mauvaise honte

there are two things wrong with this photo
the second one is that i didnt know what i was looking at (and making fun of) was a Sterling Ruby work. 
i definitely think the work is retarded. but would i have been quite so rude if i had know he 
he whose work i love at least as much as everyone else does which is A LOT

this! boy if there are any collectors reading this, i would snap this up
the last Super Mario Movie!
at an auction in Chicago June 4th.
certainly the most dynamic piece of new media art in my book

ever wondered what a huge bruise looks like with a big mosquito bite on it?

boy i really am a mess

i finished this pintar last night

on to the next!

there was other pintar happenin too
how hilarious is this?

bananas, right?

the overall photo was dark but this detail has enough in it to ooh and aah over just on its own

seriously i was just reading that DH Lawrence book because i hate his writing and i think and i have been liking my books too much lately

but it really is just too much!

in case you were wondering about my aforementioned Women In Love video triptych, which im sure you were, it would be:

1. the scene with the reflection of the moon in a nightime lake with rocks being pegged at it, exploding the reflection over and over
2. the scene where George and Rupert are nude wrestling in the study
3. still have 200 pages to go and hoping the third video presents itself

“her passion and her complete indecision almost made her ill”
just read that line last night
oh brother
this is the face i make at the dog park when patrick says we cant get a dog

so im still looking for a subletter for June
who wants to live in normal town between C and D?
800 boners and a free loaner bike while im gone

you all know what my apartment is like why am i posting these

i’m going to this tonight
come hang out with me

oh wait here is an excerpt you might appreciate:

‘What kind of people?’
‘Art–music–London Bohemia–the most pettifogging calculating Bohemia that ever reckoned its pennies. 
But there are a few decent people, decent in some repsects. They are really very thorough rejecters 
of the World–perhaps they live only in the gesture of rejection and degation–but negatively something, 
at any rate’
‘What are they?–painters, musicians?’
‘Painters, musicians, writers–hangers-on, models, advanced young people, anybody who is openly at 
outs with the conventions, and belongs to nowhere particularly. They are often young fellows down 
from the University, and girls who are living their own lives, as they say’
‘All loose?’ said Gerald.
Birkin could see his curiosity roused.
‘In one way. Most bound, in another. For all their shockingness, all on one note.’

oh no!

women in love

the travel thing was totally my fault
and it worked out fine in the end and a magic cheap ticket appeared out of nowhere

like this pizza last night
patrick lets himself eat cheese when he goes to europe because often we are in coutries where he would starve on paltry insalata mistas if he didnt add some fromage
but in anticipation of our journey he has prematurely turned into cheese mits and his veganation is out the window!

pat and i are going home to DC for my grandma’s funeral tomorrow night

i was going to post some photos of her and talk about her but it doenst feel right

maybe later. i was really close with her growing up; she lived wtih us and my parents were always at work

i didnt talk to her much once i went to college and the couple years following that when i was a fucked up beast girl

and now that i am on my own feet nicely she is gone. i wish patrick could have known her before she started losing her memory and awareness because she was pugnacious and had great curse words.

im reading Women in Love its such a peculiar book. i want to make a video triptych of it how gay is that

may be baby

where has may gone?

i feel like there are not enough days to do what needs to be done

im in just a foul mood so this is not the time to type things but there isnt enough time

patrick went up to Williams to sean’s girlfriends’s curatorial Masters thesis
is that how you say it?

this is mass moca
where i have never been actually!

these trees have the right idea

im literally on hold right now with a travel agent whose weird messups are costing me like $1000 i dont have

i dont know why my tickets werent booked weeks ago
i know that i am letting my irritation show and i cant help it and the lady is mad i assume because she knows she messed up?

looks good!

a fake neon sign made out of not neon that will never light up

i think that bit is courtesy one of the visitors

i dont know who made what and pat is not the best at remembering proper nouns

i know this is leo fitzpatrick in drag

pat says this is the artist who made the video

this is leo playing a “gallerist”

this andrew kuo exploded bar graph gets my “best in show i didnt get to see”

please god let me never make an artwork where someone says “is this a piece?” when they see the photo

pat likes second place

assorted other photos

assorted foods

assorted afterparty

whats this

its hard to narrate someone elses photos
pat slept here

and then pat came home

i really have to pee and im still on travel agent hold
this pintar is almost done

these roses just bloomed in front of the old tags

and i dare you to suck a street honeysuckle
i bet it tastes like dead rats

Flood Damage

scamps to chelsea late to Mark’s opening
the weather just keeps getting better and better!

