dominations, virtues, powers

its chritmas in bethesda

we made our parents omelets

i messed billy’s up

he got eco speakers

my mom who has to take care of my old dad and my grandma who has dementia got a great present

we had kept it a total secret till christmas morning

we are going to, of all the ridiculousness, miami beach for family vacation!

grab your knittin old folks!

saw this in the airport

saw this on the airplane

goodbye, capital capitol city

drunk miami santa

dusty love

overgrown children

hot street fashion

fancy beers at the abby (barf)

hot tub’s okay

we havent been on family vacation since i was 15 and we went to China i think

its kinda eerie

being in miami not to work or party and no art around just RELATIVES

how will i relax? all i can think about is how sick i was here 2 weeks ago

billy is also confused about our changing age roles

he calls himself william now


and downs

tomorrow will make more sense

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