i pee a dress

unassigned, i pee a dress

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taking it there

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i was wrong
aurel was not inspired to surpass Terry
she was inspired to carry the weiner-shaped torch with him

i think this one is pretty good but im biased

i look all weird and fetusy here

i look all naked here


i like this one

i think it was around now that the housekeeper dude peeked his head out and scowled

so we decided to bite the bullet and go into the mykonos town area to see what was up

aurel then got excited to do street fashion photography

she started telling people she was from Teen Vogue

sometimes pat or i had to pretend to pose in them

just so aurel didnt get punched

like by this guy

no one wearing a flowing man shirt punches though, so never mind

this lady tried to make out with her

tan team

this guy was like “wait let me take off these glow bracelets, they are just a joke”
as though the rest of his outfit was serious?

that guy was actually the coolest of the group
the street food was actaully fantastic too

had enough of the Entertainment Zone?
us too


so adios mykonos
or rather, antio mykonos

and gia sou athens!

andreas’ steven shearer mural

this guy wants to buy an Eric Foss piece from the shop!

this dude has a project for Remap also called “Fucking Tourists”

these were just like grandma used to make

pat peein at a roof party

and my favourite:

whatever gets you through the night

patrick learned how to make homemade tortillers

see? it hasnt been all butts and bush

what a pup

we have done lots of stuff here like riding around

ha ha

finding spiders on the shower curtain while showering

we saw a dunky tied to itself

we buried the don in the sand

remember that sticker aron made of just his face?
we had one on our tan radiator on Ludlow Street
looked just like this

we ate fava

jack did push ups constantly

aurel got inspiration for her erotic photography

jack’s camera worked underwater

a snorkling gone wrong
next! on When Kathys Attack

we visited Nudism Cove

this is patrick playing chase the beach umbrella across the beach and into the water while all the greeks laugh

i might have posted this before but we can look at it again

oh wait i got one for you:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

i had to upload this one to my porny hosting site as Photobucket is having a field day with me recently

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

this one too

although photobucket overlooked this one

and even this one

aurel had us going all over for her photo mission

i explained earlier that she has moved on from drawing to Erotic Photography, right?

i did conceptual sunset photography

patrick did pool photography

goddamit im all turned around again

we ate this

and one day this

god tried to burn off aurel’s upside down cross tattoo but just missed

jack didnt like his tattoo

and tried to get out of having to do any more erotic photography

i think aurel got inspired for this when Terry Richardson shot her for Purple
she saw how easy it was to get people undressed and though she could be way more original and funny and sexy than terry. and less heteronormative

oh shit pat just finished cookin and i gotta go
i can show and tell more about this later!

it’s alright
it’s alright!


too many blogs for you i know
you are surfeited, you are teeming
with blog

i just need to get up to today
because i have this weird anxiety and it will only be allayed by my online photos catching up with my life

blog lag
its real!

tangled up in my past
get off me!!!!

just kidding
these are billy photos i think from rome

oh! here we are in Athens
we love athens!

while pat and oral were in mykonos already, billy and i pooted around athens

we bought garlic from the garlic lady (see a year ago post)

this is the new archeological museum
no reason to keep the bleepin marbles now, brit butts!

i am pleased by small things
like tourist umbrella: 3Euro

oh wait nevermind

i guess athenians really hate cops

hey dog

billy and i had the best tourist food
so good oh man dont even want fancy food when tourist food is this good!

this actually is gross to me
it passed from funny weiner ha ha into barfbag
who knew?

garlic lady again!
new shipment

so get the fuck out of town this is what andreas;’ gallery looks like now!
can you believe it?
please please look back a year to when we did MOM here and see if you recognize it

i cant seem to find my photos of his show
a group show my Max Henry

this is a-rons pop up shop though!
i helped connect them
i find making connections super rewarding and i can BIRG if you know what i mean

rafael is so awesome look at this

these pommes by julia chiang are really cool

these are the photos i want from tim for NYMinute catalogue

i tried to buy the book but they didnt know how much it was so i bought something called TV CARNAGE which is neat

here’s a renegade photo from andreas’ show!
dan attoe neon
i love it

are we in mykonos yet? i seriously am discombobulated by my photo order
this sucks
i wanna hit the beach!!!!


we are in andreas’ athens apartment
we somehow blew blew a fuse and there is no electricity

which is fine because we like to party and come home and just sleep

these are photos from jack’s camera
he met me and billy in athens for two days then came to mykonos with us


we walked around a lot a lot

the don!

