dirges and ditties

i went home to DC for the weekend to visit my sick Grandma in PA with my parents
not the funnest task
actually quite excruciating

my parents have adopted these wild cats, much to the irritation of my mucous membranes

rainy spring

long drive to Windber, PA

i had never been to an old folks intense home situation before
i just sat on the bed and cried for the first half hour or so
she didnt notice so i dont think i was making her feel bad or anything

grandma always wore matching sweatsuit outfits
i had one year, i think 6th grade? where i tried to imitate her and only wore matching sweatsuits

they have these moving, purring cat toys there for the people to pet
i couldnt get out of there fast enough but then the crushing guilt of having felt that way descends

driving home there were all these rainbows

made me partially reconsider my wish for a swift immediate death at age 70 or so

made me feel sad too

that night i went to hang out with my brother and my high school friend nikki

we played ping pong

and went to some bar where billy was talking about low income housing lobbying or something with the bartender and i tuned out

the next morning i felt a little better

tuna salad

and then….cherryblossoms!

people everywhere from all over the place visiting, speaking in different languages, taking pictures

blah blah the trees were a gift from japan, blah

they feel good against your face

they feel good on babies

sleeping ducks like them

children pick them

families like them

lonely people like them

kathy likes them!


these are my parents walkin back to the car

this is me catching up to lend another arm

with a possibly stiffened upper lip i got on the train to come back here

i love trains

not to mention the high-speed graffiti tour

graffiti whizzin by, the onslaught, the energy, wow, fresh!
sarcasm mixed with genuine interest, as per usual

pulling into Philadelphia Penn Station

in case that was too fast for you, here is a fun visual aid

have i explained “team monster” on this before?

it is a useful tool as well

almost home

to my sweet thing who made mushroom fajitas

this is me this morning like a sad pile still
lets look at some random photos from my parents’ iphoto since i am clearly not interesting or interested and just slobbin my cereal around

miami suprise family vacation photos

they like to take photos of me eating

they like to take photos of their wild cats

yay its me and pat!

they made us breakfast in bed

this is cheering me up a small fraction

and if you are like me and inclined to be dirgey, here are some spring baby birds for you

birth, death, birth

dog days

hey whats this cool new dog painting?

wait what is going on

its not a painting, its a Richard Chai shirt!

Nicky who put this together posing for the pap

barney’s is silly

this morning pat and i had a serious debate over The Onion and some free OJ

spring shave!
trim your dogs!
warm days!

Gussied up

last night i got gussied up and went to the opera

im lying i didnt dress up i just wanted to use the expression “gussied up” because it is a phrase with no agreed upon etymology

one suggestion is that it is based on “glamorous Gussie Moran”, the women’s tennis star who wore frilly underpants to Wimbleton in 1949 and scandalized everyone

have you guessed which opera i am at yet?

it was Das Rheingold yay!
it was great. i love the part with the anvils, and the little part the Thunder god sings when summoning a thunderstorm to “clear the air” after everyone has been bad and grumpy
overall the clapping and bowing at the end it is my favourite part
i like how happy and proud all the actors and musicians are

waiting to pee there was an older lady in front of me saying “that reminded me of the Lord of the Rings” and a 5year old behind me saying it was her third opera and her favourite so far.

2.5 hours with no intermission…
dare me to go to the next 3 ring cycle operas?

then wynd and i went to find mojitos
not in this bin

this is wynd he goes to many operas
you might remember him from us going to see Death in Venice at the london opera house a year or so ago

this is spring but it is still 38degrees outside
today i got misted on walking to work

bernie madoff sighting!
wait nevermind
every man of “a certain age” in new york dresses like bernie madoff
its like the “hot new trend” here seriously

here are some photos of me patrick emailed over

i sent this to i-D for their DIY issue

speaking of ben, this is tonight!

speaking of beautiful invites, this is soon!

this is also soon

random thing found on desktop

new Evan piece with cool kiss

and of course at least one photo of Gussie gussied up!

there there

i don’t know if these photos even constitute a “blog”
they are photos, i think
but there is just no there there


full of homemade brunch

there there

i like this

sean likes this shirt

diana makes him wear it to bed

there there, i’m just kidding that would be gross!

this is the worst “graffiti photo” ever taken
i should get my license revoked for this

we kinda watched the sunset but it was too cold and patrick was crying

from the cold wind blowing into his eyes. he always cries when that happens. i’m sure its not evolutionarily adaptive of him

ashes to ashes, baguette to baguette
this is for Aurel
i am ruining the surprise but there you go

someone poasted
ewww that was disgusting to type
someone posted this really nasty ignorant review of GET A ROPE online that insults me a lot.

it does mention Sidwell Friends though, which made me happy!

there there!
no one cares what stupid people think

thank goodness!

leger domain

i cant believe no one liked my french pun
how punny does it have to get?

i have started calling patrick Pequod
behind his back
don’t tell him

in my head though it is spelled P Quad
this is Michael Bell Smith
spelled that way

the opening was really crowded for 3 hours!

go visible

i was trying to take a photo of MBS piece and this guy kept trying to pose with it. what are you doing seriously?

shit this came out blurry of the Olaf B drawing

chug chug
i cant see anything or get any nice photos of the other works

mmmm lets eat tacos instead

squak squak you cant come to the Rangers game with me this time either squak squak

man this camera is about to get tossed it is lettin me down!
can i get some digital camera sponsorship from “the internet” somehow?