racy lacy


yay patick is here!


jules and joseph and whatever that news dude’s name is. i wanna say Ashton Kutcher but i know thats wrong. what is his dumb old name?

there was a “lo-light” room that was hard to photo
is that painted bubble wrap?

the humor is endless

this is pat’s friend Will who used to be a Mark assistant

this is kadar, a former koh assistant

this is pat, a current ass asistant
and i dont mean asian songs

dont mind if we do

this piece was funny

blair and oral
why is this photo so dark?

its still light outside, see?

patrick and zefrey who just staged a food fight at the Guggenheim seriously he did

oo now we are at Zach F’s lower manhattan apartment for free fud

and some cool art collection

man i wish this photo wasn’t blurry
jules slowly shoveling all the buffet…sigh!
and still skinny minnie
did i mention i am crash dieting because of the Proenza Schouler show?

foss and schutz

jules and joe


zach in the back

i think i know what this is
things like this give me retard tingles

what are we in, bizarro land?
this is the weirdest no parking sign ever

ah, back to chinatown, the land i love, the home of the free and the brave
check out the keyboard

169 Bar for an afterparty for a show we did not attend

tacky surface

teen surface

canal and allen

i think terence is having an event tonight


Matt and Sean

ooh where are we now?

did i forget to warn you that i took TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY PHOTOS last night?

some Amsterdammish girl’s roof

my conversation apparently bored her as she left after 10 minutes to go downstairs. going to sleep i asked? no she said and walked away

oops this photo is outta orden


kathy sits alone

boys make mess

walkin around


i have new red glasses i like them

what is the word for this?

i found my name on one wall. weird!

boys and pipes

i’ve never taken a photo of a homeless person i can say with complete honesty
i can never quite bring myself to
I don’t remember doing it last night

i do remember this weird sod

that is a good word to tie this all up:

“the flood damage made the basement carpet SODDEN”

how fitting

tonight! Mark Flood at Zach Feuer 

actually starting right now i gotta go

patrick makes Santigold commission

kathy bounces the ball

what a lovely day!
i wonder what it will hold!

first it held a bunch of bullshit at work
i’m not really down with peoples bad attitudes right now
so if you’ve got one, take a walk 

this is kembra at our glamourous visit to Proenza Schouler workplace
i think my visit there made me a bit sassy
and thus extra intolerant of bad attitudes

i was too afraid to touch anything

this is their view
they are on top of the world
they don’t tolerate bad attitudes either

look at this fabulous dress
they only tolerate fabulousness

with a strong hint of badassness

they invited kembra to be part of their clothes and art presentation in Florence this June 18
kembra is letting me be in her performance again i am so excited
i won’t spoil her special project
i will just tell you her project is called “BOTTOMLESS”
these are Proenza and Schouler fitting a bodacious outfit on her
i won’t even pretend to describe how embarrassed i was being measured for my outfit

my body type is more “women’s rugby team” than “Proenza Schouler fashion event” in case no one has noticed yet


Let me tell you the story
Of a man named Charlie
On a tragic and fateful day
He put ten cents in his pocket,
Kissed his wife and family
Went to ride on the MTA

Charlie handed in his dime
At the Kendall Square Station
And he changed for Jamaica Plain
When he got there the conductor told him,
“One more nickel.”
Charlie could not get off that train.

Did he ever return,
No he never returned
And his fate is still unlearn’d
He may ride forever
‘neath the streets of Boston
He’s the man who never returned.

Now all night long
Charlie rides through the station
Saying, “What will become of me?How can I afford to see
My sister in Chelsea
Or my cousin in Roxbury?”

