cooter davenport

was played by Ben Jones in “The Dukes of Hazard”

i know this because i wrote an elaborate google intro about Ben for a recent article on his work.

ben jones must spend a lot of his life being misunderstood by most people

the article i wrote was misunderstood too, and usually when i write articles they are understood which makes me think this had something to do with ben

do these people look like “somebody” or “nobody” i cant make up my mind

i forgot i was not going to ask you, the public, any more questions because they go unanswered

such as “why do i look like a crazy bag lady in all these photos”

this lady is the voice of something i forget what

the crazy bag lady is back
maybe i should comb my hair or something

its just that i get “winter dreds”
does anyone else get this?
all the scarfs and dry weather, i havent been able to comb my hair since 2008! its just one big….i dont even know what!

i know that this happened last year too because i remember talking on this blog about “elf locks” and how it was bad luck in Elizabethan times to untangle them

ok i am going to relax and stop tugging at the tangles

people will appreciate everything in the end

ben will be the star of the 2026 whitney biennial and i will retire from the artworld to run a puppy farm

i will start using my free samples of Kiehl’s conditioner and buy a brush

or we could all just look at this picture for the rest of the day

and tomorrow and the next day

this is the curator of the 2026 Whitney Biennial BTW

she laughs at the ignorance of today’s art viewers
she scornfully laughs in the faces of those who dont understand

i have been in a real funk lately!
i would blame it all on patrick but he looks so innocent doesnt he

there i look ok when i covermyself with outerwear

i can never parse that expression “no love lost”
like literally what the hell does that mean

ben is the coolest member of the downtown scene
see note from miami, “the next dan colen”

this picture cheers me up a tiny tiny bit

this is the only photo i have of rebecca who organized the dinner, i wanted to thank her

this is oral and that dude

this is rafael and ASS’s Liz

ben needs to remind me who these two are

that is ben and christina conducting a conversation backwards

where there’s a bun there’s a stormin’ norman rosenthal of the royal academy

these photos do actually make me happy

did everyone see the awesome article on nikki in the times???



lets all be friends and not be in funks

lets just hang out

let’s thank Kristy Leibowitz for taking these great photos

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I am the owner of downtown contemporary art center THE HOLE! I am arts editor at i-D magazine I paint paintings and curate art shows all around

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