there there

i don’t know if these photos even constitute a “blog”
they are photos, i think
but there is just no there there


full of homemade brunch

there there

i like this

sean likes this shirt

diana makes him wear it to bed

there there, i’m just kidding that would be gross!

this is the worst “graffiti photo” ever taken
i should get my license revoked for this

we kinda watched the sunset but it was too cold and patrick was crying

from the cold wind blowing into his eyes. he always cries when that happens. i’m sure its not evolutionarily adaptive of him

ashes to ashes, baguette to baguette
this is for Aurel
i am ruining the surprise but there you go

someone poasted
ewww that was disgusting to type
someone posted this really nasty ignorant review of GET A ROPE online that insults me a lot.

it does mention Sidwell Friends though, which made me happy!

there there!
no one cares what stupid people think

thank goodness!

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