fair mundi

lets look at the biennale before we run outta energy

guyton/walker that didnt totally suck balls

still contentless if you ask me

oo sproingis

natalie djurberg

she won the palm frond of art sagazity prize i just heard

the gold lion of stregth and the dove of art peace

some bullshit

this made me laugh and laugh

thisis the group show in the giardini. it is all i let myself see before patrick came to love me and view art with me

someone just asked me to be in one of these
not yoko ono though

Rikrit reading lounge?

im going to the Lido for biking

trapped on the lido for biking

getting caught in a rainstorm is great

ok its gone
or maybe this is an out of order photo
who can tell?

this is me taking the slow boat up the grand canal to get our train tickets to Basel

which means YOU have to take the slow boat but instead of 2 hours you get 20 seconds max

i like to scroll fast too its ok

whats the longest you’ve spent looking at a photo? i cant remember the last time i stared at a photo for more than 20 seconds

maybe at the blah blah blah whats his name show. robert frank

lets snoop with zooms

please allow me to join your wedding photo yes thank you

banners should be banned from the rialto

i warned you it was the slow boat!

ok i made it run for solid ground

look at these people standing in smelly disgusting water for a photo

because san marco was flooded i had to go a weird way home and stumbled on our secret favourite restaurant!
now the internet will remember it for us so we dont have to

oops where did i go

oops what is going on

this is me going to get patrick

got him!

everything just got better

ok wait im turned around again

photobucket uploaded my photos outta orden and my narrative is getting really pessoan

there should be photos of the entire biennale and arsenale
a million boring photos
should be hard to lose!

all i can find are these fun photos arent you sad?

pat got that bag for his mom i am just holding it

i am a bad self-editor so you get two almost identical photos

all i have are these random photos

of our beach picnic

and pud

and loving each other

and finding things

and swim

and baby butts from far away

so we dont seem creepy

and towels

video games

a foosball ancestor

oh no this looks like the Art!
save it for later
i have a book meeting in 30 minutes and i gotta make it good

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