they just lost

its ok. they still will probably make the playoffs
what am i saying i have no idea i dont watch football

where are we?
it should be morning

harper’s ferry is pretty

it is where john brown’s last stand was
it is where lewis and clark kicked off their big hike!

my parents had some pretty photos on their camera

this reminds me of sifting flour into the gingerbread cookie mix

my dad always makes gingerbread cookies over christmas
more on that later

ok the dome mural

i made mural

dad made gingerbreads

by the end of the day there was this!
and cookies

my brother wanted something winter-y and japanese-y
the only part i got to do do was the sky
worth it!
kept me distracted from thinking about all the reasons i have to be miserable in 2009
which i promise not to bore you with on new years if i see you
seriously. i promise not to talk about any of my problems i promise to just drink and dance with you
so call me!

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