they just lost

its ok. they still will probably make the playoffs
what am i saying i have no idea i dont watch football

where are we?
it should be morning

harper’s ferry is pretty

it is where john brown’s last stand was
it is where lewis and clark kicked off their big hike!

my parents had some pretty photos on their camera

this reminds me of sifting flour into the gingerbread cookie mix

my dad always makes gingerbread cookies over christmas
more on that later

ok the dome mural

i made mural

dad made gingerbreads

by the end of the day there was this!
and cookies

my brother wanted something winter-y and japanese-y
the only part i got to do do was the sky
worth it!
kept me distracted from thinking about all the reasons i have to be miserable in 2009
which i promise not to bore you with on new years if i see you
seriously. i promise not to talk about any of my problems i promise to just drink and dance with you
so call me!

amour propre

i am behind

i am a behind

i am watching monday night football
i fucking love watching football

brett favre please marry me
you have one play left
think about it and get back to me later

we are in new york for like three seconds still

long enough to eat sushi

with rafael who you all know as the New York Minute exhibition designer

seriously brett favre you have one play 4th and goal
i am thinking of you

i cant think straight until he wins

!!!! oh he is the best! they got a touchdown i cant believe it!!!!

its going to overtime
now everyone is going to want to marry brett favre so i will have to wait again

whatever i can wait
i promise to wait for you

WHAT are we still doing in the #$%^ing bathroom at Takahatchi?

damiana was in town and aurel is behind the camera
i got that moustache at juicy lucy’s
i think after i saw this photo i threw it in the snow

i finished this real fast

ding im done! go home

going home


i composed this mural for my brother for a christmas present and then my computer froze RIGHT as i was pulling into DC
before i saved it
so i had to photo the screen
anyone ever done that before?



my dad said “if just one blossom had opened people should see it as a miracle”

im taking pictures of nothing someone give me a task

yay! billy took me to Virginia wine tours

its cool its not lame

its not lame
today is opposite day

two sides of the same hay

the stupid bears are about to get a field goal
is this sudden death or what?

looks like we are going to have to walk the last mile!

we made it!

if he gets this field goal brett favre is going to be so sad tonight!

he missed it!!!! oh he missed it

are you enjoying my play by play?
which will be totally uninteresting by the time i post this

like everything

i dont know
ive had so much time to myself the past handful of days
my parents provide no real convsation as they are really old
my brother has his own things going on

i am alone
in a heat lamp shower area

i am a monster

billy made me dinner at his dome

shit these photos are out of order
all ive done is go to WV house and work on the mural and then come home

i think this is the end of Day 1 of painting?

we got a beer at the irish pub near my house and bumped into an old high school art teacher
and my brother talked to every single person in there

i dont know what to say
i dont like intruding in other people’s realities
i feel like everything i say is bragging
i feel like i am just feigning interest and they know it

that is why i am a log that stands alone

that is why i am a shoe that stands alone

that is why i am a
you get it

this one is really obvious also

check out my wedgie
the fucking Vikings just fumbled

we went to Walmart to get some white oil based enamel

not pictured

billy made me nice dinner again
how can you be sad with a brother like that?

finished the sky and so ends day 2
i will have to make another post because my mom just rain out onto the porch to chase racoons
photo op!


i’m so cold and tired where did the last blog end?

