kissing the sea on the lips

got miles and miles to go before we are caught up on this thing

“a barrage” then:

the old folks first day in the sun

its in my blood / melanin

i finished my Henry James book, THE PRINCESS CASSAMASSIMA which i would recommend to anyone and had to resort to this! pun on the word resort

my mom found this on the beach and dragged it back to me
it smelled terrrrible to which she replied “its fine”


while knitting my mom saw someone in the water she decided was too far out, so she went up to the lifeguard booth to tell them to blow their whistles to which the lifeguard replied that she was pointing to a buoy

took them to Joe’s Stone Crab teh best seafood around
these little suckers get their claws popped off and tossed back in the water where they regrow new ones in like 3 weeks


the next morning i made my mom come to The Standard spa with me to take this one specific photo i wanted and then roped her into doing the spa experience

she liked it

i dint mind neither

so i never defined this before but patrick adn i have created a well developed persona called MUD MUD who is a beastly squatting chthonian she-beast who likes to grunt and eat with her hands and smush things. the id. something like that.

when patrick makes me food and i spill it all over our carpet he calls me Mud-mud.

Mud Mud is wild and sexual in a gross squatting sort of way
she is also really impatient

Mud Mud likes mudbaths and tubes but not water
she likes to stamp and shake her fists

Mud Mud sleeps outside or in her mud hut made of twigs and mud.
i kinda refuse to believe this is a photo of me so im okay with it being horrifically unflattering.
because it is some other primate, not Kathy

some other post i will tell you about her male equivalent, Thud Thud

i tried to explain all this to my mom but she said “ok”

family time got less overwhelming after a few of these

one of the weirder things presented to us

this was a happy distraction from arguing with officious and boring brother
just kidding!

of course im kindding because i only go crazy because i see those traits, residually in me. traits i have tried to leave in boring officious DC

look at this little sneak

i of course look up to my older brother, despite his deficiencies

he found a sea urchin

i saw a manta ray but it turned out to be a cardboard box

nope! wrong trip

maybe just a few of these

i love Tap Tap

Tat Tat

Tit Tit?

helped with the holiday party i forgot to mention.
thanks leslie!


next morning
dont know if i can soak up any more of this

baskin lizzies

baskin robbins

frilly detalis

i think it was this kid who peed on billy in the hot tub

my mom carried around a key lime pie in a plastic bag

thats ok
she and dad are holding it down their own style
pie bag style

one last south beach lunch

one last cream five

then on to patrick and houston and mango margaritas and KISSING

and sean and cheese

and dylan walker on a movie poster

en route to a sweedish child vampire flick

im lying now next to Pat in the comfy back room of the Griffin home thinkin what a nice break this is from the art game, waiting for new years when everything will become interesting again. until then only Pat interests me. Pat and his furry furry butt.

back to blog basics!

dominations, virtues, powers

its chritmas in bethesda

we made our parents omelets

i messed billy’s up

he got eco speakers

my mom who has to take care of my old dad and my grandma who has dementia got a great present

we had kept it a total secret till christmas morning

we are going to, of all the ridiculousness, miami beach for family vacation!

grab your knittin old folks!

saw this in the airport

saw this on the airplane

goodbye, capital capitol city

drunk miami santa

dusty love

overgrown children

hot street fashion

fancy beers at the abby (barf)

hot tub’s okay

we havent been on family vacation since i was 15 and we went to China i think

its kinda eerie

being in miami not to work or party and no art around just RELATIVES

how will i relax? all i can think about is how sick i was here 2 weeks ago

billy is also confused about our changing age roles

he calls himself william now


and downs

tomorrow will make more sense

well whoop dee fuckin doo

they hated that name!
dont blame them
WEIRD HOLIDAY summed it up so much better anyway!

this butter says WHOOP DEE DOO and the following is what they cooked up all on their own and did so much work it was really inspiring

all i did was decorate the tables!

stefan and naomi got us nice presents

lets try them on

liquor made it
thanks campari!
boy you really saved the day

a-ron kicked things off by being weird and making fun of things and being bah humbug. in his special way

the kids he brough, little wiki? were awesome
13yrolds rapping about cum on titties was a little odd however

they made me go home and google the origin of WIKI which you should do and learn about this Hawaiian bus service a nerd once rode

then the midwest took over

drunk raindeer

mobile home

this guy had great energy
reminded me of how ollie might have been as a teen

she was funny

then i smoked a cigarette and missed something cool

the new video they made at bec stupak’s was awesome

the guy from gravytrain!!!! was great

look at this lady

ryan approved

gettin’ gay

who were these guys?
there was something endearingly off about their look.
one of their members was 6′ 9″ im almost positive

they were good too

did i mention i was wearing a santa wig and looked stupid?

this girl started dancing at 8pm while we were still setting up and didnt stop till she passed out

roland told me she was a student with him?

