a hoy hoy
i did get to go to the Urs here it is:

damn my camera for not focusing properly

this would have been good

whats this

a watched tongue never pokes

tony shafrazi and peter brandt couldnt get a proper flick either so i dont feel bad

these are painted

this is painted

half the lights are just painted

this was my favourite floor its why there are so many photos

art pout

poon height for beyonce or whoever this is


men don’t make passes at women in glasses?

much cooler than other recent lighters i can think of

pointing out why might be hard though

i dont want to give my official “review” or anythign of this show. i am going to read the michelle quo artforum article on him though. and the big big bible massimiliano made to go with this show… more soon

ok i flipped open her article and saw “Fischer’s art spills into culture’s alimentary canal”

now where was i?
back in DC on the C and O canal

another world, huh?

more fishin

i made my mom bait the hooks

we had a picnic

lobster and arugula. i put cole slaw on them too. it was weird

super cute

very far from what my boots are used to

am i annoying you yet? these things dont go together well

look at teh shitty rod i improvised

ooh! and then i made a stuffed pumpkin that the lady sitting next to christina at teh EV day dinner told us about and it was amazing
i am making a vegan one for pat tomorrow i think!

back to new york and this odd piece of technical tagging

a cleaned out office

and a new desk

while home i grabbed a few funny things off the home computer you might enjoy

parents took lots of photos of the excitng “repaving of the roads” period

there are like 500 more i will spare you

this is something i made in college
some assignment of repainting an old painting as a selfportrait or similar dumb thing

i think i made this while recovering from knee surgery

i painted this for a play my friend did where they needed something “old master looking” as a prop

horribly embarassing
i dont know why i am being so self-flagellatory recently
i feel like shaming and humiliating myself
i feel like groveling and writhing in abject agony
your guess is as good as mine

the only piece i made in college that i ever liked i think i put it on here before maybe

the only drawing i made in college that i ever liked
i promise no more backwards looking or navel gazing
i will look only boldly into the future from now on

eminence grise

im behind and have to write this really fast in case Jeffrey deigns to let me come as his +1 to the Urs Fischer opening tonight. please please please!

this is EV Day opening from last week at the Met Opera

do you like my hot upskirt photography?

famous pieces from the collection
on the holodek!

christina joined me!
she was the only guest that new all the operas on display

kembra and i did not really know any of the operas on display but we looked cute so no one cared

andrea probably knew the operas on display some

she and simon made on up at dinner

dinner was at this really funny midtowny place that said something like
on the wall

ever had an “iceberg wedge”?

kembra and kenny scharf

crabcakes. always comforting to a marylander

this is the only photo i have of EV sorry! her accepting the group’s congratulations

kembra and her date Doug!


i used to like you

for Pat’s birthday i took him to Candle 79 which is supposed to be the best vegan place in the city

this dish at least deserved that reputation: black pepper balsamic seitan with pureed leeks and greenbeans and crap
it was great

polenta fries also amazing. why didnt we think of this before?

then we played Wii and kissed
certainly a strange birthday
but these are strange days

i went home to DC

i was fed this odd dish from my childhood; its like curry made by people from 100 years ago who had never had real curry. its just like milk and curry powder with pinapples and nuts on top. its one of the things my parents fed me growing up that makes patrick really grossed out.

the next morning billy took me out to harpers ferry to see his new house he bought
yes, while i am struggling to pay my elecric bill, billy is buying a house

its cool
im ok being the poorer sibling

the first house he showed me was the one he didnt pick
the owner had died leaving his big fat dog all alone
billy said the deputy sheriff drives by every day to feed the poor pup
we petted him for a while but then had to go

oh yeah and there were chickens but i dont know their story

this is one of those things that i thought would be cool to take a picture of and then instantly regretted it


run down house full of junk

i bought two big BB guns here

look at his house!
can you believe it???

