb80f4ce2.jpg
gerhard richter is reserved

 photo IMG_3357_zps601b37b5.jpg
gerhard richter with tortillas

 photo IMG_3360_zps70f42415.jpg
bye cologne! i had to leave u on train at 6am

 photo IMG_3361_zpsf916b169.jpg
i got so drunk that night, last night still technically, that i am SO HAPPY that these are here at the Hole and not on the Eurostar or at the bar or worse haha

 photo IMG_3362_zpse0c51d34.jpg
BLEH no sleep makes world blur
i had so much brief fun in Cologne it fixed my Brussle-bruised brain, seriously, which is exactly what i had hoped

 photo IMG_3364_zps8a7fba5d.jpg
this should be a new friedrich vaerslav painting

 photo IMG_3365_zps0832e3d7.jpg
i am mesmerized by it

 photo IMG_3366_zps179f272c.jpg

 photo IMG_3367_zps570790ba.jpg
i did read this book
don’t judge me
i ran out of book while traveling and it was the only option

 photo IMG_3369_zps438b8655.jpg
there was a pack of cute kids on the train to Bruss airport to entertain me

 photo IMG_3372_zps28b0764f.jpg
and i’m home

 photo IMG_3371_zpsfc5c407a.jpg
seems spring is encroaching

 photo IMG_3384_zps500658e7.jpg
seems my high speed grafitti photo skills are deteriorating

 photo IMG_3392_zps6161ca9b.jpg

 photo IMG_3393_zpse520c9f0.jpg
no i am going to stay for a while
till may 4 when i get to go to LA

 photo IMG_3397_zpsa1968729.jpg
stay here w my buddies

 photo IMG_3400_zpscbaa54e2.jpg
well lets do this real fast before we go
LIVE BLOGGING or something

 photo IMG_3401_zps71cfa52d.jpg
we are having the BAM auction opening here 6-9pm right now

 photo IMG_3402_zpsca97a3ec.jpg

 photo IMG_3403_zpsfcf96455.jpg

 photo IMG_3404_zps173b49bf.jpg

 photo IMG_3405_zpsd3982666.jpg

 photo IMG_3406_zps92335d6a.jpg

 photo IMG_3407_zps2350d5d1.jpg

 photo IMG_3408_zpsf20d61c4.jpg

 photo IMG_3409_zps7f8ca914.jpg

 photo IMG_3410_zpsda12b4ba.jpg

 photo IMG_3411_zps1a25f456.jpg

 photo IMG_3412_zps46b4dd6e.jpg

 photo IMG_3413_zpsaa8efa7a.jpg

 photo IMG_3414_zps1e0bccf7.jpg

 photo IMG_3415_zps6e50b74e.jpg

 photo IMG_3416_zps4f90530b.jpg

 photo IMG_3417_zps09d09913.jpg

 photo IMG_3418_zps082d82cd.jpg

 photo IMG_3419_zps986b713f.jpg

 photo IMG_3420_zps9da9d64a.jpg

 photo IMG_3421_zps2bb055b9.jpg

 photo IMG_3422_zpsf6d9c06e.jpg

 photo IMG_3423_zpse6ecb13a.jpg

 photo IMG_3424_zps6e94394f.jpg

 photo IMG_3425_zps8c362942.jpg

 photo IMG_3426_zps41a83a2e.jpg

 photo IMG_3427_zps237872c6.jpg

 photo IMG_3428_zpsb5b26b69.jpg

 photo IMG_3429_zpsce5f89d9.jpg

 photo IMG_3430_zps49160d21.jpg

 photo IMG_3431_zps1bdb6fd6.jpg

 photo IMG_3432_zps9c4e1bdb.jpg

 photo IMG_3433_zpsd2f6f731.jpg

 photo IMG_3434_zps4ef35027.jpg
those are the pieces I would bid on!
you can bid on Paddel 8 or here in person or howev
works are up here to view and bid on for next four days!

Cherchez La Vache!

 photo IMG_3193_zps489a5e6d.jpg
i will now lull you to the sleep i so desperately need with art fair photos and no fun jokes

 photo IMG_3192_zpsea73dfbd.jpg

 photo IMG_3190_zps56d65890.jpg

 photo IMG_3189_zps39f73f40.jpg

 photo IMG_3187_zps9707c09b.jpg
art fairs numb your brain

 photo IMG_3194_zps46fa931e.jpg

 photo IMG_3196_zps9ba3f825.jpg

 photo IMG_3197_zps29bfa4cd.jpg
its a well documented fact

 photo IMG_3199_zpsefcdfec6.jpg
whether its just the overload of so many extreme different stimuli or the architecture or the people or the food

 photo IMG_3200_zps83f761d7.jpg
instead of provoking thought it lulls you to a stupor

 photo IMG_3201_zpsa9668b1b.jpg

 photo IMG_3202_zps0b564b57.jpg

 photo IMG_3203_zps94a014a5.jpg
this little guy animatronically banged his head against the wall
which woudl have been funner if we didnt share this wall with this gallery

 photo IMG_3204_zps1882693a.jpg

 photo IMG_3205_zps017361bc.jpg

 photo IMG_3207_zps7b20467e.jpg
davina semo

 photo IMG_3208_zpsada67230.jpg

 photo IMG_3209_zps18702920.jpg

 photo IMG_3211_zpsfa81f767.jpg
did her best to cheer me up

 photo IMG_3213_zps450efc6e.jpg
and crack a smile

 photo IMG_3214_zps1f92f620.jpg

 photo IMG_3215_zps5d7bd63d.jpg

 photo IMG_3216_zpsff0bd0d4.jpg
Pat Walsh

 photo IMG_3217_zpscfd30e84.jpg
Torben Giehler

 photo IMG_3222_zps870cac50.jpg
i had wnated this guy in xstraction but literally it just was a matter of being too lazy to try to track him down and i meant to but i got bogged down chasing all the other people

