squid pro quo

a posse ad esse!

from possibility to reality!!!

got a little more esse to assay, ese
a posteriori
rosson’s last day of show saturday
eavesdropping on this skater kids talking about her work
they stayed for like half an hour!
ab absurdo, ad absurdo
there is no good rationale for waiting in line for pricey treatlets at magnolia
ab extra
you will need to do some extra ab work after these
amor omnibus idem:
im sorry this post is half latin
i am really into latinate expressions right now and have been reading up
ars longa vita brevis!
oh wait i have a better one:
cacoethes scribendi 🙂
asinus asinum fricat: the jackass rubs the jackass
so rosson and suzanne had this great closing party at suzannes loft saturday
it involved, for some inscrutible reason, these 10ft sandwiches
audax at fidelis
one of suzannes three cats scrambling to get away from:
audere est facere
there is no good description of her insane performance so until i upload this huge video just look at the photos and try to imagine what she is singing and saying
caveat carmen!
coitus interruptus
try to imagine her running her fingers through ben jones’ hair
collige virgo rosas!
not unrelated
corpus delicti
corpus delecti??
credo quia absurdum est
you have to imagine her going up to hula hoopin Malcom in the middle of a song and saying, rapturously, “you look just like avatar”
and then grabbing him up onto stage
by the butt
my dad’s favourite he used to say to me and my brother all the time and is appropriate here: de gustibus non est disputandum!
e unibus plurum 🙂 courtesy david foster wallace
et tu, brute? see previous post
ex cathedra; dont know why i love this one so much
makes me think of catheters
and that IS an adult diaper around her leg
there is a whole other second act too
one day i will be able to post some of her lyrics or banter properly
songs about this popular guy in highschool who dated her because he heard she was a slut but woudlnt take her out into public and gave her an STD, a song about how large and in charge she is, a song about this guy dumping her with his facebook status update on valentines day and the ensuing drinking/humping of that night
sandwich ex machina!
after everyone left we thought we would have some personal time with the sandwich
habeus sandwich!
how many more latin sandwich expressions can i dig up?
pro boner?
that is not about sandwiches
diem perdidi
we slayed the sandwich but could not vanquish it
veni vidi vici!
sandwich vincit omnia!
ex nihilo nihil fit: see also “twice as much as nothing at all is still nothing at all”
ok i promise no more latin
i wish i had taken latin insteada french in elementary school
how more annoying a nerd kid would i have been? wow
rosson told me the name of this cat and it is hilarious and i just cant remember it to save my life
semper letteris mandate!
shut up kathy shut up kathy
speaking of writing
since brendan fowler sprayed my name 8 feet long on bedford ave in 2003 there is nothing that makes me stupidly happy more than someone spraying my name on a building
i dont care how much of a ding dong that makes me
i wish i had the balls some girls have to do it themselves
but i am too old to grow those balls, alas
morte magis metuenda senectus: old age should rather be feared than death
this is my favourite picture in this blog
rosson took me for squishy since i was broke
two days till pay day!
had a mushed peanut butter and jelly sandwich outta my purse today
or VIZ as it is abbreviated
what is this?
oh its just abby brooklyn bowling birthday
(i won)
(i annoyed everyone by calling that to their attention)
rosson made nick “twilight” on the board
he hated it
hands under high speed dryer:
obit anus, abit onus
that’s schopenhauer i think
this morning: out with the floss in with the jules!
well well acta non verba starting….NOW!

not boring

that is my new defense of everything

why are you hanging out with that dude?
why are you friends with that girl?
why do you hang out there?
why did you do that you freak?
all this and more can be answered by “well its not boring”
this girl is not boring
i met her outside ryans opening she is amazing!
the T magazine thingie he talks about her and how crucial she was to making this series of photos i found it really great
i feel like i know this guy. amazing
i think i know this girl from facebook?
how did ryan keep his camera working with all the drool there must have been everywhere
suzanne rosson and i had salads and came to see the TEAM without being full of team
antibiotics and white beer en route to tomoo opening
how old do you think this thing is?
this first
chris johanson selected this artist to do a show
dignity and restraint!