the overall vibe at this point was “wasted”

ssion was my favourite maybe

at this point everyone went bonkers and kinda trashed the set

i couldnt tell if jaimie was real annoyed or fake annoyed.
it looked awesome regardless!

patrick wouldnt leave go of that toast thingie!!

then this guy
this guy ruled!
he sounded like eminem and sang a song about I SAW BEYONCE AT BURGER KING or something

still not lettin go


then kabam!
this lady appeared

i had only seen amanda lepore hanging out at the david lachapelle pam anderson shoot where she sung happy birthday to DL nudie marilyn style and i thought she was kinda scary, but i thought she was awesome

look at her butt!

she sang two songs the only one i remember clearly was about how she loves her hair

grande finale everyone was freaking out

last number we were all onstage dancin to man in the mirror
pat ran into the djbooth and grabbed a mic!

or two!

these two put it all together: matt and jaimie
they killed it!!!



wheres the afterpartyis

now THAT was a great holiday party if i’ve ever seen one

woke up at 8am

to finish this bad boy and shoot him for the january show im doing that i will mention later

sqealingly great event. exhausted just thinking about it!

oh man give me a year imbetween!

the life in pink

the weeekend the weeekend
this is going squealingly

patrick made his courting soup
an odd odd ode to patrick:

Of eyes in my kiss,
a laugh that is lost on his mouth
Here is the portrait without editing
From the man to whom i belong


the song came on at Atlas cafe right when i snapped this picture:

When he took me in his arms
I talk to themselves,
I see life in pink

He said words of love
Words everyday
And I’m doing something

was doing this actually
thats what the gas mask was for

It is in my heart
A happiness
I know the cause

He is for me. Me
In life,
I said, was to swear life

And so i apercois
So i fell in me
My heart beats

Nights of love has not finish
A great happiness which takes its place
Enuis of sorrows, phases
Happy, a happy death

When he took me in his arms
I talk to themselves
I see life in pink

He said words of love
Words everyday
And I’m doing something

im freezing thats what i was doing

It is in my heart
A happiness
I know the cause

[[its patrick!]]

now that we have answered the long translated page of question, lets hang out!

terence made a Caspar Friedrich installation

wanna see?

anus rellenos!

still missing a few details but shaping up to be one fantastic a one fantastic piece!

leo dash pat dill mark garrick and t-digs went to eat fud
garrick’s fud was PUNGENT PIE

our missing dinner companion was there in spirit

pat’s seat was taken

the emperor’s new clothes

garrick tenatively sampling one of the gifts i brought over

this is what happens when you wear your boygfriends underwear yellow tights and two pairs of socks and try to get into your pajamas really fucked up

this is what becomes REALLY INTERESTING

pat got the best present of the group
dash knows his audience

ok i’m going to buy tablecloths. everyone better fucking show up to this party tonight or i will be one mean bitch on my christmas post

a few bob for a growler

he had a little taste, a little cleverness, a little reading, a little
good furniture, a little French and Italian, an immense deal of
assurance, and complete leisure.

no, i couldnt be referring to him!

he doenst own any furniture

we went to Tedddy loo loo lakis holiday party last night

then we went to a Passerby party at Heathers

which reminds me:

roll out the red carpet!

this is at the next party Gordon was djing at somebody’s swanky apartment

not pictured: hundleys, gordon, ryan mcginley, this funny guy who
worked for ArtShip who i liked immediately, a girl whose name i forget
who spoke only in jibberish, matt and eric who brought us there, me
eating the entire artichoke dip really slowly with ritz crackers, a
threeasfour, a crap who else?

some jerks were peein off the balcony

why whatever do you mean?

i havent brought this up because i prefer the quiet revulsion of the
24hour asian kitchen below us, but around the corner on hester is
something way more sinister.

once a week they throw out THE GROSSEST THINGS EVER in these 8 big bins, full to the top. one night it was FROGS!

this is called “skin bin”
i’ve seen it before

last night wasnt too bad

the next time a magazine wants a contributor photo of me, this is where we are going!

i think that’s all ive got. some parties i just dont take photos.

pat is home making his special courting soup. his special potato love soup!!!
remember this photo:

from shit feb 2007?

usually those moments when you fall in love a little more you dont have a camera around, but that day i did

tatterdemalion’s rodomontade

lets start with this
read this

This is a classic example of why this war goes on.”
now read this

ugly snow day today

ugly but tasty sischuan fake chicken

ugly but amazing invite for tuesday!
email me if you wanna come; if i know you and if we are not over capacity, its on!

kathy’s holiday nightmare

here’s a weird post for you

i had this whole Edith Piaf thing going but no one likes french puns but Phiiliip and i didnt have the right photos for it so instead you get grumpy Kathy at 553PM trying to plan Deitch Holiday Party that no one seems to want to do!