 photo IMG_3223_zpsae0fede3.jpg

 photo IMG_3227_zps47f46723.jpg
one brief tits interlude i guess
but dont be excited they are just mine

the most embarrassing part of this photo is that I am reading a John Grisham novel I found in the house

 photo IMG_3238_zpsf1a78ce2.jpg
ugh then back here

 photo IMG_3239_zpsc458c7ad.jpg
then back here

 photo IMG_3243_zpse1e8a344.jpg

 photo IMG_3244_zps3ec83012.jpg
went around to “Brussels Gallery Night”

 photo IMG_3245_zps719957c4.jpg

 photo IMG_3246_zpsc8daf920.jpg
saw Wendy White show at somethin somethin

 photo IMG_3247_zps33ede219.jpg
head band

 photo IMG_3248_zps192fc972.jpg

 photo IMG_3249_zps3b58b556.jpg

 photo IMG_3250_zps6be6ae67.jpg

 photo IMG_3251_zpsebe63d62.jpg

 photo IMG_3252_zps0a8eb3c5.jpg

 photo IMG_3253_zps782a561a.jpg

 photo IMG_3254_zps6ead5b52.jpg
sorry my camera is beeing all kooky

 photo IMG_3255_zps1e65b110.jpg
this gallery is just window called “Sorry We’re Closed”

 photo IMG_3256_zpsa779d79a.jpg
This is cutting boards

 photo IMG_3257_zps9db75c04.jpg
and flash lights?

 photo IMG_3258_zps90a12dd5.jpg
this made me smile a bit

 photo IMG_3259_zpsb69989b3.jpg

 photo IMG_3261_zps0bac4b37.jpg

 photo IMG_3262_zps029b66eb.jpg
aw! this bruss has fireplace in office!

 photo IMG_3264_zpsbca9232d.jpg
obligatory Moules photo

 photo IMG_3265_zps20e13f2f.jpg
we had Belgian food one night it was great then back to falafel and frites at the all night pita place

 photo IMG_3266_zpsd382ff2f.jpg

 photo IMG_3267_zps033ab078.jpg

 photo IMG_3268_zps53f57ed0.jpg

 photo IMG_3269_zps8d51f57f.jpg
Fruit and Flower Deli is also Sorry We’re Closed

 photo IMG_3270_zps88eac450.jpg

 photo IMG_3271_zps59121ab5.jpg

 photo IMG_3272_zps025084b0.jpg

 photo IMG_3273_zps7e3ff390.jpg
no one even wanted to talk to me while i was smoking

 photo IMG_3274_zps42f10bf4.jpg
this is one of the two Halle

 photo IMG_3275_zps4f8b5462.jpg
we were in “Young Talent”

 photo IMG_3277_zps1cc67fb4.jpg
this guy is young talent!

 photo IMG_3276_zps40d22dd6.jpg
now that is a cool kid

 photo IMG_3278_zps08816506.jpg
seeing Wendy White everywher!

 photo IMG_3288_zps76fd5d3c.jpg
this guy was so nice to see in person

 photo IMG_3289_zps706942f9.jpg

 photo IMG_3290_zpsbbf55b61.jpg

 photo IMG_3291_zps33ceac5c.jpg

 photo IMG_3293_zpsfe0d0136.jpg
a really good one

 photo IMG_3297_zpsf84c0d2f.jpg
and wrap it up we are done

 photo IMG_3299_zpsf45ba684.jpg
moved to some weirdy hotel

 photo IMG_3300_zps9eea4613.jpg
this is me having a panic attack of sorts

 photo IMG_3302_zpsd86bccfd.jpg
i just couldnt make up my mind what i was doing i am in a very … insecure and vulnerable situation

 photo IMG_3303_zpsa946598b.jpg
ah fuck it i will just go

 photo IMG_3306_zps29a6e2d3.jpg
man that dot is ruinin all my photos!!!

 photo IMG_3308_zpsfdcdc11c.jpg

 photo IMG_3310_zpsf013b57d.jpg
i remember thinking ” i feel crazy inside do i look crazy” i guess not

 photo IMG_3312_zpsb37171b6.jpg
europe maybe makes me not like graffiti a little

 photo IMG_3313_zps2aa56d56.jpg

 photo IMG_3315_zps87971af5.jpg
am i in france? where is this train going

 photo IMG_3317_zpse699c314.jpg
there we go

i guess i will wait to bore you with another huge art fair in another post!

