video rip

if you are easily depressed or despondent especially in the realm of artmaking, DO NOT READ THIS just go back to stalking ex girl or boyfriends on this thing

jeffrey and i went to hear Takeshi talk at EAI it was super

for super busy people it is nice when you are forced to sit down in the dark and you cant leave and you have to just sit there at calm down and thinkfeel

recently i have been thinking about this older piece, CONEATER more

makes brains happy

resembles the structure of the brain too, kinda cscanny

splaining with the EAI guy

pink dot


things we know and love

then this new experiment in pop abstraction

infinite “a new car!” ing

price is right vacuum

more takeshi here

then we went to our favourite vegan restaurant Blossom
not me and jeffrey, me and roland sean and patrick who met me there

peace port seitan

then we made margaritas

listened to some tunes
forgot all about the sinister forces conspiring AS WE SPOKE

walked to work this morning and knew what this was now

then holy canolis what is this turd?
some dude in brooklyn made this for this terrible song called “obvious utensil”

make sure if you click on this link that you turn the sound off first

then this morning takeshi sent me a link to this new monster
about kanye rushing his new video out because of the chairlift one

i will save you the trouble of scrolling back to the post where KANYE WEST came into deitch and saw the Mail Order Monsters show and LOVED takeshi’s video

at least the article mentions takeshi’s name, but it makes it sound like he is “one of the artists using this technique” (which they superannoyingly term “datamoshing”) as opposed to the person who developed the whole thing.

ben and i were working on an essay about biting and copying, sharing and disseminating. looks like we better “rush” our essay now!

stud farm

woke up to a faceful of these on Valentines day!
goodmorning sweet cute boyfriend!!!!

wait i am getting ahead of things

this looks like feb 12 dinner

the mad studder

the horny sidekick

for teddy’s BLAND show at ASS

he got shy the next morning

we had a ben honorary lunch

with vegan scones

behind the foolish door

from past events there

many people have come to see the show already
dont YOU want to too?

this looks like special vegan zucchini pasta thing

this looks like the BLAND opening!


better photos and a review


dont grin too much you have to get up early tomorrow and install your art here!

waiting to get the VIP pass to upstairs

the bunny lair

the bun


the catalogue raisonné

the hyper vodka

the sipping sparrow

the meth lab

the sweet pud

what else?

oh no i think we’re going backwards again

we’ve baked cookies now like 5 times

this was a WHILE ago, really stressed out eating vietnamese sammies on 6th ave


shit see? backwards

a pup and a way

i cant find any accent grave on this keyboard so i cant make this joke i had been plannning for like a week


im going to make another post that is for valentines day i guess
i found it!

but now there is too much pressure on the joke

Kuntz – Dick

its funny because to art people this is not funny
i am talking of course about funny wedding announcements

Gowan – Geter
are happily married

Rump – Orefice

Partee – Moore

Kumon – Topomi

Long – Wiwi

Filler – Quicke

Dunnam – Favors

Peters – Rising

Aikin – Johnson

Wacker – Dailey

Busch – Graber

Traylor – Hooker

Poore – Sapp

Beaver – Wetter

you get the idea

make your own at home!

i shouldnt joke of course
given my albeit remote proximity to the horrible name

this is us at brighton beach with some blintzes

this is probably snot

this is dan colen

hmm maybe not

well i was close

i just finally got the gràve workin and now i have to find cyrillic? ack

i wrapped pat in my cashmere cardigan we had bought at a DUMBO flea market (not pictured)

needless to splain, pat and i were having a “subway adventure day”
as suggested by warhol in his A to Z book i think

patrick is from New Dorp

i am still from Oxnard

and take the Throgs Neck Bridge to my job workin on the Gowanus canal

we went there once too!

new things to find in the new neighborhood

new neighbors

wait speaking of scary notices this is from Evan Gruzis:

and relating to the earlier post
here is bun getting some backdoor basquiattage from a schabel
“the art world baby!”

here is some lazy computerage

some spraypainting over a failed painting that was REALLY satisfying

i dont know
it felt like freedom

pat and i have been feeling stuck in a cage with sticks pokin us
our subway day helped us remember the feeling of libertad

so did making homemade pizza for the first time

you coudl put butts on it if you wanted you could put peanutbutter and butts if you wanted

Sawyer – Hiney!

we picked peppers

why is this on my camera

i think pat is being featured on something maybe?

i dont know these days

Phuk – Yu!

cooter davenport

was played by Ben Jones in “The Dukes of Hazard”

i know this because i wrote an elaborate google intro about Ben for a recent article on his work.

ben jones must spend a lot of his life being misunderstood by most people

the article i wrote was misunderstood too, and usually when i write articles they are understood which makes me think this had something to do with ben

do these people look like “somebody” or “nobody” i cant make up my mind

i forgot i was not going to ask you, the public, any more questions because they go unanswered

such as “why do i look like a crazy bag lady in all these photos”

this lady is the voice of something i forget what

the crazy bag lady is back
maybe i should comb my hair or something

its just that i get “winter dreds”
does anyone else get this?
all the scarfs and dry weather, i havent been able to comb my hair since 2008! its just one big….i dont even know what!