a snowy night last night


soft domes

and slopes

quiet softness

quiet domes
my own holiday nightmare

this is what it may look like December 23rd

if i can rally some team support

from these guys!
who happen to have this i-D photo in their office too

otherwise the holiday will feature me, patrick, and vegan meats

and vegan holiday cookies

loud and high

more on this in a sec

first i had to endure hunter MFA show
which is not terrible but its always a bit awkward
the art that is

this instantiation was pretty good, and featured our favourite hunter graduator Evan Gruzis

except after i walked in i heard people talking about me that thought i couldnt hear, saying oh thats the girl from deitch which one the glasses one oh blah blah and it made me really uncomfortable and sheepish

i dont want to be recognized or seen as “prowling” a grad school

at least it wasnt as bad as Dana Schutz who got asked for her autograph a million times

i liked Peter Demos’ paintings a lot

thats him

they are nice

hey i recognize this

repetition and difference
makes the world go round

soap tank






pretty neat!
how did he do like 2 whole shows so fast?


carly haffner

this was nice
one of the CUTEOVERLOAD.COM rules of cuteness illustrated well


lacy + burny

kinda nice in person

but it said “SEMIOTICS OF COLOR” on the wall


i dont quite get how the mirror enhanced or transformed the effect

“what am i missing?”

yay! wall of vagina

this won the unexpected “best pintar in show” in terms of traditional pintar

airbrush with impasto!
try that at home

jeffrey just looked over my shoulder and said no he didnt like this
to each his own!

de gustibus!

this was evan’s recommendation

i thought it was neat in a cremastery old timer way

this was cooler in person it was hairy and odd

i’m interviewing Ben Jones for something and one of the questions was
“your work does not reproduce well. thoughts?”

but compared to this guy Ben is super JPEG ready

oops more carly varmits

good job students!

i liked joachim’s wall text i dont know if anyone else will find the nuances interesting

sometimes i think i am the only one in on some jokes. but maybe i am putting jokes where there neednt be jokes?

i havent shared a homemade joke in a long time
maybe i should prepare one

did i already tell the deer joke?

a visual joke
kathy painted this before pat called her and convinced her to come to lit

it looked like this

then it looked like this

lets close the door on that one

this morning: YOINK is not a food

kathy’s holiday nightmare

here’s a weird post for you

i had this whole Edith Piaf thing going but no one likes french puns but Phiiliip and i didnt have the right photos for it so instead you get grumpy Kathy at 553PM trying to plan Deitch Holiday Party that no one seems to want to do!

a snowy night last night


soft domes

and slopes

quiet softness

quiet domes
my own holiday nightmare

this is what it may look like December 23rd

if i can rally some team support

from these guys!
who happen to have this i-D photo in their office too

otherwise the holiday will feature me, patrick, and vegan meats

and vegan holiday cookies

phalange phalanx

hide the children and oxen!
today features irregular pluralities

theses and feces! the DARK SYSTEMS

datum and stratum: something about MARZIPAN goes well with Evan’s worldview

means means no!
no means means!
aurel means business in her ebay roadkill coat

ospreys and bays- never thought i could take an unflattering photo of pat but here we are

at the evan dinner where the cheese resembles strata of lichen

cervices and apices are vortices

the elves calves are in halves; are these pluralities getting too weird?

tatooses and papooses

haloes cargoes and embargoes

seraphim and schemata

let’s all eat cod perch sheep and trout.

but not sharks; just their offspring

this new book is singular: trinie dalton collection

im trying to make a little band of art writers i like and i think she is one of them!
for an “art criticism zine” i am workin on

she has more than a few favourites in here

its funny that takeshi HATES stills of his work, but they are the most richly suggestive and exciting to me!

speaking of richly suggestive: another IT AINT FAIR rogue photo by kristy
kinda sums up a-ron to a TEEE oh man i love this photo
im freaking out about something i need a-ron to do for the show, pat is galaxin’, and a-ron is only aware of the camera and looking cool and in charge

shit one last kristy photo sneaking in.
group shot with cubes
talk about odd pluralities

this weekend this weekend what did i do this weekend

besides walk all over the place

and take in the beauty of chrystie street

pat and i are pondering a small MOVE
not far, but off of chrystie street

away from the beautiful and underused Lehman Maupin downtown space

you know what would be really awesome? if some of the “new downtown gallery hip scene” galleries actually showed some LES artists

not LM of course they have their own shit and this MR. show wasnt terrible
im talking about all the other gooses!

we went to see BOLT in 3D because i am intellectually a child

everyone looked super coolis in their 3d shades

except me

this looks like its about to get buffy

walking around williamsburg yesterday after selling clothes at beacon’s closet and sampling tacos all over the place

still goin strong


i did

this morning carrying my cut wood to the studio before work it started snowing

not terribly picturesque in the photos but tell that to a girl with snow on her nose!

for christmas i want: clothes pants pyjamas trousers binoculars glasses pliers scissors shears savings earnings surroundings stairs premises valuables

how singular!