everyone wants irony

i hear it in all the articles i read, in the crappy artists around, this need for irony bitterness and despair.

i know i promised fun photos of subway adventure day but yesterday was miserable and stupid and i don’t care anymore

my camera was having lens failure anyway
thank goodness i suppose

i banged the thing against the counter this morning and it spontaneously took this photo

and then began to work perfectly
brute force on small electronics: who knew?
this is koji and michael putting up Fran’s big splash guard
opening this thursday at little deitch with the performance at 7:30

i have a larger problem i would love to bang against the counter until it fixed itself as well but i cant because it’s a problem i am starting to think i have no part in

i feel lost in the emotional world, as opposed to the analytic world
how cliché

the road to irony is paved with cliché

cliché: the sound of the matrix dropping into the molten metal

the road to bitterness is paved with contempt

what was that last one, despair?
“the thought of being alone plunges me into a familiar despair”

the siren song of irony is calling to me too


what book was i reading with Blandings castle in it?
and what word is it i am actually trying to think of?
memory gone again
oh wait i wanted to write Bowdlerized! that was in my book last night and i was delighted to find out it is a shakespeare related word:Bowdler was a prissy physician who expurgated (censored) shakespeare into a sanitized women and children friendly text

this is before rome, this is me sleeping on posting these tauba photos:

her show opened here right before i left and i forgot to post!

this is a dress rehearsal of her and her friend playing her custom tandem organ

wittily titled

tauba likes anagrams

artviewers like tauba!

dont look too close at this one tho:


the new “fold”

i see a tauba, a keegan, a sean, who else?

come see the show! and she performs at 5pm i think every day!

i also forgot to post this, the most awesome marble sculpture evan made

it’s odd and gross and “cool” and exciting!
it’s in THE OPEN show that i am in! that i gotta go see tomorrow!

i forot two important photos from a few posts back
this is Damiana’s mom! i didnt know when i stopped to take her picture i just though she was a cool lady with a chris j tee!

and i forgot to shout out these two important greeks: teddy who got us adidas money to make the show awesome, and andreas our favourite greek gallerist who got over his fear of airplanes to take the 1hr flight to rome and party with us. andreas!!!

this is thurday when i stopped to see SLAVA at ENVOY and then CLAYTON and ALIFE
im putting it in caps for for i guess no reason

was that you asking for a closeup?
i thought i heard someone say closeup

this one was my favourite

slava said that is what he has most trouble with in the english language

clayton at alife
coincides with big great article on him in the nytimes! with slideshow that is realyl good! click click!

the times says
“oh the days when you could tell what people were about by their clothes”

i beat him to the draw

elsa his collaborator and partner
thats all i have up my sleeve for today but on monday pat and i are having SUBWAY ADVENTURE DAY so im sure that will give mage to something interesting!

pain’s grey

fracesco something
francesco demacelis?
francesco demichelis took these
wow my memory is really good for some reason:

fuck i dont even have a photo of these guys installed
it looked so good

hey its me sitting on my ass
if only you could see into my head and hear the million stressful things flying through there

damiana, luca, valerio, and our “stress table”

i like this picture


rafael smiles when he is stressed or concentrating
its the most adaptive evolved trait i’ve ever seen

there are no spaces in this blog because i am tryign to hurry


look at aurel’s new piece isnt it beautiful? its huge too

covering the stupid minicooper

just for you jules!

next post i promse no more rome. im just so happy with how things went i want to blogstay in that moment forever!

honest soit que mal y pense

my puns bear no relation to my posts quelquefois
no te preoccupes

i DID get sick while typing that last post!
damn dog sick
i am sick right now but at work

i am all hot and dizzy and take anything i say with a grain of tylenol

i just wanna post these photos so i can post the install shots so we can all look together

did you guys see my hot blogg on V magazine? yay!

did you see Rafael’s on Interview?

did you see the cool page in italian vogue?
its just aurel nude
go buy it

did you see how fucking huge this crowd was? wow! thanks to every single person who came. gratsi todo! wait

the afterparty was great
Lele planned it

unfortunately aurel got tricked by big bad aron into not coming

aron will never go to the official party i guess, he has to always make his own MORE SECRET one somewhere

it was really fun and a lot of scribbles

one room josh and megan made goth room and the other one spencer made big fun

dumbo was there

i got a head massage

barry won the award for best all around person to have on this trip
he probably always wins this award
he is an angel

the next day we had dinner one last time as a (matching) group and then went our separate ways

here are the official photos DEPART just sent me that their dude Francesco Dimichelis:

wait fuck it ill just make it a separate post as people (tim barber) always complain how long my posts take to load 🙂


how do i best paint a picture of the rome trip
now that i am safely home at my desk with constant and comforting internet?