Charlie’s wife goes down
To the Scollay Square station
Every day at quarter past two
And through the open window
She hands Charlie a sandwich
As the train comes rumblin’ through.
this is going to be a random post so get used to it!
this is one of my favourite songs to sing when i was a little kid
it used to drive me crrrrrazy that the stupid wife wouldnt just slip a fucking dime into the sandwich she handed the guyif she can hand him a sandwich she can hand him a stupid dime so he can get off the damn train!
see how random?koons is kinda random in and of himself
jim drain is a freak sometimes

these are photos of the PIG exhibition in Long Island City deitch

There was an old woman all skin and bones, O-o-o-o!
She lived down by the old graveyard -o-o-o!
One night she thought she’d take a walk, -o-o-o!
She walked down by the old graveyard, o-o-o!
She saw the bones a-layinâ around, O-o-o-o!
She thought sheâd sweep the old church house,
She went to the closet to get a broom, O-o-o-o!
She opened the door and BOO!

i used to really like this song too
hey! i leaned this guy’s namei also recommended him for a showhopefully he will not show up to it with that camera
you guys already know “The Cat Came Back” right?
The man around the corner swore he’d kill the cat on sight,
He loaded up his shotgun with nails and dynamite;
He waited and he waited for the cat to come around,
Ninety seven pieces of the man is all they found.

But the cat came back the very next day,
The cat came back, we thought he was a goner
But the cat came back; it just couldn’t stay away.
Away, away, yea, yea, yea

He gave it to a man going way out West,
Told him for to take it to the one he loved the best;
First the train hit the curve, then it jumped the rail,
Not a soul was left behind to tell the gruesome tale.

it’s coolwe are just singing songs todaywe can “analyse culture” tomorrowtoday is songs
these phots are cobbled together from Patrick’s and what looks like a few Stefan photos
uh oh. what are these?
i will just post teasers
and wow! is it really what it looks like?see here

these are there too i think
what else we got?oh wait this is the last one
When Louis came home to the flat,
He hung up his coat and his hat,
He gazed all around, but no wifey he found,
So he said “where can Flossie be at?”
A note on the table he spied,
He read it just once, then he cried.
It ran, “Louis dear, it’s too slow for for me here,
So I think I will go for a ride.”

“Meet me in St. Louis, Louis,
Meet me at the fair,
Don’t tell me the lights are shining
any place but there;
We will dance the Hoochee Koochee,
I will be your tootsie wootsie,
If you will meet in St. Louis, Louis,
Meet me at the fair.”

The dresses that hung in the hall,
Were gone, she had taken them all;
She took all his rings and the rest of his things;
The picture he missed from the wall.
“What! moving!” the janitor said,
“Your rent is paid three months ahead.”
“What good is the flat?” said poor Louis, “Read that.”
And the janitor smiled as he read.

this is Mogadori dont know any songs about Mogador
what other kids songs did i like
this is Teddy Loo Loo Lakis’s cool office
this is what meetings look like!

these are the faces of all the sponsors teddy is going to hook up for my show!
here is a vintage money song for us:
I’ve got ninety thousand pounds in my pyjamas,
I’ve got forty thousand french francs in my fridge.
I’ve got lots of lovely lire,
Now the Deutschemark’s getting dearer,
And my dollar bills would buy the Brooklyn Bridge.

There is nothing quite as wonderful as money,
There is nothing quite as beautiful as cash.
Some people say it’s folly,
But I’d rather have the lolly,
With money you can ma-ake a splash.
There is nothing quite wonderful as money,

declining the whole verb


patrick has lived with me for two years exactly to yesterday
we are dating

is very important when doing dating

do we trust each other enough to go bowling on a monday afternoon?

does patrick trust that i will not wear embarassing glasses?

what is nekst for us? we dont know. we really love doing dating with each other

other people like doing dating too

for our narnarversary we had special tofu scramble breakfast, looked at photos in the park, looked at dogs, (then i went to the dentist and was trumatized), went bowling, went wandering. which is when these photos are from

look how pretty the light is in these photos

these are my favourite ten seconds of every day: the sun has set but it is not quite darkling yet

it was a tit bit nipply out

the best part was the card patrick made me. i can’t show you because patrick is still
mad i foisted over that last love letter he wrote to abby’s love letter
show. but imagine someone as cute as patrick telling me sweet nice
things and why he loves me and what we do together and why we are a
special team

daisy in the wind

daisy on pat

daisy in front of graphic background with rumpled girl

then we hung out with sean

oh man

their dad drew this this is their house

then we had the most gratifying sushi at our favourite restaurant Takahatchi
then we exchanged mushy cards
then we kissed and watched the movie about Notorious BIG

then verb conjugation!

