loud and high

more on this in a sec

first i had to endure hunter MFA show
which is not terrible but its always a bit awkward
the art that is

this instantiation was pretty good, and featured our favourite hunter graduator Evan Gruzis

except after i walked in i heard people talking about me that thought i couldnt hear, saying oh thats the girl from deitch which one the glasses one oh blah blah and it made me really uncomfortable and sheepish

i dont want to be recognized or seen as “prowling” a grad school

at least it wasnt as bad as Dana Schutz who got asked for her autograph a million times

i liked Peter Demos’ paintings a lot

thats him

they are nice

hey i recognize this

repetition and difference
makes the world go round

soap tank






pretty neat!
how did he do like 2 whole shows so fast?


carly haffner

this was nice
one of the CUTEOVERLOAD.COM rules of cuteness illustrated well


lacy + burny

kinda nice in person

but it said “SEMIOTICS OF COLOR” on the wall


i dont quite get how the mirror enhanced or transformed the effect

“what am i missing?”

yay! wall of vagina

this won the unexpected “best pintar in show” in terms of traditional pintar

airbrush with impasto!
try that at home

jeffrey just looked over my shoulder and said no he didnt like this
to each his own!

de gustibus!

this was evan’s recommendation

i thought it was neat in a cremastery old timer way

this was cooler in person it was hairy and odd

i’m interviewing Ben Jones for something and one of the questions was
“your work does not reproduce well. thoughts?”

but compared to this guy Ben is super JPEG ready

oops more carly varmits

good job students!

i liked joachim’s wall text i dont know if anyone else will find the nuances interesting

sometimes i think i am the only one in on some jokes. but maybe i am putting jokes where there neednt be jokes?

i havent shared a homemade joke in a long time
maybe i should prepare one

did i already tell the deer joke?

a visual joke
kathy painted this before pat called her and convinced her to come to lit

it looked like this

then it looked like this

lets close the door on that one

this morning: YOINK is not a food

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