what of the endless number of holiday parties was it?
which of the times ive been wasted in the past two weeks was it?
i feel like this
at least there are more studio visits to keep me active
this is eric parker’s studio
these works are bound for…brussels was it?
ooo painted sides
it sounds weird but the works really came alive when he put on these afrobeat records
go to whatever site has things like that and put something on when you look at this
i promise!
so i was so in my own world that i didnt even hear it was going to snow and just walked outside one afternoon and was like what ย the ย fuck
its great to be suprised by snow~!
i went back inside and finished this bad boy
do you like it???
oops maybe i posted this already tho…
did i?
gettin hectic out there!
rosson came over and we braved the elements to go to Scott Campbell’s holiday party
i stopped to take a photo before i helped her
does that mean im going to burn in hell?
penthouse view
watching the wind whip around the whatever-eth floor of the smythe hotel was pretty awesome
agyness deyn and matt dillon and phillip seymour hoffman were there (not pictured)
some weird LA band played
scott didnt even know what was going on at his own party
then mark ronson djed thank god because we were about to leave
there were lots of weird celebrities there and like no art people except for nate and hannah
its funny how out of my element i feel when out of the safe art world crowd
rosson thinks ronson is cute
just as we got into the subway this guy barfed this stiff pile and then staggered away. i think he saw me take a picture of his barf. i wonder how that made him feel
i see you!
the walk home is always the least fun part
just me
in my elevator in my needlessly fancy building
good morning!
boy Patrick would have loved the dog park today
he was shy and weirded out by the snow and didnt want to fetch
quick enjoy the snow before it turns black and gross!
ooOOOo now im in rosson’s studio at 102 N 1st deitch
a sneak peak at her in a sec
first we go to suzanne’s holiday party!
fun with her art collection
her boyfriend and some friends played some impromptu music and the lady was really funny and i wish they had played all night!
sneak peak
is it annoying that i am spelling it like that now?
adam dugas is in there somewhere
now we are at
look at my PBR
ooo autolevels
now we are at .. it starts with a T…. Tundra? no whatever that bar Sarah Foster works at sometimes around the corner from Jules’ building in bushwich
um i guess this is the next day?
i am a painting machine and am almost done with THIS one too!
the forehead eye area i havent finished is the best part. its all bold orange video lines. you will see. yay!
now is a good place for some rosson sneak peeeeek real fast!
is that…. the NEST show????


the occhiombra does not in any way interfere with the wearing of spectacles

this photo makes me sad
good thing i am so busy doing crap!
small glimpses only
eddie martinez’ show is january at zieher smith
i got some sneaky peekies
ive been to so many studios lately!
its the best!
this is a book at Spoonbill Spoonbill made about books
yay! someone bought panic room!!!
who is this girl
then i made a pintar!
disregard the red area, it is just taped off while i complete that side
im pretty excited about it
and this new book and wait just wait!!!!
in the past 30 min here at work i got:
-christmas bonus
-free Mamas food
-reprinted the NEW YORK MINUTE ZINE MEGAMIX zine!
what a morning
and today i actually mean morning!

bladder green

who pooped on the calendar this month stinks!

everyone is complaining THIS YEAR SUCKED or even many magazines THIS DECADE SUCKED and its really not gratifying to hear

i mean, MY year sucked fuck whoever you guys are.
i feel competitive about the sucky year department and dont wanna hear how bad your year was

if you had a bad year, go tell your mom. if you tell me about it, i will tell you to fuck off

it’s too early to talk about that stuff anyway we havent even made it through christmas
anyone confused about what to get me see the above

here we are at the dinner for Josh Smith at LIC deitch

the food didnt really match the scene to me
but maybe i dont know much about josh smith and his scene

my pictures are not cool. i was too hungry and cold


i know the title of this blog is gross. i almost called it REALGAR AND RED ORPIMENT
i guess put them both together for some fun festive christmas colors

warming fluid?

it was fun though
jeffrey gave a funny speech and then josh gave a funny speech

there are lots more! i will have to take better photos next time

aurel with the angry kale
or angry oak we couldnt decide

le voila

went up to taylor’s studio before i left


faces of 2009

this was me this morning walking to work

why do i even say morning anymore? it was the fucking afternoon

this drink was really good

another game of “try to take a photo of jules where he doesnt look scary”


boy that bar is going to be bummed at us

the next morning i mean afternoon

went to Evan Gruzis’ studio
what a subway stop!

its beautiful

many smells along the way


evan is preparing for a solo show with Andreas Melas in greece!

i wont spoil it but there were lots of exciting things in progress andreas!

weird white things

weird white things

dont know where to stick this photo except here with the weird white things
what a puzzling contraption

this is somewhere in carrol gardens where evan took me for food
and this punch that was really really good

the food was awesome too

cutey peach! this is what got my mind thinking about new years i think

this is what i picture the golden bowl from The Golden Bowl looking like inside

their dog Merv is really cute

which reminds me:

“The film caused a minor controversy when Griffin shared an open-mouthed kiss with Kathryn Grayson. The kiss was a first in Hollywood film history since the introduction of the Production Code in 1934.”

