vector x scalar

dont worry this is the only tourist photo i took

this is actually one of the only regular photos i took so i guess i suck either way

too busy doing THE WORKS

dont you like the nice colored edge of their designs? so cool. on their business cards, their letterhead even

for work it looks kinda fun doesnt it? not too much like work?

he is workin hard

this looks a little more workish

this place
this is what my future holds

things are looking up today

now that “new york minute” is going forward in good ways

my blog is not a private space even though it seems so in my head so i will just say that everything is going better now

italians and americans have different styles of debate, even thought they both agree on pizza

i am more comfortable in chinatown personally

these are photos from Paolo’s daughters favorite book

i dont understand italian so this book could easily have said “new york is where dictatorish young curator ladies throw fits over exhibition planning”


this photo is sad to me

this photo is bad to me
sometimes photos that seem so cool in your head turn out all lame

my hotel room had these nice instructions on how to be a lady above the bed

at 5 heures i am passed out from partying

at 9 heures i pretend to do work

at 11 heures i post blogs to fend off boredom

yep! that about nails it

the estress of the visit was nothing a bath couldnt fix
you know why mountainclimbers never get mosquito bites?

maybe a few more baths

and funny food

and i will stop feeling on guard

i dont like being on guard i like relaxing

like i did when i got home yesterday afternoon
fallin asleep in the back yard with my pud

a color coded breakfast and i am a new woman
now that the scales have dropped from my eyes


come now, roundly roundly:

pulchritudinous can’t really be a compliment!

the only words it evokes to me are ‘sepulchral’ and ‘platitudinous'”

there are no words that start “pulchr-” i don’t think

but there is one nudibranch named Rostanga Pulchra which you can see here

i just finished Moby Dick on the subway home from this studio visit with painter Michael Cline in LIC

it’s the most vivid re-imagining of shakespeare’s great tragedies i’ve ever read
Moby Dick that is!

and i love new words and funny words and the sailors don’t speak like sailors they speak like this:

“By masts and keels! he takes me for the hunchbacked skipper of some coasting smack. Send down my main-top-sail yard! Ho, gluepots! Loftiest trucks were made for wildest winds, and this brain-truck of mine now sails amid the cloud-scud. Shall i strike that?”

i’m trying to show you some of M Cline work without betraying his upcoming show or revealing in prog. pieces. i think this one is complete. i think most of the others are still going!

A sentence to give you a sense of the end of the book which was powerful and crazy:

“That instant, the White Whale made a sudden rush among the remaining tangles of the other lines; by so doing, irresistibly dragged the more involved boats of Stubb and Flask towards his flukes; dashed them together like two rolling husks on a surf-beaten beach, and then, diving down into the sea, disappeared in a boiling maelstrom, in which, for a space, the odorous cedar chips of the wrecks danced round and round, like the grated nutmeg in a swiftly stirred bowl of punch”

grated nutmeg!!!!

it left me feeling deeply stirred
not sad but sounded like a fork

it was like reading the end of hamlet and lear simultaneously, but, you know, with whales


now we are going to have a Rosson interlude!
as you know she opened her solo show a “Focus” project at the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art!
which they ambitiously just call “the modern”

ralph eugene MEATYARD

OMG look at Honor!


hoo-eee! hot to trot
look at rosson floss

bump rosson too

here’s something i think ken miller sent me!

this also a send in i liked

this is from mary barone’s outwithmary site
the funniest part besides how a-ron looks like a little kid is that he is captioned “aaron young”

this new Evan piece he emailed me
which reminds me:

i wanted to share my “bad illustration” series

i dont know how to use illustrator so i thought that it was funny

sweet fanny adams!
you guys know that saying, right?

these all have funny names i spend the afternoon agonizing over
this is what i do when i need to delete my mind

Avast! This blog has been gold-beaten out too long

tilting at windmills

i am going to guess that has some sort of quixotic etymology?
wait i will google it
i was right

all i have to show for myself: knowing etymologies.

i have been having lo self esteem recently, “lo”

it almost never gets to me, but the creative classes here are really really competitive; everyone vying for attention, everyone competing to look good, be cool, make the rounds. what a cliche. but if you dont live here you may not know.

this is not in reference to these specific people at all of course! their photo just happend to pop up first!

and i never think about it because i feel on top of things like that…. but right now i don’t, and i feel really trampled underfoot

not by rafael of course

but this new feeling had something to do with waking up and biking to Nikki’s house for some photo shoot for NYMagazine, hearing about who is in PAPER’s beautiful people issue, talking about that stupid new museum show, blah blah blah, and having too much champagne and feeling on the outside of something i normally wouldnt.

ever have that not-so-cool feeling?
just kidding. at least at the gallery i don’t feel like such a loser

setting up for some spring GREENE-ing

eats, shoots, and leaves!

i dont know why my panties are in such a bunch
i will unbunch them by tomorrow i promise

maybe i should try doing a sit-up or two

or buying fancy underwear
what do regular people do when they feel like this?

go out and hump randomly?