i know that this happened last year too because i remember talking on this blog about “elf locks” and how it was bad luck in Elizabethan times to untangle them

ok i am going to relax and stop tugging at the tangles

people will appreciate everything in the end

ben will be the star of the 2026 whitney biennial and i will retire from the artworld to run a puppy farm

i will start using my free samples of Kiehl’s conditioner and buy a brush

or we could all just look at this picture for the rest of the day

and tomorrow and the next day

this is the curator of the 2026 Whitney Biennial BTW

she laughs at the ignorance of today’s art viewers
she scornfully laughs in the faces of those who dont understand

i have been in a real funk lately!
i would blame it all on patrick but he looks so innocent doesnt he

there i look ok when i covermyself with outerwear

i can never parse that expression “no love lost”
like literally what the hell does that mean

ben is the coolest member of the downtown scene
see note from miami, “the next dan colen”

this picture cheers me up a tiny tiny bit

this is the only photo i have of rebecca who organized the dinner, i wanted to thank her

this is oral and that dude

this is rafael and ASS’s Liz

ben needs to remind me who these two are

that is ben and christina conducting a conversation backwards

where there’s a bun there’s a stormin’ norman rosenthal of the royal academy

these photos do actually make me happy

did everyone see the awesome article on nikki in the times???



lets all be friends and not be in funks

lets just hang out

let’s thank Kristy Leibowitz for taking these great photos

treacle matter

i moved my apartment this weekend and pulled a muscle in my back and in general have been OFF DUTY

these ben photos have been burning a hole in my camera though, so i will risk additional injury to myself by posting them all now:

so amazing
i cant believe it all worked out perfectly and by 6pm!

you have to see my bad videos of these things to get the true idea of them

acrylagouache + projected light equals??????

dinner at the condo


ajw ben and kristy

colin with a micah ganske work

fran with a fran

i remember that fruitloopy bit from the photos kristy took! it worked!

evan and some new evan collectors!

yvette with an aurel

aurel and some fags

ben: dont listen to anything she says

teddy had a read fur lined hoodie and the laces were gold chains

home to the first night in the new place!

took me literally 30min to work the front door key
drunk and disorderly

ben loved the whoop dee doo quilt

next morning: we live too close to Kate’s for my taste

moved shit all day and made this sculpture

brother came up from DC to visit and bought me a chili rellenos

then more heavy lifting

which photo of our sculpture is better, you guys like flash or no flash?

the next day we carried everything upstairs to our new place

my brother came into town to help us oh wait i already said that

i took him in on sunday to see the show

and to interrogate him!

here real fast are some “empty gallery” photos so you can see the show better

shit where are photos of the other room? dammit

the next day i stained the bed frame (read: stained the floor and those socks)

we had Tiny sandwiches

we perused zines we got in the mail

we explored the local supermarket

we got fucked up and made vegan peanutbutter cookies now that we have AN OVEN




we have plenty of time to take more photos of ben and the new place and other crap, we are not in a hurry
our back is injured and we will move slowly

and if our new apartment doesn’t work out we will just live in one of these new city-built LES condos

expiation / expatriation

february is Mud Mud month, did you know?
not just because it was originally “februarius mensis” which any latinate would be grossed out by, but also:

“The last month of the ancient (pre-450 B.C.E.) Roman calendar, so named in reference to the Roman feast of purification, held on the ides of the month. In Britain, replaced O.E. solmonað “mud month.”

so far this month has been about expiation and trial by fire

we have paid for and signed the lease for an apartment we were supposed to move into feb 1

for some constantly inexplicable reason we have not gotten the keys or permission to move in yet

its like we are on punked or something, someone just testing to see how long it takes before we go on murderous rampages

chinatown will not loose its grip on our throats

we must pay for our tresspasses there

ben’s here and staying with us and this makes us less miserable

he brought gifts

to unwrap

we used the extra uhaul time to pickup free shit from craigslist

Ridge Street gave us a couch

west side gave us a new fancy bed

all for free
maybe the world does not want us to jump off a bridge

maybe we will paint our future with large strokes

this morning, and no keys in sight still

rat in a cage

lookin sharp here at Deitch Projects

wheatpaste for breakfast

ladders with side of ladders

i am going to get a ladder and crawl in the fourth floor window of our new place and move in like that in about 5 minutes if these fuckfaces dont call me back

where did you get that quiz of a hat?

it makes you look like an old witch

they call him Pat

Pat sat on hat

Pat sat on cat

Pat sat on bat

Don’t sit on that!

courtesy Kate Random Love who says Iggy loves that part

i dont have any rhymes that go with the rest of these

our upcoming exhibition as a street intersection

this is secret skins
No pat no,
Don’t sit on that!

this is ben who arrived last evening to superbowl snacks!

poor pat
pat cant eat that!

pat is no longer fat

he does have one day left on his 10day fast thing

these photos today are all out of psynch

oh yeah so LAST superbowl we ran out and bought rabbit ears so our TV woudl pickup the game
this year we ran out and bought our digital converter like all the commercials were telling us

this is the digital converter screwing up the signal on a commercial for digital converters

oh this is going to be hours of fun