four letter man, five letter woman

i have OD’d on my Slang and Euphemism dictionary

from now on i will only speak the king’s english

i think it was this slang word for pregnant i just read


makes me wanna fetch up my breakfast

though i did like the entry “five against one”

this is evan gruzis’ opening of TOUCH OF GREY at the Journal friday

“feltch” was another turn off
even though i already knew what that meant

what else?
this is, as far as i can see, a corn-husk pizza at the after dinner in bushwick

wait let me look up corn husk im sure thats somthing dirty in my book

i wish i had got a photo of jeffrey drinking wine from a jam jar

“you cant jelly…” wait how does that one go?

the closest entry it has for NEKST is “newted”
which it says means drunk

sometimes i think slang books are full of crap

the closest entry for Obama is “oats”
which is says means semen

this is funny this is what we did saturday afternoon at the New Museum
is it…ironic or what that they call things “no-fun”?
like, are they like the dorky kid making fun of himself before the bullies do?

it was fun, actually
this is the first guy with his translator explaining how he looped the film back on itself i think

the closest entry for film is FIGJAM
which, someone at one point insisted meant Fuck Im Good Just Try Me

this is well shit i am just goign ot have to upload video clips or something because you wont get the 
full experience of being in a super loud sound chamber of NAR NAR NAR sounds wtihout one

there is this genre of sound for video that can be really corny:
like there are tropes like certain sounds that are always present in “soundpieces” for vide
and phasing thingie, and fading out to original sound at end, and i dont know how to describe it

prurient owl capture and release

this video i affectionately called “epiglottis” in my head

i have no memory of this


this is Robert Beatty doing live audio to new Takeshi movie
i like his audio as opposed to most audio because his sounds are unique and his layering or transitions are not so obvious. again, not sure how to explain

this is it starting wait i think i have a short clip:

3D animation: difficult territory. fraught with corniness. i thought takeshi traversed the terrain skillfully

we immediately cabbed to Kembra’s BEAUTALISM book release in the new DAP bookstore in the old DIA building


the closest entry to beautalism is “beauty spot”
apparently “the female genitals”
yeah right book
one person once said that
it was your friend
in college
and it was stupid

look at the table kembra made for her signing

look at pat wearing his VEGANBUSTERS shirt (ronald reagan was a vegan)(its true!)

i had fun taking pictures of kembra on someone’s (dumb) art installation

i like how kembra was just like “oh lets have a photo shoot here”

the security guards were too afraid to stop her

this is Alex Galan who organized it

i have photos from two cameras hold on

remember this guys?
have your copy yet????

this shoot went well

is this window someone’s art also?

kembra likes photos

this guy doesnt

poodle: to shove wigs up your butt

just kidding the book does not acknowlege “poodling”

ian helped


to wig: to call gallerist Max Wigram “ol’ Wiggie” behind his back and crack up laughing even though its not that funny

this rock looked pretty good

alex looked pretty good in it

the van ride home was also photoworthy

sunny saturday van ride

hold on to something! pat is cute

this shark only eats thigh-highs

inhouse outhouse?


kembra’s house: always something goin on!

these are photos from pratt? senior show Roland was in
oh wait just kidding it say Parsons on the wall doesnt it?

Roland did their font i like it

pat thought this piece looked like jeffrey


kathy in headlights
what else we got?

pat this morning with a smoothie

what’s the difference between jam and jelly?

aggressively normal

i can’t believe that is a thing

last night i dropped by Leo Fitzpatrick’s closing party where HEX MESSAGE and TV BABY blasted the upstairs storefront
i missed hex message. did any one see? were they good?

then i went home to eat dinner with Pat who was huffed out or huffed up or whatever boys are calling it these days and had just gotten back from Jersey

then we went to arrow bar where stefan and blast from the past keegan mchargue were djing
i was so excited that keegans DJ name is DJ SEASHELL it makes me laugh and laugh

it is very aggressively normal

agressively normal has the same meter as DETATCHABLE PEEENIS
and that is the tune i hear that word in in my head

effects of alcohol!

dont get mad sean there is a cute picture of you further down in the post

these are poppin up

yay! more more more!

some agressivley normal left his ducky on our lobby sculpture

and i do like this tattoo i was just kidding. i just joke. i joke out of boredom.