MATT GREENE opens this Saturday at Grand Street 6-9PM!

this was some guy outside LIT
i wonder if he agonizes about feeling like he is falling behind the coolness struggle

speaking of staying on top of one’s game:

this greeted me on the bike to work outside our building

at least someone knows how to stay ahead and get attention

meanwhile: my crowd is filling out slowly but surely

i think it needs more drips
i think i need to spend more than one hour a day doing this

watermelon watermelon watermelon

when i was in chorus all through school our teacher would tell us when we forget the words to just mouth “watermelon watermelon” and it will look like we are singing

today we have a guest blogger, the third in my recollection after Ryan McGinley and Kristy Leibowitz

“the streets of philadelphia”

hope springs eternal, as my dad would constantly say to me

he also said “de gustibus non es disputandum” but then somehow still made us eat our gross broccoli

have you guessed our guest blogger who was just in Philadelphia?

hee hee

watermelon watermelon watermelon

wanna see the whole thing?

sigh! what a piece of work is man

what a man of many pieces

our guest blogger likes old bridges it turns out
which will be great when i drag him home to DC for easter because little does he know Rock Creek Park has a million of these old brown bears

our guest blogger found this perplexing book of public spraying

i swear that says “read it and weed”

at your local bookstore now!

Image Hosted by
for those of you who needed more bear hugs

Image Hosted by
i found an image hosting site that wouldn’t “censor my artworks”

Image Hosted by
full throttle

Image Hosted by
full cock ring

Image Hosted by
cock rings make me sad for some reason

Image Hosted by
i don’t like to see weiners encumbered

Image Hosted by
we will leave them to their own devices then


“And what sort of lively lads with the pencil those Chinese are, many queer cups and saucers inform us”

i am currently typing up the chapter “the whiteness of the whale” to email Terence but for now lets examine the whiteness of the terence

he is in a group show at Mary BOone curated by Javier (see pamphlet)

there is Koons

there is Kelley

which suzanne rightly called his “fortress of solitude” works

there is KOH
quite a Klan

his main piece was a giant urinal
duchamp x gober x aabronson x aliens?
the cracking made it weird it was hard to tell what it was made of and it looked completely shattered

“To the crack of doom the sea will insult and murder him”

service for one

this camera is getting thrown out the window can it take one in focus photo??

pee party

the dash came back!
best part of the opening
i cant tell you how happy it made me!
you know that song “the cat came back” where each verse is this cat venturing off into certain death and every chorus is “the cat came back”?
that song

then weiners
and more blurriness

anyone ever been to The Eagle??
well i have now!

Belubed fellow-critters!

that dog got boofed

“i think he likes you”

“where have you brought me patrick?”

photobucket deleted all my really racy photos
and there were some!
i will figure out how to post them tomorrow to continue our weiner roast then

oh no he got terence!

look how skinny mini terence looks next to big brawny

i love that swing of his hermes necklace

terence crucified on a bear

why did Pbucket miss these?

maybe they thought they were Michelangelo sculpture from the Uffizi

rape of the Sabine bears

later at lit

with andrea and simon and some things we picked up at the Eagle

look at pat’s pupils seriously that is ALL RED EYE

inspired by many things, we spent the rest of the night smooching and talking about how we feel about each other
(we feel good about each other)

the next day was the colourful first day of spring!!

Oh man! In all seasons a temperature of thine own

is that Pat with….a book??

look you can see Moby Dick, which has furnished many of this blog’s jokes, under my head

one final weiner as a bookend to our fun weiner weekend!

spent all monday pintar

“In the soul of man there lies one insular Tahiti, full of peace and joy, but encompassed by all the horrors of the half known life”


camera bat has been uncharged a bit, only have some tidbits

like going to kembra’s favourite artist Leroy Nieman’s FEMLIN show!

my favourite

i have a new spring purse

i made patrick the fucking best orange fakechicken ever last night

yum i am at work and hungry and have no money

this is from my dorky brother’s iphoto

this is the kind of comic my dorky brother would like

so the real action is tonight; terence opening a big piss pot at mary boone, rosson opening some texas tea in dallas::

jeffrey just sent me this from his iphone

…jeffrey knows how to use his iphone??

terence sent me this barrage of images he thought would encourage people to come to his show

i assume this is what terence will be wearing tonight

remember to drink a lot of fluids before you come so you can pee on his art


april fish

if we were in france we would pull april fish jokes
like taping paper fish to each others backs

im happy we are not in france

this ad is really ill-conceived
it makes the quaker oat man seem like an alien from another planet diabolically planning the earth’s destruction

or is it just me

we went to see Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D
april fools! it wasnt very good

i mean, i loved it, as i love all children’s movies and all animation, but i could with part of my brain objectively tell it wasn’t very good

we had enough to-go cupps o beer to make it enjoyable though

next on our exciting date was Takahatchi but i forgot to take photos of the cool squishies so you get Pat boy bathroom photos

do you guys follow the GOOGLE april foolses BTW?
they arent super funny either but they are dedicated!

oh boy

do the above photos make you wanna pee?

then we went to arrow bar for stefan’s party that cool Nauman invite i posted earlier


what’s with patrick’s new photo face?


to the music



the excepter guy
who i met in 2004 for scott’s k48 klubhouse in brooklyn, one of the first shows i helped make here

pat faked me out in the bathroom

“the only people interested in graffiti are young drug addicts”

if you pull pat’s hat down he falls asleep like a little birdie and you can carry him home

gamblin men

scribblin men

the office smells like red onions today