vector x scalar

dont worry this is the only tourist photo i took

this is actually one of the only regular photos i took so i guess i suck either way

too busy doing THE WORKS

dont you like the nice colored edge of their designs? so cool. on their business cards, their letterhead even

for work it looks kinda fun doesnt it? not too much like work?

he is workin hard

this looks a little more workish

this place
this is what my future holds

things are looking up today

now that “new york minute” is going forward in good ways

my blog is not a private space even though it seems so in my head so i will just say that everything is going better now

italians and americans have different styles of debate, even thought they both agree on pizza

i am more comfortable in chinatown personally

these are photos from Paolo’s daughters favorite book

i dont understand italian so this book could easily have said “new york is where dictatorish young curator ladies throw fits over exhibition planning”


this photo is sad to me

this photo is bad to me
sometimes photos that seem so cool in your head turn out all lame

my hotel room had these nice instructions on how to be a lady above the bed

at 5 heures i am passed out from partying

at 9 heures i pretend to do work

at 11 heures i post blogs to fend off boredom

yep! that about nails it

the estress of the visit was nothing a bath couldnt fix
you know why mountainclimbers never get mosquito bites?

maybe a few more baths

and funny food

and i will stop feeling on guard

i dont like being on guard i like relaxing

like i did when i got home yesterday afternoon
fallin asleep in the back yard with my pud

a color coded breakfast and i am a new woman
now that the scales have dropped from my eyes

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