used it before
will use it again!

these buns are burrying their noses in each other!

throwing the bouquet

look at all this merriment
who can resist all this merriment

shelley and phil hosted the wedding; this is their great property on long island and their kayaking skills as well!

rafael is making all these photos look super good

tee hee!

first dance to Joy Division

what a poof he is

we made them all these handmade heart (and butt) pillows

shamim butt view

cake view

watermelon and poppers view

spin the bride!

oops he got dizzy

it was a happy day

thomas and pat thought so too

and alex

i was happy
mud all over my legs and wet

rafael and jen brill

shelley aarons

bun with butt pillow

pin pan


we got to stay in the cutest cottage next door

i had to delete all the photos of it from my memory card to make room for wedding
isnt that sad? a 4GIG card with no room on it?
that is what my brain is like right now

new outfits

new vehicles with zip windows!

to the Schnabels house
it was Vito’s birthday!

we are intimidated

terence is shy

he lay on the floor long enough that everyone curled up on the floor with him
then he got up and said “the performance is over!”

pat stayed

with a pup

we were drunk dancin around

he moved his paintings out of the way

his studio room had this ledge 20 feet above his pool

bombs away!
everyone took there clothes off and jumped off this thing
it was the most exhilirating thing ive done in a long time

water and adrenaline blasts pain packed in around the chest area away

ara was there

dont know who this lovely lady is

peace penis

and happy balls

my photos are all discomboobulated
i think this is back in new york
i think our fun is done

Gott Koh?

i was late to work for maybe three years straight because of Dash
and today i had to get here at 930 to be interviewed by some TV person about his death

life is cruel and stupid

sometimes life is beautiful

i have some photos of us trying to have fun over the past week lets see if we are convincing

takahatchi was one of dash’s favourite sushi places. maybe behind blue ribbon sushi around the corner and natori on st marks. but a close third!
if you go there look in both bathrooms

so far not doing so hot with the having fun part

met up with aurel tim and then spencer

went to spencer’s club for a-rons party
why is eric dunks so happy?

aurel is good/bad for a broken heart
she talks about other stuff and fast
she is too resilient for me

pat is pretty fun to dance with

this is his feed bag dance


that’s why dunks was grinning
his girlfriend is the hottest chick in the place!

blown out new york minute sticker
anyone got some motivation to spare for this project?
the wind is out of the sails big time

guess why!

oh man maybe we should go we are pretty fucked up

sean is playful

this is not a sad sensitive photo
this is a hilarious photo
if you know sean

as brian does

what else?

this is pat djing arrow bar wednesday




makes me horny

what else

someone brought this in
my old glasses! i miss them
i remember this night. i had forgotten about this night

did i post this yet?
my brain is scrambled

i love this
i wanna make a poster of this for the NYM show

pat tried to make nice dinner but even that turned out sorta bad

half a tag left

is watching House DVDs and getting drunk and crying all night a good coping mechanism

that is my current approach

so far its going “bad”

but then!

we took a midnight train to Amaganset to meet this thing

joined in on a wild nude night with wildlife sightings

terence has some fun planned for people who were having coping problems

the next morning

what are Gott and Koh planning?

we will give them some privacy and go on a quick kayak

i shouldnt have touched any of this stuff
it smelled so gross
why was i picking it up?

he has planned a wedding!

tee hee

all done!

get him in there


pretty as a picture

yay! he emerges!

the dramatic conclusion

proceed and continue

this is us like july 12?

we indulged in the rarity of brunch
we dont wanna be people who brunch so we try not to brunch too much

we went to our local pool

kembra met us there

this is us the day before dash died

i was sound asleep the next morning sean called pat, and i woke up to pat shouting that he was dead

this is us getting drunk a few hours later at sweet and vicious
sweet and vicious, in the back all alone, is where dash told me that jade was going to have his baby. he was so nervous. i dont wanna say it but it took him more than just a few drinks to blurt it out. the look on his face was priceless. he was so excited.

the owner of S and V was a friend of dash’s too
he was drunk and went to a haloween store looking for spider man masks, dash’s favourite, but they were out

this is later at Christophe’s house where we were sitting around consoling each other

these are now in the memorial project here

this is patrick hugging one of dash’s etch tags

this is what Os Gemeos added to their bowery mural

this too

this is us the next day at jade’s uncles house
kunle i shouting goodbye to dash

we brought a ton of roman candles and gave them to everyone to shoot off
dash would have loved it!

on the roof

late on the roof

this is an old CRT projector ben jones drove out to long island to get for Peter Coffin’s piece in the New York Minute show

this is the next night where we went to jade’s friend’s house to all hang out together again
he owned this cool keith haring piece

terence finally got back and came to deitch for hugging

this is my favourite color
if anyone wants to know that for any reason, this is the answer

know what else dash would have liked?