look at this sandwich!
it was really good

harpers ferry is fun
it is also where John Brown made his final stand
it is also where i ate home made ice cream

and fished

if this photo relaxes you, you shoud try actual fishing

we caught the smallest fish in the river

i poked the worm down its throat so at least it got a snack before he let it go




then we went to the Folger to see an afro-carribean adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing

the rest i am gonna save to tomorrow because I REALLY need to lurk around jeffrey until he invites me to the Urs


every time i use our postage machine it asks me machinable?
yes, but it is machinable?
whatever i feed it.

today i have been feeding innumerable and unlabeled dusty disks into my computer to see what is on them. i am cleaning out my desk in preparation for the great move of 2009 when all deitch staff move to 18 wooster or the townhouse while 76 grand is closed for months. its true!

the first was a FORM FOLLOWS FICTION disc, a show Jeffrey curated in the 90s

don’t barf yet; this post is only going to get ickier!

old art by people on some old discs


i found some dartmouth discs

it had lots of these digital abstractions i made playing with photoshop when i first discovered it, back i guess when it was more basic, trying to figure out how digital imaging worked i guess

theyre not that interesting but they sure were at the time!

this was so fascinating to me

i have no qualms embarrassing myself on this but i actually seriously hesitated before posting this
profound sigh!

if im not embarrassed of that then surely i must not be embarrassed of this!
my parents in front of a piece i painted of them on this fan boat

i have no shame left
wait i mean i have no pride left

next i found a disc of very candid feeling Haring photos
how was this disc in my big box? are these martha cooper photos? are these personal photos???

arent these crazy?


a few lost patrick photos on the next disc

is it spelled disc or disk?

ug this photo is so gross
not that i am some beauty queen normally but this photo manages to make dash and ryan look gross too and that is an abomination in my book

another random lost photo on some disc
this was that stupid new york magazine article photo night at ryan’s

look at that tiny photo of me in the corner

what did i make this thing for again?
oh it was the book ad for an issue of K48 i think!
its kind of making me barf

a disc of photos a girl whose name i never got and who left halfway through took of fran’s first performance….

a disc of chris johanson scans

a disc of liza lou details
the curator in me is barfing from this bad blog curation

a disc of i thought were lost photos of me and pat going to LA

oo and now the last disc, from stefan fitzgerald that i found in there

thats stefan

isnt my brew horrible?

ok we are back to the present day now
terence does not have grey hair the flash is doing something weird at Takahatchi saturday night

terence wouldn’t pet this guy
then i lied to patrick and said he barked at terence but he didnt
why do i make up stupid shit like that

what are the two grossest words in this photo

i wore a dress and took pat to teh neue galleri

where i had linzertorte!

bless this mess

this blog is a hot pile
not machinable

at sixes and sevens

wow how did myspace get even lamer?
you know i have been trying to move my blog for a while and just cant seem to program wordpress so it doesnt look stupid but i will very soon! this guy Brett Web (yes a web designer named WEB) who once wrote graffiti with Os Gemeos and Dash in Portugal (OMG!) is redesigning the Deitch Projects website and promised to fix my own ART FROM BEHIND blog too.
soon no more of this place and i hope you all will agree to move with me

what are all these butts on suzanne’s desk???

why does patrick look so “creative”?

because it was ZINE NIGHT last night!
here is a link to the hilarious GAWKER post about it, what? yes it was on gawker

this guy is cool he was so excited by how many people made zines he could not get over it. he was so excited. i think it was from working for Scott Hug for so long!

i didnt take photos of much recently and i dont care so

i have some big life things going on and the quotidian banter you have come to expect is RETIRED at least until i get my head back on straight or get a new head or get laid or something GOD

double dyed donkey

this is in Henry James’ THE GOLDEN BOWL
there is no documentation of it on any of my favourite etymology or slang websites.
i wonder what it means
anyone know?
here is the context:

“There were beautiful intentions all round. The Prince’s and Charlotte’s were beautiful — of that i had my faith. They were — I’d go to the stake. Otherwise,” she added, “I should have been a wretch. And I’ve not been a wretch. I’ve only been a double-dyed donkey.”

