under the rose

 photo IMG_2131_zps69ea19f3.jpg
i promise to look at other people’s art and not just mine

 photo IMG_2035_zps57502c03.jpg
like the other booths at Volta not just my awesome booth

 photo IMG_2036_zpsdfbdc784.jpg
remember him?

 photo IMG_2037_zps44904ef6.jpg
how much does this remind u of the wallpaper at Le Baron all of a sudden too?

 photo IMG_2038_zps94ba3255.jpg
where the walls have eyes
and the eyes have walls!

 photo IMG_2039_zpsbddf510d.jpg
this booth really took the seriousness out of Volta for me

 photo IMG_2040_zps1623d7fb.jpg
and at the same time who cant like it? maybe i like this shit

 photo IMG_2041_zps660890ee.jpg
i like this shit, dont know why, think it is pretty neatoo

 photo IMG_2043_zpsb64493a3.jpg
confused and intrigued a bit

 photo IMG_2044_zpsabd599b8.jpg
gettin there

 photo IMG_2045_zpsf44e4860.jpg
stupidly interesting

 photo IMG_2046_zpsd5b45ecf.jpg
silly and evocative

 photo IMG_2047_zpsfc58dd4f.jpg
ridiculous yet neato

 photo IMG_2049_zps1a1fcdf5.jpg
finalyl someone riippin off George Condo he is an under-ripped-off artist

 photo IMG_2050_zpsab509ec7.jpg
shit i was with colin but i think i cropped him out

 photo IMG_2051_zps6ff8693d.jpg
i love this piece i would love ot have this in my house

 photo IMG_2054_zpsf6fad377.jpg
pretty excited by this artist, he is really inventive and doesnt have just one trick

 photo IMG_2057_zps35735a71.jpg
this looked more like one-trick
but a good trick!

 photo IMG_2077_zpsd555a8a2.jpg
i will post all our wall labels tho since we spent so much time on them jesper and i

 photo IMG_2081_zps02917073.jpg
let’s check out more other people art tho at the Eddie Martinez “Matador” show at Journal in wburg

 photo IMG_2082_zps8f5bbfcc.jpg

 photo IMG_2083_zpsae766f25.jpg

 photo IMG_2084_zps27280a4e.jpg

 photo IMG_2085_zps53b97ec8.jpg
space was most confusing part to me, just dont see how, well, you know

 photo IMG_2087_zps222dfe11.jpg
and the cute little wood room with williams and

 photo IMG_2088_zps7aa2d008.jpg
whatever this is and

 photo IMG_2089_zpsbc44c63e.jpg
whatever this is which is adorable

 photo IMG_2090_zpsfc85773a.jpg

 photo IMG_2092_zpse57ce310.jpg
went to Peter Funch’s new house and gave him some diversion bowls from Sur La Table wish i could tel that story here

 photo IMG_2099_zps3b9737b9.jpg
wish i could tell lots of stories here that must stay sub vino

 photo IMG_2100_zps512d5c54.jpg
sub divo?

 photo IMG_2103_zpsc518a52b.jpg
hahaha i should have named this post SUB DEVO

 photo IMG_2104_zpsc5000865.jpg
ill get wittier next time i promise

 photo IMG_2105_zps97e5d501.jpg
pondering a “new abstraction” show to go here in May to be honest

 photo IMG_2106_zps76646ef9.jpg
Kavi Gupta the best gallery in Chicago could probably help me with that

 photo IMG_2107_zpsec6b9fe9.jpg
they helped me with Scott Reeder in the last one

 photo IMG_2108_zpsa951dcf8.jpg
Tony Tasset is hilarious

 photo IMG_2109_zps61a7a052.jpg
of course i read “POST GOOD” as a blog reference hahaha

 photo IMG_2110_zpscd2ff99c.jpg
this is a 70s black minimal artist who was in the first Artist Space show curated by Carl Andre and WAlter De Maria and

 photo IMG_2112_zps48bf01a5.jpg
fuck just think how many young artists rip this shit off so hard just mine the 70s sorta overlooked people and COPY EXACTLY what they did back then

 photo IMG_2113_zpsdd02babd.jpg

 photo IMG_2114_zps7ef1e022.jpg
this is bronze and shit, i got to touch it, it pays to be a curator you get to finger everything!!

 photo IMG_2115_zps15d3af00.jpg
Tal R at Bo Bjerggard

 photo IMG_2116_zps1e956aff.jpg
Bo Bjergard made fun of me for not knowing this “most famous painter in scandinavia” and then i made fun of him for being named Bo Bjergarrd

 photo IMG_2117_zps0c94f85a.jpg
shit what a shit photo of the Tal and Jules sorry

 photo IMG_2118_zps3703689c.jpg
got the dick in focus for you guys at least!

 photo IMG_2119_zps34e0137c.jpg
this stuff
this stuff never sticks

 photo IMG_2121_zps80e73396.jpg
nick cave hope this is an old one of dude is getting hella repetitive

 photo IMG_2122_zps156e1178.jpg
cecily brown monotype really beautiful

 photo IMG_2123_zps2baee4dc.jpg
mini Pilupchyuk like form the LA fair remember?

 photo IMG_2124_zps17bf7bf8.jpg
this may is a May thin, huh?