Battle of the Belge

we lost the battle
but its ok because we are winning the war

 photo IMG_3019_zpsfaa54945.jpg

 photo IMG_3021_zpsfc9dd97e.jpg
i have been gone for over a week and have these old photos to post

 photo IMG_3023_zps1175f8a8.jpg

 photo IMG_3024_zpsd98ca009.jpg

 photo IMG_3026_zpsd6e2ed02.jpg
we are at Leo Koenig

 photo IMG_3027_zpsfd2985d1.jpg
checkin out the Yale lady’s abstraction

 photo IMG_3028_zpsec92ecc0.jpg
Anoka Faruquee that is a mouthful

 photo IMG_3029_zps3fa79231.jpg
fun meeting made me very excited about XSTRACTION

 photo IMG_3031_zps5405e30a.jpg
seeing it everywhere

 photo IMG_3032_zpsceaec3fd.jpg
a studio visit and a cat~!

 photo IMG_3035_zpse4cfeb6d.jpg

 photo IMG_3036_zps67c2e656.jpg

 photo IMG_3047_zps900c5296.jpg
i dont wanna spoil so i guess for now just a detail??

 photo IMG_3051_zps53525bbe.jpg
two of em

 photo IMG_3064_zps8a455d2f.jpg

 photo IMG_3066_zps98b606ee.jpg
<3  photo IMG_3068_zps676a283c.jpg
i missed joe so much!!!~ and eating at takahatchi with him every week

 photo IMG_3077_zps1c02c2b8.jpg
well! ready or not off we go

 photo IMG_3078_zpsfe75b62a.jpg

 photo IMG_3079_zps0c1ff2be.jpg

 photo IMG_3080_zps58a8b94e.jpg

 photo IMG_3081_zps68acae05.jpg
had a nice window seat in the cab and enough traffic to get some flicks

 photo IMG_3082_zpsc3eb5578.jpg

 photo IMG_3085_zpseed5e00f.jpg
oh no what happened to the graffiti

 photo IMG_3087_zpsc7d1fed1.jpg
come for the art fair, then stay for the seafood convention!

 photo IMG_3088_zpse2a00b10.jpg
all this art came on plane with us can u believe

 photo IMG_3090_zpsb7988bb3.jpg
amanda ate all these cold weiners in one day can you believe

 photo IMG_3094_zps04ad7aaa.jpg
dont believe me i am being a twat
the twat is thinking she may redo her gallery ceiling lights in something more like this

 photo IMG_3095_zps0aad86ba.jpg
with her Rood Fruit and Grills

 photo IMG_3096_zps41c2f101.jpg
cherchez la vache!

 photo IMG_3097_zps5480a353.jpg
i liked this

 photo IMG_3099_zps03998c5a.jpg
man euro graffiti can get really visually offensive tho

 photo IMG_3100_zpsf9109b32.jpg
we couldnt read the Flem menu and ended up with–shudder–steak tartare

 photo IMG_3101_zpsa5ceb2c8.jpg
one food i actually have managed to never eat and had wnated it to stay that way

 photo IMG_3103_zps60c00179.jpg
each subway has its own cool design

 photo IMG_3104_zps4d801b88.jpg

 photo IMG_3107_zps540f2ba8.jpg

 photo IMG_3117_zps5b406a03.jpg

 photo IMG_3118_zps563d825c.jpg
check this oot

 photo IMG_3119_zps1427927f.jpg
new matthew stones

 photo IMG_3122_zps11162468.jpg
new lolas

 photo IMG_3123_zps019e1b52.jpg

 photo IMG_3129_zpsf8024ec9.jpg
she and matthew both met us in bruss and we had vietnamese and got excited

 photo IMG_3130_zps8565382b.jpg

 photo IMG_3137_zps489caa81.jpg

 photo IMG_3143_zps49ef7838.jpg

 photo IMG_3145_zpsfbc73ad5.jpg

 photo IMG_3158_zpsd7dca0f5.jpg
bad news is we didnt get our main piece until the fair had already opened

 photo IMG_3159_zpsa5b9d738.jpg

 photo IMG_3160_zpsac63c027.jpg
i shouldnt complain as there were six galeries that had NO art most of the first day
we all used the same shipper and the shipper got stuck in customs

 photo IMG_3161_zpscd8e6d9b.jpg
some galleries staged a walkout of hte fair as the fair did not help us in any way or seem to care until the very last second when it was too late

 photo IMG_3162_zpsa09bb4a6.jpg
but then the works arrived so they chipped out a bit

 photo IMG_3163_zps0f141464.jpg
everyone chill it will be fine

 photo IMG_3164_zpsd96bcf9b.jpg

 photo IMG_3165_zpsf88574fc.jpg
wendy white had a solo booth

 photo IMG_3166_zps36419b29.jpg

 photo IMG_3168_zpsc0046a05.jpg

 photo IMG_3172_zps8c171d28.jpg

 photo IMG_3173_zpsd510d610.jpg
art fair photos

 photo IMG_3179_zps0c6ade9d.jpg
i promise i wont bury you in them

 photo IMG_3180_zps0204a7ca.jpg
especialyl because i have to pee

 photo IMG_3182_zpsf8a24252.jpg
and the BAM auction i am co hosting is starting now

 photo IMG_3183_zps25213672.jpg
there is a cocktail here named after me

 photo IMG_3185_zps134cda03.jpg
being serious

 photo IMG_3186_zpsf82ebdd2.jpg
ah life!! i havent slept in 48ish hours

Caul me maybe

haha I am reading David Copperfield
unfortunately for the second time

 photo IMG_2927_zps8c38b6c2.jpg
and realized how much I miss of the content when plowin through the old paperbacks

 photo IMG_2929_zpsea1ca97c.jpg
as in the first page even talks about how Copperfield was born with a “caul”

 photo IMG_2930_zpsf11087cc.jpg
and I never bothered to google that

 photo IMG_2931_zpsc86191e5.jpg
and it turns out it is this weird superstitious thing where some babies are born with like some membrane over their face and that people would collect and sell them to sailors as a apotropaic trinket for drowning
what the fuck is that about

 photo IMG_2932_zps86a9156c.jpg
and yuck!