i think i know what it means and i think i have been one myself recently
in the complex interstices of love
who hasn’t been, really?

pat has a cat scratch and we went on a brunch date

the bloody mary kind of is gross near that short fatty ketchup, huh?

we took lots of photos of this bizarre little dude trying to poo

he couldn’t do it
his butt was too cold from being ingloriously shaved

this is pat’s dirty butt from going to a Dead Moon show in New Jersey and falling down a lot

we biked to LIC to see THE OPEN before it came down!

they were setting up an event so there was a lotta junk kind of ruining the views

bad place for a trash bin. puts the idea in your head you know what i mean?

this piece was pretty sweet

wow, love is even more complex than i thought!

scott campbell pieces

where am i to be found?


this piece is so cool


its kind of too awesome for the rest of the show but that’s ok

these are Eva Lewitt pretty neato

oop! there i am

this was another random favourite of mine in the show

ted mineo cool new sculpture

i liked this too

hot ham cake

im hungry

this was kinda odd

pat is more than odd
and stubborn like a


janovic janvier endofjam febrile februum marchpane marsattacks marzipan ABRILcadabra april fish aprilfools a MAZE maim me maybebaby mayflowers jeunesse junebug jejune julio juliet augustus inferno aout of it SEPTic SEPTum exSEPT octoctoct concOCT novvvender NOVIO devennnderdecemmmber white out

these are the titles of my Photobucket folders

the word “appetizing” is grosser than i remembered

the girl who made this invited me to guest critic and lecture at SVA yesterday

i only took these two photos of the art i saw, just because it felt too nosy or something, when you pull out a camera things get weird, as a general rule
but i had a great time!

this is really cute

Naoko and setting up lecture stuff
essentially i just showed them my book, which reminded me i havent shown you all the book!

dedicated to Dash
it is! he is why i care about this group and was the best part of it

my short introduction

this is just the front section
next post in 2min the fun part!


is not a folder

i keep thinking this says NEW YORK IS BORING
this is a photo Clayton took that did not make it into the book just because of its horizontality

why does spell check say “horizontality” is not a word?

think of all the words the art world uses that arent real words
acres of them!

it says “curation” is not a word
my whole life is a lie!

this is a secret new collage by Ry Fyan debuting at his show
oct 26 at HALF GALLERY on Forsyth or something
208 Forsyth
punch that into your iCAL!

im just dawdling now. terence’s opera went off without a hitch i heard
i want to seeeeeeeeeeeeee

i always want to see that is my problem

saw this on Jack Greer’s blog and guess which part i like?

that was the story of wild figuration

shit where did the page with OHWOW and jim go? whatever

this essay by A-ron is great!

gavin mcinnes essay, also awesome

a lot of thank yous
so many people helped!
extra special thanks to the writers who were so good
Trinie Dalton
Blair Taylor
Dan Nadel
James Fuentes
Simon Curtis
you gotta buy the book so you can read what they wrote. amazing

buy it HERE!

oh shit its not on the OHWOW site yet
coming soon!

book flight and hotel together and save!

do you think george washington ever in his wildest dreams have thought that there would be a bike in the armory next to him that looked like this?
could he conceive of such a bike?
could nature?

this is the Lance Armstrong benefit auction reception event for LiveStrong his charity
someone described this Kenny Scharf piece as “cancer-y”

this is Lance talking, it was very emotional actually
he was a great speaker
some people seem just built to be inspirational leaders

Futura made this

os gemeos
notice how everything has yellow in it?

one of my medals is for standing and chatting in 3inch heels for 3 hours without complaining

i will complain once about Tom Sach’s piece.
“no fat chicks”

this jules piece gets “best in show”

this also
Dustin Yellin made this with layers of resin and ink!

see?? from the side it disappears completely!

