idée mère

athens minute
in an athens minute, let’s see what we find:

this place REMEMBER was an amazing vintage shop on Adrianou or something like that.
the owner was an old 80s dude and he had books and books of who had visited his
shop before, like tons of old photos of the ramones and debbie harry, plus these two familiar faces!

that’s him

i mentioned before that andreas now has a museum-caliber gallery building right?

our last night was really fun let me see if i can communicate this to you effectively

“kathy’s first tag”
with a pesticide sprayer!

last year

my grandma never calls people assholes she always calls them ASSOS
as in, “if those assos dont move their car im going to ram them”

what’s andreas doing behind the bar?

mirrored tables
we heard javier had a big party here before!

this girl was cool she came up to me and was like
“we are taller than all these silly boys. and they love it!”

andreas was having a good time

max henry who curated the show andreas has up now

Melas and a Flea-like character who seemed to be on lots of something

patrick had lots of great dances lets watch

he danced one whole song with this chair
“can’t find a partner use a wooden chair” a la Jailhouse Rock

they had a side room that was so awesome

i gotta make this a GIF

i am in love with this thing

time to hit the town

oh no!
oh yes!


sleep it off on the plane while Andreas sleeps it off at the police station

come home to a beatifully clean apartment and this great drawing our subletter left us!
you paint a very vivid portrait

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