that went out the window huh?
i love him he is so much fun im so annoyed i didnt get to hang out with him
and his friend taka to the left and of course erik we know and love
the paintings were odd
stencily but oddly interesting spray and imagery, nip slip punk zine what is going on
bill brady!
andrew guenther had the minispace behind it
face plate plant
one of andrew’s tattoos!

not boring
then suzanne took us to queens to this italian grocery where at night they put out tables and candles and have a restaurant
with opera singers!!

not boring
rosson’s food came out of this cheese wheel!

also not boring!
wait lemme upload rosson’s cameraphotos they are better than mine:

had some interesting conversations here, to say the least
not boring!

woke up all like
saw my favourite truck again
went to my childhood friend Sarah Perpich’s 30th birthday dinner and party last night so cute and fun!

i really like her parents and they havent changed a bit in 15 years and her dad delivered the cutest speech about her and all these things that i remember about her from 3rd grade and so cute was dying
that’s her and her boyfriend phillip
we went to this club on the bowery after but it was too dark and vondkaish in there to get good photos
i picked up one of sarah’s friends who said she used to be a raver and went to brooklyn
to Kenny Scharff’s COSMIC CAVERN!!

immortalized by rosson in one of her paintings if you remember
fucking are you kidding how cool is this place
scott ewalt
creator of the cock and djing the disco
look at that guy on the left
look directly at it i dare you
dude kenny is a dance machine
i love everyone’s energy!
i love Many Diverse Manly Advances
that is an acronym folks
look how terrifying it looks with the flash
you must stay in the zone
you must not flash
harness your hopes to the folks with the liquor with the ropes
they’ve got everything you will ever need stored under the chair
this is sarah’s friend carloyn i brought with me
how cute is this bundle?
this lady
its almost fivvvvvveeeeeeee
me when i got home
is “not boring” really a good criterion to go through life wielding?

if all you ever do is business you don’t like

maybe i should just turn this fucking thing into a graffiti blog jesse
i just wanna walk around in the pouring rain and see new tags
i started to do a murdered umbrella carnage series because i loved pat’s so much, but there is no way i could top his and stopped with this wet one
have i put aurel’s historical plaque on the blog before?
have i put her weird sex shop on it?
See my tailor, he’s called Simon, I know it’s going to fit!
this was a confusing thing i did what saturday?
it was a magazine release but with printouts of i dont know and we just went because max was involved and it was his last night. bye max!!!! come back soon
i accidentally took a photo of that green tag and then like magic he appeared!
aurel’s house
i walk by clinton street bakery all the time and finally just went in for breakfast and oh my effing god this was the best breakfast on the planet. $13? i swear it was worth it.
meat ‘n’ potatoes at LIT i think it was?
i bought a new belt
ebay let me go back on ebay! i am no longer banned
just kidding i made up a whole fake new everything because i just want to buy weird clothes on ebay and i couldnt wait for them to release me from ebay jail
LUCIEN we kind of made a mess of things there, but they forgave us
ahhh the elusive silver fill white outline
looks so good! why dont more people do this its so prettttty
crocuses! the one day before they get stomped and then shit on 
Here’s a little piece of advice
You’re quite welcome it is free
Don’t do nothing that is cut price
You know what that’ll make you be
They will try their tricky device
Trap you with the ordinary
Get your teeth into a small slice
The cake of liberty

reachy kisses

a pair of em!