huge fire extinguisher tags!


tanya’s like ‘im outta here’

uh oh

GLACER does you know who

sean didnt think the paint would go through his suit for some reason

h aha!


that was a pretty fun night, i must admit!

in the case of my disappearance…

memorial is up
i taped everything to the wall myself
it wouldn’t say it was cathartic; just overwhelming
come to deitch and contribute something

i keep avoiding writing something about him because it feels too final
i dont want to write my “final thoughts” on him
tying up the loose ends of my feelings, compartmentalizing my response, “putting it all in perspective”

i miss him too much still, i keep thinking i will see him pop up somewhere, as he was want to do. stick his head up the stairwell by my desk and make weird squirrel noises. ring my old buzzer in the middle of the night. throw shit at my old ludlow window. call at 6am fifteen times.

i bought him a used polaroid and a collection of vintage filters for it and sent it to his rehab place back in march. im sure they still have it sitting unopened in their bin for him. he loved these polaroid effects. i wanted to get him the one where you can take two photos that will be superimposed. and the one that does split screen. i gave him my childhood polaroid camera a few years back, a grey and pink one i used from age 7 – 12 or so. it probably lasted him a week before he broke it and it ended up on his huge broken polaroid pile. didnt regret it for a second!

its funny how many thousands and thousands of polaroids he took and how he has only shown such a miniscule fraction of this crazy archive, and this tiny tiny fraction has caused all this hubbub. i cant wait till people get to see all the photos he took. its staggering. i fantazise that once people see what a huge achievement it was that all the mean chatter about him being not a great artist will disappear

chatter like that followed him everywhere. i always said that anyone who hated him was just someone who never met him and it was true. he could charm a scary dude on the subway into letting him take a photo of his crazy skull rings (6 train on way to whitney museum 2 years ago) and he could charm a snarky blogger jerk out of his latest insult. all i do is kind of pity these people they never got to meet or know dash, because that was the best most wonderful gift in the world.

what is dash doing with this fish? where is this photo from? he would always pretend that negative stuff didnt matter but it did hurt his feelings i could tell, that people who didnt know him would hate him for what they thought he was, things that often weren’t even true

its hard as a friend who wanted to defend him, because he was so private he wouldnt want anyone telling the real story, “setting the story straight” whatever that would mean. he hated conflict, he would never let you get a bad word out of your mouth without telling you not to be bitter to be better, stopping you from saying something you regretted. in the part of his life that i knew him at least, he categorically refused to talk shit. even when people were fucked to him.

i met patrick through him at a party; its kind of a blur but i had been going around with dashiell all night, the last place we went was someone named Cat’s house, he told me his friends from texas were coming too and i would like them. Dash and patrick had met when they were teens in Houson, dash had accidentally blown up a car and had to flee the city; pat was someone to go paint with there. patrick and i ended up on a couch together after the rest of the party mysteriously disappeared into a back room. i tried to write the address to deitch projects down on a piece of paper because i knew, through the haze, that i really liked this guy and wanted him to come see me before he left town, but was too fucked up to form the letters; he has it in his wallet still, my sad attempt to write “76 grand street”

dash was the funnnest person to hang out with in the world ever. hands down no contest. if you were with him you would have the night of your life. if you could make it that is, if you could hang in there and keep up. i got to have over 300 nights of my life then, and loved every one. he made you feel like a million bucks, at a party going around and whispering to a few people hey ok you and you and you come. dont tell anyone, leave separately. and youd meet him outside and go somewhere even more exciting, even if it was just to his apartment. the whole party would have followed him all night if he had let them.

im not saying anything important im just thinking of things that have been floating around in my head. ive been trying to remember all the best times, trying to remember him when he was free and not dragged down by addiction and pain, not suffering all the time. seeing him suffering was heartbreaking, unbearable. you couldnt do anything about it; dash’s beauty was that he was truly free and wild and anyone who told him what to do he cast aside, really; you had to love him as he was or he wouldnt let you love him at all

he made you feel like you were family and so you loved him like family. even when you didnt see him for a few weeks, which happened so much when things were bad, you thought about him every day. i did. i would think of him biking to work past the bowery, think of him when i saw a cool photo, saw something interesting on the street, passed a restaurant he liked, heard a funny story i wanted to tell him, anythign i dont know. his presence, his personality was so huge; there wasnt a day for six years or whatever that i didnt think of him somehow

i took this photo
in miami 2005, funnest art show of my life, probably not the best art exhibition though.
we were totally out of control i cant believe we even remembered to make the show

im not mad, i just want him back. there is a note on my desk he left me that says HEY CUTES THE SNOWMAN CAME BY and it made me cry again just thinking there was one day i was out and one day i missed getting to hang out with him. i wanted to know what he would be like at 50, what kind of dad he would become, what kind of artist. i wanted him to come to rome with me this fall and get inspired again to make art, with all his friends from the past and future around, barry, ben jones, chris johanson, i thought it would get him going again and they could support him too

these are just some of the photos jade brought in.
you should come see everything on the walls here
im just so heartbroken. i cant really shape my thoughts
here are a couple more

do i dare to eat a nectarine?

