tone poem

can we get this into the New York Minute design platform too? i love this

black and white
oh so chic
here i am at tomoo gokita’s much anticipated and postponed painting show

it was awesome
and too crowded to get good flicks

look at the gouachal tonal range
that’s a technical term folks

pleasant pie

matt leines said this piece was “ballsy” or is that “ballzy”?

is that “balzac” or “ball sack”?
i am very Honored to Ball sack you, Madame

a re-church of chickens Purdue

one dancing prancing line of white splitting into infinite gray tones

très poetique
très French!

the artiste
avec le chapeau rouge

très Giant Robot lining the sculptures up like that
i thought collectors liked “the illusion of scarcity”?

ce ne sont pas des pipes!

and if you are sad because you say black is not a color, and you get bored by black and white movies regardless of their cinematic merit, try on this Nick Cave sound suit!!

i’m outta here i have a dinner party to plan

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