Hanna Bin Liden Youth

one of the funnier things i came across while making this

so you guys know im going to rome in two weeks to make this huge NEW YORK MINUTE show happen, yes? it is very exciting

im almost done with the awesome catalogue
aron just printed ten artist posters
he is working on tshirts

and this will be the show “zine”
besides the Paper Rad Zine Room which is part of the show, where people can come and grab bits of paper rad and make a zine and staple it and take it home

its wee excerpts from my favourites of my zine/artist book collection

i thought i was the only one to have ever seen this zine but Ian who helped me staple it said he actualyl owns the orig drawing of this!

there is a whole section of sexy sex
you are just getting wee excerpts

i had to wait till the memorial came down so i could get my Dash zines outta the vitrine and xerox some

“kathy’s favourite drawing ever”

i think this is a rare one too

i put a lot of mat brinkman in here illegally
but i guess that is the nature of zine. can’t sue me if its free!

i wish i could pretend david shrigley lived in new york and put him in the show too

i should have put more hamburger eyes oh well

you get the idea
i made this while procrastinating making the book
the book is intimidating me
it has to be 100X beter than Live Through This or it means i have gotten less smart and less sophisticated in four years and that would be too depressing to bear
i must show i have grown

the hard part is for the book ive gone through my entire deitch computer, home computer, assortment of hard drives and pat’s to find crap and i keep finding forgotten photos of dash

its not a bad thing, i love it, but it distracts me because i want to just post blog photos of him instead of doing dumb book

i would very much like to hang out with him again

its weird i have made up conversations with him in my head … often

mostly he just makes squirrel noises and says its ok and gives me hugs

i feel like its abnormal of me and i dont care
it makes me feel better

i found a bunch of him and terence that i sent to terence
it was terence’s bday last night and we had fun but mostly just talked about fun things we had done with dash and how we missed him
its still like that. its real!

none of these photos are terribly interesting but looking at them makes my pretend in my head hanging out with him a little more vivid

they gave eachother hickies

this was fun i remember this


tee hee how did kate sneak in here?
going through old photos is fun
dont worry there are some fresh cakes at the end

this was fun this was dash sprinking bortolomi whatevers with BIN LADEN YOUTH cards. he was being very mischevious and giggling and being cute

miami chunk of photos

im sad because my miami memories are like at the tip of my memory and about to go over the waterfall lost forever
or out of “active memory” into “distant memroy”
from color to black and white memory

i bought him this mask when i went to peru
in an alley in cusco i was thinking of dash. wherever i was he would pop into my head all the time. its too much. i need him to stop popping into my mind. i want to think about something else

hee hee!

i threw this in just so ben and dan could laugh/blush

he and katie dancing wait i think i have another of them

he was a really fun dancer, someone who you couldnt watch him dance without dying to get up and dance too
patrick has that gift as well

this is when he was in the group show AMERICAN CONCENTRATION CAMP at the proposition

he had a white suit he wore for about a month that summer that got so hilariously dirty

dont know where these came from

you stupid butt

i guess i should get back to reality not fantasy world where dash is still around and we have conversations

this was two nights ago beating matt and abby at monopoly!

waiting for garrick to open the door

terence pretending to be asleep so he could scare me when i came in
that was a favourite weird thing dash always did too. it was so weird, one of the odd things that made him odd

garrick had made suprise birthday plans at a ninja restaurant

everything was kinda fun house in there including the food

one of the ninjas was really stoned
one of the ninjas was russian
not terribly convincing, this place

but really fun
and silly

hanging out at his house

happy birthday bun

i gave him that creepy animatronic cat as a present

gilbert ignored it

hans meyer opposites attract
he bit its ear

i found this photo on the internet 🙂
isnt that tray beautiful?
couldnt resist posting it even though this photo is unsavory and i dont condone it

terence and i were talking about “the good old days” so long that we started feeling like grandmas and tried to take a grandma phtoo but he just looks like an architect

aurel appeared just after we had said something about how we have to hang out with younger people to reinvigorate the scene

we are not afraid to use the word scene. we dont mean anything by it. you know what we mean; or you dont.

this art critic had the extreme bad taste to come up to me at a lunch like 3 days after dash died and get in my face and say “is the scene dead now everyone says the scene is dead now” and i barfed a little in my mouth and told him to fuck off, in so many words, but as rude as this fucker was, what he said is loosely related to how we feel, that the spirit of our fun is gone, that there is a void, that we dont know what to do with ourselves. fuck scene, we just dont know what to do wtih ourselves. we can’t picture how our feelings and our group will mend and thus cant picture a future as a group
that is all im goign to say about that for now

aurel cajoled us into going to the jane hotel which is not bad i suppose where jack and harley i mean cassie? were djing. it was huge and packed

we danced and had fun but tried to take a photo where we looked really bored
did we succeed?
have we bored you too?

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