 photo IMG_2934_zps461faab5.jpg
and im scared of having babies and this is another thing i can freak out about

 photo IMG_2938_zpsed78d8dd.jpg
i guess back in Caesar’s day they had superstitions about babies born by the eponymous cesarian section

 photo IMG_2943_zpsf60ea792.jpg
and wow how in 500ad or whenever the fuck that was did they operate on pregnant women

 photo IMG_2947_zps1113de38.jpg
pretty sure that was before anesthetic or tylenol or hydrocodone

 photo IMG_2950_zpse6cfb485.jpg
yikes again!!

 photo IMG_2954_zpsf3ee8c99.jpg
kinda gross having these blood ‘n’ eyeball works while discussing this

 photo IMG_2958_zpsb72bb6ae.jpg
these are great new works by Nick Mead
Julian and May were so generous to hang them so that we coudl bring the Yale-ies over to look!

 photo IMG_2959_zps2b0ae5fd.jpg
had a really long day that day, what was it, yesterday?

 photo IMG_2961_zpsc5af8c20.jpg
spent all day talking i felt like
from people coming into gallery to studio visits to the museum visit

 photo IMG_2963_zpsfe71e47e.jpg
i had to export a lot of into fast, and intelligently, to a lot of people if i wanted to motivate and inspire them to do the things i wanted

 photo IMG_2965_zps2b741a49.jpg
May may motivates and inspires me!

 photo IMG_2969_zps1c540715.jpg
sophomore year i think it was i interned at the Kreeger Museum in DC

 photo IMG_2971_zpsc97b0032.jpg
i was a docent and I led tours of their collection

 photo IMG_2972_zps2100187d.jpg
i had torn my ACL (see previous post about anaesthesia) and hobbled around on crutches through the Phillip Johnson building discussing each Monet and Manet they had up

 photo IMG_2975_zps7f9a8b3c.jpg
it taught me about repetition

 photo IMG_2976_zps1ab35c2a.jpg
how each group of little old ladies was new to the place, and each group deserved my best speech yet

 photo IMG_2977_zpsc3e422df.jpg
like any tour guide i got my schtick down and repeated it, trying to say it each time with real enthusiasm and humor and rapt attention

 photo IMG_2978_zpsd345d98d.jpg
then at Deitch I remember hearing Jeffrey do the same thing, saying “This Chris Johanson work is his best piece, it captures his life and his world view with raw vitality, infusing every gesture and shape with his ideosyncratic and chiefly human sensibility” or whatever

 photo IMG_2979_zps34a1ef6f.jpg
and saying that five times a day to the five different clients that came in

 photo IMG-20130411-00916_zps87fd6a1d.jpg
he taught me a lot about giving it your all, like an actor with an extended run, each night, same lines, same passion

 photo IMG_2982_zpsfe3ce1fb.jpg
so the past few days of meetings and studio visits i have really given it my all too

 photo IMG_2983_zpsa0e6194e.jpg
telling each artist about the show
all the different aspects of it and how great each were

 photo IMG_2985_zps4b73548a.jpg
the different artists included, what they will show, how they relate

 photo IMG_2987_zps6b59d821.jpg
why i am doing it and how passionate i am about new tendencies in abstraction

 photo IMG_2989_zpsbbb0bf25.jpg
that’s right folks! our next show here is a sister show to Jesper’s Chicken or Beef that promises to be just as toothsome

 photo IMG_2995_zps98bce0e5.jpg
and looks at new ways of making an abstract painting

 photo IMG_2996_zps0c362715.jpg
like Landon Metz who uses fabric dyes and makes shapes with pressure and gravity and focuses on fabric and shape and density

 photo IMG_2997_zps54795bb7.jpg
jesper had told me but i had forgotten he shared a studio with Ethan Cook whose crazy loom this is

 photo IMG_2998_zpsb6bde58d.jpg
stresses me out just seeing loom and thinking of him laboring over all these hand made fabrics

 photo IMG_2999_zps93958399.jpg
but look how interesting each texture is

 photo IMG_3001_zps41bf4604.jpg
in the middle!

 photo IMG_3004_zps7c74b50a.jpg
jesper had told me he thought they were very handmade and sincere minimal artists and i thought that was him being a dork but when i discussed the works and saw them in person i really did feel the sort of fragility, delicacy, sensitivity of the pieces

 photo IMG_3006_zps4cd85021.jpg
i was hoping it was something he and i could argue about but no, he was right

 photo IMG_3009_zps465cba06.jpg
that is ok! i am ok being in agreement with my peers

 photo IMG_3010_zpsb03c2fe7.jpg
i am not precious about the competition of curation and the idea of finding someone myself, the idea of finding something first, i am ok that jesper found and shared with me something he understood first

 photo IMG-20130411-00914_zpsb7b560f0.jpg
i am not pissy, i am so grateful to have anyone who wants to teach me things and inspires me
i want to learn from others not just give them tours of what i already know

A damsel in this dress

 photo IMG_2893_zps8d75ea55.jpg
chill out
the works for Brussles are all coming in and going out on time!

 photo IMG_2849_zpsa277ab43.jpg
“The moon looked like melted mozzarella to my bleary and blurry vision. Was I tired, intoxicated, or in love? Or was I sober, asleep, and alone?

 photo IMG_2851_zpse4317415.jpg
“Everyone is someone’s friend, even when they think they are all alone.”

 photo IMG_2857_zps100db9e4.jpg
“Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone.”

 photo IMG_2861_zps95080d55.jpg
“Writing is something you do alone. Its a profession for introverts who want to tell you a story but don’t want to make eye contact while doing it.”

 photo IMG_2865_zpsba9f6a46.jpg
“And if you couldn’t be loved, the next best thing was to be let alone.”