i forgot to take photos the past couple days except of graffiti
so there i dont care
i love this
me at bacaro last night with abby
i paid a psychic five bucks to tell her her future but she was too drunk to remember what the lady told her
she remembered to steal tim’s hat for the rainy walk home though!
fucking soaked through to my underwear walking to work
this cheered me up
there’s something perversely gratifying about walking to work in a rainstorm when you are intensely hungover
the dehydration wrought by the alcohol and things makes you mega hydrophylic; you want rain to pour down your face and into your mouth. you may not realize that overtly, but it lends this appeal to the world around you that you can’t quite put your finger on
meditate on this for a minute!
oo a rosson made it in here, spraying paper for book project
she is in LA for 10 days! 
me and my blog are going to shrivel up and die
but lo!
rosson gave me her memory card a bit back and my computer uploaded way more than she bargained for! 
we probably have enough secret rosson to keep us busy alll rainy march!
alright so “lest” this turn into a graffiti blog, or a purely rosson blog, here is a great art photo project jaimie warren did on a recent trip to India. you all remember her, right? the best. 
kathy projects!!! that is what i am going to blurt out now when i like something.
a whole lot of “taking it there”
a whole lot of found awesomeness, a whole lot of created awesomeness
not PC but not like not PC right? what is up in that area?
let’s ravel all this matter out

the big dirty

spencer brownstone has this great show up you should go there
guess what you get to do with these?
smash the state! FTL! or something
feels good to smasssshhhhhh things
dying a friend’s hair black gave me Amy Winehouse hands
abby bough me some st patricks day drinks and saved my struggling butt yesterday
fun with bar napkins
bar mitzfah napkins?
fun with spray
fun on canal
JR is a hairball of fun
stealthy fun with the roll down gates down
helicocksuckers followin me!
or maybe just in my head

large and in charge

is knight flipping me off??
i had so much fun last night and didnt take many pictures
you get what you get 
teddy made that awesome dress tracy engman is wearing but meghans dress is pretty asesome as well
these guys said they were my facebook friend
they look awesome can we be friends in real life??
i love rosson in this photo
i was drunk when i woke up and texted rosson I LOVE YOU apparently

look at the waitresses
this is the view while you peee
or maybe this is smoking
i like this blurry photo
those are rosson’s parents!
this camera! has been missing the best parts of things 
why is it blurring the shit out of everything?
i am a camera tard i need a camera that does everrrrryyything for me
caught some boob grabbin
caught suzanne at terences!
caught this in my hallway at 7am coming home what is up with life recently???
tomorrow you get some of rosson’s photos maybe they will fill in some gaps
and maybe some better analysis if i dont pickle my brain again tonight

march hair

The March Hare will be much the most interesting, and perhaps as this is May it won’t be raving mad — at least not so mad as it was in March

first photo on the new camera

march is fucking madness in the artworld
when a biennial meets the armory and is flanked by rosson and dakis, there is what some might call a perfect storm

im going to the armory in like 30 min at which point i will feel even more like death
for now we can stand in a crowded elevator together

lets see how many photos i could sneak before my “artistic voice was stifled”

love this piece

art camo
where did rosson go?
we started calling tauba TAUERBACH which for some reason we find hilarious

best gillian wearing ever

i dont know why him posing with art is so funny but it is
ive seen photos of this piece but in person!
christ on a cracker

i think the only person in his whole collection i dont like is mark manders
oh wait who made this piece?
whoever made this piece, i did not like this piece

great of these


best altmejd
but dare i ask
where is the nut guard????

ooo i wish i could have just hung out with this piece the whole time

there were tons of amazing works i wasnt wily enough to snag photos of
best new museum show ever!!!!

not because im biased

i do love the new museum bathrooms though
all of them

the party at the bowery hotel was so nice with fancy food everywhere, open bar, all the fancy people
had one million conversations
highlights: eivind from oslo telling me new york is lame and my friends and scene are lame, tony shafrazi, he is like a party animal version of jeffrey to me, abby and thalia, andreas’ brother!!! how have i never met him before?? Addy, whose full greek name is too hard for me to pronouce/remember who is super nice, jules, aurel, francesco being a perv, dennis, david lachapelle, i dont know! people people everywhere

i tried to take a photo of david velasco dancing because he is always on the other end of the camera and was killing it on the dancefloor but oh well, failed by a flail

aurel and threeasfour and some others “hosted” a party at santos

this disco ball is amazing

this made me feel extra hungover this morning
psssssst! do you know rosson’s show is tomorrow?

paige looks slamming in this sprouse 

rosson pat fields haring with haring
we took lots of jumping photos wait

there we go!