now that the flavour of tomatoes and basil has given way to the pumpkin cookie i am currently chewing on

now that i feel myself coming down with the unavoidable POST SHOW FLU/COLD that i always get after a huge project and my head is spinny from impending fever

now that i have set up a long and boring intro thus losing half my audience???

i kid i kid lets get on with it!

a pup

and a way!

this is kathy and i will be telling you about the show with my Bacardi masher mic

first, i will nap in some bubble wrap

these are my birthday flowers
wilted, like my youth

this horse ran out loose into the yard by the organic restaurant we were eating in. can you believe it? if only that streetlight were the moon instead

the streets the streets my head is really spinning i think i have to go home

here’s me sitting on a fake sterling ruby sculpture
(not sick in this picture)(only right now)

this is me being kissed also not sick in this picture, patrick will be relieved to know

patrick drinking his favourite combination of glass of tequila and glass of beer

a photo that was almost awesome

my favourite
dick soup

anonymous appetizer gifts found on kitchen table

close up of the beautiful birthday bouquet

barry had an opening at BONOMO gallery the day before our opening lets look at that while i sort out my opening photos finally

that is the best motto, that is my motto as many of you know

fong song


stressed out
this is may a photo of me getting sick

patrick is notorious for not getting photos of me doing things that are important to me
this is me going BLAR BLAR BLAR at the press conference the morning of the show

this is mat and brain playing in a little shop called 40grados

they cut up chris’ clock and made a window display
i dont think chris would really like this much tho

this is a big scary old stone that you stick your hands into and if you are guilty of thievery they get cut off!

thank goodness the same is not true for graffiti check this out!

effing awesome

some finishing touches

aurel and brain at the artist dinner

ben and christina secret signals

Lele how did i get a blurry photo of this shirt goddddamit!

Barry bike

adidas monster

interns to the rescue

random shoes

head massage

tim DJs

donation plate

unknown courtesy PAT CAMERA click on that

spencer courtesy spencer

whiskey cards and banana splits
ok now that i have ALLLL the photos out of the way besides the opening, lets open this shit up!

gestisci blog

sorry i have not gestisciid blog very well
here are what the first few days looked like!


this is our apartment yess!!

martha examining her meat hooks

rafael and his ribbons

jim jokes

martha manages

barry begins bump

christopher chills with cline

this angel killing this steer is above the museum

drds of doom

kevin and dead josh

this tasted good

this tasted good

do you know i put off reading this last henry james until rome beccause its the Rome one?

is very stressful right now

rosson trucked from london!


nice photo to show their parents how their internship is going

tessa painting pat

pat caught with clock

pat made me nice dinner

these guys were great but yelled at eachother constantly


garret greys

the yellow room

hey is that a barry sculpture

nero guys helping with show

french guys helping with show

hot road hot road!

this is patrick’s photo i promised him i would not steal

ben preview new mural video painting!

Cloe Perrone translates

zine room

you get the idea
i have to go see if my catalogue has arrived!!!

turned out of doors

i had the great good fortune and meritless goodluck to get to go have a nice weekend out on long island

dash’s grandma christophe and jade invited 40 or so of us out to her house on this nature preserve to celebrate, well i guess to celebrate dash and his life and friendship and those things
and i only cried once!

to celebrate “night painting” as christophe used to say to dash and ry. “oh boys, going out for a bit of night painting are we?”

friday night is a bit of a drunk blur. blair and stella dancing is the only photo really. unless you can find rachel chandler’s photos online somewhere and want to look at nico’s weiner

they made a sace flag

and max ran it up the flagpole

the next morning was very beautiful with rita’s daughter making bubbles everywhere

donnie darko or contact?


i say darko

max’s darko points at colin’s head

you will see more muscles soon dont worry

dash collected a huuuge assortment of these, did you see em?
scott has a lot of tattoos too
the team in general was an intense tattoo fest

odd angle fest

so many cute photos of secret i assure you!

