shambolic means obviously disorganized or confused

fast and furious
just because i am taking a major art break doesnt mean that others dont still like to take it all in

ara’s piece at ratio 3 was super cool

constraction tube!

takeshi print and barry bunch

ara backgammon set

mitzi pederson drawings

canada booth
cant really figure them out anymore

xylor work looked great

joe might have lost me

michael williams is always been pretty challenging too!
in a good way

time to leave

no we must see everything! we must compulsively see and photo everything

like old chris johanson drawings that i thnk we already photoed in SF
we must compulsively photo these importnat works because who knows when they may disappear into private collections

we must even take vertical photos if we have to!

i hate vertical photos

and i hate black and white photos

i got a C+ in Photo I by the way

how does someone get a C+ in the gayest easiest class ever invented?

stairway to nowhere


super awesome
i dont know why i like the really paranoid ones the best….

this is also a dark work


“earliest known”

why did i take a photo of this poo

maybe i have a soft spot for maniacal laughter


with a Darger

they are all great everyone!
this painting was ridiculously priced and sold at $25,000

unknown and not bad

unknown and when in doubt, use titties!

small A projects? or am i all turned around?

pardon me “l’objet petit a”


kim light booth

never though simmons and burke would resemble kristin baker!

these were neat

if i am so “digitally savvy”

why does my eye/brain refuse to process this as i think the artists would like people to see it?


this is the point where you have seen so much bad art that this painter starts to look REALLY SPECIAL insteada just pretty good / OK


leave the spraying to the professionals

and seriously, does no one else find it laughable that dan colen and adam mcewan make the same pieces? because everyone lets them, and i dont get it.

and if anyone writes back saying “the nuances of the placement and coloration of the gum is an important distinction” i will forever throw in the towel on humanity

its time to stand up, people who have the time and energy to, and call bullshit on things like this. even if you are afraid the people doing it are cooler than you and will insult you in the middle of a party in front of all of your friends

these guys arent afraid of looking stupid
they knit opposing ends of an elongating intenstine all over the world


the “fruit and flower deli” booth was just as irritatingly cryptic as their website and gallery structure. google them. their gallery isnt “open” and is run by an “oracle” and a “keeper”

sorry i have worked myself up into a kinda “hater” mentality from that gum painting comment
sorry! i take it back
i take it allll back
whenever you feel yourself hardening and condensing into HATER MODE you must back away from the abyss

kineko’s gallery called… i forget


the journo as patrick oddly calls them

oh great! i found a few “rogue” photos to clean the art fair out of our eyes

like Jim studio behind the scenes

i love jim’s art
which is why his (colabbo) art is in my “heroes” column


yay! the filter missed his butt this time

an ode to jim

an ode to gardening shoes that people wear in public

an ode to gingerbread houses filled only with power tools

an ode to everyone helping everyone even when they are not paid to

like pud pud

and this guy with the cool static shirt

and the painter guy, who probably did get paid but probably not enough!

and ben who i alway give impossible tasks to

that he somehow completes

to making one’s own paintings despite second-hand relayed derision from previously mentioned in the blog prominent “community members”

to the greeks!
if andreas hadnt come things would have sucked!!!

to showing facemaker again

to improvising

to neckface

who is the right kind of underdog

to “the next dan colen”
said with so many layers to that that i will just retract it now

to spray in general


oh pud

to tim!
i loved working with tim he is great.

to questioning what this whole “community” thing is really about

deciding it’s bullshit

and then changing your mind!

to running out of the car and into a parking lot

leaving the car running

with a bewildered girl in it

to teamwork!

and phil frost driving his piece down staying up for 3? nights and finishing it at 630PM opening night

to forgetting that i shouldnt smoke while photoing

to whatever device lets people do this!

is that the “straw mod”?

to mask face

and art collectors!

and pervy doodlers

suprise guests

suprise art



and team!

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