this was a great Cia Guo Qiang piece did i spell that right? made with gunpowder

at Bacaro later
i always order the same drink (or multiple drinks) and take pictures of it all night

lambent lighted lambrusco

the next afternoon these Kurt Kaupers went up!
i will show u details tomorrow when my camera battery is recharged but there is A LOT of weird contained in each one

i ate the best ramen with Fran and Takeshi before they went back upstate

what am i doing under this swimming pool

i am at PS1 for the new york art book fair



it was so warm and nerdy and if you could only imagine how it smelled!

loved the scott hug wall
to embarrassed to look through the gay tables tho
they know im not going to buy like vintage fisting zines so i dont want to even try

these girls gave me some awesome free shit!
i will show what booty i got tomorrow

then Matt played as his made up band outside and it was great!

JR just screamed NERDS and JAILBAIT over and over

rachel busted the Ooga Booga zine release pinata

this lady tried to tell me about recycling or something and i walked away
i thought it was Nancy from LCD sounsystem but i should have known better

sexy and mysterious

the japanese room

chris and greg and jasmine at the deitch display

look at all the awesome books we make here
its so great!

anger-y red

i wanted FOIBLES but couldnt afford it!
say FOIBLES five times fast you sound like a three stooge


i love how the book looks
i am just so happy

dan’s booth!
scammed a Mat Brinkman MULTI-FORCE from him for $5 and had the best weekend scouring every detail
so good

all in all i cleaned up

PS1 is so dorky
they should let me run it i would fix it

for some reason i thought patrick would like this. maybe not

im sure patrick likes this
this is how i feel right now

patrick and i both like this ia m sure

didnt there used to be a building there?
i am getting further and further away from things

daily life and the great work

spending a saturday night alone
rooting through my bags of new york art book fair
before i can show that i have to clear out the backlog:

i wrote this for i-D

aurel and i ate this

and this but mostly there was drinking. the results were substantial

we stopped to salute the Arrow Bar DJ

and for secret handshakes

aurel conscripted me into erotic photography duty
you will have to wait till her Purple book comes out to see the real photos

youre a nut

“pretty tough chick”

the next morning was also tough

dan speaking at dash’s memorial on the east river
tough words. struggling for articulation. bravery. these things

his grandma was of course the best part
she just read a handful of anecdotes about dash that were very touching and spoke right to the heart of his personality and his beauty
a few i had heard. a few i will remember forever!

Blair read a Rilke piece, Requiem for a Friend, the end part
i will reproduce it below

Are you still here ? Are you standing in some corner ? You knew so much of all this, you were able to do so much; you passed through life so open to all things, like an early morning. I know: women suffer; for love means being alone; and artists in their work sometimes intuit that they must keep transforming, where they love. You began both; both exist in that which any fame takes from you and disfigures. Oh you were far beyond all fame; were almost invisible; had withdrawn your beauty, softly, as one would lower a brightly colored flag on the gray morning after a holiday. You had just one desire: a year’s long work — which was never finished; was somehow never finished. If you are still here with me, if in this darkness there is still some place where your spirit resonates on the shallow sound waves stirred up by my voice: hear me: help me. We can so easily slip back from what we have struggled to attain, abruptly, into a life we never wanted; can find that we are trapped, as in a dream, and die there, without ever waking up. This can occur. Anyone who has lifted his blood into a years-long work may find that he can’t sustain it, the force of gravity is irresistible, and it falls back, worthless. For somewhere there is an ancient enmity between our daily life and the great work. Help me, in saying it, to understand it.
Do not return. If you can bear to, stay dead with the dead. The dead have their own tasks. But help me, if you can without distraction, as what is farthest sometimes helps: in me.

i left beofre it was over, one reason being there was an opening i had planned!

i will show you the full paintings next time i am in the office but for now check out my amateur performance photos shot through the window

it was wonderful. i wont say any more now but that

the afterglow


kristy: not afraid to get her hands dirty

the deitch girls; not afraid to drink all the drinks!

if you think this post this life has too much conflicting shit going on in it, you are right. where is my great work?