 photo IMG_2125_zps0263e3ee.jpg

 photo IMG_2126_zps33ef350f.jpg
and then i see things like this and am like

 photo IMG_2127_zps93f6819f.jpg
new abstraciton my ass

 photo IMG_2128_zpsd839c9ab.jpg
this was in LA fart fair too

 photo IMG_2129_zps72c7bb25.jpg
i woudl say it kinda is great but then i see other paintings even like Mark Flood last show that did the paint like this too but was actually ABOUT SOMETHING

 photo IMG_2130_zps47a29686.jpg
bottle knows

 photo IMG_2133_zpscb8fda91.jpg
parker ito?

 photo IMG_2132_zps7a7c6581.jpg

 photo IMG_2134_zpsd007e9d2.jpg
looks great in the flash!
flash in the pan

 photo IMG_2138_zpsbcb1ae44.jpg
i have never made a pan flash
is that even a thing?

 photo IMG_2141_zps5ca165da.jpg
i love how whatever pixelishy this is

 photo IMG_2142_zps7691c3b8.jpg
better than louie eisners very similar one because of the purposeful paint handling

 photo IMG_2143_zpsfecdbfe9.jpg
god and this is so good i am not the only one who is really blown away by things like this am i?

 photo IMG_2144_zpsa17e3608.jpg
new one too

 photo IMG_2145_zps4df61a35.jpg
keegan mchargue

 photo IMG_2146_zpsaa5e7269.jpg

 photo IMG_2147_zps89d5f981.jpg
and is this

 photo IMG_2148_zps8f6e7dc4.jpg
the natalie frank i know?

 photo IMG_2149_zps02deda22.jpg
if so i am pretty impressed

 photo IMG_2150_zps59f56690.jpg
this gallery was so funny about these works
they look awesome
peter linde busk in our show too

 photo IMG_2151_zps74cca4b8.jpg
they got all butt hurt at me over nothing

 photo IMG_2152_zps2cda0092.jpg
oh well!
nice seeing these in person again

 photo IMG_2153_zpse4a26a76.jpg

 photo IMG_2155_zpsfffa7283.jpg
oh no and then!!!
bjarne melgaard made a whole booth about mary boone

 photo IMG_2156_zpsdd9b126c.jpg
he is a big tough fisty gay if you belive his books and then to make a show about mary

 photo IMG_2157_zps13375d8d.jpg
so werid to me

 photo IMG_2159_zpsfbf646bf.jpg
because i might be

 photo IMG_2160_zps2ca9ca25.jpg
like, offended or something?
i feel funny inside i know that much

 photo IMG_2158_zpsbaa51664.jpg

 photo IMG_2162_zps3bdcb7f8.jpg
remember this painting by Iranian LA artist Tala MAdani/

 photo IMG_2163_zps815350e6.jpg
i had really wanted her in Chicken or Beef and was so disappointed

 photo IMG_2164_zps0f6aa325.jpg
man i woud lhave loved to have hung this guy

 photo IMG_2167_zps869ced95.jpg
oh well!
you have to show artists who WANT to be in your shows not twist their arms

 photo IMG_2170_zpsfd5a9ecb.jpg
this can go in Jesper’s book show maybe

 photo IMG_2173_zps1cbf4d56.jpg
this is what Wangeshi Mutu is up to now

 photo IMG_2174_zps422a1a61.jpg
not sure its any better than her first deitch thing with Chris Perez so long ago

 photo IMG_2175_zps1d584560.jpg
this i took a photo of for my own reasons and dont condone it

 photo IMG_2178_zps8b3c44e7.jpg
this is why Jeffrey used to do the armory even tho he didnt like it there

 photo IMG_2179_zpsfc66808d.jpg
this is WAY TOO BUSY why did she put all that shit at the bottom what a bad move

 photo IMG_2180_zpsb171dbc8.jpg
this Jesper liked but hmmm

 photo IMG_2181_zps845cd47a.jpg
he sees a connection between JH and BK and Street Art that I dont want to see

 photo IMG_2182_zpse10e0e06.jpg

 photo IMG_2183_zps01014976.jpg

 photo IMG_2184_zps5abb11f7.jpg
guilty pleasures

 photo IMG_2186_zpscd8319bb.jpg
Suzanne’s booth!

 photo IMG_2187_zpsfc828b46.jpg
not sure what i think
but that is a good thing!

 photo IMG_2188_zps57736575.jpg
im sure i dont like this for example

 photo IMG_2189_zpsa81a5481.jpg
im sure i dont like these too much even tho i like this artist, i dont know why i dont like os much

 photo IMG_2191_zps9bde0058.jpg

 photo IMG_2192_zps64bd96a0.jpg
this i didnt have a chance to think about because the artist was there and introduced to me and clouded my brain

 photo IMG_2193_zpsf05059f2.jpg

 photo IMG_2194_zps0eca2e34.jpg
kinda liked these works on paper i guess

 photo IMG_2195_zps818e8b04.jpg
ah whatever!

 photo IMG_2197_zps5bd0e2d2.jpg
artforum dinner was fun

 photo IMG_2198_zps4da2f894.jpg
and saw this cool Andrew Kuo in a shop walking home

 photo IMG_2199_zpse5536a2a.jpg
great art is everywhere and i am glad the fairs are takin down their tents today!

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  1. Does anyone know the name of the artist who did the dog faced-ished paintings? fourteenth slide down??? Please let me know>>>

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