today i got to go on a fun studio visit to Kon Trubkovich’s

this is me not spoiling his upcoming projects for Athens and London

this is me jsut taking photos of random stuff

this is me almost spoilin a new drawing! but dont worry it is behind glacine

this is me oggling something i want for NEW YORK MINUTE

this is fun because this flat front TV is like an art material not a TV. it is only used to take screen photos for paintings

this is fun because it is funny

this is fun because look how fuN!

this is a wee one so it is not much of a spoiling

kon explained that this is fun because the fan not only looks like Bruce Nauman a little but that Bruce was always famous for saying that art should be like getting hit in the face with a baseball bat


this is not funny this is serious art talk people

this is kon he is a very interesting guy

this is the installation plan we hatched for NYM
look how sophisticated art curation is folks!

got another photo of this bad boy and saw a video of its creation here

this painting is just the best thing ever

who knew spray could look this good?

now we have a short interlude of photos from Stefan Fitzgerald
he gave me a disk of amazing photos to use in the NYM book
here are some that are just the playful people photos he threw onto the disk for me too
the street photos are too good to spoil i want you all to be suprised

this is stefan

this is the best photo of sean

this is the best photo of patrick

this photo is kinda gross
dan is…touching patrick’s neck

wait speaking of which check out this link andrea just sent me LINK

this is me and my large mouth bass


playful pat

this is the best photo of Ben ive seen

and roland looks pretty nice too

best picture of brian ever

this i cant resist posting because for the 7 years ive worked in Soho, this soho denizen has never been captured on “film” to my knowlege. he has been carrying his bags of newspaper clippings around Deitch for at least 7 years

more photos on Stefans blog HERE

a few announcementy things
this is TOMORROW NIGHT at the Journal in Wburg
everyone come!
its goign to be great

this is a piece by someone named JEE KIM that i saw on the internet and really liked. all duct tape i think

these are a fucking awesome pair of Dearraindrop paintings called Heaven and Hell from Palermo

this is an install shot of a Cadavre Equise show organized by Tessa Perutz that i am in with pat and leslie and a few others that is coming to Space 1026 soon

this is Kembra’s big DAP book launch event this Saturday!

and this is a photo from Clayton Patterson (another artist who will be featured in the NYM catalogue) of jd and the guy Billy who runs the junk shop on houston and bowery

neither of these people are aggressively normal


i’m reading this PG Wodehouse book where every charachter is described as “potty”
potty uncle fred
potty old sir roderick glossop
potty old aunt agatha

as in a little crazy
like brian’s back tattoo

i had such a relaxing weekend that i am loath to describe it or it will make my (for all intents and purposes) monday be even more grueling than it is today at the desk

im pretty excited about this new pintar
too bad i will be too exhausted to work on it until this sunday again

nights and weekends nights and weekends except i am so tired most nights, i feel so old and tired sometimes

who me?
yes you

this is us picking out posters

une affiche!

les poissons les poissons hee hee hee haw haw haw

i was making ceviche for the first time

because my brothero from DC was visiting and i wanted to have nice dinner outside in our nice bakyard
this is my brother with the fetching hawaiian print tee

it was very nice but the only photo i have is aurel, cold and grumpy and hungover in an art production fund towel

here’s something spotty and potty:
aurel got a big snake tattoo from Scott Campbell and it gooed all over her sheets!

that night patrick went to a fun party with girls not named kathy and played pickup things off the floor games

and aparently taking pictures that are exactly the same as the picture i took of him the day before

harumph! kathy is jealous

kathy wanted to play pickup things off the floor games

christopher garrett had to take off his skinny jeans
tee hee!

pat also got an ACAB tattoo at the party but kathy officially does not approve because it was a party with girls not named kathy and she feels excluded and did not get to play the fun pick up game.

plus she is the one who has to look at his dumb tattoo all the time now, especially as they are leaving for Europe soon and will be on various beaches and kissing a lot she anticipates…

ever been on a water taxi before? we hadn’t

they are pokey

this photo was almost good


this is my “artist rendering” of what i thought the photo would look like because it looked like this through the viewfinder thing
oh well!

why did we risk such seasickness?
we wanted to try out the free IKEA boat to red hook and back

it was pretty fun. we bot some plant pots and a hamper


this street name is what one of the decayed british aristocrats in my PG Wodehouse book would say

Eh, Gouverneur! i am potty old Sir Roderick Glossop.

sorry if i disappoint: this blog is a shower not a grower