 photo IMG_2866_zps44afb299.jpg
“What you are to do without me I cannot imagine.”

 photo IMG_2886_zps97ea697d.jpg
“Nothing is worse than being alone on the evening of the day when one’s cow has exploded.”

are you guys enjoying these

 photo IMG_2879_zpse96f855a.jpg
not the loneliness quotes i mean the Kadar and other art details

 photo IMG_2884_zps2eb6d080.jpg
i dont give a fuck if you like my quotes or not

 photo IMG_2888_zps2461b1a1.jpg
speaking of FUCK what is wrong with my camera recently???
have i gone through another canon powershot elph already

 photo IMG_2889_zpsaa207f97.jpg
got some Yale-ies coming tomorrow to see this and other Nick Mead works
Gotta wake up early and find my Darmouth tshirt somewhere in my apartment

 photo IMG_2890_zps80395c2d.jpg
“I was always on my oddy knocky.”

 photo IMG_2891_zps8276cd0c.jpg
“How alone everyone is in the vast tomb of the universe!”

I almost decided to post outdated anachronistic job titles instead but then YAWN it was raining out and I didn’t want to walk home until it stopped so YAWN i am using you to entertain myself until the rain stops and YAWN nothing makes one feel alone like sitting in huge gallery listening to the echoes of her keystrokes on the iMac

 photo IMG_2894_zps2c83bb84.jpg
ooh!!! tomorrow I will post my collection of YAWN photos that will be fun!!!
I had my first in person studio visit for our next show

 photo IMG_2903_zps569975e5.jpg
Wendy White

 photo IMG_2902_zps6c42e24d.jpg
some cool soccer pile, a pile
she is really into sports!

 photo IMG_2905_zpsf8725c76.jpg
Jeffrey always said that “Rosson Crow” and “Sterling Ruby” are like un-make-uppable perfect artist names

 photo IMG_2906_zps6b9f30c0.jpg
But I think “Wendy White” is a good solid artist name that inspires confidence

 photo IMG_2908_zpsc0a8d57a.jpg
her dealer went from flabby to certified iron man and I think that is a great thing
imagine if your gallerist was a fucking iron man or woman

 photo IMG_2912_zps2358e4b2.jpg
now that inspires confidence!

 photo IMG_2898_zpsbc86a193.jpg
OMG i love every one

 photo IMG_2915_zpse8669089.jpg
curating sometimes comes down to simple picking
and you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose…

 photo IMG_2916_zps70e3a826.jpg
these are adidas inspired! three liners

 photo IMG_2917_zps1311ba03.jpg

 photo IMG_2918_zpsdb541198.jpg
nyc is beautiful

 photo IMG_2920_zps1180b9d5.jpg
she is not from LA as many think but her work is still filled with sun and light

 photo IMG_2922_zps50fdade2.jpg
you will see me going on lots of these treks over the course of this month
oh man its BEEF all over again but i am on my own this time

 photo IMG_2923_zpsb4c28cd9.jpg
in more ways than one

 photo theflopbox_new_bohemia_signs3_zpsddb9e04d.jpg
yeah yeah i know

 photo theflopbox_pardon_appearence_zps51643b58.jpg
i would like to think i am not on my own but rather i choose to be alone

 photo theflopbox_wax_matress_zps87d1c0b9.jpg
it’s lonely at the top of the pile of shit
let’s read some more being alone quotes that sounds super fun

 photo theflopbox_todd_james_3_zpsf24ec9a4.jpg
“Language… has created the word “loneliness” to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word “solitude” to express the glory of being alone.”

ugh you know what makes me feel lonely? CLICHÉ

and improper punctuation and grammar

 photo theflopbox_mark_jenkins_3_zps221cca70.jpg
“I finally faced the fact that it isn’t a crime not having friends. Being alone means you have fewer problems.”

says Whitney Houston

 photo theflopbox_margaret_k_4_zpse87d67f8.jpg
“I like the idea of being alone. I like the idea of often being alone in all aspects of my life. I like to feel lonely. I like to need things.”


 photo theflopbox_kaws_2_zps17aad352.jpg
“I only go out to get me a fresh appetite for being alone.”
Lord Byron knows whats up

 photo theflopbox_juxtapoz_nekst_zpsaeff2bb7.jpg
“You could say, in a vulgar Freudian way, that I am the unhappy child who escapes into books. Even as a child, I was most happy being alone. This has not changed.” Zizek

 photo theflopbox_juxtapoz_magazine_erik_parker_zpsb479d9e0.jpg
you could say, in a vulgar blogger way, that I am the unahppy child who escapes into books. Even as a child, however, I was profoundly group oriented and desperate for like-minded people who wanted to discuss the books I had read with me. This has not changed

 photo theflopbox_juxtapoz_magazine_erik_parker_1_zps9f35cec5.jpg
so these bees knees are from another blog!
let’s let some other poor sap do all the work this time
he seems to like the same shit i do anyway!
fuck and now that i have uploaded all these i cant remember where i got them
how do i find it
oh wait browser history

 photo theflopbox_juxtapoz_kr2_zpsd433c0a3.jpg
wow remind me to delete my browser history haha!

