as i nodded nearly napping

dash’s dad called me out on facebook for partying too much
it was weird
that was a weird sentence to type
with that in the back of my mind, here is this goth disco party Rosson and Abby and i went to tuesday
i forget the band’s name. scott knew them of course. shit i am going to have to google it
Salem and a band called Gatekeeper
abby got confused and thought it was a vampire goth party
we got bored and took lots of fog machine photos
i see No Bra
i got really attached to this itchy awful thing i found in the lost and found
i was kind of a mess to be honest
michael stipe and his boyfriend came
his boyfriend’s show opens tonight at ENVOY b t dubs
woo woo
they were pretty good
there was a wee bit of white rapping though
which embarrassed abby
i found this in the pee place
then nextdoor to another party
terence cant be in brooklyn too long
we had to flee before he disintegrated
end of blog day 1
you belong to the city now
got outta work early to go to Armory for kembra shoot!
oh my!
kembra is making this FEMLIN book that is going to be great and conscipted me JR and this girl Emily into modeling for some photos
the blog gets really T and A here so if that is upsetting, please hit BACK on your browser now
look how serious this shoot was!
kembra is seriously art directing
eric and a karen blackberry
the photographer Andrew was really good at photography
ive never met someone who actually like knows about how to take photos, despite knowing a billion photographers
and there were lots of gays around holding flash box thingies and pulling ropes and telling jokes it was fun!
this looks kinda evil
they wrapped eric in a blanket and had this girl essentially sit on his balls and stick her heels in his face
i kept having to shoot this “doughnut eating photo” she wanted and kembra thought it was hilarious
i hate doughnuts
should i send this to
i should send JR to
she was the cutest GOKB!
one of the photographers had a serious stitches situation from a rosemary chopping accident
van ride home
dont we look evil?
you cant see me but i look like this essentially:

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