i was right beside you then

oh no, song lyric blog titles
i am getting into dangerous territories!

today’s breakfast

street slurpee with spicy cheetos

Breakfast with Tiffanys?

things are shakin up around here
this is our accountant helping take some door frames down

my desk moved
come see me!

let’s look at Pat’s new zine since it is so ugly today i didn’t leave the desk

who could object to a Peace Penis?
the world would be a better place if all penis was Peace Penis


dash / joe bradley collabo?

peace penis?

pee pee platter?

oh no Mud Mud is back!

and her only slightly more dainty sister, Pie Hole

here’s a pretty good Thud Thud

thank you, thank you
i owe it all to patrick

its not my fault!
patrick’s mom edited it!

remember BIRGing and CORFing? maybe only Dartmouth Psych 21 grads do
what a retardation

who needs an acronym for “basking in reflected glory” and “cutting off reflected failure”?

this really CTTHOPS (cuts to the heard of psychology’s stupidity)

this was part of my Whitney Biennial “Day For Night” installation get it??

this is part of my forthcoming article called “Neon: Now More Than Ever” just kidding

this is no joking part of my ongoing interest in “useless dumb hiccups in the progression of technology”

this DVD expires 2 days after being removed from its protective hankie

like a fruit fly

oh pud pud
how is it we don’t know where we are going to live starting Feb 1?

what does the future hold for us?

besides love?

the fascinator

was what rosson wore to my opening, apparently

before you see rosson and her studio and her new love of millinery, you have to walk around stefan simchowitz’ cool new house full of art with me

sorry this one is blurry its a cool brian chippendale piece i sold him a while ago

oh, is that a patrick griffin?
“a patrick griffin”
i will have to learn to say this

an old aurel comission and a CF piece he bought after seeing it recommended on this blog
yes its true! you too can buy art that you see on this blog! just email me

you cant buy stefans art though
at least not yet!

another oddly dainty aurel

jim drain

forgot his name but like this piece
a guild and greyschkuller

where he shows the video works when he isn’t screening SLumdog Millionaire for his friends

i popped in just for a second to ruin the suprise by saying “duh, its A, Aramis. doesnt anyone read books anymore??”

the “art garage”

no comment on the Justin Lieberman table

approval for Ryan McGinley (and for jake)

approval for a Kon detail


loafers and olaf
loafing is no way to celebrate an opening lets go somewhere with drinks

or we could just eat fish tacos

rosson picked me up the next morning to try to squeeze some fun into my last 3 hours in warm weather

i got to pereuse her new WHITE CUBE catalogue!
i didnt need to put that in caps probably because even white cube typed like that just sccreams at you doesnt it???



sorry these are hard to see and just maybe google white cube to see proper images

for people too lasy to open new browser window i will persist in posting these



wow beauty and brains!
rosson contributes an essay

iinfo for those that like info

neon pigments for those who need neon

stand oil cracks me up

rosson owns a victrola

one song per record, and you have to replace the needle after each song what??

some studio shots

she’s a grand old flag

shes a grand old rosson

i got to research some things “texan” in preparation for “Get a Rope”

she is going to make hats for her next show maybe insteada paintings? maybe to match them

hes a grand old Willie

this was at the taco stand
what does it mean?

couldnt go back to NYC without sampling some quality mexican

came home to every girlfriend’s worst nightmare, a MASTER CLEANSE

not me, patrick
patrick has 5 more days

of no food and only peppery lemonade

nude dance interlude!

ive been lookin through this to find some photos to suggest for Get a Rope also

maybe you guys can tell me which you think is best for texas!






put your money where your mouth is?

this guy?



“…is too tall for”



you tell me!
this is a great book by the way

what else?
this is again a long song sorry

patrick made a new zine to distract himself
debuting tonight at HEATHERS if you wanna come!

i found pee

aurel and i drank margaritas while patrick went home to have spicy lemonade and the runs

i peed

this morning: ooh breakfast!

oh no they meant chinatown breakfast of street lettuce

and bin cookies

milt and rime

two words i (re) learned from reading the economist

how did i read RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER without knowing previously what RIME was? funny how people do that

last meal

bye pud pud

good morning rush hour

hello revulsion

the guy who made this flew me to LA for the painting show he organized
ever read gogol’s THE NOSE??

