thanks rosson!

so this is the next morning

ben and that girl behind him kept BBMing eachother during lunch

im hungry and these food images are REALLY gratifying

a new greenie for me

this is NADA
which was “eh”

i hope someone bought that

i like this guy and i keep forgettting his name or to go to his shows or studio or anything

there was a lotta “canvas as art”

which for the record is not cool

why do i take photos of things like this

or this

i kinda liked these

another geometric rosson

ooo pelicans

i was gonna go fishin with kehinde but he said the weather was too bad

he was right!

i made it to OHWOW before the deluge
to see what they said was “better than the first IT AINT FAIR”

andrew kuo

brian degraw

lizzi and rita

dave sherry’s room

ick autolevels ruined the julia chiang room

here is a better photo

they have a skate ramp now

and an uholy mess
im gonna make the murals a seperate post so i dont get myself all turned around one sec

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