#1 favourite athens sign

i could kill my camera for this one

i hope billy had fun!
did he?

i kept puttin my finger in the way

i told pat this said POOPEE and he said that’s a stretch

check out these two!

waiting for the boat to Mykonos

the boat was so fucked up
everone was puking into a barf bag
jack slept
i was nauseous the whole time but my pride woudl not let me puke
even the photo is fucked up

i arrived to a huge dinner pat and a-ron and JR had cooked!
oh it was the best oh my heart had missed patrick and my tum had missed mexican food

the first place we went was a lighthouse a-ron found driving around in his fucked up rental car

fuck yeah!

8 in a car on the way to go cart

oh no

aurel is a TERROR

time here has mushed together so expect no organization from now on


dominoes and margaritas
what a life!

doing hedonism

kembra came to my art studio once and said “oh, youre doing surrealism”
and sometimes she tells me people who “do bulimia”
so in her honor, here in mykonos we have been doing hedonism
please crossref this with purple blog aurel posted to: HERE
you can also check out full lyrics to every Serge Gainsbourg song there

super kembra shout out on this one, wall of vagina

aurel’s new art is erotic photography
not a joke

we are out of control

beat it

michael jackson dying is really sad
i wonder if all the people who hounded him into being a freak feel bad
i wonder what he died from

being a fan is a kind of brutal thing

which is why celebrities are all fucked up alien people

do people think about then when they do liking?

do we all want to be freaks of nature too

do we all want to live in a dick and ball nest?
i digress, it seems

i am having really intense deja vu
like triple deja vu, from already having this deja vu

the kiwi cannot elude its fans

i think the taxidermy museum in Florence made up some things
like the unicorn bird

this one they didnt do very well did they

they just painted a smile on this one you can tell

weird specimens

the nerd shark
quite rare

see how the giving of attention can literally mutate something?

vying for attention leading to mutation

why are we looking at this and thinking about michael jackson

and thinking about terence maybe a little

the mind wanders
it is on vacation

aurel is putting a maxi pad on her ankle burn from motor crash
patrick is chasing away wild cats

im thinking about poor michael jackson

i would be thinking about celebrity more in general but it makes me wanna tear my face off

i thought michael jackson was just the most gifted dancer. like watching fred astaire or something

this is a made up monkey, right?

i liked him so much as a kid he was so cool

i didnt like have posters of him or anything, or dress up like him for haloween

i think the only poster in my room was of Mark McGuire
and there was one of Steffi Graf but i didnt even like her at all

this animal is called Nightmare Gremlin

i never liked any celebrities or had any celebrity crushes
my friends got all worked up over River Phoenix dying and then about New Kids On The Block or whatever but i was so embarassed of them

my favourite phylum is ECHINODERMATA have i said that before?
i am a fan of echinodermata

i want to be a fan of echinodermata and hound it down and take invasive photos of it and dress up like it for haloween

im not much of a meditator on death

im still in the headlong get it while you can phase, and that phase shuns death

that phase likes to make weiner jokes

museums like this make this phase make jokes

patrick is really into hubris right now

death be not proud

we should probably go to Rome before we get too thick

maybe we have time for one kembra interlude

this was a really mean cat at the villa. she dominated the shit out of it

she said sometimes cats are bashful
this cat was bashful about having to do performance for the camera she said

she wooed him into full frontal though

this guy no

this is billy at my Rome hotel takin a nap

this is me rafael de cardenas my exhibition designer, damiana luca and valerio walking through MACRO decidin where walls should be

we worked hard and then they took us to a party

the next day was more work and then

fun food

this guy would make it big in new york with his roman street food

new yorkers love street food trends. we told him all about it
this is his invention, a pizza in a pocket thing

gotta get outta there before we eat him outta business

i dont wanna get your hopes up but i think i am finally in Athens
judging by this guy

too many MCs not enough mics

too many photos not enough posts
these are swiss elephants and there are miles to go before the beach

i thought this lady was handing out info on the circus so i grabbed one
but she was a protestor

and the elephants were more effective marketing than a girl with furry ear headband

sorry fella

i love when they hold tails

some final art looks
this was disappointing

this was neat
a 65yr old self taught chinese lady

i like the weird keegan below-palette

i will try not to
lets pick up the pace!