no relation

the LA art fair was on at the same time

richard and serra whoops i mean sarah

mark flood

cj landia

i would LOVED to have had this in the GET A ROPE

the whole time i am in houston i am going to pronounce it HOUSTON (as in houston street) with a completely straight face

better get a nutguard!
(see previous fractured figure post)

this is a nice kehinde piece

his piece
Bennet Roberts
a blog fan i hear!

barely photo worthy

ooga boogs photo worthy but no Yao to be seen

i hate posting vertical photos but i like tim hawkinson

skin twist i think it was called
substraction, Nicky?

couldnt quite figure this one out, concept wise

small A small pump again

the first kristen baker biter ive seen, courtesy happpy lion

the first weiner of the spring, courtesy Ed Templeton

honor’s new tomoos

anslem reyles
one of my recent additions to “faves” file

jack hanley

the journal magazine got me a fabulous like not a standard but a FABULOUS free room at the hollywood standard
i was so psyched it was so nice of them
i know

LA dee da!

ate sushi at a restaurant with no menu where you just eat what you’re served

even when its sea urchin
no we didnt eat any milt
man milt
oh gross

fresh crab hand roll was the best oh man

i will spare you the other one million kathy bored at hotel photos

breakfast with puffs

Henry ate stefan’s food while he was on the phone

ah stefan
what am i going to do with you
projects or no projects?
i used to be more clear on it

kim light had an opening the same night as mine

with a photo show stefan aparently organized?
this is what i mean

what gallery was it that had these “keegan new style” paintings?

maybe keegan has an even newer style now though?
i should check
maybe he gave up the lease on this style and someone else rented it?

new PERES in culver city

is flooded!

artist robert melee did i spell that right?
who made cool sculptures with stefan

stefan should buy this

no comment

things on floors things on floors
artist like to put things on floors

my show

graffiti boys who know some graffiti boys i know helped me touch up this piece

graffiti network: pretty impressive. helping hands across america!

they were all on different walls so its hard to see

ooops that guy needs some more light on him

whatever you get the idea

this is the gallery
at Bergamot Station in santa monica
that people kept pronouncing “bergamott”

jeff, who organized the show and the nosebleed

“in a burger king bathroom”

count thy buttfors?

pug rug?

fag drag?

beyond just kidding
i just like rhyming sorry

this is the other artist
and her sis
and maybe a mom in there??

we played to a packed house

it went squealingly

because rosson came!!!

she had lots of insights on the show

my favourite one by Vanessa

time to refuel before the next LA post
and by refuel i mean go home to my cute boyfriend

can i just say it once?


dang me

pat’s new favourite song

so this blog is a long song and a hearty helping and not for the fainthearted or slow internet connectors

it is also a bit all over the place, like fruits scattered in the night

this is the main theme

i made this book of photos of pat for his mom as a present
if you dont like patrick, skip ahead like 20 photos
if you do like patrick, get ready!

a second book had to be deployed

the many faces of patrick griffin
here is one i like

so after i did that, i stayed up until 4AM making this little dingleberry

this is it up close

if you wanna see the source imagery for these guys there is a huge archive of glitch crap on flickr just type in GLITCH somewhere and things like this appear!

the next morning we got up superearly to look at places to hang our caps
pat was camera shy after the previous night’s lovefest

he says he doesnt want to be on the blog anymore
this is going to prove ‘problematic’

that and lack of sleep and lack of money to move but needing to move to SAVE money which is stupid made me really crabby

what is up with this place?

this is really fancy food area

in a cool building on Ridge

hey what’s that out the window, graffiti?

do i want to pee here

do i want to pee here

do i want to pee here

i think there is a chance we will move to this building, even though it is totally ‘uncool’

it has a big backyard and a gym

and a ‘lobby fountain’
patrick is embarrassed of it maybe
to invite people to party with us here

i think our friends are already reconciled to the fact that we are weirdos pat

i am now going to mention some art shows, which was my original intent that i have strayed from
this is for a show Abby is organizing in canada. Queen and Shaw, Vancouver. opening Valentine’s day

these were our contributions

this is happening Feb 5 still
i have all these images but don’t wanna be a spoiler
this won’t spoil it, this will just make you come

there is also an awesome sculpture from Portugal hopefully making it in time

in case any of those dudes are pareusing my blog insteada working on shipping that thing to me!
Dang me!

