i never gave you aught

who can resist looking back? who can resist INS and OUTS and TOP TEN lists and BEST OF ? i can. but here are some photos from the last year that make me happy

this was new year’s 2009

the show we had up then

the pending inauguration

the cold

the old apartment

the YMCA

the dinner party that made us finally decide to move out

looking at new places

ben’s show

made me happy

i made this for patrick’s mom

now it makes me sad

best of the get a rope show

i had a show last janurary too

best zine of 2009: pat with his mom’s censorship

best part of the get a rope zine: aurel drama

best pud: patrick griffin

movin out

in 2009 i liked pretending i was a boy on 12oz for a while until patrick outed me

the armoire

best food of 2009: patrick homemade beer pizza

cutest photo of pat 2009

second cutest

third cutest

cute except we are in PA for my grandma’s funeral

best breakfast: at kate’s house!

best opera: il tiempo del postino

best mean cat domination: kembra

hottest photo of 2009

best photo shoot

funnest night: athens w andreas

local pool

favourite website: cuteoverload.com

best tshirt 2009
i hope jeffrey doesnt read this

best magazine spread 2009

best bun 2009

best thing that was lost 2009

best book 2009

favourite aurel photo 2009

best regular party Arrow Bar 2009

best band 2009

best show 2009!!!!

best new collaborator 2009

best …. i dont know what. best most intensest human shredding and reconfiguring emotional show 2009?


best performance 2009

tied for best performance 2009 actually!

best piece 2009

best character 2009

best kembra photo 2009

best birthday party 2009

best skinnydippin 2009

best addition to new york 2009!!!

best wedding 2009

best note 2009

thats it

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