poor queechy things


 photo IMG_0146_zps56362aad.jpg
jeez lois

 photo IMG_0147_zps85832d50.jpg
this is me sitting in car while my buddy “leaves his mark” near BAM

 photo IMG_1441_zps8b00bd9f.jpg
i helped joe move again

 photo IMG_1442_zps6a0658e2.jpg
he is lookin for a bed stuy brownstone!
get at him!

 photo IMG_1444_zpsc0c5be56.jpg
ooh whats this

 photo IMG_1480_zpsabb71739.jpg
i am a cream puff

 photo IMG_1485_zpsfa428e62.jpg
we are doing a NYFW show!

 photo IMG_1487_zps2550f5fe.jpg
NSFW no not really

 photo IMG_1498_zps54446698.jpg
ThreeAsFour is safe for work!

 photo IMG_1500_zps44093394.jpg

 photo IMG_1503_zps958af794.jpg

 photo IMG_1504_zpsd6469526.jpg

 photo IMG_1505_zps91710244.jpg

 photo IMG_1506_zpsf8734382.jpg

 photo IMG_1507_zps57df7de0.jpg

 photo IMG_1508_zps56b5c15c.jpg
this is a weird one

 photo IMG_1510_zps55d66622.jpg

 photo IMG_1511_zps967cb8eb.jpg

 photo IMG_1512_zps8e3b3ad2.jpg
caught andre on his cell!

 photo IMG_1513_zps16b3f4f4.jpg

 photo IMG_1514_zps0a78514c.jpg
my focus is stuck in the middle distance

 photo IMG_1518_zps19b685a1.jpg
i am a queechy thing

 photo IMG_1520_zpsa27b85b2.jpg
skinny people look good in clothes

 photo IMG_1522_zpsdfb69512.jpg
dahn dahn dahn DAHN

 photo IMG_1529_zps321e8037.jpg
check this out
i dare you to figure out how MALVO got up there

 photo IMG_1530_zpsfb964318.jpg
bring out the big guns

 photo IMG_1531_zps704da880.jpg
hahah seeder said “hey come out iwht me i wanna try out some new flares” and i was like yeah you should flare out your pieces, ad then when we went out he painted all these flowers and clearly mean FLOWERS not FLARES OMG

 photo IMG_1532_zps145fda1d.jpg

 photo IMG_1533_zpsee6e18ae.jpg
Valentines Day Inconveniences

 photo IMG_1535_zps290b5bac.jpg

 photo IMG_1536_zpsfc607f78.jpg
so much scribblin

 photo IMG_1540_zps5497e8e8.jpg
this was last night (am i missing photos?)

 photo IMG_1538_zpsd7ad15a6.jpg
emerald and laura opened a gallery on delancey!

 photo IMG_1539_zps24019c5f.jpg
dee and ricky first show
i wish i had taken more photos
sorry guys!

 photo IMG_1542_zps7d51d78a.jpg

 photo IMG_1543_zps30caaf2c.jpg
did this later

 photo IMG_1544_zps3d07c555.jpg

 photo IMG_1545_zps4bc5d669.jpg

 photo IMG_1546_zpse5c08d93.jpg
cool shading

 photo IMG_1547_zpse2997917.jpg
cool kathying

 photo IMG_1548_zpsb6b37e0f.jpg
easy come easy go

 photo IMG_1549_zps0b529ee3.jpg
there are a lot of them

 photo IMG_1550_zps4a80d369.jpg
go! get better

 photo IMG_1551_zps115a70e2.jpg
today i walked around with Stefan ato check out show

 photo IMG_1552_zps4ebf5533.jpg

 photo IMG_1553_zps72285401.jpg

 photo IMG_1554_zps3e238d06.jpg

 photo IMG_1555_zps566f1ada.jpg

 photo IMG_1556_zpsc26a85f9.jpg

 photo IMG_1557_zps1987a1e1.jpg

 photo IMG_1558_zps573df446.jpg
there’s no crying in baseball

c photo IMG_1560_zps23ade6f4.jpg

 photo IMG_1561_zpsca4bd03a.jpg
stefan’s parents invented this

 photo IMG_1562_zpse6b6ee64.jpg
who doesn’t love a mirror piece

 photo IMG_1563_zpsc29c3910.jpg

 photo IMG_1564_zpsc71534ce.jpg

 photo IMG_1565_zps673f13b3.jpg

 photo IMG_1566_zps9795d020.jpg

 photo IMG_1567_zps422236a6.jpg
toomer labzda

 photo IMG_1568_zpse49878cb.jpg
couldnt get a photo that night so here you go todaY!

 photo IMG_1570_zpsd138ad53.jpg
ok mickelene thomas at proposition

 photo IMG_1571_zpsad7d10a1.jpg
ALL of this shit is on sale

 photo IMG_1572_zpse6b1804b.jpg
im about to buy the shit out of htis show

 photo IMG_1573_zpscb9a22f6.jpg
starting with this piece!
dont go there
i want to buy all myself

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