this is what all my hard paint has been for

anyone in LA come hang out!

this is not art and no one said it had to be: terence is now a model
its cool
maybe now he can invite himself back to his house and try to hump himself
Dang me!
that zing came from Pat who is here at Deitch xeroxin xines

he is the man for United Bamboozled the photos are so cute i could die: http://fashionista.com/2009/01/terence_koh_for_united_bamboo.php

and to end with another endless slew of photos, here is a little WHOOP DEE DOO for you, the holiday party throwers who did their deed anew in cardboard. says jaimie: “we had civil war victims and christian mimes and everything!!!! and our set was just a million pounds of cardboard!! and i think our next project is a totally insane float in a super huge and conservative st patricks day float– we will see what happens…”

that’s all folks!
congrats on your scrolling abilities

rhinestone applicator

white rabbit

poo bear

snowy sunday breakfast

snowy trash day purse
my purse has been to 8 countries and dies here on ludlow under a blanket of snow

our new swim caps made my day! now if we could just afford to continue our YMCA membership we are all set!

intermittent snows and layers of scampering all weekend

pat and i are thinking of changing neighborhoods and made a PRO CON list and graffiti fit into it somewhere

loss of “local colour” figured prominently

primarily the locol colour “mail order monsters green”

but all the apartments are lame or have weird issues like this one came wtih a neighborhood full of watchful extended family vigilante italians to watch your every move

its funny that the guy showing me the place thought that was an INCENTIVE

more snow

more snow on bags

snow on KAGs

snow on baloons

snow on the turning lane

snow on pups

snow on boys

snow on doors

heres a dry pup for you: we had a dinner party sunday night with all the leftover deitch party food from the condo fridge it was awesome!

we fixed up our place and our art collection for it
framed the sean prison portrait, par exemple

free dinner party is the best kind
one man’s garbage…

jake’s girlfriend jaymie who provided the pup named PIG

she is one tough cookie

abby the nose-issue St. Bernard
helping partyers around new york

and party pups

and party boys

pat and jake trying to look tough

boys and their handshakes
when will girls ever decipher them

abby in the baby bed

mat, my favourite lending library patron

here’s our dream place

can you picture it?

we could
fillin’ out the application now!

quick! post your Obama photos on the New York Times site and you too can have your name on the times site in light grey!


cats are OK-purr, dogs are OK-woof

i have been reading that so often because…
i am looking for a new apartment!
what could be more boring that people talking about APARTMENTS and RENT???

posting photos of clouds maybe?

posting photos of looking at apartments! that wins boring butts down

ha ha ok i will stop

its been a freezing few days in new york

frozen blood pudding and frozen grits

frozen root beer

frozen pee puds

frozen anti-freeze!

sad frozen Mail Order Monsters maybe

frozen vintage taggin

frozen throw up

frozen cocks!
i think we get to show this piece in texas get ready for GET A ROPE Feb 27 in Houston!


frozen kathy stopping to take stupid frozen photos

i made this last night do you like it?

pat said “eh”

i took a million photos of this for some reason
dusty nozzling?

coldest night of the year last night i swear
maybe 2 degrees?

i think i may NOT go home to DC for inaugereggnog i dunno
the new york times keeps having headlines like “reconsidering going to the inauguration” or “inauguration fever explodes!” or “no room to see inauguration unless you are VIP”

we will stay home under our awesome handmade WHOOP DEE DOO quilt- can you believe it??? this is an instant heirloom. and its fucking warm and it rules

too bad we couldnt wear it while walking to work
dont cry pud pud

one last ADEK tag in case you needed

oh and there is ONE LAST UDONG at the deli in case anyone wants it
misaki this means you!

puce goose

the queen is indisposed today
the queen does not want to post blogs

the queen has no waterproof shoes and gets her socks wet

the queen misses patrick

her favourite courtesan

this is Bacaro for Kazumi welcome dinner with all girls
every photo of Bacaro looks like this:

i have like a hundred of these i mean the queen chicken has 100

the queen chicken finds the peasants revolting

the peasants are revolting!
yes they are aren’t they

aurel and i went to takahatchi on our date day
first we went to beacon’s closet and sold clothes and then bought crap we didnt need with the money
then we went to a bookstore then we went to takahatchi wait that is now ok now

this is sad: TWICE in my life i have bought this book, thinking vaguely that i was buying an important work of feminist literature, then discovering it was written by a gay dude and is about some chick struggling wtih Victorian social morees and an italian kiss in the violets.

