i made a new joke but now i cant remember it.

i have literally 7 pens in my purse at all times you would think it would dawn on me to write shit like that down


i was typing a pro forma invoice yesterday and accidentally wrote PERFORMA INVOICE at the top of it
i did! art joke art joke


the lamest of art jokes. i went to eddie martinez’ opening at zieher smith

they now have one of the top art spaces in chelsea

this wes lang paintings was in the office area

i liked it!

the next opening i had to go all the way uptown last night

remember when i used to have meeting here?
i do

whee now we are at Todd James’ opening

look who’s pooting 2

whoah i havent seen Alika since 2004. whoah
that is amy from LOYAL on left and laura from Dearraindrop on right

todd signing a line of kids with books
good show!
odd execution maybe
but im not sure what i mean by that

i want that book on the right. i wonder if patrick has ever seen it
maybe i can get him a third and even more pathetically redundant christmas gift

look how excited rosson is about this 1945 wallpaper
we went to GINOS a few blocks away a very old italian restaurant

look! still excited this time about linguine

then this place around the corner
both destinations were off of Suzanne’s secret list of old new york
2 for 2!

i got a call from Christophe while we were up there inviting us to a party and i though, heck why not!

this picture she had on the wall i couldn’t resist taking a photo of. oh its so cute


we went to this photographer’s party to celebrate his 1 year anniversary of surviving the hudson river plane crash remember???
he told us his story in graphic detail it was so dramatic
amanda lepore was there and looked so awesome i thought my camera would explode if i took her picture
rosson is frowning because christophe told her she was loud and “should work on that”
oh shit! christophe always speaks her mind i can tell you that

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