 photo theflopbox_juxtapoz_january_2013_asger_carlsen_zps6960a4c1.jpg
“It’s better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone.”
― Marilyn Monroe yeah yeah bla bla

 photo theflopbox_jamie_warren_the_hole_2_zps9bcaa73f.jpg
oh! he was at hole

 photo theflopbox_homer_wutang_zpse50eb65d.jpg
“I don’t want to be alone, I want to be left alone.”
― Audrey Hepburn

 photo theflopbox_evan_twist_zps683eacf1.jpg
whoah look at that old barrry

 photo theflopbox_espo_wall_done_2_zpsd28f74cf.jpg

 photo theflopbox_curve_tge_zps92d07686.jpg
i still cant read philly graffiti sorry guys

 photo theflopbox_chris_johanson_zps3e2f594f.jpg
ah yes i found this blog when googling chris johanson

 photo theflopbox_chris_johanson_zpscb81896c.jpg
i am into his abstraction and conceptual weirdness
get weird chris! you have a following of people that are informed and ready for your next level-ness!

 photo theflopbox_california_coast_zps2ad2c4ca.jpg
“Sometimes life is too hard to be alone, and sometimes life is too good to be alone.”
Yes! The latter! It is mostly from the feeling that I am the luckiest girl in the world that I feel so empty not sharing that luck with someone

 photo theflopbox_asger_carlsen_zps80672b93.jpg
maybe this blogger is friend of asger’s?
oh i found them! where these photos are from. you can too HERE

 photo ludwigvonbeatdown_zps00c15a2d.jpg
i have had this on my desktop forever the jpg i pulled off internet is called Ludwigvonbeatdown

 photo RANDOSSS_zpsc1dc5eac.jpg
oh, and hands in the air for the cover mockup of our next show’s book!
pretty Xcited for all the Xing i will get to Xpell Xpeditiously!

you guys are gonna get so sick of me

A rendering intent

These intents should be created by the profile maker so that pleasing images occur with the perceptual intent while eye-catching business graphics occur with the saturation intent.

 photo IMG_2659_zpsba741c3d.jpg
This is the last photo I will have of me wearing winter shit I hope!

 photo IMG_2660_zps817ac1e6.jpg
It is spring and I am letting my saturation levels go crazy
By the end of this post we will have achieved full saturation

 photo IMG_2661_zps5720d96b.jpg
Starting out at Peter Halley studio I don’t need any relative colorimetric

 photo IMG_2662_zpse2790d50.jpg
Colorful prisons, let’s keep that in mind as a theme as well

 photo IMG_2663_zpsa40367b1.jpg
this one is amazing

 photo IMG_2664_zpse900c184.jpg
should be up on Opening Ceremony blog soon!

 photo IMG_2665_zps53cac1cc.jpg
this blue was on fire

 photo IMG_2666_zps195316f6.jpg

 photo IMG_2667_zpse3872db7.jpg

 photo IMG_2668_zpsdb0d0fd7.jpg
we had such an interesting talk
Peter’s work and his themes are so vital right now and he has made very similar work for thirty years, with variation of course, but really committed guy, and work stays so fresh

 photo IMG_2669_zps019c453e.jpg
Consumer aesthetics
Prison architecture
Impediments to the greatness and potential of man

 photo IMG_2670_zpsacaa4782.jpg
here is another impediment

 photo IMG_2672_zpsf9c93467.jpg
I read this as SLEEP NO MORE but haha that is my projection of Macbeth on everything
and my stress-induced insomnia talking

 photo IMG_2673_zps6b9e7a94.jpg
Kenny Scharf afterparty for his Kasmin show

 photo IMG_2674_zpsd4dcbaa6.jpg
sugary places to “stick it”

 photo IMG_2676_zps9c58e541.jpg
someone parked their pup outside

 photo IMG_2677_zps0fdc389e.jpg
the blue ribbon afterparty for Kuo at Marlboro

 photo IMG_2682_zps7ee16268.jpg
sorry guys!
i made it to the Halley interview and then only had time for the two afterparties and not even the openings!

 photo IMG_2687_zps38dcbe8d.jpg
here is where one of our sold artworks ended up!
more on that soon

 photo IMG_2694_zpsd175144d.jpg
got six pages of photos to get through!

 photo IMG_2699_zps09424e79.jpg
made really awesome chicken kale casserole

 photo IMG_2701_zps915fcac9.jpg
got a new Lola painting for Bruxelles

 photo IMG_2705_zpsaff29e7f.jpg
took some Kadar details for sellin

 photo IMG_2710_zps48baf980.jpg
last person to get neon pumps but i am not sad about that!

 photo IMG_2715_zpsb113e99c.jpg
hey hey!
joe and I went to takahatchi and i got the SACER seat!
it is a sign of good luck

 photo IMG_2718_zps1a4a5196.jpg
descending down down to DC for my weekend

 photo IMG_2719_zps10d7b7bf.jpg
deer old parents

 photo IMG_2722_zps9a11e9b0.jpg
oh man there are fucking deer everywhere

 photo IMG_2728_zpsfe378269.jpg
it gets kinda scary actually!

 photo IMG_2732_zps71e04cfa.jpg
spring in bethesda is pretty nice
i bet i could scroll through the past years of my blog and there is always a post of going home and looking at flowers

 photo IMG_2733_zpse608baba.jpg
and weeds

 photo IMG_2730_zpsff52efdb.jpg
the dog is wondering what i am doing

 photo IMG_2738_zpsfa15bd88.jpg

 photo IMG_2740_zps675f2326.jpg

 photo IMG_2741_zps0c666f81.jpg
i dont know what im doing

 photo IMG_2742_zps00c15144.jpg
looking for what tree will win best in show

 photo IMG_2743_zpseb2baf94.jpg
so i had to go to the Tidal Basin

 photo IMG_2745_zps2d9575ee.jpg
i feel bad cuz i keep UGH taking ambien to fall asleep and then waking up to bizarre social media posts i dont remember making

 photo IMG_2746_zpsc36578eb.jpg
some Ambien people like eat tubs of mayo or like drive cars and dont remember
i participate in the internet and dont remember

 photo IMG_2747_zps7993866c.jpg
taking photos of the people taking photos helped me feel less touristy
and like i had friends

 photo IMG_2750_zps7e24656e.jpg
i guess it makes waking up every day an adventure

 photo IMG_2751_zps97b4e890.jpg
but not an adventure i want!