that anarchy salsa was hot!

the griffins are comfortable with their feminine scarves

takin the dogs for a walk the first day of spring

fresh blossomings
night blossoms

i have the kinda hangover where if i can just find the one right thing to eat, it will go away like magic


folk etymology: you notice your wallet is a bit léger when you sober up demain

this is me and rosson saying hello to owen at team on our way to shopping

as to the exhibition
as to the quality of the exhibition

not that i should talk
i spent yesterday furiously finishing these

this one maybe turned out best but no time to mull these over, out the door!

wet paintings in cab

wet paintings on floor of gallery
the artworld! so glamorous

here is another artist in the show
“the saatchi artist” is all i remember about him what the heck is his name? maybe i will meet him tonight at the opening
come everyone!

i like this color

and these

and enormous sandwiches to drown the pre-show nerves
thought they will certainly not make me more léger demain

pretend warm

let’s pretend we’re warm

it’s almost spring and we are almost warm

this should be a post all alone: a NEW shakespeare portrait found! painted during his lifetime! the ONLY image of shakespeare made during his life. in ireland. happy st patty day!!!

more on this, of course, contested portrait here

it warms the very sickness in my heart!
it will do the office of a warming-pan between the sheets!

pizza pizzle

this may not get the full effect from just photos. it would be better with pizza smells and margarita breath::

going to bed bath and beyond late at night

the juice is loose

the art is hung

kembra has brought the dove’s blood

the pizze is ready!

o zhang!

i didnt really take photos as there was a REAL photographer there, but here you go





then i put my camera down and someone took literally 20 photos of aurel’s butt

and terence’s pants

the next afternoon
lets stay in bed all day and do nothin

tone poem

can we get this into the New York Minute design platform too? i love this

black and white
oh so chic
here i am at tomoo gokita’s much anticipated and postponed painting show

it was awesome
and too crowded to get good flicks

look at the gouachal tonal range
that’s a technical term folks

pleasant pie

matt leines said this piece was “ballsy” or is that “ballzy”?

is that “balzac” or “ball sack”?
i am very Honored to Ball sack you, Madame

a re-church of chickens Purdue

one dancing prancing line of white splitting into infinite gray tones

très poetique
très French!

the artiste
avec le chapeau rouge

très Giant Robot lining the sculptures up like that
i thought collectors liked “the illusion of scarcity”?

ce ne sont pas des pipes!

and if you are sad because you say black is not a color, and you get bored by black and white movies regardless of their cinematic merit, try on this Nick Cave sound suit!!

i’m outta here i have a dinner party to plan

i wanna get free

taxi cops
your undercover enemy
when i think of all the illegal things ive done in cabs i wonder
am i an idiot?

pat and i went to this amazing party last night
i wish i had had a GET A ROPE zine on me to give Clayton.
i could kick myself for all the times i dont have the right thing in my purse to give someone i bump into
i need a bigger purse

it was on the bowery
arons birthday, afterparty for an art show he did with art production fund, weirdo dave birthday, aNYthing rebranding party, whatever
lawless zone

i lent them a projector so simon could do a slideshow
simon of course is back doing the aNYthing glob
and has his own awesome website
dont these guys know how to spell blog?


i had to pee really bad and missed like 3 songs!!!

teddy, aron

teddy was….partying

some guy was doing a liquid light show

patrick all shaved and nice for the bashment
where was nikki???
in dallas texas unfortunately

i would be pissed if someone made me write the names of the sponsors on the wall
theres no way to do it that isnt sucky

but, you know, the people need their vodka
this guy’s name was patrick clean jeans or something like that

why is my tongue so red? why does it look like a second bottom lip?

there are 8 beers hidden on this woman
can you find them???

what is this you ask?

just the glowing whites of the eyes of a little monster joe bradley

too long workin, too long doing what i should. i get all depressed, i want to be pressed against people. i get cabin’d, cribb’d confined and i just gotta get free. am i alone?

I want to break free from your lies
You’re so self satisfied I don’t need you
I’ve want to break free
God knows, God knows I want to break free

I’m gonna get free
I’m gonna get free
I’m gonna get free

You better pray they never see me
Cause if they let me free, prepare for trouble on the streets.
When I get free

Theres no joy in my heart,
Only sorrow
And Im sad
As a man can be
I sit alone in the darkness
Of my lonely room
And this room
Is a prison to me

I look at window
And what to I see
I see a bird
Way up in the tree
I want to be free free
Free – ee – ee – ee
I want to be free
Like the bird in the tree

that was Elvis

blair wants to get free
she had never heard cheeseburger before!
she for those who dont know is the NYC Peres Projects and they show Joe’s art. which is great

I wanna be free
From the love
From the pain
From the heartache

I wanna be free,
Like the bluebirds flying by me,
Like the waves out on the blue sea

the youth

the youth like to take their shirts off

and push

I wanna be free,
Like the warm September wind, babe,
Say you’ll always be my friend, babe,
We can make it to the end, babe,
Again, babe, I’ve gotta say…

“i love you man”
“no i love YOU man”

silly string

silly beer

I wanna be free
And live without warning

humans have lots of songs about this
that was my only point

thank you and goodnight!

a nice spring pee on the way home

a toast to a friend

and passing out before you can get the food outta the fridge
pat is a free artist of himself