the cashmere of wheats

this is a rosson guest blog
including the title which apparently i texted her last night while reading my Triscuits box

i dont know where i left my effing camera
if you see it let me know

see? other people take photos of their beautiful sushi

today was like underpants on the subway day did anyone else see this?

rosson has a new haircut

we rode around all of downtown looking for an interesting subway station for rosson to paint

we ate at Schillers which made rosson want to do ANOTHER restaurant painting

the deli cooks bacon all night by my house
there are smells

i gave rosson some of my clothes that i dont wear

socks: model’s own

so in other news, there is other news i cant discuss yet
but i wanted to communicate my anxiety and feelings in some way
how about a Commodore 64 screen grab visual essay?

i dont know how this fits actually

hmm i dont know how elucidating that was
let me try illustrating it with a cuteoverload photo:

anxiety cat with thermometer up its butt
if this isnt workin for you just try googling things related to me and you can read the full goss on gawker

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I am the owner of downtown contemporary art center THE HOLE! I am arts editor at i-D magazine I paint paintings and curate art shows all around

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