amour propre

i am behind

i am a behind

i am watching monday night football
i fucking love watching football

brett favre please marry me
you have one play left
think about it and get back to me later

we are in new york for like three seconds still

long enough to eat sushi

with rafael who you all know as the New York Minute exhibition designer

seriously brett favre you have one play 4th and goal
i am thinking of you

i cant think straight until he wins

!!!! oh he is the best! they got a touchdown i cant believe it!!!!

its going to overtime
now everyone is going to want to marry brett favre so i will have to wait again

whatever i can wait
i promise to wait for you

WHAT are we still doing in the #$%^ing bathroom at Takahatchi?

damiana was in town and aurel is behind the camera
i got that moustache at juicy lucy’s
i think after i saw this photo i threw it in the snow

i finished this real fast

ding im done! go home

going home


i composed this mural for my brother for a christmas present and then my computer froze RIGHT as i was pulling into DC
before i saved it
so i had to photo the screen
anyone ever done that before?



my dad said “if just one blossom had opened people should see it as a miracle”

im taking pictures of nothing someone give me a task

yay! billy took me to Virginia wine tours

its cool its not lame

its not lame
today is opposite day

two sides of the same hay

the stupid bears are about to get a field goal
is this sudden death or what?

looks like we are going to have to walk the last mile!

we made it!

if he gets this field goal brett favre is going to be so sad tonight!

he missed it!!!! oh he missed it

are you enjoying my play by play?
which will be totally uninteresting by the time i post this

like everything

i dont know
ive had so much time to myself the past handful of days
my parents provide no real convsation as they are really old
my brother has his own things going on

i am alone
in a heat lamp shower area

i am a monster

billy made me dinner at his dome

shit these photos are out of order
all ive done is go to WV house and work on the mural and then come home

i think this is the end of Day 1 of painting?

we got a beer at the irish pub near my house and bumped into an old high school art teacher
and my brother talked to every single person in there

i dont know what to say
i dont like intruding in other people’s realities
i feel like everything i say is bragging
i feel like i am just feigning interest and they know it

that is why i am a log that stands alone

that is why i am a shoe that stands alone

that is why i am a
you get it

this one is really obvious also

check out my wedgie
the fucking Vikings just fumbled

we went to Walmart to get some white oil based enamel

not pictured

billy made me nice dinner again
how can you be sad with a brother like that?

finished the sky and so ends day 2
i will have to make another post because my mom just rain out onto the porch to chase racoons
photo op!

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