heavy lady bag

i learned so many great Danish phrases this week

 photo IMG_1801_zpsa6e66403.jpg
like the word for traveling handyman who gets paid in favours

 photo IMG_1800_zpsc81211fd.jpg
caught the last day of this
there is a new one up already now
go check it out!

 photo IMG_1797_zpsbd8af93d.jpg

 photo IMG_1798_zps57b9305b.jpg
the first ever plate painting

 photo IMG_1799_zps37439e6a.jpg
the text by Allison Gingeras was really great

 photo IMG_1810_zpsf12cab93.jpg
peek at the May Holton Rower works
a whole new type of work

 photo IMG_1819_zpsdc56697e.jpg
and you thought he just poured paint!

 photo IMG_1811_zps7debf92b.jpg
I thought you might like to see Chicken or Beef curated by Jesper Elg
maybe our best show at the gallery so far, and not my doing! having to get used to that is funny

 photo IMG_1816_zpscb97931d.jpg
I have known Jesper for years and years and is probably the only person I could let do something like this

 photo IMG_1824_zps335a1aa2.jpg
he opened V1 with Peter Funch (click!) and added Mikkel and made V1 the best “young” “edgy” oh jeez gallery in Denmark the past decade (click!)

 photo IMG_1826_zpsff175cb9.jpg
they were, for example, one of the first galleries to show Banksy (click!)

 photo IMG_1829_zpsef0b6065.jpg
which I have learned not to hold against him!

 photo IMG_1833_zps33161155.jpg
and also showed Matthew Stone way before I did (still click!)

 photo IMG_1834_zps5bd73089.jpg
This exhibition is half European half American painters many of whom were new to me

 photo IMG_1835_zps213f1c4f.jpg
not Misaki tho!

 photo IMG_1836_zpsa608b210.jpg
HuskMitNavn an anonymous street artist from DK

 photo IMG_1838_zps0f5aae73.jpg
They have shown Todd James forever

 photo IMG_1839_zps3563247b.jpg
who just sold out his show at Lazarides in London this week too! (click!)
this little teacup is adorable

 photo IMG_1840_zps1faedb80.jpg
Troels Carlsen! The non-identical twin of Asger Carlsen who you know (click!)

 photo IMG_1841_zps9bdd8f87.jpg
Jesper called this “the birth of figuration” which haha i am still trying to parse

 photo IMG_1842_zpse0510541.jpg
Anna Bjerger

 photo imgUntitled-1_zps26744963.jpg

 photo IMG_1843_zpsb66bf71b.jpg
Jannis Varelas greek via vienna

 photo IMG_1844_zpsbde1602b.jpg

 photo IMG_1846_zpsb835e032.jpg
pussy power

 photo IMG_1847_zps9f5c7938.jpg
Miriam Cahn dated 1998 so odd

 photo IMG_1849_zps14bca08e.jpg
Jemima Kirke
who is on GIRLS which i havent seen but maybe now will~

 photo IMG_1851_zpsbb88783a.jpg
Ryan Schneider
who reminded me I crashed on his couch with Marcus Knupp way back when
hahaha the “blurry years”

 photo IMG_1852_zpsd2a6e4bc.jpg
cool detail

 photo IMG_1854_zpsffde6cc9.jpg
Antonio Ballester Moreno from Madrid

 photo IMG_1855_zpsb1e55e2c.jpg
reminds me of this Gelatin work we showed in 2008

 photo IMG_1856_zpsf2edfb52.jpg
Devin Troy Strother more on him shortly!

 photo IMG_1858_zpsa109f388.jpg
o jeez

 photo IMG_1860_zps42a72c7e.jpg
Anders Oinonen

 photo IMG_1861_zpsc304804a.jpg

 photo IMG_1863_zps4cd039fa.jpg
John Korner

 photo IMG_1864_zps376e2412.jpg

 photo IMG_1865_zps8cf053ff.jpg
Maya Bloch young israeli artist

 photo IMG_1866_zps764ddb73.jpg
with just adorable eyes

 photo IMG_1867_zps543f75dd.jpg
my Jules getting to be in a show fianlly!

 photo IMG_1869_zps8471309b.jpg
Rosson Crow funeral fleurs

 photo IMG_1872_zps32bae7c3.jpg

 photo IMG_1875_zps464e441b.jpg
Jocelyn Hobbie super creep

 photo IMG_1876_zpsb608e5f9.jpg

 photo IMG_1877_zps184b4aeb.jpg
gives me the willies tho

 photo IMG_1880_zps8d53170e.jpg

 photo IMG_1879_zpsdf733502.jpg
Barnaby Furnas time of the month

 photo IMG_1881_zpsc1043ddd.jpg
John Copeland

 photo IMG_1883_zps08d16293.jpg
just amazing up close
a melting hot fudge sundae

 photo IMG_1884_zpsa09111b3.jpg
eddie martinez and more on him soon too!