strident impasse


one; i was kidding myself. until my wordpress blog looks better i dont want to use it, and i clearly cannot cold turkey putting photos of things in the public domain; i am in too deep
so there

my weekend is not going to look good together but it wasnt good in real life either so that is fine

drank with santa waiting for aurel at the newly opened Lovely Day

went to Spencer Sweeney gavin brown christmas party

saw robert there!

tv baby too

spencer’s art was odd

i guess i would say “kippenberger-esque” for lack of a better word

but that is also what lazy reviewers of his shows have said so now i feel lazy too

matt and brain are not lazy

jules and rosson

hot ear lobe

ug where am i now?

oh yeah this thing
nikki took me from GBE to this club by my house where this ex-sex pistol was playing and it was funny

oh man
dont remember this very clearly

what else?

woke up feeling like shit
felt like shit all day
what a lively narrative!

at some bi bim bop with ben

this looks like monday already going to look at Jules’ painting for his upcoming show

this is just a detail the whole piece is AWESOME!
and he better name it KATHY or i will cry!

im not supposed to spill the beans

im trying not to spill the beans its hard

here are some tiny tiny beans. placed not spilled.

ok enough!

what a bleak expanse

my new favourite graffiti writer ๐Ÿ™‚

now what day is this? still monday?

stopped by the armory where Kembra has a free studio

finally found a camera setting that goes with the armory


im so happy with how these came out even though its not so great
if you have seen my failed armory photos over the past i dont know two years then you will feel my triumph

where am i now?

oh yeah im at Kim Light’s house

she had a holiday party/ one night art show
i like this photo
i’ll leave you with this
pricked for pouncing!

swan song

i dont wanna do this blog anymore

at least not on myspace and not the way i have been doing it
give me a second to fix things around and we will start a new life together somewhere else i promise
until then hang out with me in the everglades and get a million mosquito bites
this is where i ate lunch and where i was eaten
very hamlet of me
i ran with a cloud of mosquitos chasing me and three of them managed to get into the car with me!
the everglades are a dangerous and unfriendly place
the buzzards know this
this buzzard was eating the snake in the above photo
life and death in harsh conditions
is the world really this unrelenting and cruel?
sorry im feeling philosophical at the moment
philosophy being the only consolation sometimes
the philosophy of the everglades is not terrbly uplifting at teh moment though
if i could only rise above the muck
if only i were an eagret perched on a dwarf cypress
i guess i am about as tall as a dwarf cypress. maybe i just need a bird hat. rosson! one bird hat please
this guy started crawling up the wall after me i shit you not
so i took a picture and ran away
the walls are not very tall
the walls that seperate normal life from horrible painful morass of shit are not very tall
stay on the path stay on the path
a hunter alone in the wilderness
swamp and glade
i guess glade makes it sound so much better
i dont really have any more philosophy to offer
i could use some
i gotta get out of this swamp
before the buzzards pick my carcass
i have strayed way off the map
my best days are behind me
maybe nothing a free breakfast wont fix
reading about death under a rainbow
burning the shit out of my hide
after me, the deluge
everything seems broken
boy ok enough commentary from me
i went to the botanical gardens to kill more time before my flight
it was totally sucky except for the 200 lizards crawling around everywhere!
i chased lizards for 3 hours
i must have caught about 4 or 5 but they wriggled out of my hand each time
i was too afraid to crush them so they wriggled out
is there a metaphor in there?
or just that people called me “Lenny” after my big growth spurt as a kid?
mice and men
how about just mice men
“of mice men and bodacious babes they are too pathetic for”
ok ok im getting away with myself
as these lizards did from me
i just wanted to feel some life in my hands for a sec is that so awful?
airport bars
airport scenes
home to what is that behind the lobby art?
oh no
walking to work in the blaring morning light with a sunburn and freezing
finding a copy of this on my desk
oh brother look at me an nikki!
given what is going on in my life this is like the pinnacle of insult and irony
where reality idealism and perception meet and explode in my face
i hate irony
whatever happened to sincerity?


im so behind;

i got sick on the way back
i always get sick after fart fairs

this is new york

this is me waiting for patrick on a bench

this is 950 a month with broker fee

this i s pat carvin his big tofurkey feast i cooked him

shouldnt everyone get to have two thanksgivings?