of course the book i keep THINKING i am buying is of course “A Room of One’s Own”, and the fact that i have done this twice and thus have read this not terribly interesting book twice, is well humbling to say the least

the queen hates huble pie, the queen prefers sushi!

and sake lagoons

aurel and i then very ill-advisedly went from my house and induced euphoria to Santos burlesque tribute

it was kinda awesome and kinda way more than we bargained for

“keep it on”

Liz Renay tribute


it reminds me of “Mutz Gone Nutz”

Slutz Gone Nutz

Rubenesque sluts gone nuts

ZAFTIG sluts gone nutz
aurel and i ran away to another party

this thing

jack walls dj’ed at bowery electric, i think the kickoff of his new party, and ryan hosted and lotsa people were there dancin


rita ackermann looked really sexy i dont know if it comes across in these photos

she saw me taking photos of her so i stopped

jack was hiding behind the oddly centrally located big brick wall thing, playing odd disco and “hidden 70s”

sean and colin showed up
i told sean i missed patrick and he was like “so?”

fuck you sean! even though it is your birthday today so i guess i cant say this just now.. hmmm….

without patrick i am forced to make simple foods with instructions on the back of them

and walk the streets alone

its a long time till another holiday friends!

unless art shows are causes for celebration, then february is going to be hot potatoes!

heat up the bricks! ben jones on february 5th


i’m into odd color names could you tell?

the pat came back
the very next day
the pat came back
thought he was a gonner but
the pat came back
just couldnt stay awayyyyyyyy

anyone but me know this song?


“ditch delivered by a drab”





let’s agree to disagree

what color is a-ron?
many have asked
dust colored?


“gloss black”
we have all heard of this one

“happy couple” colored
the lamest color

i dunno, tell me!



or finally fuschia

“cosmic latte”

carmine, persimmon, cordovan, bole, sepia, burnt umber, celadon, cyan, heiotrope, wisteria, periwinkle, mauve, azure, sangria, salmon, pear, papaya, malachite, harlequin, flax, cornflower, cerise, and cinnabar!

there got that out of my system

since the above had, even by my estimation, too many photos just of pat, here are some “grab bag” things ive been emailed

oh no pat again!


here are some things from my art folder too, just to get a bit of color in here!

a brian eno videoo

all my new paintings are going to look like this
going to need a few new tubes of ecru goo!

lake titty caca

the grand tetons

my camera had no batteries last night; i have failed
today we can only see the empty shows not the preview party and the afterparty and the terence after afterparty

this is opening tonight at 76 grand

liz’ paintings

and at 18, Sprouse Grouse
spruce goose

the party for this last night was pretty neato

these are awesome

i love confusing bulge

remember when andrea wore this to the EV DAY opening in miami??

best in show: all-over green velour hoodie blazer~!

crotch splotch

what are some other landmarks or cities with funny names?

wait wait last night through my hangover i am recalling a name i was told
its coming to me its::::

Sukjeef Poonjesticle!

that is the name of a guy Andrea’s boyfriend knows

come tonight to the regular openings
i gotta go ship this sucker

what is this?

the pies are back!

i asked the guy putting them out on our stoop what kind of pies they were and he shooed me away and said “Chinese”

your breath is so minty

i told ben i was writing his press release with this but he didnt believe me

these all came in a box from my parents, late christmas p’s that pat had apparently purloined

hot burlesque opening for Liz Renay last night

Art Production Fund temp space on wooster opened Girls in the Art World comedy that it was too crowded to see

we, deitch, apparently got the space next door to use as our showroom, a 6mil condo filled with deitch art. can someone get me a key to this place? i have about 100 “young collectors” i wanna take over there

dogs + racks. cuteoverload.com’s only concession to baser human needs

Bambi the Mermaid the Liz Renay

pat also got me an encouraging ball thing that just tells me i’m thin and pretty over and over
its like when girls got those barbies that said “boy math is hard” over and over

doesn’t help with the missing him part
it is snowing here and what a horrible thing to be a girl alone when its snowing!