dirges and ditties

i went home to DC for the weekend to visit my sick Grandma in PA with my parents
not the funnest task
actually quite excruciating

my parents have adopted these wild cats, much to the irritation of my mucous membranes

rainy spring

long drive to Windber, PA

i had never been to an old folks intense home situation before
i just sat on the bed and cried for the first half hour or so
she didnt notice so i dont think i was making her feel bad or anything

grandma always wore matching sweatsuit outfits
i had one year, i think 6th grade? where i tried to imitate her and only wore matching sweatsuits

they have these moving, purring cat toys there for the people to pet
i couldnt get out of there fast enough but then the crushing guilt of having felt that way descends

driving home there were all these rainbows

made me partially reconsider my wish for a swift immediate death at age 70 or so

made me feel sad too

that night i went to hang out with my brother and my high school friend nikki

we played ping pong

and went to some bar where billy was talking about low income housing lobbying or something with the bartender and i tuned out

the next morning i felt a little better

tuna salad

and then….cherryblossoms!

people everywhere from all over the place visiting, speaking in different languages, taking pictures

blah blah the trees were a gift from japan, blah

they feel good against your face

they feel good on babies

sleeping ducks like them

children pick them

families like them

lonely people like them

kathy likes them!


these are my parents walkin back to the car

this is me catching up to lend another arm

with a possibly stiffened upper lip i got on the train to come back here

i love trains

not to mention the high-speed graffiti tour

graffiti whizzin by, the onslaught, the energy, wow, fresh!
sarcasm mixed with genuine interest, as per usual

pulling into Philadelphia Penn Station

in case that was too fast for you, here is a fun visual aid

have i explained “team monster” on this before?

it is a useful tool as well

almost home

to my sweet thing who made mushroom fajitas

this is me this morning like a sad pile still
lets look at some random photos from my parents’ iphoto since i am clearly not interesting or interested and just slobbin my cereal around

miami suprise family vacation photos

they like to take photos of me eating

they like to take photos of their wild cats

yay its me and pat!

they made us breakfast in bed

this is cheering me up a small fraction

and if you are like me and inclined to be dirgey, here are some spring baby birds for you

birth, death, birth

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