 photo IMG_2753_zps71d9519e.jpg
what ya squeezin over there?

 photo IMG_2754_zpsb158b64e.jpg
i dont actually say anything personal on my blog tho it might seem so

 photo IMG_2757_zpsfbded667.jpg
and anyone who participates in social media knows about persona vs personality

 photo IMG_2758_zps4bbae991.jpg
but i had an artist not want to be in a show because i said something snippy about their work on my blog years ago

 photo IMG_2759_zps9219d99e.jpg
and i hope i hope i didnt make others mad at me or think i suck

 photo IMG_2760_zps1007e77d.jpg
it seems such a cop out to be like “that’s not me” but my real life and my real personality are really different, even just in the fundamental way that in real life i am fairly private and fairly quiet and not the exhibitionist that performing your personality for everyone so often would necessarily suggest

 photo IMG_2763_zpsbc36a946.jpg
i think i am just mad/embarassed, madbarrassed, because i occasionally break character or something and then i worry it makes my character seem real when its not

 photo IMG_2764_zpsab42a788.jpg

 photo IMG_2766_zps83fb2f77.jpg
sorry im being vague.
i tweeted a week ago somethign mean about hating something
and in real life i dont even use the word hate, i hate hate!
i dont hate anything
except hate

 photo IMG_2767_zpsccf703fe.jpg
i tried to use the two days to just back up a step and think about some gallery business but i stepped so far back i fell into flowers

 photo IMG_2770_zpsf17cfeec.jpg
dad just sat on bench but he has seen these many years every year of his past 82 years so that is ok

 photo IMG_2772_zps5091101b.jpg
spring is for the young
or something

 photo IMG_2773_zps456662cf.jpg
but not for me

 photo IMG_2775_zps79c2701c.jpg
tree orgy, fecundity, reproduction, FLOURISHING bleh

 photo IMG_2780_zps662089f6.jpg
i feel no fellowship with man or beast

 photo IMG_2781_zpsf18782fc.jpg
i want to enjoy spring by myself
and throw my smartphone into the tidal basin

 photo IMG_2783_zps2fa50d6e.jpg
and then at the same time spring makes me have a crush on everyone walking down the street its just UGH chemical or something

 photo IMG_2788_zpsd8313a35.jpg
oh deer
as kembra would say

 photo IMG_2792_zps44992824.jpg
where is kembra i think she is in hawaii

 photo IMG_2795_zpsc63209ee.jpg
i like this cat best

 photo IMG_2796_zps2e454dc8.jpg
this one sucks
i can’t pet any of them anyway so who cares

 photo IMG_2798_zpsb40a5a8f.jpg
what good is a cat you can’t pet?

 photo IMG_2803_zps665296c5.jpg
i could extrapolate on that last question to bring up many other issues but i will refrain

 photo IMG_2805_zps09cdf2ef.jpg
i have no urge to make my feelings supersaturated
or to share anything resembling a real emotion

 photo IMG_2810_zps4216369e.jpg
in fact i have no urge to feel anything at all
i would prefer a state of non-feeling
i would prefer to pack myself into a sofa

 photo IMG_2812_zps8da177eb.jpg
but since i dont get to do that i will pack myself into gallery

 photo IMG_2815_zpsd926ff64.jpg
there is plenty of room within it for many people even besides me to get lost in it and to lose their personhood and become part of a un-individuated work blob

 photo IMG_2817_zps1c8e9085.jpg
i made un-individuated chicken ratatouille to entertain my parents

 photo IMG_2818_zps458edf84.jpg
and potatoes and goat cheese spinach salad

 photo IMG_2821_zps28c27f8b.jpg
my camera was dying so there is crappy DC graffiti but it kinda crapped out when the graffiti got good

 photo IMG_2828_zps057f84fa.jpg

 photo IMG_2829_zps9e3f83fe.jpg
ooh caught that VIZIE on the reverse!

 photo IMG_2834_zpscfae96f1.jpg
does smell

 photo IMG_2835_zps1c422db2.jpg
i always take a phtoo of this cuz it is when the train is going real slow
highlighting my worthlessness as a high speed graffiti photogrpaher

 photo IMG_2836_zps70fdc1f4.jpg
do you think this guy went to bard? do you think this guy is from laos? do you think that guy BLERRRRg

 photo IMG_2838_zpsba151424.jpg
argh! a little to quick on the click
the nekst one will be better

 photo IMG_2839_zps61ae0f9e.jpg
yuk not that

 photo IMG_2840_zpsbf7bac5b.jpg
my hand looks cool

 photo IMG_2841_zpsc4c81b01.jpg
this one!

 photo IMG_2842_zps8b3d8883.jpg
yay! so flagrant!

 photo IMG_2843_zps11bbd14e.jpg

 photo IMG_2844_zpsc1294250.jpg
ok i am satisfied

 photo IMG_2845_zpsefe44942.jpg
the demo buff
crueler than the paint buff

 photo IMG_2846_zps0c89d758.jpg
indeed i do!