 photo IMG_1885_zps4d28abdb.jpg

 photo IMG_1890_zpsd86c27e9.jpg
Peter Linde Busk amazing liittle painting

 photo IMG_1891_zpsb621e912.jpg
i think i will have to post the wall texts tho so you can read a bit
next post!

 photo IMG_1892_zps34e6a1fe.jpg
Tal R “bubble”

 photo IMG_1893_zpsa8050bba.jpg
look at those little mitts

 photo IMG_1896_zpsbb579e98.jpg
allison schulnik

 photo IMG_1897_zpsdc6cc79a.jpg
what a relief!

 photo IMG_1898_zpse7eab831.jpg

 photo IMG_1900_zpsbb96ff3f.jpg
a DICK ted to love

 photo IMG_1901_zps5e193618.jpg
pube paint

 photo IMG_1903_zps7c4de4c8.jpg
Cecily Brown

 photo IMG_1904_zps7e299211.jpg
and a brown bunny

 photo IMG_1907_zps9c8d694b.jpg
love how she knows just when to stop

 photo IMG_2065_zps852fa03b.jpg
Ella Kruglyanskaya

 photo IMG_2069_zps2d700817.jpg
how do i just have details

 photo IMG_2066_zpsdb9027ec.jpg
got so excited by them i think

 photo IMG_1915_zps520466e4.jpg
anna banana
check out the shadows and the lipstick and the wow

 photo IMG_1919_zps7d1f3374.jpg
we had the funnest dinner preview and so fun we didnt stick cameras in people faces and had so many drinks and chicken AND beef and like the show half the people were new people to meet and all so nice and fun

 photo IMG_1923_zps11cba1ca.jpg
the opening the next day was full of attractive people

 photo IMG_1925_zps33a74821.jpg
and our buddy shootin some photos for the Times
coming soon i hope!

 photo IMG_1930_zps42f06b60.jpg

 photo IMG_1931_zps7431c747.jpg
Peter and his girlfriend
this is peter smiling

 photo IMG_1936_zps6eb92aca.jpg

 photo IMG_1941_zps60c71a84.jpg

 photo IMG_1943_zps09657b26.jpg

 photo IMG_1950_zps43a6055a.jpg
me and Erik Parker

 photo IMG_1952_zps20d3e9bc.jpg

 photo IMG_1954_zpsb676c64a.jpg

 photo IMG_1955_zpsb656fe5a.jpg
Red Bear and buddies

 photo IMG_1956_zpse06fb6b2.jpg

 photo IMG_1959_zps9a993685.jpg

 photo IMG_1961_zps003166b9.jpg
John Copeland and his piece

 photo IMG_1965_zpsbfb5f055.jpg

 photo IMG_1971_zps6fdeac09.jpg

 photo IMG_1973_zpse4aaa17c.jpg
a lot of awkward looking faces in one photo, thanks Anita

 photo IMG_1974_zpsf0084d98.jpg

 photo IMG_1976_zpsbea676c0.jpg
oh boy

 photo IMG_1977_zps929e3465.jpg

 photo IMG_1979_zpsb6bd994f.jpg

 photo IMG_1982_zps59f0841f.jpg

 photo IMG_1985_zps216078b2.jpg

 photo IMG_1986_zps4f1e0e37.jpg
Rosson and her date!
i love it

 photo IMG_1987_zpsa72cf9bd.jpg

 photo IMG_1988_zps9763c483.jpg
Timmy B

 photo IMG_1990_zpsda6f5781.jpg
Everyone coming from Armory our way commented on how many big paintings we had, more than the whole armory

 photo IMG_1991_zps3c3519b8.jpg

 photo IMG_1992_zpsecb263f2.jpg

 photo IMG_1994_zpse3d06597.jpg
thanks to anita for shooting all this so i could run around

 photo IMG_2003_zpsfa49aabc.jpg

 photo IMG_2027_zpsb39a205c.jpg

 photo IMG_2033_zps52d49d9c.jpg
our RVCA buddies

 photo IMG_2023_zps22810c83.jpg
Absolut Vodka sponsored the events and made sure we all had fun

 photo IMG_2032_zpsefa057e1.jpg
packed my purse with bottles for the afterparty

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