snow job

i am a woman of few words today
hasty pudding
aurel finished her huge Whitney Biennial drawing and now can join the world!
i got to look through her sex book that is finally out!
you have to buy the new issue of PURPLE to get it though
i took the one on the left
the one of sean is just hilarious
you all remember this one
going for it
aurel is not afraid of going for it
of course Olivier worked himself into the project
qu’elle suprise!
the magazine of course had familiar faces as well
like donald’s exceptionally cute face
charlie and leo
lucien drew this
my favourite piece of art he’s made actually
aurel and i made quite a night of things on wednesday
LIT until way late
aurel and i were kinda mean to this dude
but then after i left i think she was nice to him
pretty good drawing for fucking-sun-coming-up in the morning

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