 photo IMG_2848_zpsfa5ec572.jpg
saturated as in lacking a double bond


The outwork is finally in place!
the citizens are safe

 photo IMG_1459_zpsd98978bf.jpg
sorry everyone was running around screaming and on fire last two weeks

 photo IMG_1460_zps72b10e0a.jpg
found a little pile i had overlooked
in my frenzy

 photo IMG_1457_zpse7762b45.jpg
if that is the rite word for it

 photo IMG_1461_zps7e835cb8.jpg
a moment where getting through a single day seems like a catastrophe of pain

 photo IMG_1462_zps1f29ca6c.jpg
i feel that whatever hormone bath my brain was boiling in has finally boiled off and evaporated

 photo IMG_1463_zps07d8f2da.jpg
giving me back to myself

 photo IMG_1466_zpsd012ee0d.jpg
funny thing about not doing drugs is you never get to take a vacation from yourself, you are always there, with all the lights on, everything plugged in, always

 photo IMG_1470_zps11d25eaf.jpg
you feel everything
like coming off anaesthetia while surgery still in progress

 photo IMG_1471_zps25c9d309.jpg
i remember waking up after i had ACL surgery in college it was the worst experience of my life

 photo IMG_1472_zpsd4efa49e.jpg
i was freezing cold and coulnd’t get warm
i came to like mid-panic attack where i couldn’t talk and time was standing still

 photo IMG_1473_zpsa95cfc58.jpg
i thought i was dead, or dying and the time distortion was what happened to you right before you die or something

 photo IMG_1474_zpsc15c3259.jpg
thank goodness my dad was there i remember holding on to his shirt and he kept asking me if i was ok and i couldn’t talk and it felt like an eternity

 photo IMG_1576_zps6b404197.jpg
this provides only temporary relief
to the masses

 photo IMG_1598_zpsb5ef9794.jpg
this provides actual relief!

 photo IMG_1600_zps28783f8f.jpg
haha this too i guess

 photo IMG_2363_zps35188930.jpg
always good to remind self “fuck you i do what i want” sometimes when you get caught up in too many people trying to tell you how to do and be or self trying to do that to self

 photo IMGezfoto_zps222147b7.jpg
do be do be do be do

 photo IMG_2598_zps89cacc90.jpg
oh what a shit photo i am a shit

 photo IMG_2601_zps3a33c25c.jpg
KATSU sprayed the Eyebeam
and their neighbor Paula Cooper
haha Tauba is the only one they want sprayin it up over there!

 photo IMG_2602_zps05ac00e6.jpg
this is a show KATSU was in and a bunch of other hacker nerd types

 photo IMG_2614_zpsd21c43b5.jpg
Saul Lipsizm

 photo IMG_2603_zps89893469.jpg
all the works were only interesting once friend ‘splained em

 photo IMG_2604_zps78c3f10a.jpg
hacked apple store so computers on display secretly recorded shit

 photo IMG_2605_zpsf44a1bf2.jpg
got a nice search warrant for that piece!

 photo IMG_2606_zpsd7c9a7d7.jpg
I think Jesse is trying to “participate” in the show

 photo IMG_2608_zps2b0dca8e.jpg
who would ever wear this what the fuck is this

 photo IMG_2609_zpsa693dbd1.jpg
haha oops sorry !
C is going to punch you if you try to scan his face

 photo IMG_2611_zps4be5ef81.jpg
tough guy

 photo IMG_2613_zpse13e5328.jpg
Got emailed some “fame tokens” after the show
me (and Jesper show) in Time Out and KATSU on these sites


 photo IMG_2615_zpsb28da91a.jpg
then bumped into this pink blob walking home and decided to look him out for a bit

 photo IMG_2616_zps8dc2a8fc.jpg
i love walking around with my pink blob he is so fun and adorable
oh sorry i wont say that that is patronizing i will say cute as a button
no i will say smart hahaha

 photo IMG_2617_zps4ec6aa14.jpg
one flowers is happy but two or more is funeral

 photo IMG_2621_zpsbd12c352.jpg
got some Brussles Art Fair works today

 photo IMG_2625_zps45d06b37.jpg
getting really psyched!

 photo IMG_2630_zps4e97c5b5.jpg
and inventoried some spooky Matthew that I dont think you guys have seen actually

 photo IMG_2634_zps306cb14e.jpg
we are gearing up for a show at Shepard F’s gallery in LA actually May 4–shit!

 photo IMG_2636_zps39e0e636.jpg
April is going to fly by I can feel it already and ugh Brussels I remember Brussels just being pickled in strange beer and no young people anywhere

 photo IMG_2642_zps910354e2.jpg
apparently all the cool kids will be at Cologne Art Fair same time

 photo IMG_2646_zpsdc2aab5d.jpg
what is up Europe?
can’t you like plan your art fairs properly

 photo IMG_2648_zps5cc7728d.jpg
did someone miss a memo?
this work reminded me that Dante Gabriel Rossetti might be interesting to mention in the next Matthew press release

 photo IMG_2656_zpsc0390bc1.jpg
“You hardly know your own mind enough to make both your legs walk one way” i’m almost done with Silas Marner I read faster when my brain is not being boiled

 photo IMGDSC04082-1024x682_zps0908ef6a.jpg
I had to look at a LOT of cuteoverload this time, more than other times, really serious

 photo IMGDSC04120-2_zps38fe07da.jpg
“You’re a deep little puss, you are”

Here are some defensive military structures.
Tomorrow we are going to learn about some anachronistic job titles:

Trou de loup
Cheval de frise
Neck ditch
Peel tower
Punji sticks
Star fort
Wire obstacles
Spider hole
Czech hedgehog
Dragon’s teeth
Flak tower
Hesco bastion