sterling ruby
i tried talking with the staff there long enough to get a free book but to no avail

robert storr has a one million page essay in it. wait not rob storr. shit whats his name

young Pierson

chris de pooter gallery
every gallery is de pooter chris, no offense!

barf bag

now we’re talkin!

the circus was so shittygreat

these ladies kicked bowls onto eachothers heads

yay! we loved it

evenings in basel

not like evenings in basel miami

they dont have white asparagus season in miami though

we went to the opera one night

it cost one billion euro
i hope it is somehow a business expense

this was an art opera, ten artists given time instead of wallspace

olafur eliasson “echo”
the orchestra played whatever noises the audience made. cough, laugh, weird ejaculation, anything

this was gay
a few were actualyl humiliating

barney’s was a pale recreation of a piece that had pissing and amputees and a lady shitting at teh end

arto lindsay


pat and i made our own entertainment walkin home

we are easily amused

and patrick is handsome

ok where are we now

looks like swissy still

went to some fun party with pat;s graffiti local friends


our maid layed out outfits for us isnt that odd?

travelin life

gettin outta here
where are my funny deinstall photos?
where are my funny getting rained on on the tarmac phots?

cuz we’re in florence now and theres no lookin back!

take her and school her

that is what i think of when i hear Proenza Schouler

we are in florence with Kembra and Art Production Fund and Haim Steinbach and Kalup Lindsay and Spencer Sweeney and suprise guest Aurel Schmidt for their big Proenza Schouler project!

we stayed at teh most beautiful tuscan villa

with the rudest proprietor but whatevs

we walked around alot

art production and haim
they were so fun to hang out with

and eat seafood with

now my photos are all outta order give me a sec
this is a bird doing sipping to the pool

this is patrick doing doll detail

this is day-of
surely we have missed something

there we go
me kembra casey and yvonne on wig detail

tryin out new props

paintin lemonade stands

patrick is the cutest lemonade stand painter

the main building

the stage

the garlic room

the lost in translation

kathy is the fastest in the west and caught herself a lizard

she was so excited

can you see him?

he loved me and wouldnt leave even when i released him

the villa seriously was so nice we had a huge suite or something?
kathy does not deserve

kembra on nun detail

the palace was called Villa Petraia

it was beeuuteeful

not for long!

oops we are ouutta order again

but i wanna watch pat be handsome so lets tarry here

the awkward age kinda sucks

lets leave it at this so i can keep you in suspence a bit
and pat jack and aurel just made dinner here in Mykonos and i wanna eat it


a few last basel photos i found
oh, you hate me dont you!

some lady left her baby in E Perrotin Booth!

art handlers didnt care

the fate of all installation art is this


i like being on the tarmac it feels naughty

ok back to business

we had lots of fun in Florence and the show was a huge success!

this is the Kalup Lindsay video

the whole video was just
“fuck you
i dont need this, from you
fuck you”

the 2nd street gang approved

ack whats thsi

ok we are all ready to go it seems!


wait let me find out set list so you can follow along

beast all the way on the right can you guess?

its aurel!

its spencer sweeney!

kembra’s performance was called BOTTOMLESS

this is the My Heart Will Go On song

then she handed out awards to the italian girls who volunteered from the local dance school

then she thanked everybbody and gushed and everyone cheered!

then we all had lemonade from Doreen’s girls manning the lemonade booths

then we took showers together and turned back into day people

my brother showed up!

kembra gave Jack from PS a doll

yvonne explained Haim’s installation idea to Simon from V

jen brill was there and lots of new yorkers actualyl!

i found this snake

spencer djed

i gave teh babies alcohol

did i show this yet i cant remember

haim made it

it was PS accessories plus dog chew toys and other funny stuff

hey ladies

lets give patrick some today