it’s making my keyboard all sticky

bla i have nothing to say today
i am fading fast here at work at 722PM on a saturday

this dog is in a photo in my house and i never knew it!

this about sums up my meeting with Teddy and Yvette

i wanna steal his ryans for rome and am waiting to hear if i can

this was released

this, tessa, did that equisite corpse show i mentioned a while back and is helping me with rome and with drinks

ken miller’s piece on me came out in SPREAD but my boss took my only copy

summer in the city

i read this and it was odd
i like the cover design and that dash was named after him
the story was kinda comme ci come ca

we walked around the meth lab again

some discreet people complained that there were too many butts recently and would the blog please go back to normal

which is totally understandable because not all people respond well to lewd, random, mindless behaviour

i personally dont

i was just trying to give the people what i thought they wanted

like fists in their vaginas and stuff like that

just kidding im sorry i didnt make those shirts
which begs the Q, who the heck did?

this is christina thinking “gross”

someone told me there was a room in Fort THunder accessible only though the fridge
do you think someone told the meth lab guys that too?

this room is still my favourite

bumped into Taylor McKimens on the street and he was carrying this Keichi Tanaami bag that is neato
we want your money

TIME to give us your money

i had coffee today with a long lost friend from elementary school!
now rocking a new york minute pin too. yes!

ok lets was os gemeos paint some because now its like 822PM and im totally over sitting here

montana hook up
that reminds me!

they are pretty awesome with spray cans

bludner bus

i visited 3AS4 last friday to see what they are cooking for new york minute in rome

it’s sparkly

it involves lots of these reflective squares
its going to be great!

check out their creative pin use

then that night!
the meth lab opened!

david velasco!
usually the man behind the camera

the “art” room

this was my favourite room!

carpet was authentically stinky!

an old guy standing next to me was like “its like its like… a crack house or something!”

you wont believe its 18 wooster!

now we are back on the streets could you tell?

its the fourth of july!

where birds become barbeque


we are walkin to wburg i think


street pottery!

a bee flew up my skirt and stung me on the way upper thigh
it still hurts

yes, you are a bee
a bee that pinches my butt

waiting for the fire

heatin up the dogs

they were on the west side this year
thanks, recession

andrea had a party on her greenpoint roof

simon got off a plane and got into a shotgunning beers fest

this is a vodka bottle from ukraine i think andrea said

who knows though
she’s craaaazy!

no she’s normal

she does have weird shaped boobs though

just kidding she sewed simon this boob pillow and it turned out really sexy

what else is going on?

we went to this roof

it was lame
it was not anarchy it was perturbed college girls telling us the cops were going to bust their party and would we please leave

because we are monkeys

ooh we saw the guy from 30 rock!

i took super zoom photos of him and his lady
do you think he met her through the time out magazine wanna date me issue???

that would be sweet

what else what else

i am distracted by obscene hunger

check out the DEPART New York Minute blog soon here

the next day

the next day
dont kill me
the only photo i took was this

i forgot to post a few thuper thexy beach photos on this thing but they are now on my facebook whatever, at least until facebook deletes them
nude jack!
limited time offer

idée mère

athens minute
in an athens minute, let’s see what we find:

this place REMEMBER was an amazing vintage shop on Adrianou or something like that.
the owner was an old 80s dude and he had books and books of who had visited his
shop before, like tons of old photos of the ramones and debbie harry, plus these two familiar faces!

that’s him

i mentioned before that andreas now has a museum-caliber gallery building right?

our last night was really fun let me see if i can communicate this to you effectively

“kathy’s first tag”
with a pesticide sprayer!

last year

my grandma never calls people assholes she always calls them ASSOS
as in, “if those assos dont move their car im going to ram them”

what’s andreas doing behind the bar?

mirrored tables
we heard javier had a big party here before!

this girl was cool she came up to me and was like
“we are taller than all these silly boys. and they love it!”

andreas was having a good time

max henry who curated the show andreas has up now

Melas and a Flea-like character who seemed to be on lots of something

patrick had lots of great dances lets watch

he danced one whole song with this chair
“can’t find a partner use a wooden chair” a la Jailhouse Rock

they had a side room that was so awesome

i gotta make this a GIF

i am in love with this thing

time to hit the town

oh no!
oh yes!


sleep it off on the plane while Andreas sleeps it off at the police station

come home to a beatifully clean apartment and this great drawing our subletter left us!
you paint a very vivid portrait