this is me talking about art and books to Trinie Dalston’s class at NYU

i dont know

this is me and pat walking home after seeing the twilight movie!
it was hottible
i mean horrible

ah the airport

ahh they only had convertibles left at Dollar

ahh the Fountainebleu is really nice
i spelled that wrong i think

it comes wiht an imac but the internet is 16dollars a day so fuck that

kind of a sophisticated piece for a hotel, huh?

first stop design miami
thought there would be celebrities there but there was just ben

look at all this dumb crap

this is what i came to see!

ben says “comfy”

jim had a zine station
isnt that odd?

aron made a max fish but it wasnt ready when i went there

oo oo nibbles!
terence and javier and ben eventually nicky and i had dinner at the fancy chinese place run by the famous british chinese dude

the food was sooo goood

ill warn you in advance this blog is moslty food

mmm and drink!

and being silly

oops this section goes right before dinner section
im already outta order

this stuff is so…..wholesome

wouldnt it be funny if this was a photo of the friendswtihyou guy’s room?

the morning beach was so beautiful

the morning booth was pretty beautiful too

can u believe michael jackson called kehinde to comission a portrait? unbelievable

evan’s mannequin had a great time there

rosson’s new painting of Luna Park in coney island wowed everyone too

peres booth

more on this later!

dan attoe sneak attack once again!

back to basics

i assume this is Jar Jar
can anyone prove otherwise?

i dont know what these are of
whatever works were between my booth and the bathroom i guess

i liked this lady’s dress

this is my favourite andrea dress as well

oh no is it opening night party already?

what is this the MTV music awards?

daiper dancers

oh no Santigold!
wearing the hottest pile of fabric ever in 80degree heat


wait i really need some video action on this one

sorry i was jumping around so much

the afterfruit

eric and rosson

suzanne’s awesome shoes
turn your head to the left if you cant see it

ben wanted me to take a picture of him with clemente and kehinde and then he blinked
oh well!
tomorrow is another day


thanks rosson!

so this is the next morning

ben and that girl behind him kept BBMing eachother during lunch

im hungry and these food images are REALLY gratifying

a new greenie for me

this is NADA
which was “eh”

i hope someone bought that

i like this guy and i keep forgettting his name or to go to his shows or studio or anything

there was a lotta “canvas as art”

which for the record is not cool

why do i take photos of things like this

or this

i kinda liked these

another geometric rosson

ooo pelicans

i was gonna go fishin with kehinde but he said the weather was too bad

he was right!

i made it to OHWOW before the deluge
to see what they said was “better than the first IT AINT FAIR”

andrew kuo

brian degraw

lizzi and rita

dave sherry’s room

ick autolevels ruined the julia chiang room

here is a better photo

they have a skate ramp now

and an uholy mess
im gonna make the murals a seperate post so i dont get myself all turned around one sec

knock down drag out

im knocked down so im going to drag out the blogging to keep my fingers busy

this is barry’s mural for the Wynwood walls

oh shit

i had to sit outside the clemente for ten minutes while the rain splloshed


looks much better here than before actually!

grabbed nikki from there as the clouds parted

the os one was a little weird

kenny scharf


that other dude

sigh! as much as i hate to admit it, whatever you call what he made made a pretty great “mural”

marty cooper making of photos

lets tag!

oo jim looks cute

what is ara doing you ask?

he and jim made this!
its so confusing
it is suzanne’s favourite

there was a little interior show too

kind of random

this looked really good there

ok more murals:

the girl who was kicked outta FAILE

Stelios Faitakis

pretty technically neat but then kinda Juxtaposey i dont know


the setting is pretty great
adding some new artists next year!

right around the corner is a restaurant Joey’s where nikki and i had the best italian food

there are so many great handpainted signs around miami
i wanted to take photos of them all for pat but most places i couldnt get outta the car
or was too lazy

im sure i did somethin between eating lunch and eating dinner but my camera says otherwise!

i had conch stew at Tap Tap
my favourite!

everyone else ordered these gruesome fishes!

aurel did too of course

there are little lights at the bottom of the pool to make it look like stars

so! the BEST BEST night i had out i ddint have my camera at all so it has POOF disappeared
but it included going to the V magazine roof party, someone sharing their e with me, going to the basement of the delano
and dancing
going to the standard late and jumpin in their pool, and then who knows. at some point the sun came up but no one cared

rosson was wearing the coolest dress that night too

the beach looks gross with autolevels

so im gonna end this post
its over