muscle men vs bubbles!

get em!

boys do lots of funny things to impress girls!
the story of civilization

this is sean sizing up the jump
dash told me he did this all the time but i never saw him with my own eyes
not that i doubt it for a second
if dash says he did something, and it was a dangerous something, then he definitely did it

this is sean putting philosophy into motion

this is pat following suit
i was seized with a horrible feeling before he jumped, it was a weird feeling, ive never been so troubled by pat doing something dangerous before but this somehow, maybe i am so attached to him now that i no longer want him to risk death or disfigurement for a thrill. even though that is a trait i greatly admire in him…

fear makes me hungry

christophe and rita’s kitty named B.O.
(its from hungary)


oh dash!!!

the food was amazing, our acccomodations ridiculously amazing, the whole weekend just the most pleasant friend fest ever. like camp but with a sad sad undertone

there may have been a wee bit of sex, drugs, beach barbecues, and blairs butt:

but the funniest thing was actually:

city kids on water skiis!

hee he


and pat did good


scott was so good he was yawning and thinking what he would have for dinner while he was flying over the wake

it was awesome

i got a weird sunburn from a dress that was designed, i found out, by one of my companions on the boat!

look its leo

the other boat had fun too

oh kathy


here’s pat bailing

ha ha pat

back to the pool

muscles sore

fun can be exhausting!

dash loved this bathroom
i know he took pictures of us in here. i wonder what happened to them…

i came here with him and ry a few years ago and did all kinds of fun things
fun memories. very intense to revisit

include going to this really fun place down the beach


its called sand dune jumping!




whee backwards!

whee again!

the photographess got only one photo of herself and she thinks she looks funny
dash had a funny photo of me doing this  that was in one of his zines i think. or maybe i just saw it in a shoebox
in any event i wanted to do some of the things i remember doing with him and think that he was there somewhere laughing

i’m not sure i have any more good photos as my battery died
we had a b-eautiful barbeque on the beeach last night
colin lit of a SHITLOAD of fireworks. to wake the dead. or hopefully make them laugh with us

then pat and i drove around through the nature reserve blasting music and other things while nico colin and ry went to go get donald from the bus

except ry had the mischievous spirit of dash in him perhaps and wreaked havoc on the town while they were out, hilariously recounting it to me and pat when they got back after narrowly evading arrest

i feel many things; i feel revitalized, less sad, less old. happy to have been able to have longer conversations with the people i really like who too often i see only for 5 minutes at “events”. i mean seriosuly i think i have known and liked blair for years but only talked to her in a series of 5minute intervals. which doesnt really get you anywhere, does it? i talk about community a great deal, goin to rome tomorrow to do a show of it, and i rarely get to enjoy the people who are the reason i do these things i find.

i beat them all resoundingly one by one at ping pong, though, and can admit to enjoying that enormously. see you in europe!


i made this over the weekend
dou you like it???

this is my favourite part
i made it because by some crinkle in the universe, i get to BE IN A SHOW instead of just CURATING SHOW
here are the details:

4-40 44th Drive
Long Island City , NY 11101

anyway, i am fucking tickled pink and so is Venus:

i will be in rome installing when this opens so please do go and please tell me if the show looks good

sorry im posting this really fast i gotta get back to work so!
this is a show jack greer did with some friends at a skateboard place on mulberry

pat was in it!

and brendan lynch

and i dont know these but look at this little vagina:

the only un-cute thing was the show title, NOW WHAT
because either it is meant as a jock confrontational grunt, or its meant to suggest, what a lot of these young(er) artists like to think, that the “scene” is “over” and what is next?

but then again wasn’t i just kind of worrying about something like that a few posts ago?

fuck scene, lets dance around

alex hudson is the best new addition to arrow bar wednesdays

the flyer for the party tomorrow!

these guys were funny. one is named Crit

i was drunk and though this would look good in the “new abstraction” visual essay
speaking of which!
al just finished tweaking my NEW YORK MINUTE CATALOGUE!
you wont believe how cool it is
you just WONT because i dont and i made it!

now i can relax and focus on the show and the install and the opening
i leave in 6 days!

im not relaxed at all actually

i am perplexed and alone in the dark like this little dude

and still wet behind the ears when it comes to huge museum shows