honest soit que mal y pense

my puns bear no relation to my posts quelquefois
no te preoccupes

i DID get sick while typing that last post!
damn dog sick
i am sick right now but at work

i am all hot and dizzy and take anything i say with a grain of tylenol

i just wanna post these photos so i can post the install shots so we can all look together

did you guys see my hot blogg on V magazine? yay!

did you see Rafael’s on Interview?

did you see the cool page in italian vogue?
its just aurel nude
go buy it

did you see how fucking huge this crowd was? wow! thanks to every single person who came. gratsi todo! wait

the afterparty was great
Lele planned it

unfortunately aurel got tricked by big bad aron into not coming

aron will never go to the official party i guess, he has to always make his own MORE SECRET one somewhere

it was really fun and a lot of scribbles

one room josh and megan made goth room and the other one spencer made big fun

dumbo was there

i got a head massage

barry won the award for best all around person to have on this trip
he probably always wins this award
he is an angel

the next day we had dinner one last time as a (matching) group and then went our separate ways

here are the official photos DEPART just sent me that their dude Francesco Dimichelis:

wait fuck it ill just make it a separate post as people (tim barber) always complain how long my posts take to load 🙂

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